Katarina Ch. 01

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I recently became very slightly acquainted with a lovely young woman named Katarina P. We just DM’d a couple times, but not only is she intelligent, she has a wicked sense of humor. In the process of chatting, I asked if I could write a short story about her. She told me to go ahead, and this is what I came up based upon what little I know about her. I hope she likes it. This will be a story with two chapters. This chapter contains lesbian sex.

I’m now receiving editing help from Literotica member, JohnnyGalt. He has been helping since My Voyage to Submission, Chapter 4. Any problems you find are still mine.

Katarina, Ch 1 – Lucinda’s Problem

Katarina was waiting out the clock late on a Friday afternoon. No matter what she’d done, the test data hadn’t added up. All day long, one test after the other; garbage. The tests should be working. The math said the tests should be working, but today, utter garbage. Now, she just wanted the day to end, go home, sit in a tub of hot water with a big glass of wine and chill for the weekend.

It was bad enough she was between boyfriends, but today’s frustration had put her over the top. The weather was warm and wonderful in Barcelona, Spain. A day at the beach tomorrow would do wonders for her mental health. Which is when she had the first break of the day, though she didn’t know it yet. A phone call from her friend, Lucinda, beginning her evening on another down note.

“Katarina, Roberto slept with another woman.”

Oh, shit, Katarina thought. Poor Lucinda, that fucking bastard. They’ve been married for five years and he’s pulling this on her.

“I’m sorry, Cinda. When? How?”

“Last Friday night, when he said he had to work late, he was fucking his secretary instead.”

“How do you know he was with his secretary?”

“She wears purple lipstick; the only one I know who does. I was doing the laundry and found purple lipstick on his collar and his undershorts, by the opening to his boxers, and I found a receipt for a hotel room, one of those cheap rent by the hour places.”

“Sorry, Cinda. So sorry. What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know.”

“Listen, I was going to soak in the hot tub with a bottle of wine. You want to join me, have a shoulder to cry on?”

“Are you sure? You’re not doing anything?”

“I’ll be sitting in a hot tub with a bottle of wine. I can do it with or without a friend. I’d prefer with one.”

“Thank you, Kat. I need to talk with someone.”

Katarina went home, turned on the hot tub and opened a bottle of wine to let it breathe; a nice red. No point in getting in the hot tub until Lucinda arrived. Fifteen minutes later, a knock on the door announced Lucinda’s presence. As soon as Katarina opened the door, Lucinda was in her arms, sobbing. Kat patted her back, letting her get it all out.

Of all her friends, Lucinda had the tightest, most delicious body and Katarina was aware of the soft, large breasts pressing against hers. Kat enjoyed sex with women occasionally and Lucinda was at the top of the list of friends she’d love to fuck, though as far as she knew, Lucinda had never been with another woman nor expressed any desire to be with one. Katarina would never hit on one of her friends unless she was sure they’d welcome her advances.

When her crying eased somewhat, Katarina said, “I’m sorry, Cinda. I know you must be devastated. Have things between you and Roberto been bad lately? Is there any reason he’d be having an affair?”

“I didn’t think so,” Lucinda sniffled. “We’ve been having sex regularly, two or even three times a week. We haven’t been fighting. I don’t know why he did this.”

“Some men are just pigs, though I didn’t think Roberto was one of them. You seem so good together.”

“I know, right?”

“Well, let’s get in the hot tub; I’ll give you a big glass of wine and we can talk all about it and figure out what you should do.”

“Oh, God, I was in such a rush to get over here, I forgot my suit. I can’t go back now. Roberto will be home.”

“You don’t need a suit. I have a screen over the porch. Take off your clothes and climb in while I get the wine.”

“Are you sure?”

“We’ve seen each other naked before. It’s not a big deal. I usually sit nude in the tub anyway. It’s nice not having to deal with a wet suit afterward. Go ahead. You’ll be in the water before I get out there anyway.”

Lucinda went out on the porch and Kat got the wine, two glasses and two huge towels to dry off afterward. She went out, and as expected, Lucinda was already neck deep in the water. Kat placed a towel beside Lucinda, and one on the opposite side of the tub for herself. She poured two glasses of wine, handing one to her friend, setting the other where she’d be sitting, then took off the clothes she’d worn to work, and climbed in. Kat was aware of Lucinda watching her get in. She picked up her glass in her left hand and stretched out her right to Lucinda, taking her left hand in hers.

“Are you going to leave the lying poker oyna bastard? Claw the secretary’s eyes out? What do you want to do now?”

“I don’t know. We’ve been married for almost five years. We were planning on having a baby soon. How can I trust him enough to have a baby now? If he’s like this after five years and I’m still thin and pretty, what will he do after ten or when I’m fat and ugly, toting a child around?”

“What about the secretary; is she pretty?”

“I suppose she’s okay in a goth sort of way. No prettier than I thought I was.”

“Hey, you’re gorgeous. Only an idiot would have sex with someone else when he’s got you to come home to.”

“Then what is it? Why did he do this?”

Katarina was absently rubbing her thumb in Lucinda’s palm while she thought about the situation. It really didn’t make much sense to her. She liked Roberto. He was one of the few boyfriends or husbands of her acquaintances who hadn’t hinted they might like to get together with Kat if she was willing. She tended to stay away from those, after warning her friends their men might have a wandering eye, which might lead to wandering hands or worse. Roberto hadn’t even flirted, not seriously. He’d teased, but always laughing, never with a glint of lust in his eye. A quick kiss on the cheek at the end of the night, promising or suggesting nothing.

“When you talked about having a baby, did he seem good about the idea, or wishy-washy on the topic?”

“I thought he wanted one as much as I do.”

“As eager to have a child as you are? Could he be scared of having one; that he might be more tied down than he is now?”

“I thought he was ready. He talked like he was. I mean, who isn’t scared of having a baby? It’s a huge responsibility. What am I going to do?”

Katarina sipped her wine. Apparently, Lucinda hit hers hard too. Half of her wine was already gone. Kat gave her more. It made no more sense to her than Lucinda.

“I don’t know, Cinda. I can’t decide something this important for you. No matter what I say, it might be wrong and you’d hate me for the advice. I mean you have many different choices. You can divorce him, maybe try a trial separation first. You could try killing the secretary and remove that temptation from his life, though if he’s strayed once, he’d probably stray again.”

“I can’t kill her,” Lucinda said.

“I was speaking metaphorically, not literally. I meant like confront her and get her to quit the job and leave Barcelona. You can try marriage counseling. You could get even.”

“Get even how?”

“Revenge sex. Have an affair yourself. Hell, you could even sleep with the same girl. What’s good for the gander, etc.”

“I’d prefer to kill her.”

Kat laughed. “Then find yourself a guy with a big cock and let him bang your head against the headboard.”

Katarina’s hand was now lightly stroking Lucinda’s wrist and forearm. She wasn’t even aware she was doing it. It was a calming response to deal with an outraged friend. She poured herself more wine and seeing Lucinda was back down to another half glass, poured more for her, too. The bottle was nearly empty and they weren’t done hashing it out yet. If they had another, it should breathe for several minutes before they started drinking it, so why wait until their glasses were empty.

Katarina climbed out of the tub, dabbed herself mostly dry to avoid dripping all over the floor and went for another bottle. Bringing it back, she opened it there, standing in her birthday suit. Lucinda was attempting not to look, but couldn’t help sneaking quick glances. Katarina was slim, but fit, long legs, closely trimmed pubes, long, dark brown hair. Lucinda always wished she had legs like Katrina’s. They were to die for. Her friend got back in the tub, sinking into the hot water.

“Where were we? Ah, yes, the revenge scenario. Fuck someone else and see how Roberto likes it.”

“How does that help anything?”

“Very little, if any. It might give you a little satisfaction to get even, but I doubt it helps at all. Let’s see, you’ve got the option of confrontation and recrimination, if only to see what Roberto says about it. Might be nice to know if he lies, or if he’ll come clean. If you were a saint, you could forgive him. Or pretend it never happened and ignore it, try to forget your pain and his dishonesty, though if you do that, you might have to ignore every other time he steps out on you. I mean, once your husband cheats on you, all your choices suck.”

“Exactly. All my choices suck. I just wish I knew why. What would you do?”

“Revenge sex, tell my boyfriend every dirty detail, then dump his sorry ass, but you have to realize, I’ve never loved anyone enough to get married or want a baby with them. That’s me. We’re talking about you and your situation. Everyone is different and you have to do what’s best for you, not what works for me.”

They finished off the second bottle, talking more, coming to no decisions. Neither one of them was feeling any canlı poker oyna pain when they got out, but Lucinda was the worse for wear, having had more to drink and the smaller frame. She almost fell getting out of the tub and Katarina had to catch her, grabbing a boob in the process, snatching her hand away as soon as Lucinda seemed steady on her feet.

“You’re in no condition to drive,” Katarina said. “You’ve had too much wine.”

“I don’t want to go home anyway,” Lucinda responded. “I don’t know what I’m going to say to him yet. Can I spend the night with you?”

“Of course.”

Lucinda started drying herself off, but nearly crashed head first into the concrete floor when she bent over to dry her legs. Kat caught her again, helped her stand and took her towel, kneeling down to dry Lucinda’s legs, fully aware of the pretty blonde pussy inches away from her face. It smelled of chlorine as opposed to what Katarina assumed Lucinda usually smelled like. Katarina didn’t dry Lucinda’s loins or ass, tempted as she was. Lucinda could do both of those without bending over. Neither one of them put their clothes on again, Kat telling Lucinda she’d give her a nightshirt to wear.

Lucinda nodded. They went inside and Kat gave her an oversized t-shirt to put on. It still only came halfway down her legs. Kat’s own tee barely covered her lady bits. She was three inches taller than Lucinda was.

“Text Roberto, tell him you’ve had too much to drink and you’re staying with me tonight.”

Lucinda complied, sending the text, though she had difficulty typing the words.

Katarina got both of them large glasses of water and aspirin, hoping to prevent the worst of the hangover sure to destroy the early part of their morning. She made Lucinda drink all the water, knowing they had to fight the dehydration of the alcohol.

Lucinda’s phone buzzed and she picked it up, immediately started crying again. Katarina looked at the message.

It’s okay. I had to work late again tonight anyway.

What an asshole! Were all men this bad. Katarina ended up holding her for another fifteen minutes until the wrenching sobbing had turned into hiccuped whimpers and random gasped inhalations.

“We need to eat something, Lucinda. We just knocked off two bottles of wine without food.”

“I don’t feel like eating anything. I want to die.”

“Sshhh, I know, Cinda, but the bastard doesn’t deserve for you to die. You need to make him pay, not give up. Please, for me?”

Lucinda nodded slightly, eyes red rimmed and teary, blotchy faced and runny nosed. She was a mess. Katarina didn’t want anything too heavy for supper. Lucinda probably wouldn’t eat it anyway. She made a plate of cheese, crusty bread, some grapes and strawberries. They sat on the couch, Katarina putting her arms around her friend and letting her lean back against her. She’d give Lucinda little bites of the food and she dutifully chewed and swallowed, though not eating much, just huddling in a ball, her arms wrapped around her legs.

It was ten and both of them were emotionally exhausted. Lucinda was drunk and sad, a lethal combination. Kat was drunk and mad, but still ready to sleep if it would find her. Holding Lucinda’s hand, Katarina led her to her queen sized bed, helped her climb in and settle. Kat climbed in behind her, spooning her back.

“Go to sleep now. We’ll figure out what to do tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Lucinda whispered.

Lucinda soon drifted off, but Kat was awake for another hour, conscious of the adorable, warm body beside her. If only Lucinda weren’t so devastated, Kat would have loved the opportunity to see where this could lead. Lucinda didn’t need a friend trying to seduce her now, just a friend.


Katarina’s eyes popped open at 3:22 AM. Why? During the night, she’d turned over and was now staring at her alarm clock instead of Lucinda’s hair. Then she felt it; a light kiss on the nape of her neck, a whisper of a kiss. Very light, almost non-existent, and a hand cupping her breast, not moving, but there, covering her nipple. Then nothing. Lucinda softly breathing behind her, breath warm on her neck. Had Lucinda thought herself back in her own bed and dreamed she was lying next to her husband, life fine, no infidelity.

There it was again, another kiss, like a butterfly’s wings, so light it was. And just maybe, the hand clutching her boob barely squeezed her breast, almost imagined it was so tentative.

“Cinda?” Katarina whispered softly.

The hand suddenly and guiltily pulled off her breast with the whispered word.

“Kat, I’m sorry,” Lucinda whispered.

Katarina turned around and in the moonlight leaking through the window, saw Lucinda’s nightshirt had been discarded, now naked. She was shrinking back from her, covering herself.

“What’s going on?” Katarina asked. “Sorry for what?”

“For…for touching you, for waking you. I’m sorry for everything.” Lucinda started crying again.

Katarina pulled her close, embracing internet casino her, shushing her, stroking her hair.

“Sshhh. It’s okay. I’m not mad or upset. You haven’t done anything I haven’t thought of doing to you a hundred times.”


“And truly.”

“I knew you sometimes enjoyed women, but you never made a pass at me.”

“I’m not a guy. I don’t make passes at my friends unless I think they want me to, especially not those I thought were happily married.”

“I guess the happily married is out the window.”


“Would you make love to me?”

“Are you sure you’re not reacting from sadness, anger and a shitload of wine? I don’t want to take advantage of you. I want you to know what you’re doing and want to do it.”

“I’m not drunk anymore. Yes, I’m sad and angry, but if I’m going to have a revenge fuck, I’d prefer it to be you instead of some drunk stranger in a bar. Who knows what I’d get.”

“Are you sure? You’ve never been with a woman before, have you?”

“No, never. I haven’t a clue what to do.”

“Don’t worry about it. Let me make you feel good.”

Katarina sat up and shed her own nightshirt, equalizing their nudity. She held Lucinda’s head in her hands and softly laid a kiss on her lips, then kissed her cheek, moving towards her neck.

“Stop me at any time if you suddenly realize you’re making a mistake,” Katarina whispered in Lucinda’s ear while kissing her neck. She felt Lucinda nod before Lucinda’s hand went around Kat’s neck, stroking the fine hairs at the nape, returning her caress.

Katarina pulled her back down to the bed and in the moonlight, made love to her friend. Kissing, soft and feathery, a brush of the lips, worshipping the body she’d desired for so long. Tongue and lips and teeth, stroking hands, exploring every inch of the panting woman beside her. Finding her secret places, feeling her shiver when she’d found a sensitive spot. Her nipples responding to Kat’s light sucking, hardening, stiffening, as they tightened. The strangled gasp when Kat first touched her mound, swept her tongue up her cleft, her dew already dripping. Spreading her legs, giving Kat more space to touch her, kiss her moist inner thighs.

Lucinda gasping, shivering, shaking, her stomach fluttering when she climaxed, Kat’s tongue dancing over her clit, two of her fingers buried deep in her core, lightly rubbing her g-spot. The orgasm lingering, moistening Katarina’s fingers, silence except for the ticking clock, the rapid breathing.

Katarina moving up, finding and kissing Lucinda’s mouth, letting her taste herself on Kat’s lips, before forcing them apart with an insistent tongue to invade and tongue tango, Lucinda returning the frenzied kiss as fiercely as it was given. The panting breaths eventually slowing, the caresses becoming lazier, less frantic.

“Mmm. That was beautiful. Thank you, Kat. I hope you’ll understand I can’t love you as well as you loved me.”

“Don’t worry about it. In fact, you should go back to sleep. Let what happened percolate for awhile. It’s not a competition. I don’t need anything right now. I just wanted you to feel good after this disaster. Let’s see how you feel in the morning.”

Lucinda kissed her and they settled in each others arms, facing each other this time. Katarina fell asleep much faster this time, feeling calmer, more at peace, her breath tickling Lucinda’s neck. Lucinda awake the longer this time, thinking of what she’d initiated, done; the sex so very nice. Fuck Roberto.


Lucinda woke Katarina the next morning for the second time, not stealthily, but boldly kissing her while caressing her breasts.

“Again?” Kat murmured, “you’re insatiable.”

“No, you did your part. You got me over the hump. It’s my turn to pleasure you.”

Kat stretched, spreading her legs in invitation. “If you’re sure, I’m not going to stop you.”

Katarina let Lucinda proceed at her own pace since she was making love to a woman for the first time. She cooed when Lucinda did something particularly nice, or touched her in a way she loved to be touched, to let her know she was doing fine. It took awhile, but Lucinda finally provided the orgasm she was craving, and Kat held Lucinda’s head against her core as she finished her, moaning throatily.

Lucinda looked up from between Kat’s legs, her mouth smeared with Kat’s orgasmic juices.

“Did I do okay?”

“You were wonderful,” Katarina replied, stroking her face. “I loved it.”

“I’m sure I’ll be better next time,” Lucinda said, grinning, moving up Katarina’s body for another kiss.

“You’re sure there’s going to be a next time?” Kat asked.

“Why not,” Lucinda said. “What else would I be doing? Go home and fuck my cheating bastard of a husband?”

“Perhaps before you decide you want a girlfriend, you should decide what you’re going to do about the husband you have.”

“I still don’t know. I feel lost. Usually, when I feel this way, I can talk to him and we work it out together. How the hell do I talk to him now? He’s not my confidant anymore, he’s the enemy.”

“You have to go home sometime, ask him about it, see what he says.”

“I can’t do it yet. I feel so betrayed.”

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