Junior Year

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Kissing Penis

“When was the last time you fucked someone?” Daniella looked up from her book and smiled at her best friend. Cat was wearing the sexiest little black bikini and her body was shiny from all the oil she had poured on.

“Didn’t we fuck last night in the room?”

“No, I mean a cock. Seriously, since Chad and Brad dropped out of school, I have missed just fucking. Guys our age seriously think we want a relationship. Fuck a relationship. I need some cock.”

Daniella laughed. Her best friend was like a nympho. It was not that she had fucked many guys. Since freshman year, she had fucked only two guys, her boyfriend, and Daniella’s boyfriend. It was spring break of their third year and they were going through a dry spell.

“I’m sure there are lots of guys staying at the resort that want to fuck.”

“Will they want a threesome? What if they don’t know how to fuck?” Cat was seriously looking worried.

“How the hell did you survive first term? It’s like the moment we got on the beach, you turn into a sex maniac.”

“There. That guy. He looks experienced. I’m going to ask him.” Cat jumped off her lounge chair and practically ran down the beach. Daniella watched and tried to figure out what was being said. The man she had approached was very tall and very muscular. Cat was not that short and loved big muscular guys. She also assumed that all big muscular guys had big thick cocks. A few minutes later Daniella ran back smiling.

“We’re going on his boat. Let’s go.” Daniella only altyazılı porno nodded. When her best friend got something in her head, she would not let it go. The two college students made their way down the beautiful white sand beach to a nice boat. It was white and had a large deck at the back.

“I’m Jared. You must be Cat’s friend.” Daniella grinned. He was nice and sweet.

“Yes, I’m Daniella. I am not nearly as horny and desperate as she is. I promise.” Jared laughed and after the girls were settled on the deck, he turned the engine on and pulled out of the dock. He drove a short distance out to sea. Far enough out that no one could see what they were doing, but close enough to see the outline of their resort. After setting the anchor, he wandered over to the stern of the boat.

Jared had noticed Daniella the first night they had arrived. They were on the same plane and on the same bus to the resort. She was so stunning with her dark hair and short body. He figured that either she had just broken up with her boyfriend and was on a girl’s only trip or that she was a lesbian. When her roommate had told him that they wanted a threesome, he was surprised and happy.

“Hi Daniella. Do your friends call you Daniella or something else?” Jared sat behind her and grabbed the bottle of lotion. At least she was smart enough to put on sunscreen.

“Dani is fine.” Daniella looked over at her friend and watched as she stripped naked. She whimpered as Jared’s hot hands massaged the lotion into her türkçe altyazılı porno body. He nibbled her earlobe and whispered, ” I only said yes because of you. You are so sexy.” Dani whimpered and leaned forward a bit. Jared undid her bathing suit top and massaged lotion into her back. His cock was pressed against her butt and when she wiggled around it shifted in his swimsuit.

“You can’t have all the fun.” Cat pouted and walked over. She stood in front of her best friend and kissed her hard. Her fingers found Dani’s nipples and she stroked them exactly how she knew Dani wanted them touched. Dani’s hands dropped to her bottoms and tugged them down her legs. Jared was still whispering in her ear. He lifted his hips up and pushed down his swim trunks. Dani whimpered and turned around.

“Suck his cock while I lick your pussy.” Cat was used to ordering her lovers around and Dani smiled. Jared sat down and watched as Dani wrapped her lips tight around his cock and began to suck. He saw Cat kneel down and nudge Dani’s legs apart. She began to lick her pussy and finger her.

“God you’re gorgeous. That feels so good.” Jared was in pure heaven. He knew he should not be doing this so soon after meeting her, but he could not help it. Dani pushed down harder and swallowed his cock as it slid into her throat. He felt the tightness of her throat around the tip of his cock and almost blew his load.

“Fuck. I want to cum in you.” Jared pushed her up and kissed her hard. Her mouth was wet and hd altyazılı porno he could taste his precum. “Do you want to be on top?” Dani nodded and climbed into his lap.

“Lick my pussy while she fucks you. Lay down.” Cat was noticing what was going on and was aggressively trying to be part of the action. Jared lay down and watched as Cat straddled his face. He began to lick her softly. He did not mind her taste, but was concentrating on Dani bucking hard and fast on his cock.

“Kiss me.” Cat leaned over and kissed Dani. Dani kissed her back and soon both women were fondling each other’s nipples. Jared arched his back, trying to lift his hips higher. He was lapping at Cat’s wet pussy, trying to make one of the women cum.

“Let’s cum together sweetie.” Cat reached down and began to rub Dani’s clit. Dani did the same and soon the two women were furiously rubbing each other. Jared felt their jerking motion and sighed when he felt Dani’s pussy clamp down on his cock and felt Cat’s pussy quiver against his tongue.

Cat climbed off his face and kissed him. She watched Dani bounce on his cock.

“Can I cum in you? Oh god I want to so badly.” Dani nodded and whimpered as Jared gripped her hips and bounced her so hard she was not touching the ground.

“Fuck!” Dani leaned down and kissed Jared hard. He was cursing as his cock shot so much cum into her hot pussy. Jared kissed her back. It went from a sensual kiss to a romantic kiss. At that moment, Cat was forgotten.


“Wow is right.”

“I’m going to go suntan in the nude. Let me know if you guys want me to join in.” Cat pouted and stomped to the back of the boat. Jared and Dani grinned.

“I’m assuming this is your last threesome.”

“Yeah I think so.”

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