Keeping Him Pure Ch. 02

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Ally’s mind was still spinning almost out of control as she walked back to her house from her boyfriend’s house. The sound of frozen snow being crunched beneath her feet was loud in her head but she didn’t hear it. Her own thoughts were too loud.

The short driveway in front of her house was thankfully empty when she got home which meant her mom was still at work. Ally needed some time alone to decompress. She walked inside and immediately headed for her room, kicking off her snow boots and peeling off her ‘church dress’ as she went. She unhooked her bra and stepped out of her panties and left them on her bedroom floor as she fell face first onto her bed. What a day.


Several hours ago she had left home for her boyfriend Benny’s house, unsure how the evening would go. On her previous trip to his house, his mom had caught her lifting her dress and flashing Benny. At the time, Ally wasn’t sure she’d ever be invited back. But she had been.

When she got to their house earlier tonight, everything had seemed to have been forgotten. Ally was able to relax a little, that is, until Benny’s mom came out of the kitchen. She stated that she needed to go to the store and had volunteered Ally to go with her. They rode out to the store with Benny’s younger brother Matt and everything had seemed fine until Benny’s mom pulled up to a traffic light.

Matt was busy singing along to the radio and didn’t notice Benny’s mom suddenly lunge across the two front seats and grab Ally’s pussy through her dress. She scolded Ally about the flashing incident which had taken place at their house during her last visit and told her, in no uncertain terms, to keep her pussy under control and keep her hands off of Benny.


Ally rolled onto her side on her bed and pulled her knees up to her substantial chest. She squeezed her eyes shut tight and tried to clear her mind enough to drift off to sleep. Ten minutes later she was still trying to keep her mind off of the evening’s events.


Benny’s mom completed the drive to the store and went inside with Matt. Ally stayed in the minivan and spent the next several minutes trying to wrap her mind around what had just happened and regain her composure.

When Benny’s mom and Matt got back to the van, she realized she had forgotten to buy an item in the store and sent Matt back inside. As the two women sat alone in the van, Benny’s mom questioned Ally again about her ability to keep her behavior decent once they got back to the house. Unconvinced with Ally’s response, she had shoved her hand into Ally’s panties and proceeded to finger her. Ally had been obviously shocked by the action but ended up giving in to the sensation and found herself grinding against the older woman’s fingers as she came all over them.

They managed to clean up just before Matt came back from the store and the trio went back to the house to finish preparing for dinner. The dinner itself went without a hitch as best as Ally could remember it. Her mind was nowhere near the dinner table during the evening. Before she knew it, dinner was over and she was walking back home.


When Ally’s mind had sufficiently replayed the events of the evening, she was finally able to drift off to sleep. When she awoke, her mind immediately snapped back to the night before. There was a slight tingling sensation between her legs but she also had an overwhelming desire to bathe in a tub of rubbing alcohol and scrub herself everywhere Benny’s mom had touched her. She jumped off her bed and darted for the bathroom.

Ally abandoned the alcohol idea, imagining how much it would burn. And then there was the thought of her spending the day smelling like isopropyl alcohol. She ended up settling for simple soap and water and cranked the shower on. She stepped in and rolled the knob for hot water, letting the temperature rise as high as she could take. Her face contorted and her muscles tensed as she resisted the urge to dial back the heat. Once she was sure she could survive the shower, she emptied nearly a quarter of her remaining ‘Neutrogena’ body wash into her hands and over her body.

The gel felt cool against her skin and was a welcome relief from the scalding water. She smeared the soap around her face, deeply inhaling its fruity aroma, and down her chest. She lingered a moment as her palms brushed over her dark nipples. She pressed her fingers into her fleshy globes.

Her hands continued down over her stomach and below her waist. She began to scrub in earnest as her fingers slipped over her mound. She grabbed her loofah and slathered it in soap and ran it over her lips. Making gentle motions, she worked it top to bottom, finally feeling some relief and feeling a little less dirty and violated.

As she cleaned herself, she got a sudden mental image of herself spread eagle in the front seat of Benny’s mom’s minivan. A small knot of disgust developed in the pit of her stomach and yet, even as she felt it, one of her hands was traveling buca escort back up her stomach to cup one of her breasts.

Her other hand was still moving between her legs but without realizing it, the loofah had fallen out of her hand and her bare fingers were now rubbing the soap over her pussy lips. She moved her hand in a circular motion just below her clit, funneling the shower’s hot water against it. She gently ran a finger over it and her knees buckled slightly at the touch.

She was rhythmically squeezing her slick breast and brushing her hard nipple as she did so. Every few squeezes or so, she’d take the nipple between her index finger and thumb and roll it while gently pinching it.

Ally threw her head back, letting the shower water rain into her face. She opened her mouth and took in a mouthful of water before spitting it back out over her lips. As she did this, she parted her other lips and dipped a finger between them. She began to work the finger in and out of her pussy while using her thumb to continue making circles just below her clitoris.

Ally bent her knees as she began to ride her own hand. The sound of the water falling into the tub began to splash in time with her movement. Ally’s breathing increased and she found it a little harder to breathe as she inhaled the hot steam.

She increased the speed of her finger as she sawed it in and out of her hot pussy, which now felt hotter than the water from the shower. Her hands were alternating from one breast to the other, pinching each hard nipple before returning to the other.

Somewhere in the distance she thought she heard a voice calling her name but she was too close now. She sucked in and spat out another mouthful of water from the shower head as she curled her finger between her soft lips and worked her palm against her clit. Her toes clenched and for a moment she thought she was going to lose her balance.

“Ally!” she heard her mom call from outside the bathroom door.

“No, not now, go away,” Ally thought as her hand became a blur on her pussy. She placed one foot onto the edge of the shower tub, now too preoccupied to be concerned with the risk of falling. She leaned forward, trying to pull her whole body into the fire that was beginning to engulf her.

“Ally!” her mom called again and knocked on the door.

Ally ignored her as she released her tender nipple and used that hand to stroke her clit. She furiously pumped two fingers from her other hand in and out of her spasming pussy. Knowing her mom was right outside the door, Ally bit down on her tongue to avoid screaming out loud as she came. The shower’s water now felt oddly cool compared to the heat that was now surging throughout her body. She leaned further forward and tried to balance herself by putting her forehead against the tiled shower wall as her legs shook uncontrollably and felt unsteady.

She continued to ride out her orgasm and didn’t lower her foot from the edge of the tub until the last wave had rolled down her spine. Confident that she was no longer in danger of falling, she stood back from the wall and stood straight up. She once again turned her face into the shower stream and basked in the glow of her orgasm, her chest heaving. She was interrupted by the thumping on the door.

“Ally are you ok in there?” her mom asked, still standing outside the door and sounding concerned.

“Uhh yeah I’m fine,” Ally replied quickly, shutting off the water.

She stepped out of the shower and reached for a towel and gave herself a quick once over before cracking open the door.

“Hey mom, what’s up?” she said.

Her mom frowned at her, looking through the door at her. “What happened to your skin?”

Ally looked down at herself and noticed several splotches where her skin had reddened from the hot water.

“I’m not sure,” Ally said, thinking fast. “One minute the water was warm and the next it was scalding.”

Her mom continued to frown, “Well, I’ll call a plumber from work. I’m leaving soon, do you want me to make you anything?”

“No I’ll find something later,” Ally replied.

“Ok,” her mom said at last and walked away.

Ally went back to drying herself off and dressed in a white t-shirt and grey sweatpants. She went into the living room and curled up on the sofa. The snowstorm had passed but it was still cold outside and she was content to spend the day vegging in front of the tv. Her mom kissed her on the forehead before she went out the door to work.

Ally’s parents had separated so many years ago that it seemed like a divorce. They just never went all the way through with it. In the beginning, Ally spent some weekends with her father but those weekends became fewer and further between until there weren’t any. Even after that, her father would occasionally still visit the house but those too became scarce.

Ally’s mom had been working as a secretary when her parents split up and was taking classes at the community college. buca escort bayan With the single income, she was forced to drop the classes and started working a part time retail job.

“I’ll be home late, don’t wait up,” Ally’s mom said as she left.

Ally spent the afternoon lazily flipping from one movie to the next until her eyelids became too heavy to keep open. She paused the DVR in the middle of ‘Mean Girls’, planning to pick it up when she woke up. She rolled over on the couch and closed her eyes, wishing she had a blanket.

“Beedeedeedeep! Beedeedeedeep! Beedeedeedeep!”

She wasn’t sure how long she had been asleep but reached out blindly, her eyes still closed, swatting for her alarm clock. The sound finally stopped and Ally stretched herself out. She cracked her eyelids and was momentarily blinded by the sunlight filtering through her blinds. She was late for school!

She leapt from her bed and ran down the hall to the bathroom. After quickly washing off and getting herself together, she ran back to her room. Rummaging through her closet, she found a dark red sweater and a pair of blue jeans and slipped them on after stepping into a pair of panties and hooking her bra. She grabbed her bookbag and sprinted to the front door.

As she passed through the living room, she noticed her mom parked in front of the tv, cackling loudly at whatever she was watching. It was an odd sight because her mom was always either already gone when Ally left for school or heading out along with Ally.

“Mom!” she called, trying to be heard over the tv. “Don’t you have to be at work?”

Her mom didn’t answer and continued guffawing at whatever had her attention on the tv.

Ally didn’t have time and went out the door shaking her head. The sky was dark and it looked like rain might pour out of the clouds any moment. Ally ran to the end of the block, hopeful that the school bus hadn’t already come. When she got to the corner and didn’t see her boyfriend Benny or his brother Matt, she knew she was running late.

The wind picked up and the air felt cool against her legs. She looked down and was horrified to find that she wasn’t wearing any pants. She immediately dropped to the ground, trying to hide her semi-nakedness. “How could she have left the house without any pants?” she wondered. She cringed as she considered that could’ve been the reason her mom was laughing.

Ally stooped at the edge of a wooden fence trying to figure out what to do. She spotted a string of clothesline in the yard across the street. From a distance she could make out a couple bras, a man’s dress suit, an oversized set of…clown pants? None of the clothes seemed to be anything useful to her. Ally continued examining the line as she eyed more articles of clothing until she spotted them. Yes! A pair of blue jeans and they appeared to be just her size.

Ally looked left and right to make sure no one was coming and darted across the street to the clothes. She took a quick glance at the house behind the clothesline and, seeing no one, yanked the jeans down from the line. They indeed did fit her perfectly. She swung her bookbag onto both shoulders and began jogging in the direction of school.

Ally didn’t consider herself to be much of an athlete these days, despite having been a soccer and softball player when she was younger. Even still, as she ran down the sidewalk, she found her stride full and easy. Each step made her feel as though she was gliding on air. And when she thought about it, even her breathing was easy. It felt like she wasn’t even breathing at all.

The sun was breaking through the clouds and Ally tipped her head back. She closed her eyes and allowed the warm rays of the morning sun to splash over her face as she ran. When she opened them, she was running down the sidewalk towards the front of her school.

“Beedeedeedeep! Beedeedeedeep! Beedeedeedeep!” came the sound from the warning bell as she stepped into the school. Ally clapped her hands together and grinned. She had made it to school on time but only had five more minutes to make it to class before first period started.

Ally ran down the hall past the main office, not caring if anyone yelled at her about running in the halls. The hallway was thankfully deserted, allowing her to quickly make it to the stairway that would take her up to her first class. She bounded the stairs two at a time and busted through the door at the top of the stairs, crashing directly into her boyfriend Benny. The two of them lost their balance but Benny reacted quickly and was strong enough to grab her and keep them both on their feet.

“You missed the bus!” he said, still holding her by the arms.

“Yeah, I don’t know what happened, I must’ve overslept,” she said.

Ally’s classroom was a mere three doors down from where they were but her mind was no longer focused on getting there. Benny hadn’t let her arms go and she stood, gazing into his eyes as he held her close. escort buca His warm brown eyes stayed locked on hers.

Benny let her arms go but before Ally had a chance to be disappointed, he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her in close. His head tilted slightly as he pressed his lips against hers. She loved when they were able to sneak kisses like this. The only place they had ever been able to was at school and even then, they always had to be mindful of Benny’s bratty brother Matt.

Ally wrapped her own arms around Benny’s back and stepped in closer to him, feeling her breasts press against his chest. She parted her lips and tentatively stroked it across Benny’s lower lip. He responded by opening his own mouth. Ally forced her tongue into his mouth, rolling it over his. She was dizzy with passion.

She whimpered softly when she felt his hands slide down her waist and grab her butt. Their tongues danced against each other as she felt Benny squeeze her cheeks. Ally dug her fingertips into Benny’s back. She felt like she was swallowing his mouth. She needed to feel him.

“Beedeedeedeep! Beedeedeedeep! Beedeedeedeep!” came the sound of the bell, signaling the start of first period.

“Oh no,” Benny groaned as he broke the kiss.

Class was still the furthest thing from Ally’s mind.

“Well, since we’re already late, we might as well enjoy the moment,” Ally said. “Better never than late,” she added, misquoting her first period teacher.

Benny still had his head turned, glancing down the hallway. Ally was unable to meet his lips so she gingerly kissed the skin on his exposed neck. His moans urged her to continue and she responded by tracing a line of kisses up his neck to his earlobe.

Ally noticed Benny close his eyes and felt his hands leave her butt and travel under the back of her sweater. She gently bit down on his neck as she felt his warm hands on her lower back. The skin to skin contact was electric and Ally could feel a spark between her legs. She ran her tongue over Benny’s earlobe and then back down his neck, tracing the path she had just kissed.

Ally squirmed in Benny’s arms as he ran his fingertips up and down her spine. His fingers would stop at the waist of her jeans and run over the small of her back until it reached the edge of her bra. She wanted to feel his hands all over her.

With some force, Ally sucked Benny’s skin in between her lips and rapidly flicked her tongue over it. As she did so, she quickly moved her hands from his back to her own back and deftly unhooked her bra.

“Hey what are you–,” Benny gasped.

When his mouth was open, Ally put her own open mouth against his and cut him off with a deep kiss. Their tongues skipped over one another. Ally relished the feel of Benny’s fingers as they now traveled up her back to where her bra had been. Her entire torso felt tingly all over.

When his fingers reached the back of her neck, she moaned into his mouth. The spark that had started between her legs was now a full fledged thunderstorm. His fingers traced small circles along the back of her neck and Ally’s body shook like a leaf.

The sound of footsteps coming from down the hall around the corner caused the two of them to push each other away. Benny had a panicked look on his face. Ally needed more.

The footsteps grew closer. Ally grabbed Benny by the wrist and pulled him in the opposite direction. They ran until they reached the door of the boy’s bathroom. Benny started to voice a protest but Ally pushed him through the door. She dashed through the door behind him, glancing down the hall in the direction of the approaching footsteps. It was Benny’s brother Matt.

Ally cursed under her breath as she ducked through the doorway and the bathroom door swung shut behind her. She hushed Benny as he started to say something. The sound of the footsteps grew louder and louder. Ally turned around and quickly scanned the bathroom. To her amazement, none of the stalls had doors. In fact, there were no stalls at all. There was a row of white porcelain sinks anchored into the wall. Across the room from them was a matching row of white porcelain toilets. There was nowhere to hide.

Closer and closer the steps came. Her heart was beating so loudly she knew Matt would be able to hear it outside. Ally stepped back from the door, waiting for Matt to swing it open and bust her and Benny. The steps stopped outside the door. Ally, on the verge of screaming, clasped her hands in front of her mouth. After a moment, the footsteps started again, and continued away from the bathroom door.

She was still standing unmoved and listening to the foot falls when Benny wrapped his arms around her from behind. She let out a gasp when he leaned down and kissed the side of her neck. Ally closed her eyes and tipped her head to the side, allowing Benny more access.

Benny held her tighter and she leaned back against his chest. Her whole body shuddered and she bit down on her lower lip when he kissed the back of her neck. She grabbed his hands and moved them under the front of her sweater to her still unhooked bra. It gave no resistance as she moved Benny’s hands up and put them on her bare breasts. With no urging from her, he began squeezing and kneading the supple flesh.

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