Julio Ch. 03

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“Tell me about your Mom,” Julio asked as he stroked my bare back while we lay in his bed.

I feel my chest tightening and the hair behind my neck creeping up.

“There’s nothing to tell,” I respond, taking a sip of water from the glass on the nightstand.

“What do you mean there’s nothing to tell?” Julio asks with a puzzled look.

“I’m hungry. Do you have anything to eat?” I reply, discarding the discussion and getting out of bed. I grab a T-shirt as I make my way out of the bedroom. I hear Julio rustling out of bed behind me as I walk into the kitchen.

After the evening we just had, the last thing I needed was to talk about anything serious, not to mention my Mom.

I start mixing eggs when I hear Julio walk into the kitchen barefoot, wearing grey sweatpants. I can feel his eyes, but I pretend not to as I search for kitchen utensils to make us something to eat.

My mind suddenly wanders to the event that brought us to this place and time…

My aunt had asked me to drop off some paperwork in preparation for the charity gala set to take place in a few weeks. I had refused to go and offered to have a messenger deliver the paperwork instead. It had been weeks since my last moment with Julio, and I knew the possibility of bumping into him at Dad’s office was likely. I wasn’t ready to face him. That moment at the club stirred something in me that I was unprepared to face.

The universe had other plans, though, because I bumped into him when I walked out of the elevator into Dad’s office. So, as I say my hellos to the staff, I hurriedly gather myself and walk into Dad’s inner sanctum.

Dad informed me that he had to take another trip to DC that night and would be gone for a few days. He had been working hard on finalizing an agreement with the Ministry of Defense, so his trip announcement didn’t surprise me.

After some time, I leave because Samantha has been blowing up my phone. We had plans to meet up for drinks with a few of our girlfriends. I respond to Samantha’s texts while walking into the elevator with James behind me.

“I’ll take it from here, Jim.” a voice says from inside the elevator. That voice is familiar. I look up from my phone to see Julio in the elevator. James hands him the keys to the SUV and walks down the hallway. Julio steps aside to let me walk in.

“You wouldn’t be avoiding me now, Ms. Cameron,” I hear Julio say from behind me.

I clear my throat. “Avoiding you? Boy, please. What possible reason would I have to do that? “I remark.

“Well, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because you have ignored my calls and texts since the last night. Or you’ve avoided coming by here because you didn’t want us to run into each other,” Julio responds matter-of-factly.

I shrug him off and return my gaze to my phone. “I don’t know what you’re on about.”

I try to control my breathing, but the tension in the air is suffocating.

“Is that right?” He says, and I feel his breath a few inches behind me.

“Damn, Skippy,” I retort, feeling proud of myself.

The ping from the elevator signals our arrival at the private parking lot for the top executives at the firm. I step out of the elevator to walk toward the SUV when I suddenly feel the wind rush out of me. Julio grabs and pulls me to the side of the elevator, away from the CCTV. I feel my back against the cold hard wall. Julio pins almanbahis adresi my hands above my head, and I catch a wicked glint in his eye.

“Baby girl, you seem to be under the impression that you run things here,” Julio says, flashing those dimples again and biting his lower lip. My eyes dart furtively, wondering if anyone was around or watching.

“Julio… Julio, what are you doing? Stop. Someone may see us. Please stop,” I say as I struggle to slip out of his grip, but my efforts to get out are futile; he’s as strong as an ox. I don’t know why I even bother. It’s as if the more I try to fight him off, the more turned on he gets, and so do I. Within seconds I feel his lips nibbling down my neck and on my already hard nipples.

“I don’t care, baby girl. I need to remind you who’s boss around here. You’re mine. Don’t you forget it, Cameron.” His teeth pull and tug on my left nipple, and before I can let out a moan, he covers any sound with a deep kiss. Damn, I’m so hungry for him.

Once again, he leaves me lost in some trance. It takes me a few minutes to get my bearings. Finally, I open my eyes to find him walking towards the parked SUV, where he opens the back door and urges me in.

We drive to his place and spend the night discovering and rediscovering each other without caring about the world outside.

And here we are right now…

I feel him behind me as he reaches for a glass from the cabinet next to the burner while I pour the eggs into the pan. He runs a glass of juice, and I get busy preparing the sausages. Then, I feel his arms around me, pulling me towards his hard frame.

He nibbles on my right earlobe; “Baby girl, I’m hungry,” he whispers.

“Brunch will be ready soon, babe; gimme a few minutes,” I reply.

With a groan, he reached out and unbuttoned his shirt, which I wore. Soon, his lips were on my already hard nipple.

“Who says I’m hungry for food” he whispers again in my ear. It’s automatic because my body immediately responds to his touch and melts further into him. I knead his hard shaft with my ass and turn my head to receive a long deep kiss. I find myself lost in his arms and hungry for more before I remember having some food on the burner. I end the kiss abruptly.

“The eggs, the sausages,” I say with a panic, grabbing the spatula to turn the food–Julio steps before me to turn off the burner.

“Cameron, I said I was hungry.” He says. I watch him get on his knees and take my left leg over his shoulder.

The burning look of intense hunger in his eyes strangely excites me, and I hold on to the edge of the counter, ready to abandon myself to the intense pleasure that is to come. He flashes those sexy dimples, and his head disappears between my legs. He is licking, sucking, twirling his tongue, and running me insane slowly, very, very slowly. Finally, his tongue finds its way into my core, and I throw my head back in sheer uncontrolled bliss. I breathe his name repeatedly, begging him to stop or not stop. I don’t know, nor do I care. I hear his mobile ring in the distance, and I’m sure he hears it too, but he doesn’t stop. Instead, he reaches for my breasts and tugs gently on my hard nipples while exploring my womanhood with his greedy tongue.

It doesn’t take long for my body to shudder aggressively from the climax, and Julio stays put, lapping up my juices almanbahis adres like a man dying of thirst. His phone rings again, and this time, he gets up to plant another deep kiss on my lips. He looks at me with a satisfied look on his face.

“I wasn’t fucking around when I said I was hungry.” He says, winking at me as he walks away to answer his mobile.


After brunch, we made love on the kitchen table before making our way to the bedroom, where we made love once again before falling asleep in each other arms. I wake up before him and watch him while he sleeps.

What started as a one-night stand/fling has morphed into me developing solid feelings for Julio. With the deep orange beams from behind the curtains signaling the sunset and washing over his naked body, I take in every inch of the sculpted frame. His shaven buzzed head, his long lashes, his full pink lips, the rise and fall of his lean muscled hairy chest down to his firm rounded buttocks to the peace-de-resistance his dick which appears to be getting bigger and thicker by the second.

“See something you like, baby?” I hear him say hoarsely. My eyes fly back to meet his as I smile coyly.

“And what if I do?”

He chuckles and lifts me so I can sit astride him. “Don’t talk about it; be about it then, baby girl.”

I lean in for a deep kiss. I can feel my insides moist, revealing my hunger for Julio again. Julio abruptly ends the kiss and gets up from the bed carrying me in his arms.

“Time to take a bath, sweetheart. Even superheroes need a break.

Julio set me down on the vanity while running the bath; he checked the temperature and added a vanilla-scented bath bomb and some Epsom salts. He gently picks me up before laying me in the warm water tub. The water soothes my sore limbs and the scent of the vanilla aids in relaxing me. Julio soon gets in the tub and nestles himself behind me.

“Why don’t you want to talk about your mom?” Julio asks as he runs his hands down my arms. “What happened with her?”

I feel my body tense at the question. “There’s nothing to tell Julio.” I make to get out of the tub, but he holds me down with his muscular legs.

“Hey, Hey, don’t do that. Don’t run away. Cameron, talk to me, please.” I turn around to see the look of empathy and sadness in his eyes.

I’m reluctant to share, but maybe it is time to pour it all out… So, painfully recollecting, I begin.

“I was seven years old when it happened, it was the end of summer, and we were at my grandparent’s beach house in the Hamptons. My parents had promised to take me swimming later in the day before we returned home the next day. Daddy and grandpa had gone out for reasons I cannot remember. While grandma was taking a nap, I grew impatient and bugged Mom to take me swimming. “

I take his silence as a sign to continue.

“After sulking and crying for some time, she gave in, and we headed to the lake for a swim. She sat on the log steps while I got in the water. Mommy warned me not to go too far and to watch out for the rising tide, but I ignored her warnings and told her that I was a big girl and she shouldn’t worry. It all happened so fast; one minute, I was swimming and the next minute the water got uncontrollable. I felt mommy’s arms around me, pulling me from below the surface. She almanbahis adresi finally got a hold of me and pushed me onto the bank. I struggled to catch my breath while coughing, and when I did, I turned around, but mommy wasn’t beside me. I looked around. I couldn’t see her anywhere – the tides were coming in, and the water seemed so scary, but my darling Mom was gone. “

“I screamed for her repeatedly, but the only answers I got were the birds chirping and the water splashing. My screams attracted the gardener, then the housekeeper, with my grandma running frantically behind him. Daddy and grandpa just returned to the fiasco and followed suit, racing towards the lake. By then, the gardener had gone into the water, but he couldn’t find her. Finally, the police and the ambulance came, searching for her body all night but never found her. “

Julio nods without uttering a word, and I continue.

“Her body washed up miles away after a few days. We laid her to rest on the grounds of my grandparent’s house. I remember people whispering and suddenly stopping when I entered the room. I came to find out that mommy was two months pregnant before the accident. “

I turn and face him with tears streaming down my face.

“I didn’t know she was pregnant, and it is my fault she’s gone. She and the baby are dead because of me. I killed them! They’re gone because I wasn’t patient! It was all my fault” I weep uncontrollably, the emotions I had hidden erupting in that instant.

Julio pulls me into his arms and holds me while I keep sobbing. Moments go by, and my crying subsides. Finally, Julio takes me out of the tub, wraps a thick warm towel around me, and picks me up. He takes me back to the bedroom. He lays me gently on the bed, pulls me into his arms, and soothes me.

“It’s ok, baby, it’s not your fault she’s gone. You don’t have to blame yourself,” he says, caressing my hair.

“But it’s because of me…..” I spurt

“Hush now, don’t say that. Don’t ever say that. Sometimes shit happens, but you cannot blame yourself. You were a kid, a child. How could you have known what would have happened? Please, baby, do not blame yourself. “

The tears come up all over again, and I can’t stop them. Julio pulls me closer and holds me while I cry like never before. He has me close as I fall asleep in his arms.


It’s 5 am when I reluctantly walk down the steps of Julio’s apartment into the awaiting Uber. I didn’t want to leave, but because Samantha could only cover up for me for so long, it made sense for us to get back to things. Besides, the charity gala was this coming week, and Samantha and I still had quite a lot to get done. Julio had insisted on dropping me off at home, but I didn’t want to take the chance that someone might see us together so early in the morning.

Before I get into the Uber, Julio pulls me in for one more kiss and whispers in my ear: “Try and be on your best behavior because I’ll be watching you.” He slaps my ass as he urges me into the SUV.

I giggle amid a tear-stained face, get in the car, and watch him fade into the horizon. I had never shared the loss of my Mom and its effect on me with anyone, not even my dad, but there was something about being with Julio that made it easy and just so right. I feel lighter than I had ever felt in a long time.

Engrossed in my thoughts, I overlooked James’s car parked at the side of the road. From his vantage point, he had a good view of where Julio and I were standing and kissing. He saw everything, and we didn’t know. So now, who knows what thoughts are running through his mind?

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