Just Teasing

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The Eagles were moving through “Seven Bridges Road” as I drove through the soft evening air with the top down on my 69 Firebird. I was on my way over to Kim’s house. Kim is my girlfriend. We are seniors in high school and I have been going steady with her for two years. Kim is the most beautiful girl in our school; at least I think so.

From the day I saw her for the first time I have compared every girl and woman I have seen to Kim and none compare. She is 5′ 7″ with a beautiful full figure. Small waist, beautiful tapered hips, perfect large breasts and a drop dead gorgeous ass, but her best feature is the most perfect face with lovely jade green eyes. I was lucky to have her and I knew it. I am no dog boy, and I have many girls at school who have indicated in some way that they would like to see more of me. I am on the swimming team and the gymnastics team.

I placed second in the state gymnastics meet last year. I have to admit it is flattering to have pretty girls at school go out of their way to talk to me and smile at me, but I have never thought seriously of trying anything behind Kim’s back. She is too important to me. I love her. I knew after our second date that I loved her and my feelings have grown deeper ever since. Kim is not perfect, she teases me a lot. She gets it from her mother Cathy. Cathy is an incredibly sexy woman, about thirty-five with the hottest figure in the world. Cathy works out four times a week at a local gym. Her ass is incredible. I get an erection every time I see her in shorts or tight jeans or, God help me, her bathing suit.

Her breasts are larger than Kim’s without any of the sag that most older women get. She seems to love teasing me when I am at their house. She will bend over at the waste to get something out of a lower kitchen cupboard while wearing the tightest short shorts, or bend to offer me a snack or hand me a soda allowing me a peek at her breasts. She will smile as she notices the bulge starting in my pants and I will get red in the face and she will laugh at me. It is very embarrassing and she seems to like that too. Kim knows I am uncomfortable around her mother and she teases me about it asking me if I want to see her mom naked, or would I like it if her mom fell to her knees in front of me and begged me to suck my cock. Kim and Cathy’s teasing embarrasses and humiliates me, but I endure it because I love Kim.

Kim and I have not gone all the way. She sucks my cock a lot, and she loves to do it in places where we could get caught. I love to suck her pussy and she tells me I do a wonderful job at it. I have never done that to anyone else, so I only have Kim’s word for my skill. We are both still virgins. Kim is afraid to let me fuck her because I am rather large. In the shower room at school I have noticed that I am a lot bigger in both length and thickness than any of the other boys I have seen.

My mother came into the bathroom unexpectedly as I was drying off from the shower once and when she saw my semi erect cock she gasped. I asked her what was wrong and she actually stuttered as she said ” my G..G..God Brian your hu..hu..HUGE.” I got red but it was flattering as I thought of it later. It bothers me that Kim and I haven’t made love in the most intimate way yet, but I don’t want to do anything to hurt her and she is worth waiting for. We will get to fucking when the time is right. I sure get stiff around her a lot and we both love that. She tells me how flattered she is that she arouses me so much.

Cathy’s husband left her for another woman about three years ago. I don’t know any of the details because Kim doesn’t like to talk about it. I think her Dad must be crazy to leave such a beautiful sexy woman. Kim was very hurt when her father left. She loves him very much.

I pulled into the driveway at Kim’s house and went to the door and rang the bell. Kim opened the door with a big grin on her face and jumped at me wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. She gave me a sensuous deep kiss with her tongue darting between my open lips. She said “Hi Brian” in a little girl’s voice and unwrapped her legs and slid down my front. Her hand found my cock and squeezed it through my jeans making it start to stiffen. She let go of me and gave me a radiant smile, while taking my hand and pulling me forward into the house.

“Come on out back, Mom’s out on the patio and she wants to see you too.” I said hi back to her as we went out toward the patio. I was a little surprised to see her in a skirt and blouse. We had not planned to go out. The skirt was a tight denim mini that held her ass like a ball in a catcher’s mitt, and the blouse was tight and white tied beneath her swelling breasts. She had left the three top buttons undone, and she was showing a lot of cleavage. The way her ass swayed from side to side as she walked in front of me caused my already alert cock to stiffen a little more.

We walked through the french doors out onto the patio and I was concerned that I was growing visibly large in my jeans. Cathy Beylikdüzü escort rose to greet me as I stammered “hi Mrs. Jamison.”

“Hi Brian” she said in a soft sexy voice. She was wearing a light summer dress cut low showing the tops of her huge breasts. The dress had thin straps over the shoulders, it was tight over her chest and flowed fully to about three inches above her knees. It had buttons down the front and the last few were unbuttoned. She wore stockings and high heeled sandals. The sun was still shining through the trees and it made the dress transparent. I could see her high cut panties which were darker than the light yellow dress right through it. She leaned into me in a tight hug that crushed her breast against my chest. She kissed me on the cheek and drew back with a smile on her face. She looked down at the front of my jeans and said “my you do seem happy to see me.”

I looked down to see the outline of my cock through my jeans and I turned red. Kim giggled. “Brian try to remember which one of us you are dating,” Kim said as she giggled again.

“I..I..I’m sor…” I stammered and Cathy smiled at me in a wicked way and said “Kim you better take Brian in and get him a soda to cool off…and some ice to pack in his shorts.” Kim giggled again and grabbed my arm and pulled me back through the doors and into the kitchen. I knew I was red in the face and I felt so humiliated. I also was angry at the way Cathy had teased me. The grin on Kim’s face just pissed me off further and I blurted out “why the fuck does she have to humiliate me every time she sees me.”

Kim’s face changed to a look of surprise and she said “hey, what’s the matter with you. Mom was just having some fun with you.”

“The only fun she ever has with me is to totally humiliate me,” I said.

“It’s not her fault you can’t control yourself every time you get within ten feet of her.” I was so pissed at the way Kim was defending her mother and trying to make everything my fault that I turned toward the front hall and said “I’m out of here. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Kim ran up behind me and grabbed my arm turning me toward her. “Brian don’t go. I’m sorry you were embarrassed, but I don’t think Mom was trying to be mean. It’s just her wicked sense of humor. She really likes you a lot, and I love you. Don’t go please.” I stood there looking at Kim and the anger started to leave me. She was so adorable and I loved her so much I couldn’t stay mad at her.

The pleading look on her face melted me and I started to think this was all my fault. I said “I’m sorry Kim.” She gave me a big smile and said “I know what will make you feel better.” She slowly lowered herself to her knees trailing her hands from my neck down my chest. She looked me in the eyes and slowly lowered her hands to unbutton the last few buttons holding her blouse closed. She untied the knot below her breasts and the blouse fell open. Her breasts were fully exposed. Without breaking eye contact she unzipped my pants and pulled out my nearly erect cock and kissed the head of it. Her tongue came out between her lips and she licked it. She lowered her tongue licking as she went till she got to the base.

She licked back up the other side and took the head into her mouth. I was totally turned on at the sight of her lips stretched to the max around the head of my cock. Kim took more and more into her mouth as she stroked up and down. Her red lips straining around my pink cock, sucking and licking as she lowered herself onto me. She had a little over half of it in her mouth as I felt the head push into her throat. I was lost in her eyes, and feeling what she was doing to my cock was driving me crazy. Up and down she worked till I felt I was going to explode. Kim took my balls into her hand and squeezed every time her mouth descended as far as it could till the head was in her throat. I exploded into her throat with a moan.

Cathy was standing at the French doors looking into the kitchen at her half naked daughter sucking Brian’s huge cock. She looked at its incredible size wistfully. It was the largest cock she had ever seen. She knew why her daughter was crazy in love with Brian. He was handsome as sin with a beautiful hard body and a cock a woman could never grow tired of.

If Kim played her cards right, didn’t give in and let him fuck her, just continued to tease him and make him suck her young pussy she could control him. If you control a man’s cock you control him. If you let a man get between your legs only when you wanted him there a woman could own a man and get him to do anything she wanted. She thought of tomorrow’s party and the plans she had for Brian and smiled. She would help Kim win control of this young stud. She knew how. She thought of Frank, her ex-husband and grew angry at his leaving her for another woman. Cathy had controlled him since the day she met him, and led him around by his cock until he had no choice but to ask her to marry him.

Everything had gone perfectly according to her plan until she had gone a little Beylikdüzü escort too long denying him her cunt. It had always been a war of control to keep him under her heel. Somehow she lost him. He fell out of love with her and left. Frank had been ok. She liked him as much as any man she had ever been with and he brought in a lot of money which was useful. She still didn’t understand how that other woman got control of him and pulled him away from her. She would find another man to replace him when she was ready. She could have any man she went after married or single. For now she just wanted to help her daughter learn to control this beautiful boy she was in love with. She smiled again as she thought of the party.

Brian sat with Kim nestled into his chest. Her hand was inside his shirt rubbing his smooth flat stomach. Brian had no chest hair, he shaved all the hair from the neck down for swimming, all except a trimmed patch of pubic hair. They were in the den watching a movie on TV. Kim’s mom was in her room. Kim tilted her face up to look into his eyes and he gently bent down and kissed her softly on her parted lips. Kim loved him more than anything.

He was so considerate, and she knew he was madly in love with her. She knew twenty girls at school who would do anything for a date with him. He was absolutely the best looking boy in school with a charming smile, a great sense of humor, and he was hers. Her mother had taught her how to win and keep any boy she wanted. Keep him hot and horny with constant attention, but always to be the instigator. Never let him take charge. Over time her mother had said he would do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted without his ever realizing that he was being dominated. Dominate him with love and caring but never let him have his way.

A woman must always be in control of her man if she wanted to be happy. Brian reached for her breast, but she instinctively brushed his hand away and pushed his shirt open. She took his nipple into her lips and teased it with her tongue. Kim opened her blouse and lifted his hand to her breast. Brian rolled her nipple gently. He had learned never to touch her breasts too hard. Kim had let him know she didn’t like that. There were many things Kim had taught him about how to behave around her. He didn’t realize it, never thought of it in terms of power transferal or control. He was mesmerized by her and felt empty when he was not with her.

Kim knew this her mother had taught her that too. Kim rubbed his cock through his pants. When it was straining against the material she unzipped him. She took him into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. He moaned as she slid her mouth down until the head of his cock was pushing against her throat. Kim deflated her checks and the vacuum pressure of her mouth drove him wild as she suctioned up and down the shaft. At the point where he knew he was about to explode Cathy entered the den and looked over the back of the couch at the children having their fun. “That looks good. Is there enough for everyone.” Kim lifted her mouth from Brian’s pulsing cock as his eyes flew open in surprise.

Cathy stood over them with her magnificent breast visible through the transparent negligee she wore laughing at him. Brian grew red with embarrassment as Cathy leered at his twitching erection. In shame he stuffed it painfully into his pants and zipped up. “Don’t stop on my account,” Cathy said with a laugh. “It looks like that,” she pointed at his cock visible through his pants, “could grow into a man sized tool with careful feeding.” Kim giggled, and then both women started to laugh. Brian stood abruptly pushing Kim away from him. Brian walked toward the front door. “Where are you going,” Kim asked him as he beat his retreat. Brian had no ability to speak and just kept walking. “Come back Brian. I was just having some fun,” Cathy said. As he opened the door Cathy started laughing again. “Poor baby,” Cathy said amidst her laughter. Just before he slammed the door he heard Kim start to laugh too.

He drove wildly down street after street. Tears of rage filled his eyes. That miserable bitch he thought about Kim’s sadistic mother. He hated her. He drove for thirty minutes before the ache in his groin started to ease a little, and his fury to slacken. He would never go back to that house. He was through with Kim. He knew as he thought it that he could never go through with it. He loved her too much. The despair of never being with her would bring him back he knew.

He was so confused. He drove over to Jack’s house. Jack was his best friend from the swim team, and he had to talk to someone. When Jack answered the door he asked him if they could talk. Jack saw the troubled look on his friend’s face and called out to his parents that he and Brian were going for a walk. After a few blocks in silence Brian started telling his friend what had happened. When Jack had heard the whole story they walked a few blocks again in silence. Finally Jack said “I will tell you what I think is going Escort Beylikdüzü on and then there is someone I want you to talk to. You really love her don’t you.” Brian nodded. “Your telling me a story I have heard before,” Jack said. “My dad was Bill Jamison’s divorce attorney and I heard dad talking to mom about how Cathy Jamison teased Mr. Jamison to control him.

She would flaunt her body and deny him sex until he was crazy all the time. She is a manipulating bitch. When Mr. Jamison couldn’t take it any more he left her, and according to my dad he has never been happier. Dad said that after he had been away from her for a few months he came to realize how she had controlled him. He also said that he went through some kind of withdrawal, as if he had been on drugs. I don’t know what to tell you to do Brian, but I think you should talk to Kim’s father. He may have some ideas. Brian was willing to try anything. They walked back to Jack’s house and Jack called Mr. Jamison telling him a friend who was dating Kim needed to talk to him. Mr. Jamison told them to come over. They drove across town to Mr. Jamison’s house and he greeted them at the door. He led them into the living room where his wife was reading. Julie Jamison smiled and greeted the boys warmly. She asked them if they would like Cokes and went into the kitchen to get them.

Mr Jamison said “so Brian your dating Kim.”

“Yes sir, for the last two years.”

“She is a lovely girl,” her father said with pride. “I…I love her very much,” Brian answered timidly. Julie entered the room and gave the boys their Cokes, then sat beside her husband. “Is there a problem between you and Kim,” Mr. Jamison asked. Brian tried to talk but couldn’t. He looked at Jack for help. Jack took over and told the Jamisons what had been going on between Brian and Kim, and what her mother did every time they were together. Jack finished by telling Mr. Jamison Brian didn’t know what to do. He loved her so much but he was being driven crazy. They hoped Mr Jamison could tell Brian what to do. Mr. Jamison grew redder and redder as he heard the story. “So that bitch is teaching Kim her twisted sadistic games,” he said with barely controlled fury. “Cool down honey, Julie Jamison said to her husband. “You can’t think clearly in a rage and Brian and Kim need your help.”

“Your right Julie, thanks.” Mr. Jamison stood up and walked back and forth from the living room into the dining room and back again for fifteen minutes as they watched him in silence. Bill Jamison stopped in front of Brian and looked down into his eyes. “How tough are you Brian.” Brian didn’t know what to say. Jack said in swimming or gymnastics he is the toughest competitor on the team, that is what makes him a winner.” Brian looked gratefully at his friend. “I have an idea that might work,” Bill Jamison said. “If it does you might win Kim and be able to have a meaningful relationship with her. If it doesn’t work, if she continues to tease and torture you my advise is to drop her. No matter how painful it will be to do so. If you win you will be saving Kim from a life of unhappiness. She could make you the happiest man in the world. She is a beautiful, wonderful girl. Are you man enough to try Brian.”

“Yes sir I am.”

“Good,” he said.. “When will you be going over to see Kim again. Her mother is having a pool party tomorrow, Kim invited me.”

“That could be perfect,” Bill said. “Do you know Bill Wilcox.”

“Sure,” Brian answered, “he is on the gymnastics team with me.”

“Is he a friend who will help you.”

“Yes, I think so.”

“And the rest of your teammates, will they help you.”

“You bet they will,” Jack answered for Brian. “Ok boys here is my plan…”

After the boys left Bill sat with his wife deep in thought. “If this works, and I hope to God it does, I want Kim to live with us. Is that ok Julie.”

“Sure honey. I love Kim too and if we don’t get her away from her mother what kind of a life will she have. No real man will put up with the sadistic games Cathy put you through for long. No woman is worth that. Kim will have a life of broken relationships and misery if we don’t get her away from her mothers influence.” Bill looked into Julie’s eyes and felt the warmth and love she had for him, and even for his daughter, and thought for the thousandth time how lucky he was that he hadn’t given up on women after Cathy. There were all types of women as surely as there are many types of men. He had not believed for a long time that women actually cared for men.

The horrible experience he had with Cathy clouded his judgment of women making him mistrust any sign of warmth or attention. Julie had, with great patience, shown him that women can be warm and affectionate and sincere. “Do you know how blessed I feel since you came into my life. I was lost till you found me.” Julie leaned into her husband’s chest and gently pressed her lips to his. Her erotic energy built and she slipped her tongue into his open mouth. Pulling her mouth off his, looking deep into his eyes she stroked his cock through his pants. A lustful smile came to her mouth. “Don’t cast me as a saint sugar. Saints don’t beg to have large cocks shoved hard up their pussies and that is what I want you to do.” They raced for the bedroom.

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