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Big Dicks

JULIE is a nice. Julie is sweet. She is the girl in the office who always smiles and seems to be a little young for the cut throat world of advertising. She has a soft voice and a pale round face. Her eyes are a cool hazel and her hair is a unkempt but enduring bob of light brown. Everyone around the office likes Julie. However, Julie is not would the usual office hottie. She attracts little to no attention to herself. Julie’s body is tone and tight. She has small but perky B cups. Her nipples do poke hard when the warehouse office gets cold. However, Julie’s secret weapon is one that no one around the office notices.

Indeed, what Julie was hiding is the best ass on the Westside of Los Angeles. No, I didn’t know about Julie’s ass. Not yet anyway. I like Julie because of her sweetness. But I never all hot and bothered over her. Julie popped into my office on a Tuesday morning since we started working on a project together. She ended her quick conversation with some phrase in French I couldn’t really understand. While Julie is American. Her is 100% French and fluent in the Gallac language and occasionally likes to throw in the second tongue in her conversation. I always found her French to be cute and told her it sounded hot. I wasn’t really flirting but French does sound hot coming from a girl’s mouth.

I got a first clue that Julie was hiding something nice when I noticed her butt in a pair of surplus army pants she likes to wear every once in a while. Julie has a tomboyish look but I spied a really nice apple booty as she walked away from the conference room. I didn’t think too much of it. Sure she has a nice ass. So does just about every girl who works out in LA has a nice ass.
Then came Friday. It is May in LA and the temperature was starting to climb a bit. Warming weather plus casual Friday equals lighter, tighter more revealing clothes from the girls around the office. I saw some nice titties in low cut dresses. Athletic girls in tank tops display their tone and an bodies. A nice display of talent on casual Friday.

Julie was in the office in a white t-shirt and a short flower mini-skirt. Julie has some nice pokie nipples peaking through her white t-shirt. However, my first tingle of excitement towards Julie came with that short, short skirt.

I always knew Julie was in shape but her legs have a nice, muscular tone. The mini-skirt was dangerously short for the office. It is the kind of hemline you would find in a nightclub that an ad agency. The skirt runs halfway up her thigh.

For the first time ever, I approach Julie with more than just a friendly smile. I wanna check her out up close and personal. And the best thing is, Julie is completely approachable. She not one of those girls who makes it hard to talk to at all. “Hey Julie.” I begin. We make some small talk about the project we are working on together. I can’t help but leer down at her legs, which she seems to be completely oblivious to the entire chat. Then I mention in passing, “Oh, that’s a cute skirt.” Jesus, I sound like a girl. But I don’t know what else to say. “Oh thanks.” Julie replies as she twirls around, lifting the skirt up to reveal all of her thigh and just a hit of her ass. She didn’t mean anything sexual by it. Julie is simply playful in a refreshingly innocent way. But that quick flash of inner thigh and a hint of her butt did it for me. I feel a slight hard-on coming. Dammit, that’s it. It’s official. I now have a hard crush on Julie. I smile and like a complete pussy, leave. Yeah, I know. But I really don’t have the best pick-up game in the world. And besides, I’m in the office. How hard can I push this flirt?

I went on with my day. The thought of Julie’s twirl, legs and a hint of her ass make me semi-hard around the office. The Friday afternoon blahs started to kick in as people began to leave early. Sadly, I couldn’t because of the project I was working on. In fact, the only people left in the 800 person office were the ones working on this project.

I was down on the first floor when I heard Julie’s voice. She was standing on one of the catwalks off our warehouse office building. I look up. I look up and see completely up her skirt. I see Julie’s ass in a thong. The best ass in the Westside of LA in my full view. Julie’s black thong perfect sets her apple cheeks apart. The ass is big and firm. My dick is completely hard ride now. Julie is just standing there on the catwalk completely oblivious to my leering eyes. And I can’t believe what I am seeing. This ass is beyond great. It is perfect. The size, shape and firmness of that French ass seems to defy gravity.

I stare and stare at that ass. I must have gotten a good fifteen second stare before Julie began to walk away. I went home and jerked off all Friday night. I had never abused my own dick so much. I may have jacked it at least a six times on Friday alone. I woke up and went for a morning run and tried to get Julie out of my mind. I decided that I needed to stop jacking off to her because I need to work with Julie and I can’t do my job if I’m so obsessed with her.

Saturday afternoon comes around and the weather in Venice Beach is so nice I decide to go out for a walk. I take a walk on the crowded beach where all the toursit, homeless, freaks, protesters, skateboarders, and attention whore hang-out. Then I go for a stroll on the Venice Canals. The Canals are a nice place to walk because the narrow sidewalks restrict how many people can crowd the area.

As I walk, I see a hot chick in the distance. She is wearing a sports bar, tight black spandex shorts and she’s sporting short hair and a six back set of abs. Wow. Nice. We walk toward each other and I notice something familiar about this girl. Holy shit. Julie.

I’m in this weird state of shock. Julie lives about four miles away in Santa Monica so it is not completely unusual to see her here. Julie notices me and smiles. I just stare at Julie incredible body. I have never seen so much skin on her. This girl is ripped.

“Hey!” She smiles. I smile and exchange excited small talk. “So do you live around here?” Julie asks me. I pointed to the apartment building on Washington Boulevard. “It’s a small place but I have a view of the ocean.”

“Really?” gaziemir escort bayan Julie responds. Then in an unexpected Freudian slip I respond, “Yeah, do you want to see it?” I ask. Julie says, “Sure.” I can’t believe it. I have Julie coming back to my apartment. We begin to walk and I catch a view of her amazing ass in those little spandex shorts. Her ass is just amazing.

We walk over to my apartment building. I feel a raging hard-on coming. I’m thinking about making a movie without being creepy or stupid. After all, if I fuck up, we still have to work together. When we get inside of the elevator, it is the first time that we are alone. I smile and leer at her body. Julie doesn’t seem to detect my sexual gaze. I look at the muscle on her stomach. Wow. Just wow. She is so tone.

When we get out of the elevator, we walk down the hall to my apartment. “It’s not much to look at,” I say as I open the door. “It’s just a studio.” I open the door and the California sunlight shines on our face. “Cool view.” Julie says. “I’ve been living here for five years so I forget what a great view I have here.” However, Julie is impressed. “Can I open the door?” Julie asks. I help her open the sliding glass door to the small balcony. Julie leans over to take a look at the ocean, as she does, her ass lifts into the ass. I reach down and touch my cock. She can’t see me right now so I can touch myself without much worry. As Julie marvels the Pacific, I marvel at her amazing ass.

“I love the breeze up here.” Julie says. I walk up behind her. I just want to get close to that ass. “Yeah, you know I hardly ever open the doors, I should more often.” Julie leans over some more. She steps on the small bar across the bottom of the balcony railing. I get a little worried since we are eight floors up. I walk up behind her. “Look out. I don’t want you to fall over.” I tell her. “Is the rail secure?” Julie asks me. “Well, let me just hold onto you just in case.” I say as I get behind her and hold her hips. I My dick is about as close to Julie’s ass as it can be without rubbing up against it. I can feel the amazing body heat around my crotch. My dick feels like it wants to just pop out of my shorts.

Julie leans back. Her big, firm ass falls onto my crotch. My dick presses against her ass. I hold onto her hips, grasping a little tighter. Julie’s back arches slightly. I slowly push my dick deeper against her. I grind slowly. “Uh.” Julie moan slightly. I slowly pull my hands around her flat stomach and grind against her ass. “Mmm.” Julie says as she falls back against my chest. I look down at her neck. “You like that?” I ask her softly. She says something softly in French. I grind harder and harder. “Do it like that.” Julie says softly.

I push her head down and begin to grind and pump my hard dick against her ass. Julie quickly pulls down her spandex pants. I see her incredible big, firm ass in a blue thong. I pull down my pants and shorts. My dick is super hard. I rub my dick against her right ass cheek. Then I begin slapping my dick against her butt. I then realize that the whole world can see us from up here.
I want to pull back into the bed. However, Julie doesn’t seems to want to let go of the balcony. Julie looks at me and then begins to rub her pussy. I place my hands on her ass checks and then slowly begin to pull off her thong. “You have a beautiful ass Julie.” I tell her. “Spank it.” She tells me. I slap her ass which make a wonderful “wap” sound, I slap each cheek as I rub my dick against her upper thigh. “Harder. Harder.” I slap her ass harder and harder. Each slap rewards me with a moan and an arched back. Then I grab Julie’s cheek and slowly spread them. Before me is the prettiest asshole I’ve ever seen.

I lean over and kiss her ass right ass cheek. Then her left. Then begin to run my lips against the inside of her ass. “Oh my God. Each out my asshole. Please. Please.” Julie moans. I run my tongue against her asshole. Her knees buckle. I dip my fingernails into her ass checks and proceed to lick her asshole up and down, faster and faster. Julie is hyperventilating. God, I love licking this beautiful ass. I take my tongue and begin to jab into her anus. Julie moans and falls to her knees. I fall too. However, I quickly recover and pick Julie up by her hips and continue to tongue her asshole.

Julie is now standing on her hands and legs with her ass up in the ass. He continue to lick and tongue her beautiful asshole. “Come on. Let me prop you up so I can get deep into your ass.” I tell her. Julie stands up and begins to walk back into my apartment. I watch her apple bottom, awesome, French ass bounce with each step. I pull take a bar chair near the kitchen and turn it around. Julie sits on the chair and props her ass out, giving me full access to her amazing asshole. I lick my finger with my lips and slowly insert my right index finger into her ass. “Oh I love having my ass violated like that.” Julie says softly. I lean over and kiss her on the cheek. “I want your ass so badly.” I tell her. “I want you to abuse my ass. Take it any way you want it.” Julie says before she begins speaking in French. I rub my hard dick against her thigh and Julie begins to slowly stroke it. “Nice, hard cock.” Julie tells me. “I want do you in so many different ways.” I tell her.

Then I notice Julie still has her sports bra on. lift it up and reveal the nicest, perkiest pink hard nipples I’ve seen in a while. I begin to suck on her little tits while continuing to finger her asshole. Julie pulls the sports bar off of her and tosses it onto the sofa. But enough tit sucking. I need to get back into that beautiful, tight asshole.

I get behind Julie and lean down. I pull her ass cheeks apart and begin eating her ass with a vengeance. I lick, I lap, I suck, I tongue stab her asshole. “Fuck. Fuck!” Julie continues to say as I slobber all over her ass. I take two of my fingers and slowly slide them into Julie asshole. She is really beginning to open up that tight ass. But I want to make sure it is not hurting her. “Are you okay, Julie? Just let me know if I am hurting you.” I tell her. “No. No. You can’t hurt my ass. The more you fuck with it, the more I love it.” She escort gaziemir purrs. I can’t believe nice, innocent Julie is so fucking hardcore!

I slowly begin to push a third finger into her wonderful ass. Her body begins to quake. She can barely hold onto the chair. I slowly push my fingers in and out. Then I kiss her neck and bite down slightly. Then I pull Julie off of the chair and walk her to the bed so I can get the ultimate access to that ass.

Julie climbs onto my bed. She puts her ass up in the air. I take two of my king size pillows to help prop up her ass. Then I give Julie a third pillow to rest her pretty little head. I take off my shirt and toss it to the side. Dammit, I just want to ram my dick right into her asshole. But not just yet. There is so much more to do.

I watch Julie rub her pussy. “Are you ready for more ass play.” I ask her. “Yeah, yeah. Do more to me.” Julie demands. I lick my finger and put my three fingers back into her asshole. Julie smiles in approval. Her eyes are closed. She looks like she is having the most wonderful dream.
Then I slip my pinky into her ass. Four fingers. I’ve never done this before. I’ve never even tried it. Julie takes it like she was born to have her asshole violated. I hump her sculpted right calve muscle as I continue to open up that ass.

Then I think about it. Yes, the whole fucking fist. I’m almost scared to do it. I have to ask first. I lean over and whisper in Julie’s ear. “I have four fingers up your asshole. You want my hole hand? You want my fist.”

Julie opens her eyes. She answer is simple. “Do it.” Uncharted territory here. I slowly pull back hand up. She takes her hands and opens up her ass as wide as possible. She looks as me. I ball my right hand into a fist and lick is up well. Then I lick her asshole. It is already wet and pretty open. I stick my tongue into her asshole and wiggle it around. Julie loves that.

Now I slowly push my fist into her ass. “Oooooooo…Gooodddd!” Julie groans. I push my fist in slowly. Julie’s face is red. My fist begins to disappear into her ass. I slowly push it in and out, massaging her anus with my knuckles. Julie laughs in extacy. “Do it just like that.” This girl, with the best ass in town, is getting her asshole fucked by my fist. I push my fist in. It completely disappears. I slowly pull my hand out. Julie screams, “Fuck yeah.” Julie asshole is wide open. I slowly massage the rim of her ass and it begins to slightly contract. My dick is ready to explore. I need to fuck her so bad.

Julie lowers her ass and feels her asshole. She looks back and me and smiles. My dick is against her leg. I slowly rub my hard cock up her thigh and along the side of her body up toward her mouth. Julie smiles and turns over on her back. I sit on her stomach. Julie grabs my cock and gives the head a little kiss. It is so sweet. Julie is such a contradiction. She takes a fist up the ass one moment and give then a sweet, almost innocent kiss to my cock the next.

She doesn’t put it in her mouth just yet. “I Just want to look at your cock.” She tells me. “It’s beautiful.” She adds. “God, you are going to make me cum right here.” I tell here. “Oh no you won’t.” Julie tells me. “French girls are the master of blowjobs. Watch and learn.” Julie holds the base of my cock and begins to lick my helmet. She then licks up and down the shaft. Good God, this girl’s tongue is amazing. Julie begins to suck me off. She takes her other hands and plays with my balls.

I slowly push my dick in and out of her mouth. Then I grab Julie by the ears and begin to slowly mouth fuck her. I mouth fuck her harder and faster. I feel like I’m about to cum so I stop. Julie turns me over. She takes my dick out of her mouth and begins to lick and suck on my balls. My dick is so sensitive right now I don’t want to even touch it.

Julie licks and suck my balls. she begins to chew on them. Julie then takes the skin of my balls and begins to bite and pull. “Am I hurting you?” Julie asks me. “That feels great.” I tell her. Then Julie takes my right sac and begins to suck it completely into her mouth. Her tongue is whipping all around my trapped right sac. Now, she takes my left nut into her mouth. My balls have never been so swollen like they are right now.

“Now for the prize.” Julie says. I don’t know what exactly she means by that. Julie props my feet up and pushes my ass up in the air. Then she proceeds to lick my asshole. Oh my fucking God. Her tongue is getting my asshole all wet. I’ve had my ass licked before but I’ve never had a girl do it with such passion. Julie licks my asshole up to my balls and back down again. I’ve never felt that sensation before.
Julie turns me over. I prop my ass up in the air. I spread my ass checks apart. I feel Julie’s face dive into my ass and lick and suck my ass. Holy fuck! Now, I know why she loves this. Julie claws my ass and spanks it. Her tongue is moving fast up and down, sideways. She swirls her tongue. Then I feel her stab her tongue in my asshole.

Julie then begins to slowly finger my asshole. I moan. I grasp the pillow. Julie is taking my ass virginity! Another finger goes into my ass. “Have you ever had fingers in your ass?” She asks me. “No. You’re my first.” I tell her. “Do you like it?” She asks me. “I love it.” I tell her. “I’ll be gentle she says.” Julie slips in a third finger. I feel my asshole open up. Julie slowly fucks my ass with her fingers. Then I feel her pull her fingers out and lick my ass some more. Jule then kiss my ass and begins to reach under me and play with my nipples. “I love that.” I tell her.
I turn over and Julie continues to tweak and pinch my nipples. I fondle her hard nipples. We smile as we continue to pleasure each other’s nipples. “We want me to suck them.” Julie asks. I nod.

Julie leans down and begins to lick and suck on my nipples. I slowly rub my cock against her hard stomach. Julie bites down on my right nipple. I moan. She then proceeds to pinch and then bite my left nipple. My body shakes in an explosion of pleasure. I grind faster against her stomach. Julie leans up. “Dammit. That cock feels good against my tummy.” She says. “I know where it’ll feel much gaziemir escort better.” I tell here. “Hell yeah.” is her response.

Julie slides down and sits on my dick. She playfully bounces on my cock and laughs. “You could make me cum with that alone.” I tell her. “Lemme just rub that hard cock against my cock for a little bit.” Julie says as she grinds on my hard cock. I watch Julie’s hips sway and admire her six-pack abs. Then Julie stops, leans up and guides my hard cock inside of her.

Wow. Julie is fucking tight! I don’t want to pump yet. I just want to feel myself inside of her. Julie, the cute French babe who is so kind, with an ass that can not be stopped, is in my apartment, on my bed and riding my hard dick. I slowly push in and out. Julie begins to bounce on my dick. She moan and arches her head back. I rub my hands on her muscular thighs. I watch her stomach muscle ripped as she bounces and grinds on my dick. I tweak her nipples. She returns the favor by pulling my nipples with a devious smiles. I begin to pound her harder and harder. Her face leans into mine. We tongue each other. The smacking sound echos in my studio apartment as I pound her well. Her moans lead to screams of delight. I growl as try to prevent myself from shooting my load early.

Julie sits up on my cock and begins to turn around. She is now riding my cowgirl and I get a view of that magnificent ass. It just makes me pump harder. “Dammit, that fucking ass…” Is all I can say. I grasp her ass as I continue to pound her pussy. Julie’s heavy breathing makes me want so give it to her even harder.

But it’s Julie’s ass that is really driving me crazy. I finger her asshole as I pound her pussy. Julie looks behind at me and bites her lower lip. I reward her with another finger up her ass.
That ass. I have to fucking pound it now. I grab Julie by the hip and turn over on her stomach. I slowly pull out of her pussy. “Are you going into my ass?” Julie asks. “Oh yeah.” I tell her. Julie quickly stick sher ass up into the air, puts her head down and spreads her ass cheeks apart. “I wanna feel your big dick in my ass.” She purrs.

I stroke my dick and lick her ass. Good God. I can’t believe I’m gonna fuck Julie in the ass. I slowly guide the head of my dick against her asshole. I rub my dickhead against her anus. I drop some saliva right on her asshole and then begin to slide my dick inside. “Ooooooooo.” Is all Julie can say. I am in too much intense delight to say anything.

My dick slides slowly into Julie’s warm and wet asshole. I grasp her butt cheeks and begin to slide myself in and out of the hot, young babe. Julie rises her ass up and grabs the pillow, in front of her, for sheer life. Then I begin pounding. My dick is so hard and hot, I want to explode. It takes every piece of self-restraint to not shoot that massive load. The slapping is intense. The bed shakes. Julie’s body shakes in excitement. I ram her balls deep There is no holding back now.
“My fucking ass. Tear my fucking ass apart!” Julie screams. I respond with a balls deep pounding. I reach over and pull her fucking hair. Her head arches back. “You like my dick up your ass?” I tell her. “Yeah.” She says between exhausted breaths. I continue to pull her hair and pound her asshole as hard as I possibly can.

I reach under Julie and play with her hard nipples. I lean down on top of Julies back begin to grind my dick, balls deep, in her warm ass. I kiss her on the cheek. Julie is breathing heavily. “I love being up your ass, Julie.” I tell her softly. “Your cock feels so good in there.” Julie says. Then she tongues my mouth. “I want you to come in my ass.” She tells me. Those words alone is enough to push me past the point of no return.

I lean back up. I prop up Julie’s ass. Julie grabs my headboard. I grind her asshole a little faster. And faster. Now, I begin to slide my dick in and out. I begin to pound. I pound her faster and faster. I pull Julie’s hair again. “Yea, yeah, yeah, yeah!” Julie screaming louder and louder.

“Fucking, fuck!” I scream. I’m pounding Julie’s asshole as hard as I can. “Ahhh!!!” I scream at the top of my lungs. My dick begins to explode a massive hot load into her ass. I continue to pump and pump as the cum continues shooting balls deep into Julie’s asshole. “Oh Fucking God!” Julie screams. I feel six, seven eight pumps of cum shooting inside of Julie. I continue to ram Julie’s ass as every last drop of cum is being draining into her. My dick is pulsating. My balls are drained. I pump Julie a few more times before collapsing on top of her.

My dick is still inside of Julie’s asshole. I am too tired to move it. Julie, her face filled with sweat, breathes heavily as she tries collect herself. I kiss her. She kisses me. “You destroyed my asshole.” She says. I smile. “Your incredible French ass drained my balls completely.” I tell her. “Don’t take it out yet.” She tells me. “I like how your cock feels in my ass” Julie adds as I continue to enjoy having my dick inside of Julie’s wet ass.

I put Julie on her side and lean up behind her with my dick still inside her wonderful. I kiss her on the neck as we try to recover from the most intense fuck of both of our lives. “You know, I aw your ass in a thong at the office on Friday.” I tell Julie. “Really, where.” Julie asks me. “On the catwalk. you were talking and I couldn’t believe you’ve been hiding this.” I say as I slightly slap her ass.

Julie laughs softly. “Well, I’m going to be thinking about your cock and your mouth all week at work.” She says. “Really?” I tell her. “Yeah.” She says. And then she asks. “Can we do this, like, more often?” I can’t believe this. Julie. Sweet, wonderful Julie basically wants to be butt-fuck buddies with me. I do even know how I will be able to do my job. We sweet talk a little more and then go to the bathroom. Julie cleans herself up and we step into the shower. She have our first make out session under the warm water. Kissing, hugging, a little licking.

When we get out of the shower, we lie back down on the bed naked. We watch the sun set from my apartment. “You wanna stay over?” I asks Julie. “Yeah. That would be a nice way to spend the weekend.” As the sky glows and darkness sets, my dick begins to get hard again. I rub my cock against her ass. The rest of the weekend is going to be really fucking great.

Short Story from “Hardcore Erotica: Volume 1.” by Michael Venice. Available on Smashwords.com

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