Julie Covington McGill Ch. 02

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a continuation of the first erotic story I’ve ever had published. It stands on its own, by you really should read the first installment for context, and to understand some of the references contained within. As always, positive comments and constructive criticism are welcomed.


Michelle tossed and turned in the queen sized bed, trying to sleep, but every time she closed her eyes, the scenes from the previous night would start playing again in her head.

Her elegant and sophisticated boss, a woman she described to her mother as a cross between a life-size Barbie Doll, and Mary Poppins, and someone she was hoping to be a life and career mentor, was obviously a whole lot different than she had imagined.

The images of J.J., Julie’s handsome Irish husband, forcefully fucking Ms. Covington McGill, while Julie role played being Michelle, kept Michelle from getting any sleep. She blushed with embarrassment at the memory of standing naked in the shadows, unable to pull herself away, and rubbing herself to an orgasm while watching the performance unfold.

Pulling the covers off of her still naked body, she felt the cool night air on her sex, her pussy well lubricated from the replays running through her mind through the night. Running her fingers over her pert nipples, Michelle thought about playing with herself again, but then the thought of having to face Julie and J.J. in the morning hit her, causing an anxious knot to grow in her stomach.

Rolling over toward the nightstand, the red digits on the bedside clock read 3:45 AM.

“Get the fuck out now, while everyone’s asleep,” came the thought from the rational side of her brain.

“No, if you leave they’ll know that you saw,” came the reply from the emotional side. While smart and confident, Michelle was a pleaser who hated disappointing anyone, especially authoritative women, like her mom, and Julie.

“Get the fuck out NOW!” came the reply from inside her head, the rational side of her brain not being big on articulate debate.

Michelle swung her legs over the side of the bed, arched her back, and stretched her arms high above her head. While the night before may have been weird, this was one of the most comfortable beds, with the most expensive sheets, that she’s ever been in, and it certainly beat the hell out of the crappy full size mattress she’s been using since middle school.

Leaning forward, she snagged the light blue bra off the back of the chair that sat in front of a rolltop desk, clasping it in front, then spinning it around her torso, tucking her breasts inside, and sliding her arms thru the straps.

Scanning the room, her matching light blue panties were nowhere to be found.

“SHIT!” she said aloud, then covered her mouth to keep from waking anyone, the image from the night before, of Julie wearing the panties while being fucked by J.J., flashed through her head.

“She can’t still have them, can she?” Michelle thought to herself, as she walked across the guest room, and opened the door a crack, peeking out into the dark living room. Confident that nobody else was awake, Michelle slipped out into the living room, in just her bra, hunting for the matching garment to her favorite Victoria’s Secret set.

She stood silently, staring at the spot in the middle of the living room, where everything took place just a few hours ago, and a shudder ran through her body. She looked on the fireplace hearth, the small table next to J.J.’s chair, the couch, but saw no trace of the powder blue bikinis.

Not one to easily give up, Michelle got on her hands and knees, and checked under the couch and J.J.’s chair, somewhat oblivious to the fact that except her bra, she was buck-ass naked. To see under the couch, she had to put the left side of her face on the floor, with her ass high in the air for balance, her arm sweeping under the couch in hopes of feeling the silky blue material.

What she found, however, was something entirely different. In her determined search, she never backroom casting porno heard J.J. enter the room, until she heard his melodic brogue. “Looking for these?” he asked, startling the young woman.

Michelle emitted a shriek of surprise,, and quickly spun herself around, planting her ass on the living room carpet, and leaning back against the couch. This put her in a position of looking eye to eye with J.J’s erection, as he moved closer to his guest, stroking himself with the light blue panties wrapped around his thick shaft.

“Where’s Julie?” asked Michelle, watching his cock lengthen and harden as he continued to rub.

“It’s not Julie that has me so hard,” replied J.J., his cock head nearly touching Michelle’s cheek at this point.

Michelle sat stunned on the living room floor. Her gaze was locked on J.J.’s piercing emerald eyes, and her mouth watered at the sight of his raging hard on. She felt the wetness returning to her pussy, but was concerned about getting caught, and ending her career, before it even started.

“I’m flattered, J.J., I really am,” Michelle stammered, and internal fight going on in her brain between taking full advantage of the situation in front of her, and her code of sisterhood, which kept her from fooling around with a friend’s partner or spouse. “But I really should be going,” she added, biting her lower lip.

“Then take what you’ve been looking for and go, hun,” J.J. replied, while putting his hands on his hips, and thrusting his hips forward, his cock head brushing Michelle’s face, leaving a streak of precum on her cheek. The smell of his cum, and the feeling of it on her flesh, triggered Michelle’s inner whore, and shot her sisterhood code to hell.

Without thinking, Michelle reached out and grabbed her blue panties, but instead of removing them from his member, she tightened her grip, and started to stroke, still gazing into his loving green eyes.

A warm, wet droplet of pre-cum hit Michelle’s forearm, which immediately transported her thoughts and sensations from seven years ago. “It’s ‘Mitchette’ all over again,” she said in a breathy, reminiscent tone, remembering the events that transpired the summer after her sophomore year in school.

Keith Manuel was the crush of every girl in the school, including Michelle. A junior, and captain of the lacrosse team, Keith stood 6 foot 5 inches, with broad shoulders and a muscular chest, and a perennially sloppy mass of blonde curly hair on the top of his head. And if the rumors were to be believed, he was supposedly hung like a horse.

But apart from the adonis physique, Keith was not your typical jock. He was a sensitive, caring individual, who interacted with the nerds, goths, and gearheads as easily and as often as he would with the jocks and cheerleaders.

Michelle and Keith both worked at the local cineplex, and became fast friends. They shared mutual ball-busting and flirtatious innuendos to pass the boring periods when everyone was in the theaters watching the movies, and then worked their tails off in between. As things progressed over the summer, they started going out, and Keith was always a gentleman,

Then came the night of July 31st. Keith would be going away to a two week lacrosse camp the next morning, and Michelle knew this was probably the night they would take their relationship to a new level. After a great day of water skiing on the lake, and sitting around a bonfire on the beach, Keith offered to drive Michelle home, and they both climbed into his mother’s minivan.

Keith turned onto Michelle’s street, but drove past her house, and parked the van in the wooded area outside the playground at the end of Willow Drive. This was their favorite make out spot, and they both eagerly climbed into the back.

Kissing lead to petting, and Keith moved his hand under Michelle’s sundress, and started to rub her pussy through her panties. Previous attempts at this maneuver had always been thwarted by Michelle, but not on this bangbros porno night. She moaned into his mouth at his touch, and spread her legs a little wider, inviting him to continue.

Keith proceeded to rub her pussy and clit over the white cotton material, building up the courage to make his next move.

“Shit! Cramp!” Michelle said, as she broke the kiss and flexed and extended her left leg a few times, getting the blood flowing again. Keith prepared himself for the customary thwarting, but was surprised when Michelle pulled his face back to hers, and moved his hand back to her crotch, and said with a giggle, “now where were we?”

Keith took the advantage of the opportunity, and moved his hand under the waistband of her panties, over her brown, curly pubic hair, and his fingers found their way her moist pussy.

Michelle kissed Keith more passionately as he finger fucked her, adding his thumb to her clit for good measure. She rocked her hips with the motion of his probing fingers, and bit down on his shoulder as she exploded in her first orgasm delivered by someone else’s hand.

While Michelle laid back, eyes closed, lost in post-orgasmic bliss, Keith quickly removed her panties, and unbuckled and lowered his pants and boxers, releasing his extremely hard cock.

Michelle opened her eyes at the sound of his zipper, and stared in disbelief at the purple cyclops head, that was staring back at her with its one good eye. The rumors indeed were true, and from Michelle’s perspective, there were probably a few horses that wished they were hung like Keith. The veiny shaft was at least as big around as her wrist, and it appeared to hang down nearly to his knee.

“Oh my God, No,” were the words that came out of Michelle’s mouth, even though she had been looking forward to taking things to this level for several weeks.

“Please, Michelle,” Keith pleaded, “it hurts really bad when it gets this hard, and you’ve already cum, so it’s only fair.” Keith’s parents had taught him that “no means no” from when he hit puberty, so he would never force himself on girl, and especially not Michelle, but he was certainly going to make his case.

“I don’t know Keith, it’s so goddamned big,” Michelle said hesitantly, her heart breaking at not being able to go through with it.

“How about you just rub it, like I did for you?” Keith asked, hoping to get some relief.

Reluctantly, Michelle reached out and put her hand around his thick shaft, and started rubbing up and down. Keith put his head back and smiled, glad to have someone else’s hand on it for a change. Michelle was shocked that she felt his cock actually growing thicker in her hand as she rubbed, which made her only more afraid and anxious about the situation.

When the large drop of precum building at the tip of Keith’s cock finally succumbed to gravity, and landed with splat on Michelle’s forearm, she freaked and just repeated the word “sorry,” as she opened the sliding van door, and ran the half a block down Willow Drive to her house, leaving Keith with an enormous erection and a serious case of blue balls.

When school started in the fall, everyone was calling her ‘Mitchette’ instead of Michelle, which confused and embarrassed her. When one of the other boys on the lacrosse team greeted her with “Hi Mitchette,” she corrected him, saying “my name is Michelle.”

“No, it’s Mitchette,” he replied with a sneer, “because you’re ‘all T’s’…get it…ALL TEASE!”

Michelle was crushed, and the nickname stuck, but it served as a reminder of the promise she made to herself on that day, never to be a tease again. Eventually it was shortened to ‘Mitchie’, and Michelle embraced the nickname, feeling that if she caused a situation, she shouldn’t back out, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

Just as tears began to well up in her eyes at the painful memory, Michelle felt another hot, wet splash of pre-cum on her forearm, which snapped her back to reality. Michelle opened her eyes to find that beurette tour porno she had been subconsciously jerking off J.J. while reminiscing about Keith Manuel.

She could feel J.J.’s hand stroke her hair, as she continued to rub up and down his throbbing, veiny phallus. “No more Mitchette,” Michelle said aloud, which confused J.J., but when she opened her mouth and engulfed his plum colored cock head, he wasn’t about to ask for an explanation.

Michelle unwrapped the panties from his cock, which allowed her to take more of it into her eager mouth. She slurped and sucked, while using her small hand rubbed the portion of his shaft that wouldn’t fit, maintaining eye contact the entire time. She rubbed her thumb over the gusset of the panties, and could feel the crusty remnants from the night before, which only made Michelle hotter and hornier.

“Your mouth is more heavenly than I had even imagined,” encouraged J.J., feeling his pending orgasm rolling to a boil.

Pulling herself off of the tasty treat for a brief moment, Michelle replied, with a twinkle in her eye, “and this is bigger and more delicious than I had imaged as well.”

As Michelle opened her mouth and prepared to finish him off, when J.J. put his hand on her forehead, stopping her. “Just sit there and look pretty, Michelle, I want to cum all over that ‘girl next door’ face.

Michelle dropped her hand to her crotch, and rubbed her clit, while she watched J.J. stroke himself, his eyes looking into her soul, his cock pointing straight at her face. With a grunt, the first rope of cum hit Michelle on the left side of her face, burning her eye, and dripping down to her chin.

J.J. continued to cum all over her beautiful face, and Michelle instinctively opened her mouth, to catch some on her tongue. The silky, salty taste of his seed gave her a shiver, and her own orgasm hit as she swallowed his cum.

Michelle and J.J. both froze when they heard a noise from upstairs, but it turned out to be just King, bounding down the stairs.

“Shit!” Michelle shrieked, the fear of being caught with her boss’s husband’s cum all over her mostly naked body finally settling into her brain. “I really gotta go!” she exclaimed to J.J., grabbing her panties and wiping as much of his cum off her face and breasts as she could.

“Suit yourself love,” J.J. responded, tucking his deflating cock back into his pajama pants, and taking King to the side door, to let him into the yard.

Scrambling back to the guest room, her now cum sodden panties in her hand, Michelle quickly threw her sundress over her head and slipped on her sandals. Not knowing what to do with the panties, having no pockets in the sundress, and evil grin came across Michelle’s face, and she stepped into them, and pulled them up under the sundress, the soaked material clinging to her pussy and ass.

Michelle grabbed her car keys off the dresser, and stopped in the kitchen on the way out, to scribble a quick note to Julie, thanking her for a lovely evening, and making up an excuse for why she had to leave so early.

She opened the door to leave, but then something on the kitchen counter caught her eye. She walked back into the kitchen and put her hand on the side of the half-full ornamental tea press, then pulled it back quickly, the glass container still hot to the touch.

“OH FUCK,” Michelle said to herself, realizing that Julie must have been up before her, and quickly exited the house, quietly closing the door behind her.

Julie sat at the Victorian vanity that she now used as a computer desk, which was situated in the corner of the large master bedroom, overlooking the front yard. As she watched Michelle’s Prius back out of the driveway, Julie pressed play on the video panel displayed on her laptop, and moved her hand down to her freshly waxed vagina.

She purrred, as the screen filled with the recently recorded scenes from the living room, courtesy of the nanny-cam, inconspicuously hidden in the loop of the 6 on the clock above the mantel.

Focusing on the look of lust on Michelle’s face in the video, as J.J. started to unload upon it, Julie plunged three fingers into herself.

“You’re going to have a long and wonderful career under me, Miss Michelle Lynch,” Julie said to the cum covered girl in the video, while her body shook as her orgasm overtook her.

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