Kelly’s New Experiences Ch. 6

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Kelly ordered Stan to sit in her father’s chair. His cock was now limp, having spent his load over Kelly’s stomach. The blonde girl, now only wearing a little black thong, quickly got to her knees and began licking at Stan’s cock. At the same time, she started playing with herself, getting very worked up.

She expertly sucked on Stan’s cock and soon his cock began to grow inside Kelly’s hot little mouth. He grabbed her by her fine long blonde hair and began pushing her up and down his cock. Stan was amazed at her skill, and figured that she’d done this many times before, ‘what a slut’ he thought to himself.

Kelly stopped working on his cock and leaned back. Stan thought he was heaven. Here he was sitting in his boss’s chair, with the boss’s daughter on her knees in front of him. She was only wearing a little thong, and she was absolutely gorgeous looking. She truly was a stunning blonde, with a nice set of firm tits, and all over perfect tan.

Kelly stood up and turned around to give Stan a perfect view of her ass. She bent over, pushing buca escort her ass in his direction, and began slowly peeling off her thong. Stan’s cock was fully erect now and he couldn’t wait to shag this blonde! Kelly knew that this was her moment of losing her virginity, she leant herself over her father’s desk and let Stan have his way.

Stan got up and stood behind Kelly, he loosened his tie and grabbed her by the wrists. He quickly tied her wrists together behind her back with his tie. He then stood there over her, looking down at her fine body. Her smooth flat little stomach was stretched over the desk, her fine ass waiting to be fucked! Stan now had his quivering cock in hand, he was rock solid again. He began rubbing his cock head against her smooth inner thigh, bringing it up her moist little mound. He continued upwards and rubbed his cock up her ass cheeks, at the same time, he leant over her and began rubbing her clit.

Kelly’s head began to spin, she could feel his hard cock rubbing around her ass, and buca escort bayan she wasn’t sure whether he was going to shag her in that ass or in her precious virginity. Stan now brought the tip of his cock back to her soft mound and began swirling his cock head around her lips. He let his head slide in just a little, and then took it out again. Kelly was getting frustrated at this point and began moaning loudly and telling him to fuck her. Stan was going to fuck her alright, but first he was going to shut this bitch up!

He picked her damp thong off the ground and forced it into her mouth. He then loosened her hair and made two pigtails from it. Then he positioned himself behind her and brought his cock to her, now he was ready!

He slowly slid his cock into her, taking his time. He then grabbed a ponytail in each hand and began fucking her. Kelly had often thought how her first time would be, be she never expected anything like this! Being gagged and bound by the wrists and fucked over her father’s desk.

Stan escort buca continued to fuck her like this for a good hour, he pulled tight at her pigtails, forcing her head back, and her ass in the air, making sure she was properly fucked! Eventually Stan began to stiffen and Kelly knew he was about to shoot his load inside of her, it would be her first time for that too! Stan winced as he grabbed both of her ass cheeks, pushed as far as he could into the little blonde and emptied himself deep within her.

Kelly’s face was all flushed with redness, she had been gagged and bound for the last hour, and was now very truly fucked! Stan pulled his cock out and went around to the front of the desk where her head was. He removed her thong from her mouth, which was now dripping wet.

“Thank you” was all she could say to him.

With that, Stan placed his cock into her mouth and made her suck all the juices from it, she licked it clean for him. He then unbound her wrists and left. The phone rang, it was Kelly’s father wanting to know was there any messages for him and had Kelly found some work to do.

“Oh nothing much happening here daddy” except for losing my virginity she thought to herself, the taste of juices still fresh in her mouth.

“Ok sweety, daddy will be home soon, see you there”

“Bye daddy”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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