Kathy, The Insatiable Gild

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Hi, my name is Kathleen, but everyone calls me Kathy. I have large double E breasts that are still very firm and perky, with half inch long nipples that just love to be sucked and gnawed on. I’m really very proud of them and use them to my advantage every chance I get. I love drawing men’s and even some women’s attention to them, I find it so exciting and even after all these years I still feel my pussy getting wet as they pass their wandering eyes over me. I’m very fortunate that I can still draw this attention considering that I’m now at the ripe old age of 64.

I stand 5 foot and 4 inches tall and when I’m in my heels I’m quite a sight. I take regular exercise and you can find me every day, rain or shine running in the local park which is just a hop across the road. There hasn’t been a day gone by where I haven’t stopped men in their tracks to watch me as I run towards them. I purposely put an extra bounce in my step making my lovely boobs jiggle more for their enjoyment. They often stop and stare as I pass them and even turn and watch my wobbling butt. I love to imagine them going home to their wives or girlfriends and fucking them as they think of this granny that’s got them all worked up.

It’s very true to say that I’m a slut. Have been ever since I divorced my limp dicked husband when I was 53. I’ve always loved sex and had plenty of more than willing partners through my early years, but, as often happens, I picked the wrong one. Before we were married, he was as rampant as any man I’d ever been with. Within a short period that eventually faded away to almost nothing. I wasn’t happy; not at all. My whole body was craving attention, a lot more then he was giving me. So once my son went to college I threw him out and started to make a life for myself. My son was ok with everything about the separation, he said he’d suspected for some time that that was going to happen. He had known I wasn’t happy, and if I was going to be happier on my own then I should go for it.

And go for it I did. Gone went the frumpy housewife clothes, I started wearing shorter skirts and dresses, lots of shorts, I wasn’t so bad as to wear daisy dukes, but they were plenty short enough for a woman in my years. I also wore more revealing tops, like vests and low scooped t/shirts. Quite often you would see me in a blouse with one too many buttons undone. It all did wonders for my self-esteem. I’d feel wonderful as men were once again paying me attention and I would often see the lust in their eyes as they ogled me from head to toe. I remember thinking, “I should of done this a long time ago.”

I also, around this time, started exercising with a vengeance. I need to get back into the shape I was in all those years ago. It wasn’t going to be easy, especially at my age. But nothing would turn me away from my task. I started at first down in our basement. My son has a small gym down there. I’d never used it before, in fact I very rarely went down there, that was his domain. My ex wouldn’t of dreamt of entering for fear of having to lift a weight. Now my son was gone I used it constantly. It was during the beginning of this period that I found my sons stash of porn. I was shocked, not that he had porn in his possession, what teenage boy doesn’t, but that most of it was incest porn; namely mother and son. I wasn’t disgusted by this in anyway. I just accepted it as it was and moved on. I will consider this at a later date, especially after last week when my son took me out to dinner for my birthday and couldn’t take his eyes off of my legs. It certainly gave me food for thought.

With a healthy diet I could see the weight falling away. Even though it was hard work at first, I kept at it knowing it would pay off in the long run. It would be worth the effort. A year down the road I admitted to myself that I was at the point where I couldn’t get any better. As I stood in front of my full length mirror in 4 inch heels and a black thong I was really happy with who was looking back at me. I was, even if I say so myself, one sexy looking woman again. I stood there with a photo that I’d taken of myself for this purpose, just so I could do a comparison. My face was much more defined, I had my cheek bones back, my breasts were lovely and perky and below my stomach was as flat as could be expected. Turning to the side and using a hand held mirror I was able to have a look at my butt and loved how my cheeks wobbled as I flicked the underneath of each one. My legs looked long and lean in my heels, the thighs were slightly muscular and the calf’s were taut. I was good to go.

I hadn’t been idle whilst I was doing my training. I was getting regular fucking, as much as I wanted. But again it was becoming stale. I was picking up men my own age and it was becoming so boring. I discovered that no matter how good and fit they looked, there was just no way that they were able to keep up with me. I definitely needed someone younger to fulfil my needs. I longed so badly to be fucked into the middle of next week bahis siteleri and also to fulfil some other urges that I’d felt needed exploring. I’d already guessed that not everyone would be into what was becoming a desperate urge on my part, but I knew that there was some people that were genuinely into water-sports as much as me, I just had to find them or coerce them.

But the water-sports isn’t why I’m writing today. I want to tell you about what happened yesterday. For yesterday I had the best fucking I’ve ever had and by a 19 year old. The one thing I love almost as much as keeping my hot body in shape is my garden. Especially my back garden. This time of year I spend most of my days out there doing something or other. Sometimes I’m just sitting in a lounger, reading and catching the warm rays, but mostly I’m on my hands and knees, weeding or pruning. I find it so relaxing and get so much pleasure when I stand back at the end of a hard day and see what I’ve achieved.

For the past few weeks I’ve felt like I’m being watched while I’m in the garden. It couldn’t be from my house, there’s only me here, on the left side of me is and old couple, it couldn’t be coming from them, they can barely bring themselves to talk to me. My reputation precedes me I think. Most of the streets women are that way. Fuck em, I’ve never shagged their husbands so what’s their problem. My son says its because they’re jealous of my looks and body. If that is the case they should get their lazy fat asses up and do something about it. It’s really not my fault if they catch their husbands ogling me, is it?

Anyway, on my right is Gina and her husband Trevor. They’ve lived there now for 9 years and we actually get on. Gina has shown no animosity to me at all. In fact she says the haters are just bitches and I should just ignore them and be happy. She probably wouldn’t think that if I was to fuck her husband, but that would never happen. I may be a slut, but Trevor, apart from being my friends husband, isn’t my type by any stretch of my imagination. I’ve often seen him give me furtive glances when I’m talking to Gina, usually when he’s stood just behind his wife so she can’t see him, you know, as men do, but I give him no sign that I’ve seen him or any sort of encouragement.

Then there is their son Richard. I’ve obviously known him since he was a boy of 10 years old and I’ve watched him grow into a handsome young man. Gina has done a wonderful job raising him, always polite and helpful. Even offering to help me bring my shopping in and anything else I needed. She should be, and she is, really proud of him. So the only people it could be would be one of these three. I discount Gina, she never given me any reason to think that she’s attracted to me at all. Could be Trevor, he is a perv, that’s for sure, or it could be Richard. I just can’t be sure which one it is.

After a week of being observed I’m in the mood to play. I enter the garden in my shortest shorts, so short that when I’m down on my haunches or knees they allow my ass cheeks to peek out the leg holes. I’m also wearing the flimsiest vest t/shirt I own. When I bend over enough you can see right inside to my boobs and my nipples if they’re close enough. I’m also wearing sunglasses so that I can look more or less directly up to the offending window. It has to be from there as it’s the only one that look over my fence line. I’m not sure but I think that Richard’s bedroom window. Even if it is, it doesn’t mean that Trevor couldn’t be in there. Whomever it is I’m giving them one hell of a show. Plenty of butt and tit views for them to observe. Maybe put in their wank bank for later, that’s if they’re not doing it now.

A couple of evenings ago I had a knock on the front door, it was Gina. She popped round to say that her and Trevor were going away for a few days to look in on her father. As a widower her was on his own and Gina hated the thought of him being taken care of by anyone but her and was pretty useless of following a doctors orders, so they were going up to make sure he did. She said that Richard didn’t fancy it and would be staying home and although he’s 19 and more than capable of taking care of himself, would I mind just keeping an eye out for him if he should need anything. I, of course told her it was no problem, just let him know I’m here if he needs me. All the while I was thinking that now I’ll find out who’s been leering over me. I just hope it’s Richard and not his dad. I think it’s the thought of being a 64 year old being leered at by a 19 year old hunk that just did it for me. A real confidence booster. Besides, it wasn’t as if he’d been there for one hour or one day even; he’d been doing this for weeks.

By the time I’d got up the next morning their car was gone, only Richard’s was parked in their driveway. Now I could really play around. If it was in fact Richard up there watching me, I’d give him something to really look at. I have no shame.

I sat and had my breakfast and read the paper on my canlı bahis siteleri tablet as I normally do as I wait for the sun to heat up. By 10 o’clock I deemed it time. I went back upstairs and slipping my nightgown off pulled the shorts I’d been wearing off the bathroom rail. I get so excited when I’m in tease mode that there is no-way I can’t not wash them every night. They were still a little damp, but they would soon dry in the sun and my body heat. This time I pulled them right up into my crotch, rolling the waistband a couple of times, this caused me to have a camel toe that could be spotted from 50 meters away. I decided against the vest this time, with no chance of it being Trevor I went to my bedroom and chose my briefest bikini top. I hadn’t worn it for a few years and it was a little tight. My boob flesh was spilling out all over the place. I made sure to pull on my half-inch long nipples first. To be honest, I really didn’t need to, they were already somewhat hardened just by the thought that I’d be showing myself off to the young lad, if it was him. By now I was almost praying that it was. I looked and felt like the slut I am.

I made my way back downstairs and grabbed my gardening gloves to protect my long nails and headed out into the sunshine. Walking over to the shed I made sure to put an exaggerated step into my walk. I could feel my shorts tucked tightly wedged into my ass crack and I really loved the effect it was having on me. I just love to tease. When I was in the shed gathering my tools together I was sure to make enough noise to attract the attention of my pervy watcher. If it was Richard watching me daily, he couldn’t fail to miss the noise I was making. Quickly lifting my sunglasses I looked out the shed window and up to the bedroom window, I could see a shape behind the net curtain. It could only be Richard. I was so pleased, if he liked slutty grandma’s then his dream was about to come true. I banged around a little more just so he’d know the sounds he was hearing was in fact coming from my shed and then headed outside.

I would of loved to have seen his face as he first saw what I was wearing but between the net curtain and my sunglasses it was impossible. I could only see his shape. I spent the next hour literally posing for my young admirer. I was getting in some really lewd positions as I supposedly went about innocently doing my gardening chores. He must have had some really filthy views from his line of sight and I made sure I was never out of it.

After a while I really needed to take a piss. I almost headed inside, but being me and my love of water-sports I thought it would be fun to do it outside. I quickly got up and headed back towards the shed, I made my way down the side that could only be seen by him. This show was for his eyes only, I didn’t need to have the old couple next door seeing me, that would really get people talking. They would be sure to spread that around.

Pulling my shorts down I let him see my thong and when I judged that he’d taken that piece of information in I pulled them down too. He would be able to see now that I was completely bald down there, not a hair in sight. I squatted down and soon my piss started to flow onto the ground. I did my best to control it, for both of our benefits. As I started to taper off I did something I enjoy, I let my finger stroke my protruding clit and into my stream of urine and brought it up to my mouth. I made a show of sucking it clean by pushing my finger in and out of my mouth. I then wiped my wet pussy with my hand and licked that clean, I stood up and got redressed and came out from beside the shed. I peaked up at his window and was surprised to see that he’d gone. I smirked as I imagined the young lad on his bed wanking his stiff little cock off to the hot granny next door. I didn’t worry too much, I knew he’d be back.

I’d just got back down on my knees to actually do some work when the doorbell rang. Slightly annoyed I went back inside. Remembering what I was wearing I sneaked a peak through the lounge window and I was mildly surprised to see Richard standing there. Smiling to myself I made my way into the hallway and checking myself over in the mirror I opened the door.

“Hi Ms Brown. I’m sorr..” I didn’t let him finish, I pulled the door open further and invited him in by saying,

“Come in honey, before all the neighbours see what I’m wearing. People talk about me enough.” I giggled to myself, he couldn’t get in fast enough. I stood as close to him as I could get without being blatantly obvious of my intentions. To be perfectly frank, I didn’t know what my intentions were at that point, I’d been enjoying our tease immensely and was fully prepared to keep on doing it and giving my young admirer plenty of material to pleasure himself with. I made sure I was close enough so that he could look down into my deep cleavage.

“Now dear, what can I do for you?” I asked as I looked up into his deep blue eyes. I was amused, I could see that he was canlı bahis well out of his depth here with me, but something had made him come to my door and he really didn’t know what he was doing.

“Oh yeah, mum said to come and see you if I needed anything.”

“That’s right dear, what do you need?” I asked him with a smirk.

“Umm, I just wondered if you had some coffee. We seem to have run out and I really can’t spare the time to run to the shops yet. If you have a whole jar I’ll replace it as soon as I can get to town.”

“Wow, honey, slow down. That all came out in a rush. Take a breath dear and follow me, I’ll see what’s in my cupboard.”

I led the way back into my house knowing that his eyes were firmly fixed on my butt and my toned legs. I entered the kitchen and he halted by the table as I made my way to one of the floor cabinets. I don’t keep coffee in this one, but it was a good excuse to bend over as I pretended to look. I was satisfied by the groan that I heard escape from him. Feigning ignorance I then reached up to the top cabinet where I really do keep it and stretching up I was giving him a nice view of my legs and ass he won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

I dropped down off my toes and very nearly dropped the jar of coffee in my hand. Just 10 feet away from me looked to be the hardest and biggest cock I had ever seen. It was nearly down to his knees and even as I stared at it, not moving an inch, I could see a wet patch appearing. This boy was so obviously turned-on by me and I wasn’t very far behind. Now remember, I’m a self a proclaimed slut, I wasn’t gonna waste any more time teasing, not when I’ve got that monster in front of me. I looked up his face, he wasn’t looking at me, his eyes were firmly on my bulging tits. Putting the coffee on the kitchen table I moved towards him with one thing on my mind; I just had to see that cock, nothing was going to deter me now.

My hand was about an inch away before he was aware of what I was doing. His young eyes were as big as saucers as they stared down into my cleavage. The wet patch in his sweatpants was getting bigger by the second and the bulge alone was making my mouth water. I had to keep swallowing to avoid choking. And to think, just 5 minutes ago I had thought of him up in his room stroking his little cock. Well, he definitely hadn’t stroked it and he most certainly wasn’t little; not by a long shot.

I let the nail on my forefinger run along his hardness. “Why did you really come round Richard?”

“I’ve been watching you in the garden. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself, you’re just so sexy.”

“I know you have honey. I wasn’t sure if it was you or your father. You don’t know how happy I am to find out it was you. So why did you come around today though?” I asked him. His eyes were riveted to my long red nails as I teased his throbbing cock.

“I saw you taking a leak… I liked it.” he was doing well. I’ve had men stammering by this point. But he was able to get his words out clearly and wasn’t letting his nerves get the better of him. And he was nervous, very in fact. I could feel him shaking.

“So, you saw your neighbour, namely me, a granny, with big tits, squat down and take a piss by her shed and you liked it did you?” the poor boy could only nod. “Did you see me taste my own piss Richard?” he nodded again. “Would you like to taste it?” he looked me straight in the eye then for the first time. “Yes, I’ve never done that before, but I really want to taste your piss Ms Brown.” I smiled and raised my eyebrows at this admission, “Oh honey, you going to be doing more than tasting my piss.” I said as I continued to scratch his cock through his pants.

“Is that all you want, or do you want something else from me dear?” I very nearly burst out laughing. His eyes were popping around from tit to tit and then to cleavage. The poor sod had never been in this situation before, but I knew that if I wasn’t careful he’d would pop a load in his pants and embarrassment might drive him away. I couldn’t allow that to happen. I was as much turned-on as him and needed it real bad.

“No ma’am, I…I really need to fuck you Ms Brown.”

“Hmmm, I think that we can do that. In fact, you gorgeous boy, I think we can do that a lot. Lets go upstairs.”

He followed me up the stairs (I could feel his eyes burning a hole in my shorts.) and into my room. Once inside I told him to strip off as I did the same. For the first time I was rendered speechless. His cock was a cock to behold. I had never seen anything like it. It had to have been 11 inches long, so hard and wet the foreskin was already pulled back exposing a helmet that was purple and pre-cum dribbling down the whole length of it. And thick, god, my cunt is well used and only good exercise has kept it tight, but I already knew I’d met my match with young Richard. Behind it were a pair of hairless balls that looked to be so full of cum it was frightening.

I suddenly knew with the utmost certainty that there was no use trying to get him in my sopping cunt now, he’d shoot his load before he got it inside me. I didn’t want that to happen. So sitting on the bed I beckoned him to me. Up close his cock looked even bigger if that was possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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