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Marc has been waiting impatient at the little gloomy cafe he agreed to meet with her. Her was the woman behind the nickname in his messenger client that has kept him up at night for over 5 months. They shared everything, and even more in the last months, they started to have a sexual theme in their chats that cause him to have to wash between his legs before going to bed. She was able to get into his mind and make his blood boil in a sec. He has been dreaming about her for days, for this moment. Her pictures just increase his appetite for her lust and skin instead of calm him down. On the other hand, she was having the same feelings too. She couldn’t wait to return home at night and log in to find his prince of lust and happiness. he has made her nights more warm and cozy, after her several years as a divorce mom, she felt she was becoming the object of true desire. She didn’t care how many hours she spend in weekends in front of her computer just feeling his presence.

She made a quick entrance, the cafe door swing as she walks in, desire and security in his face, as she scanned the place for him. Finally she found him, a big smile drew on her face as she lowered her sunglasses. She walks towards the small table in a corner as he saw him waving at her.

Marc’s heart was racing, he couldn’t believe to finally meet her, he waved at her as he waited for her to arrive. He study her body under a modern casual outfit. Her hair was straight but kinda wild, she was wearing a tight t-shirt that made her big tits noticeable. A pair of jeans with a chain belt around her waist. Her skin was lightly dark toned with luscious big lips.

-You don’t know how much i missed you last night Beylikdüzü escort baby- said with a smile as she gave him a sloppy wet kiss on his cheek. An old couple turn around to watch them as she sat down, as the old lady gives Marc a look of disapproval.

-Really, I’m sorry, but I had to go to that birthday- replied Marc.

-It’s ok…so how are you? what do you think?- she says as she sat straight as a manner to show herself to him.

Marc was silent, couldn’t say a word, he just blushed.

-I..eeerr…I…- he took a breath, as he laugh. -I mean…I’m shocked, I dreamt about you so many nights, that now I’m shaking-

She took his hand quickly, caressing it -Oh baby, don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. Quite the opposite, all I want is to make you feel good- smiled as she winked at him.

Marc nodded and had some more coffee. They talked a couple of hours as the day was coming to an end and the streets were getting darker. They talked about the same things they did at night, but reinforcing what they felt and thought. he asked her if she was still ok about the age difference, she being 44 yrs old and mother of two, and he only being 22 yrs old single kid was quite a thing to discuss. But she reassures him that she wanted him really bad, and that he was making her feel like no man her age could.

With nothing more to say they left the cafe and walk down the streets to a small apart hotel a couple of blocks away.

They entered the clerk office and he payed for a room for a couple of hours. The elevator was pretty small and made the journey to the third floor very cozy. She kept smiling at him every time their eyes met.

The lock on the Beylikdüzü escort door clank and the door opened. They came inside the room, where a king sized bed was waiting, some light appliances gave the room a gloomy intimacy effect, to the right of the bed was a big mirrored bathroom with a glass shower booth.

He couldn’t help but to grab her from her waist and kiss her passionately, their mouths met in a deep kiss. He felt her warm tongue playing with his mouth and tongue, as her warm hand caress the back of her head and neck. Soon their bodies pressed to each other, the mouth kept playing around and now the saliva started oozing out, making the kiss sloppier. For a second they stopped, she was feeling his hard bulge deep between her legs, she raised her eyes at him smiling.

-Whatever happens tonight, never stop fucking me- she whispered with a warm voice that made him, kiss her again harder, pushing her to the bed as they both felt on it, feeling themselves with their entire bodies as her hands began to pull his t-shirt off.

Her hand ran along his naked chest, while her mouth started to taste his skin, Marc felt her tongue over his nipples and gasps making her smile at him.

-Mmmmm….seem you like getting licked- a naughty look came to her eyes while she bite her lip. She slowly pushed him away to a side, getting on top of him, feeling him underneath her, running her nails along his skin down to his pants. She smiled once again at him as she quickly unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them out exposing his bulge that remained trap underneath his briefs.

She smiles, a big wide smile came to her while lusty feeling and thought ran across her mind. Her Escort Beylikdüzü hand crawling up his thighs as Marc looked at her. Finally her hand climbed onto his bulge, a long breathe came out of her mouth as she felt his hardness, his size.

-It’s bigger than in my mind, fuck me I’m so wet- and quickly started to remove her clothes. Marc was hitted bi the sight of that hot, horny milf body, only to realize that she was climbing on top of him, grabbing hs manhood to sit lustfully on it feeling it go inside her wet horny pussy.

-Oh gawd……so good, feels so good- Marc kept moaning out while she started her sexual dance. Her body swayed on top of him as he felt his cock drown on hot juices that dripped down to his balls. Her developed body started shaking up and down, her big tits came on top of his face, feeding him those meaty nipples he has been dreaming with.

She kept her fuck pace for long minutes, moaning and grunting on Marc as he sucked her nipples harder each minute. Her nails sank on his skin, a quick heavy breathing made her arch completely and a long howl announce the arrival of a horny and flooded orgasm. She remains still, as her pussy quivered on his cock and gushed her thick and scented fluids. Finally her body relaxed and she fell on top of him, he hugged her tight, very tight as he breathe faster and hold his body reaction to a horny orgasm inside her.

She smiled as she felt his cock oozing out his warming cum, flooding his cavity to the point of flowing out, her hand caressed his face, while a soft kiss made her taste his salty skin.

-It’s been the best fuck I had in years- said softly to his year.

-I….I..can’t believe it- she quickly put her finger on his lips –Ssshhh….don’t speak, let’s just feel it-.Marc felt asleep that night, only to wake up with a tight feeling between his legs, she was having a big breakfast lunch when she smiled to him and said –Good morning prince-.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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