Kate Returns Home Ch. 02

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Kate Returns Home Ch. 02

By Susan Greenway

[This story includes bodily functions, severe discipline, and several varieties of incest. If any of this offends you, please read no further. All characters are well over 18. My thanks to Leslie Jones for allowing me to use her Women’s Republic setting and some of her characters.]

Kate was driven by Harry back to her family home from her dinner with him. She felt strong feelings for him, not just because he was handsome, but because he seemed bright, involved, and acted like he cared for her and respected her. Steve Jr. was watching TV with the others and was wise enough not +to refer to her going off with a guy she had just met.

She smiled at him and thanked him for taking her along with Louise and him to the pool party. She begged off watching TV with them, saying it had been a long first day home. When she reached her old room, she closed the door and quickly shed her sport shirt and shorts, then her bathing suit underneath. It had dried, since time had passed since the party, but she saw that the liquid residue of her sex with Harry were still dripping out of her into the crotch of her suit bottom.

It had been such a long time since she had done it with a man. Her position in the Corrections Service brought her into contact mostly with women: the colleagues in the unit she commanded and others in the Service. The Service dealt mostly with males who had been referred by women for misbehaving.

Kate had heard about how the point system for men was working, because her brother Steve had gotten into trouble with his office chief. That boss kept him on her screen, so to speak, and wrote him up whenever she felt he was out of line. Steve, Kate thought, was impetuous enough to fall right into her hands. He didn’t even know that mostly due to his boss’s entries, he had accumulated almost enough points to be sent to a reeducation center run by the Service.

She had promised to write a note to his office chief, and she sat down to do just that:

Dear Glenda,

I’m your employee Steve’s sister and I gather he has not been behaving properly in your office, so much so that you have had occasion to discipline him and award him misbehavior points. As the ‘responsible woman’ in our family, I would greatly appreciate it if you would be so kind as to advise me when you feel he is misbehaving in future so that I may take appropriate steps to improve his conduct. He is an impetuous young man, as many are these days, and I am hoping he will benefit from my taking a more active role in supervising him when he is not at work.


Kate, MAJ

Commandant, Disciplinary and Retraining Unit

Women’s Republic Corrections Service

Kate sealed her note in an envelope and posted it. She was hoping that as she had told Steve, his office chief might be more careful with him in the future. She completed her bedtime preparations and slipped into bed, falling asleep speedily still thinking and savoring her sex with Harry.

The next day, after breakfast with everyone, it was time for her to discuss behavior with all of them together. She knew that they regarded her with trepidation, knowing of her dominant character and her significant position in the Corrections Service.

When everyone was there–Jan, her stepmom and deputy “responsible woman,” her sister Deirdre (Dede), her brother Steve Jr., her dad, Steve, and Marie, who had had an affair with Steve but was brought into the family after she had been severely disciplined by Jan and Kate.

Before the meeting began, she had received a phone call on her mobile from Harry. He told her how much he had enjoyed his dinner and time with her and said he hoped she would want to get together again. Knowing that her time was short, he did not want to presume but he offered to pick her up for a drive to a nearby park that afternoon.

Kate was pleased that he had called. She responded positively to his invite and said how pleased she would be to see him again. They made arrangements for him to pick her up later and kissed over the phone.

Kate began the meeting by observing that although she was the responsible woman for the household, she knew that Jan, as her deputy, would be in charge most of the time.

“You do know about the demands on my time, and I’m located a distance from here, so I hope you will all make Jan’s duties easier by behaving well,” she told them. “I won’t make a secret of when it is necessary to discipline anyone, so you may or may not be aware that I’ve had occasion since I returned here to discipline both Jan and Marie, both, I might add, at their request, to expiate what they felt they had done that needed punishment.”

Then, looking at Steve Jr., she reported that she had sent a note to his office chief, who had been disciplining him for misbehavior, and had recently spanked him and had him caned by a colleague whom he had ostensibly offended. Kate said she hoped Steve would concentrate on his work and behaving kaçak iddaa himself at work.

“I told her I wanted to be informed about any misbehavior on your part,” she said, looking still at Steve Jr. “While some of you may regard this as my adding to the shame Steve has felt because of the way his office chief has disciplined him, I hope that my note might cause her to consider that she might prefer not to have to get involved with me, as I signed the note with my title and position. Steve and I also discussed this before I wrote.”

Kate stopped to catch her breath. “I think Steve will agree that it would have been far better had he not misbehaved and incur the enmity of this office chief. For that reason, I am of the view that he has earned a caning now. Steve, please drop your trousers and underpants and bend over the end of the couch.”

Steve was not surprised that his sister had decided he merited disciplining. He was grateful to her for writing the note and believed it was likely to be helpful. He followed her directions, and he was bent over the couch with his bare bottom pushed up and out.

Kate reached into her handbag and drew out the marital cane that Jan had given her. She stood behind Steve in her orange-red sport shirt and shorts and lay the cane on his bottom. Then she drew it back and gave him a stinging stroke down the middle. Steve yelped and Kate then delivered a second stroke slightly below the first that elicited a groan. Three more strokes followed, each a little bit below the previous one. Finally, Kate gave him a powerful stroke again down the middle and

Steve screamed as it hit at least one of the other tramlines on his bottom.

After allowing him to calm down, Kate announced that the discipline had been completed. Steve rose and returned to sit on a pillow that Marie thoughtfully provided for him.

Kate then said that as far as she knew, no other discipline was in order that day. She thanked everyone for being present and hoped that everyone would continue to behave well as they had been doing.

Marie rose and said that she wanted to thank Kate on behalf of all the family and household for her taking charge as soon as she visited. “From my own experience, I respect your abilities in the disciplinary sphere. We all feel proud of you for having achieved what you have done, and I personally feel that you have gone out of your way to assist Steve.”

Kate thanked her and said that the formal part of their meeting was now ended.

Jan invited all of them to come to her and Steve (Sr.)’s bedroom for play. She smiled and said she hoped Kate would join them. Kate nodded her thanks and smiled.

When they got to the bedroom, the king size bed was stripped down to its bottom sheet. Jan had had a mattress protector placed under the sheet. She, Dede, Kate, and Marie proceeded to take off their tops and then their shorts or skirts. All four sat next to each other on the bed in bras and panties. The two Steves took off their shirts, undershirts, and slacks, then sat on the edge of the bed as well.

Dede invited her father to join her on the bed. She unhooked her bra, releasing her 36D tits, and slipped down her panties, disclosing her dark-haired bush as she lay on her back on the bed, propped at her head by a large pillow. Steve Sr. took off his boxers and lay next to his elder daughter, who took his cock in her hands as it rose to the occasion. Her dad had an eight-inch one and he turned to Dede, got between her legs, and began to lick at her wide wet pussy.

Steve Jr. looked at Jan with a grin that was reciprocated. Jan lay down on the other side of the king-size bed and spread her legs, showing her attractive curly-haired mons. Steve grinned at his stepmother and began to kiss her from her mouth to her nice 34B breasts and down her front to her labia, which he lavished his tongue to stimulate as it grazed her clit. His hard-on was about the same size as his dad’s. Both lifted their heads and pushed up to hold themselves over Dede and Jan, respectively, as they aimed their cocks into the women’s cunts. Soon they were thrusting, and Dede and Jan were moving with them in rhythm.

Marie looked at Kate and asked her if she would like to join her now in her room. Kate felt pleased to have been asked and went with the woman who had been Steve Sr.’s paramour. They helped each take their remaining underclothes off and Marie then grasped Kate’s perky 34Bs and caressed them as Kate licked Marie’s nipples. They lay down on Marie’s bed and Marie took out a double dildo that she slid into her pussy as Kate positioned herself to receive the other end–both ends were about the same in length.

It didn’t take much time before all three couples were fucking with gusto. The two Steves pistoned their tools in and out of Dede and Jan’s cunts until all four were in a sexual frenzy. The women had orgasmed soon, and the men held off to allow them to enjoy their cums before spurting deep inside the pussies they were plowing.

Kate kaçak bahis managed to insert her end of the double dildo into her slit as Marie then began pulling it in and out of her pussy. Kate reciprocated with Marie, and they bent toward each other and held each other tight as their hands caressed the others’ breasts. Kate was still getting over the lengthy session she had enjoyed the day before with Harry, although she was no longer dripping from her sex from that coitus.

She and Marie orgasmed over and over as they enjoyed stimulating each other by themselves. The women on the king-size bed also climaxed and urged their partners to ejaculate, which they did, bringing off Dede and Jan yet again. Now everyone rested on their backs as Steve Sr. was caressing Jan’s breasts and his son moved next to Dede and played with her nipples.

There was an overall aroma of sex and feminine fluids in the room and both Jan and Dee welcomed being handed towels by the Steves to place between their legs to pick up the liquid runoff from their well-fucked pussies. Soon, Marie and Kate had cum more than once and Marie handed Kate a towel and took one herself as she gently removed the dildo from Kate’s pussy and then her own.

“I realized now, Katie, that you like being naughty here along with all of us,” Marie smilingly asked her.

“I’ve never felt that what we do is naughty, Marie,” Kate responded without rancor. “Everyone here knows what’s going on–we all are fond of one another. I hope you’ve gotten over or forgiven me for when I first disciplined you,” she continued. “I was very hard on you because I felt you’d hurt my stepmom, whom I love, in fact, I love a lot more than I loved my real mother.”

“I’m not here all that often,” she said, “so this is a special pleasure for me.”

Marie drew her close and kissed her as she pressed her tits into Kate’s.

“You’re so nice and I’m so glad we can be friends after what I did and how you disciplined me severely as I deserved,” Marie told her.

“Yes, sweetie,” Kate answered. “You knew you were very naughty, and I took it out on your hide,” she commented. “But that’s all behind us now.” She looked Marie directly in her eyes and asked the blonde, lithe woman if she would feel better giving her a spanking now.

“May I?” Marie asked, delighted to get the opportunity but still wary of Kate’s authority, both expressed and exhibited.

“Yes,” Kate said, “you can take me over your lap and spank me now if you’d like. I won’t bite.”

Marie let herself smile and gave Kate a nice kiss. Then she sat on a chair in her room and motioned to Kate to lay across her lap. Kate complied and found herself in the surprising position she hadn’t been in for some time.

Marie patted Kate’s small bottom and tapped on her cheeks. Then she began to spank, not too hard but gradually with more impact. Kate started to feel it on her bottom and Marie saw that it was growing rosy and then red. Kate started to cry softly, and Marie felt sorry for her, despite how powerfully Kate had caned her the first time then met and then had spanked her only a day ago.

As Marie slowed and stopped, Kate waited to be told she could get up and then she thanked Marie for disciplining her.

“I hope you realize I haven’t been spanked in some time,” Kate said, “so I apologize for not entirely behaving like a big girl. At least I didn’t lose control on your lap, darling.”

“Why thank you, sweetie,” Marie gushed. “I did enjoy spanking you for a change. Things can get a tad predictable around here, which you haven’t been here to observe.”

“Does Jan permit my dad to fuck you now?” Kate asked in sincerity.

Marie was slightly surprised but answered that she felt the family had been wonderful to her in taking her in.

“They all like you a lot,” Kate assured her, “and so do I,” she smiled.

“So yes,” Marie answered, “Steve, your dad, does get it on with me. I usually am pleased to have Jan there so long as I’m seeing it doesn’t upset her. But she seems to have gotten to where she enjoys our whole style here, too.”

“May I ask if you were a virgin when they first allowed you in the room, so to speak?” Marie inquired.

“You may ask,” Kate grinned, “and I’ll let you know that I was. Little Miss Purity became Big Miss Wide-Open for Anything.””

“Anything?” Marie asked mischievously as she ever so gently pressed her index finger into Kate’s cute little bottom-hole.

“Well, if you mean where your finger is now, yes,” Kate answered, as Marie’s finger penetrating her anal opening aroused her immediately.

Marie moved her finger around inside Kate’s rectum and felt the tip of a bowel movement.

“I expect you will soon need to have a bowel movement,” she said. “I feel the tip of a doody in there.”

“Marie, that is so cool,” Kate exulted. “Maybe you want to get under me when I do it,” she suggested.

Marie moved so she was under Kate’s squatting bottom, and she watched as Kate’s cheeks spread, and her anal illegal bahis rosette pooched out as a large, dark brown turd started to appear and then slide out and finally drop onto Marie’s wide-eyed face.

“Oh, Kate,” she said, “you made your doody on me! It is so smelly, but I feel so excited by your doing that!”

Marie then leaned up and licked Kate’s dirty hole clean. She tasted the acrid flavor of Kate’s movement. Then she licked Kate’s anal area clean. Kate kissed her and tasted her shit on Marie’s lips.

They returned to the room where the others had been having sex. Kate walked over to her dad and asked Steve if he would like to get it on with Marie.

“You,” Steve exclaimed, “you’re asking me if I want to have sex with her in front of my wife?”

“Yes,” Kate said coolly. “After all, I was the one who gave her a harsh caning when she was being punished for fucking you.”

Marie looked at Jan who nodded that it was fine with her. Marie took Steve by the arm and led him to the bed. She efficiently took down his undershorts and sucked on his large cock until it became fully erect. Then she slipped her bra and panties off, helped Steve get up on the bed, lying on his back, and climbed dexterously up herself and positioned her crotch right over his risen cock. She put his member in her opening and slid down on it.

Steve then pushed up and began pushing his cock into Marie’s tight pussy and pulling it out. Jan smiled as she watched them fuck. Then she came over, picked up the marital cane Kate had left there, and began to lightly cane Marie’s red bottom.

Marie shrieked but Steve’s cock pumping her and Jan’s caning her brought her to a roaring climax. Kate looked at her brother and asked Steve Jr. to come there with her. She positioned him next to his father and then climbed aboard his cock just as Marie had done with her father. Steve Jr. thoroughly enjoyed fucking his lithe sister.

Kate smiled as she moved up and down on her brother’s hard cock. She was having a fabulous time on what she was referring to as her home leave. She asked Jan to interrupt her caning Marie to apply the cane to Kate’s bottom. Kate found that she was almost at orgasm from Steve Jr.’s cock in her pussy supplemented by Jan’s caning of her bottom.

Both Steves were pumped by the women taking charge of them and let go with their ejaculations at the same time, sending jets of semen deep into Kate’s and Marie’s tight cunts. Marie grasped Steve Sr. tightly and kissed him deeply. Kate did the same with her brother, who found himself wiped out by his major orgasm inside her.

Then, everyone having orgasmed, Jan ordered the girls off the Steves and commanded that father and son lie on their stomachs. She then picked up the marital cane again and began to whack both men’s bottoms. Red lines began to appear, and they pleaded with her for mercy.

Kate was pleased that Jan had decided to cane her father and brother after they had cum. She grinned from ear to ear and relaxed on the couch, brazenly spreading her legs so that the pink interior of her open vagina was visible to everyone. This was such a delightful switch in how she could behave from her normal working atmosphere at her Corrections Service unit.

She thought what she and her family were engaged in enjoying was far more normal. Sex with men didn’t deserve to be regarded as something to be avoided in the Women’s Republic. Kate had to be hard as nails at her office. Here, she could let down her hair and indulge in her kinkiest sexual desires with men and women.

Jan came over to her and shamefacedly whispered to Kate that she needed to excuse herself to use the toilet. Kate asked her if she needed to clean her pussy after all the sex. Jan blushed but said that she could wait on that but that she now had an imminent need to have a bowel movement.

Kate asked if she could accompany her and Jan, still a bit uptight about anyone seeing her take a shit, screwed up her face and then softened and told her very dominant stepdaughter that of course she could accompany Jan to the toilet.

They walked to the ensuite bathroom next to Jan’s bedroom, where she normally slept with her husband, Steve Sr. Kate surprised her by sitting on the toilet. She then guided Jan into seating herself on Kate’s thighs so that her bottom was facing Kate and if she should defecate, the feces would drop right between Kate’s spread legs into the bowl.

“Can you go in this position?” Kate asked.

“I have to go badly, Kate, so I can go in almost any position,” Jan advised.

“I assume you’ll piss first, so after that, let me know when the doody is about to emerge,” Kate urged.

Kate was correct that Jan needed to pee first. She felt a lot of pressure on her bladder from the poo in her rectum that was pushing to escape. This made her issue a few loud smelly farts that made her cringe but caused Kate to smile ever more ardently.

Jan then released her pee and Kate watched it pour out of Jan’s peehole in a stream that Kate put her fingers in. Oh, this was so wonderfully naughty, she thought. Jan then managed to get out what she felt was the shameful admission that she was about to shit between Kate’s legs.

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