Julie’s Stop Over Ch. 01

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Julie, a successful sales representative for Canon, a slim 30 something, 5’4″ tall, with long flowing auburn hair, golden skin, and bright blue eyes full of vitality. Dressed in a navy tailored pencil skirt, Emma Willis Paisley print buttoned blouse, and croc-effect kitten heel court shoes.

Still smarting from a failed relationship with a 22-year-old college girl who dumped her with the parting words, she needed to spread her wings, whatever that means. Success not touching Julie’s personal life. Broken-hearted and reduced to finding her needs satisfied by her only companion, Vicky a twelve-inch vibrator.

The long day was coming to an end, tired and needing refreshment, and somewhere to stay she pulls into a small motel car park, the kind scattered across the country.

Checking her lips in the mirror wistfully thinking,

‘I need loving, and more than my vibe tonight.’

This compounded by the ache between her legs and sensitive nipples.

Sighing deeply, she flings open the car door. Rummages in the boot pulling out her overnight bag and then strolls across the empty car park, thinking,

‘Well, my luck has to change, if not Vicky to the rescue.’

Pushing open the heavy glass door she steps into the lobby. Her heart jumps seeing a pretty young receptionist, Nancy, engrossed on her screen. Her Long flowing black hair framing her face, hazel eyes peering through Specsavers metal-rimmed glasses, wearing a mono heart patterned cream blouse with three-quarter sleeves, and a black mini skirt. The blouse slightly open revealing her pert breasts cradled in a black lacy bra, nipples so firm and ripe like cherries, moist, plump lips coated with red lip gloss, and freckled cheeks making her look younger than her 21 years.

Julie bites her lip thinking,

‘Might not need Vicky tonight if I can tempt this girl.’

Nancy is on her gap year with money tight taking this job at the motel to make ends meet. Her mind retreating to the 30-year-old college flatmate who had opened her eyes and heart to the joys of loving a woman. Every day she yearns to be back in those arms, exploring each other.

Julie unnoticed steps up the reception desk. Watching Nancy intensely wondering how best to seduce this girl. Seeing the reflection of writhing bodies on Nancy’s glasses she inhales deeply.

“Good evening, do you have a vacant room so I can stay the night please?”

Looking up, startled, Nancy quickly clicks on the mouse, clearing her screen.

‘Oh god,’ she thinks, ‘how long has she been there, what has she seen.’

Flustered Nancy stutters, “Yes there is no one else booked in,” chest heaving.

Julie looking at Nancy’s taut nipples and the faint aroma of her poker oyna nectar catching Julie’s nostrils. Julie wonders,

‘What she was looking at, looked naughty.’

“Did I disturb anything? “Julie inquiries.

Nancy blushes scarlet, glancing down at the screen then back up at Julie.

“Oh no was just bored, here on my own with nothing to do, “a gleam in her eyes then a cheeky smile spread across her face.

Nancy is taken by how like her flatmate Julie looks. Could this be an omen of the night ahead?

Julie spots the name tag Nancy.

“Well Nancy for a young Bonnie lass like you that won’t do, perhaps we can entertain each other seeing as there is no one else here,” winking.

Nancy’s eyes widen, unknowingly licks her lips, leaning forward her blouse exposing more of her luscious breasts.

“What do you have in mind?” Nancy whispers.

‘What am I saying?’

Thinks Nancy, trembling at her boldness.

“You can show me to my room for starters, then we can take it from there,” flippantly retorts Julie.

Julie feels a surge of confidence that this girl is for the taking and tonight might not be another lonely one with Vicky.

Nancy looks down, fumbling with the pile of keys on her desk, recovering her pose. Her mind casts back to the video she was watching before Julie’s arrival. Surprised that Julie looks so like her flatmate and aroused by how suggestive and confident she is.

Nancy mind racing as her heartbeat quickens,

‘There is a god answered her prayers.’

“Room 10 is the nicest we have here with double bed, and a hot tub, plenty of space for you to enjoy your night, “Nancy says, glancing up at Julie.

“That is the one I would choose to spend the night in,” Nancy whispers.

“Double bed, big enough for both of us?” A gleam in Julie’s eyes.

“Oh yes, certainly big enough for two,” Nancy simpers.

Nancy catching Julie’s look of lustful anticipation. She pouts as her juices seep from her aching slit. She wants Julie to conquer her.

Julie smiles, feel her nipples harden, and clitoris swelling against her black lacy knickers.

‘This girl wants it as bad as I do, what a catch,’ Julie thinks.

“Please show me the way to my room, Nancy.”

Nancy slowly pushes back in her chair, eyes staring into Julie’s. Inch by inch revealing her dangerously short black mini, then toned thighs slightly apart offering Julie a view of her black satin French knickers slick with nectar.

Julie licks her lips feeling her cream now pouring from her aching vagina.

Nancy stands smiles then adjusting her skirt. She moves passed Julie in the small reception, brushing her pert nipples against Julie’s arm. Muffling a moan canlı poker oyna and closing her eyes inhaling deeply as electric shock ripples through her body.

Julie stifles a squeal her heart racing turning to follow Nancy. The view of Nancy’s perfect round bum swaying in tune with the long black hair hypnotic as Julie follows her.

Nancy glances over her shoulder, a bright smile on her freckled face.

“You ok back there? “Nancy giggles.

“Perfect view from here, “Julie purrs.

They reach room 10, Nancy fumbles with the keys, her mind still racing with thoughts from the film she was watching when Julie first arrived, the flirty chat so far and how will Julie make her move on. Her juices running down her thighs, the strong scent filling her nostrils.

Touching herself lightly wondering,

‘Has she noticed.’

Julie moves closer intoxicated by the aroma unable to contain her urges.

“You smell delicious,” Julie softly whispers.

As if reading Nancy’s mind.

Julie’s hands slowly cupping Nancy’s breasts, as she inhales deeply.

Nancy closes her eyes, panting harder thinking,

‘I don’t need to worry she wants me as much as I want her. Take me, Julie, I need you so much.’

“I am so wet,” Nancy mutters, her body is gripped by the primeval lust.

“You aren’t the only one, “Julie says in a hoarse voice.

Julie’s lips tugging Nancy’s earlobe. She cannot believe how easy this girl has succumbed. Fate is smiling on her tonight.

Nancy lets out a long soft moan, her body inflames in anticipation. Pushing her bum back against Julie’s crotch. Slowly rolling her hips as the delightful sensations course through her body.

“I yearn for you, and my body aches,” Nancy groans.

Pulling open Nancy’s blouse, Julie’s fingers dance over the gossamer lacy fabric, tracing the outline of her erect nipples. Then gliding her fingers over Nancy’s flat tummy, and slowly into Nancy’s French knickers. Their hearts pounding. Nancy now gasping hard, willing Julie to reach deeper, her pussy on fire.

“Oh god…. YES, tell me … tell me what you will do, “Nancy whimpers.

Panting so hard, Julie can only muster a throaty moan. At last her, fingers tips touch the soft moist pearl. Rolling her fingers around the sensitive bud then easing open her labia so puffy. Exposing her slick entrance so smooth and warm.

“Ah…. AHH… be gentle, “Nancy squeals.

Nancy’s hips rocking, pushing her bum back into Julie’s crotch. Her fingers pinching her nipples as the waves of pleasure rip through her young body.

Julie groans her honey gushing, soaking her knickers as she trembles in ecstasy.

“Want to cum baby?” Julies whispers.

Nancy internet casino moans throwing her head back against Julie’s shoulder, her eyes misty with want. Looking deep into Julie’s eyes.

“Your eyes so beautifully blue. They hypnotize me, work your magic on me,” Nancy whimpers.

“Feel my fingers dance over your Clitoris.”

“Teasing your senses, feel them….. easing….. Slowly, in.”

“Feel them explore ….. Seeking your sweet spot.”

Julie’s fingers massaging Nancy’s swollen hood. Nancy’s hips rotate and lift as if begging Julie’s fingers to probe further. Slowly edging downwards easing open Nancy’s tender petals wide then pressing slightly into her wanton entrance. Nancy hips bucking as she is overwhelmed with passion and need.

“Yes … YES OHHHH .. You tease, “Nancy gasps.

“Let’s not rush baby,” Julie panting harder.

“I can’t take much more,” Nancy whimpers, “It’s been too long.”

Julie stroking her fingers around Nancy’s creamy wall slowly moving deeper around the folds and crevasses searching for the soft nub of Nancy’s g-spot. The air is filled with moans and gasps as Julie explores Nancy’s delicate flower. Nancy writhing uncontrollably as the fever grips her body. Grunts loud as Julie’s finger finds that precious spot.

“There baby Mummy is going to take care of your now,” Julies coos.

“Yes, mummy you are so good to your baby,” Nancy gasps.

Julies easing two fingers into Nancy’s sopping cunt. Fingers massaging the spongy button. Nancy hips rolling wildly. Nancy tilting her head away exposing her slender neck. Julie takes the invitation biting the warm soft skin causing Nancy to groan loudly as her body is consumed with passion.

” Ahhh…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Mum pleaseeeeeeeeeee,” Nancy begs.

“Let go, baby …let go ……….,” Julie rasps.

Nancy’s pussy spasms hard, clenching on Julie’s fingers her honey squirting violently out as she climaxes.


Feeling the moment Julie grips Nancy button hard. So intense Julie is unable to contain her own need any more shuddering violently as her orgasm consumes her.


Her own body quivering as she releases to the force of Nancy’s orgasm.

Breathless, quivering together, hearts thundering. Drenched in sweat and slick juices Julie gripping Nancy tightly as the buck wildly with each wave.

After what seemed like an eternity a peaceful calm descends. Nancy turning to face Julie. Julie lifting her hand to lick Nancy’s creamy nectar from her sticky fingers. Nancy kissing them tasting her musky love. Their tongues meeting playing enjoying the rich mixture. Pure contentment between them. Breaking the kiss.

“This will be a long night, “Nancy purrs.

“One to remember,” Julie replies.

Dedicated to Honey, without her this would have never been told…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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