Kevin’s Journey to Findom Ch. 02

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It had been a little over a month since Kevin had become my findom slave. We were both getting what we wanted. My belly was full of food, my laundry was done, and my bank account was getting fat. Kevin was getting to stare at my body when he wanted and even allowed to jerk off onto my boots once a week. I was beginning to enjoy school a lot more as the financial pressure subsided. In fact, I had even acquired myself a boyfriend. Mike, my new boyfriend, was also a student in my English 2 class. He stood 6′ 3″, about 220 and muscled from head to toe. Just looking at him made me wet. Our relationship started like a wildfire and we found ourselves together most of the time.

It did not take long before Mike inquired about Kevin. He had seen Kevin going in and out of my room with groceries and my laundry and wondered what that was about. I told Mike about how Kevin had become my little bitch boy and how I was charging him to worship me. I had given Kevin a key to my room and he would also clean it weekly. Mike nearly fell out of his chair with laughter. He thought I was kidding. I assured him that I was not. Mike asked me if I had feelings towards him. I burst out laughing and told him I had intense feelings for his money. Shortly after we had that conversation, I introduced Kevin to Mike. Kevin would not make eye contact with Mike. When Mike asked him questions, he answered with “yes sir” and “no sir”. I told Kevin that Mike and I were a couple and that he needed to make sure he served both of us now. Kevin responded with the usual, “yes ma’am”, and then went off to do my laundry.

A week after he met Mike, I was returning to my room after class a bit early. I walked in and found Kevin on his knees by my bed, jerking off. I slowly and quietly walked up behind him. He had a pair of my panties in his hand, held up to the tip of his penis. I stood behind him and watched until he was on the edge of cumming. Just as his balls released, I yelled, “what the fuck are you doing?” It scared the shit out of him. His penis sent ribbons of cum all over the place. His face turned beet red and he got all flustered and began to apologize profusely. I acted very upset, although deep inside, I thought it was funny and a bit pathetic. Kevin was mortified and extremely embarrassed. I told him to clean up his mess and to take whatever dirty laundry I had in my hamper and get it washed immediately. I then told him he needed to report back to me when he was finished.

Kevin cleaned up his mess quickly and took the few items I güvenilir bahis had in the hamper and quickly exited. I called Mike and told him what had happened. Mike said he was going to beat Kevin up. I told him not to, that Kevin was just a little pervert and he was just doing what perverts do. Besides, he was my source of cash and I did not want to ruin that. I told Mike that he needed to come to my room instead, I had a plan. Mike arrived quickly and I told him to play along with whatever I did. He agreed. About an hour later, Kevin arrived at my door with my freshly washed laundry.

Mike and I were making out on my bed. Mike’s hand was down my pants. His middle finger was fully inside my wet pussy and his thumb was rubbing slow circles on my swollen clit. When Kevin entered, he just stood and watched. I knew he was there immediately, but I let Mike have his way with me a bit longer. Finally, I looked up and acknowledged Kevin. I told him to put all of my laundry away except the pair of panties he was jerking off into. Then I told them to hand them to me. He did. I stood up and took them from him and walked into the bathroom. Moments later, I appear with just those panties and my bra on. Kevin instantly had a little tent in his pants. I told Kevin, that Mike was going to fuck me and that I needed him to guard at my door so that no one came in while we had sex. Once we were finished, I would let him know. “Yes ma’am”, slipped from his trembling lips.

As Kevin left to guard the door, I turned to Mike and told him to fuck me as hard as he could. I wanted to have a reason to scream loud enough for Kevin to hear. I needed to be fucked until I squirted a river of cum. Mike grabbed me and threw me onto the bed and ripped my bra off. I told him not to remove my panties, I just wanted him to push them aside. The next hour was the hardest fucking I had ever had. At times, I found myself screaming his name and howling with each orgasm. He rode me like a cheap whore and I in turn rode him like an old mule. He came twice and I, too many times to count. Once we finished, it took us both about a half hour to come down. Mikes phone buzzed next to the bed, it was his fraternity mate. He had been arrested at a bar and needed to be bailed out. Mike apologized but said he needed to run. I told him to send Kevin in as he left.

I put my bra back on as Mike opened the door. I told Kevin to come in. Kevin entered and looked at me wide eyed. I directed him over to my dresser and told him to get me a clean pair of panties. türkçe bahis He pulled out a little silky pink pair and walked over to me. I asked him if he liked them and he said it was his favorite pair. I told him to turn around. As he did, I slipped off the totally soaked pair I had been fucked in and put on the fresh pair. I told Kevin to turn back around and to get on his knees in front of me. I asked him to lean forward towards me. As he did, I wiped my cum soaked panties across his face. Kevin let out a low, very satisfied groan. I asked him if he liked that and he said he loved it. I told him to open his mouth. As he did, I balled up my wet mess and placed it into his mouth then pushed his chin up with my foot.

Kevin instinctively took a long suck on my panties. His body shivered as he did. His right hand slid slowly to his crotch and began rubbing. I asked him if he liked the taste of my wet panties in his mouth and he shook his head in an enthusiastic yes. Kevin took another long slurp. I asked him if he could taste Mikes potent cum too. He shook his head up and down. I then told him to look me in the eyes. Kevin did exactly that. I explained to him that Mike was a real man and real men get to fuck my tight, wet pussy. However, he was a little pervert and he did not get to even touch me, he could only worship me from afar. I asked him if he understood that. His head bounced up and down furiously. All the while, his hand was rubbing his crotch, through his pants, as though it was on fire. The nastier I spoke to him the harder he rubbed his pathetic lump in his pants.

I asked Kevin if he ever wanted to watch Mike make passionate love to me. Kevin’s eyes filled with tears as he let out a muffled “yes ma’am”. I stood up in front of him and pulled his face between my legs. Mikes cum slowly dripped from my freshly fucked pussy. I pushed Kevin’s face against my now second pair of soaked panties and told him to sniff. This is what hot, passionate sex smells like, I told him. I made it a point to force some of Mikes cum out of me by using my Kegel muscles. Mikes warm gift soaked straight through my panties and onto Kevin’s face. I took my finger and rubbed the cum across his face. Kevin’s whole body trembled between my legs.

My hips started to move slowly. I placed my sensitive clit on the bridge of Kevin’s nose and began grinding on his face. Kevin squealed like a schoolgirl from between my legs. His hand furiously rubbed his little penis through his pants. It did not take long before my clit exploded güvenilir bahis siteleri and sent me into an orgasm. My pussy released a mixture of my cum and Mikes directly through my silky pink panties. Kevin’s face was soaked, covered in sexual juices. As I reached the peak of my orgasm I heard Kevin’s muffled screams of ecstasy as he came inside his pants. I could feel his body thrusting and pulsing between my legs. As I came down from my orgasm, I pushed Kevin from my crotch. He fell to the floor. Kevin was breathing heavily, with my panties still in his mouth. His face was a total disaster. He was covered in pussy juice and Mikes cum.

I fell back onto my bed and relished the experience I had just had with Mike, then with my little pervert. After a bit, I sat up and asked Kevin if he enjoyed himself. Kevin sat up. Tears ran down his face. He said that it was the best day of his life. He had never been so happy. I told him to get back on his knees, as I sat back up on the edge of the bed. His eyes were as big as saucers. I propped myself up a bit and slipped off my soaked panties and spread my legs so he had a perfect view of my freshly fucked pussy. I asked him if he thought he was man enough to lick it clean. Kevin’s whole body shook as he squealed “yes ma’am”. I grabbed the hair and pulled him between my legs and told him to clean it up. A split second later, Kevin’s warm tongue was greedily licking and sucking the sexual juices from between my legs. I made sure to squeeze as hard as I could to be sure he was getting Mikes cream from inside me.

Kevin did an amazing clean up job and his tongue even gave me another soft mini-orgasm. Once he finished, I told him to take my soaked panties, sheets and blankets and to go launder them. Kevin dutifully took my wet items and turned to leave. As he did, I noticed that he had a huge wet spot on his crotch. His cum had soaked all the way through. I did not mention anything to him. Kevin obviously enjoyed humiliation, so who was I to tell him. I was actually hoping some of my dorm mates would see it and laugh at him.

That night as I drifted off to sleep, my mind raced. The animalistic sex I had gotten from Mike was amazing. However, once again, Kevin’s reaction to how I treated him shocked me. The harder I was with him, the more he liked it. The more I humiliated him, the more excited he would get. Kevin was truly a submissive little pervert. He wanted to be used and abused. Strangely though, I was beginning to get off on it too. Originally, I wanted his money, but lately I found myself getting wet as I used and abused him. Was I becoming a dominatrix? As that though passed through my head, my pussy contracted and tingled with excitement. Maybe Kevin was not the only pervert in this relationship.

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