Kira’s Frustration Pt. 02

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Ass Hot

If you have an idea for a story you want me to try, let me know. All characters are 18 and up. Enjoy!


Kira looked at her reflection in her bedroom mirror. The brunette volleyball player was dressed in grey leggings and a matching grey sports bra. Through the tight clothing, her nipples were easily visible, but her meaty pussy lips were concealed by the tight fabric. Kira then threw on an old tee shirt over her leggings and sports bra before picking up her purse and keys and walking to her car. After several more “sessions” with her loving green cucumber, it had started to go bad so the recently single 20-year-old had thrown it out and was on her way to get something more permanent.

Kira started her car and drove to the sex shop, about 20 minutes away from her apartment. Hopefully I find what I’m looking for she thought as she drove. Finally, Kira reached her destination, a lone building, separated from the main strip mall by tall hedges. The windows were heavily tinted and in pink letters above the door, a sign said, The Love Shack. Kira opened her car door feeling nervous. What if someone sees me in here? She asked herself, slowly making her way to the entrance of the building. She pushed the door open and she saw isles, each with different items.

Some of the isles had lingerie, toys for men, lube, bdsm gear and finally, toys for women. Kira made her way into the isle for women’s toys, slowly searching for what she was looking for. She passed various vibrators, magic wands, finally reaching the dildos. Kira scans the section, seeing various colors and lengths, finding that the 8 to 10-inch-long range of toys is completely sold out. However, one toy caught her eye. It is a red dildo, about 12 inches long and 2 inches thick, complete with a set of balls and a suction cup base.

Kira picked up the toy, feeling its weight through the plastic box. Kira finally shrugged and said to herself, “Fuck it… this will work.” She then made her way to the first isle, picking up several large bottles of lube. With this lots of lube can’t hurt.

Kira then maked her way to the check-out counter, mentally preparing herself for the most embarrassing part of this shopping experience. Behind the counter was a perky 20 something blonde with large tits. She was dressed in a concert tee shirt and shorts. Upon reaching this woman, Kira placed her items on the counter and the woman scans them. “Bad break up?” She asked.

Kira sighed, “I walked in on him plowing some bimbo. So yes, a bad break up.”

The woman smiled at Kira, “Well screw him! Hope you feel bedava bahis better! The total is $70.54.”

Kira nodded at the woman, “Thanks. Here’s my card.” The woman put Kira’s purchase in a nondescript brown paper bag.

After paying, Kira made her way back to her apartment, excited to try out her new toy. After what feels like an eternity for Kira, she reached her apartment and rushed inside to get started. Kira removed her toy and lube from the bag, before opening all of it. Kira looked at the toy and asked herself, how will I be able to take this all? Kira rushed into her room, bringing the toy and the three bottles of lube with her into her room and set them on her bed. Kira then removed her shirt and tossed it on the floor to be picked up later. Where to do this? Somewhere where a miss will be easy to clean up… like the shower! Kira thought.

Kira once again picked up her lube and large red dildo, bringing all these items with her to her shower. Once in her bathroom, Kira stuck the suction cup base of the dildo on the floor of the shower and then began to undress. Kira grabbed her grey sports bra from the bottom and peeled it up, reveling her small b breasts and hard pink nipples. Kira then turned her attention downward, something catching her eye. She looked down at her crotch and noticed that the area near her pussy was darker in color and wet. Just the thought of this toy is turning me on, Kira thought, peeling her leggings away, reveling her wet pussy with its large protruding inner lips.

Kira reached between her legs and began to slowly rub her wet folds, enjoying the sensation. Kira slipped a finger inside herself and let out a soft sigh. Her tight pussy gripped her finger, coating it in her juices. Kira slid her finger out and tasted her natural lube, staring at the large red dildo still standing upright in her shower. Well, let’s put it to good use… Kira thought, rubbing her clit and making her way to the toy. While her one hand was occupied with her wet pussy, the other picked up a bottle of lube, Kira knowing she would need it.

Looking down, Kira stood above the fake cock, lining her wet slit up with the head. Kira dropped to her knees and the head of the toy brushed against her meaty entrance. Kira rubbed her sex over the tip of the toy, coating it with some of her juices. Fuck… I’m so wet… Kira thought, imagining herself being fucked hard by a real cock. Still continuing to make a small circular motion with her pussy on the large head of the toy, Kira began to rub her juices on the length of the dildo, making the top part of it fairly bedava bonus wet. Kira let out a soft gasp from the stimulation.

Reaching between her legs, Kira’s two fingers worked her clit while she continued to rub the head of the fake cock over her pussy. Kira’s breathing grew heavy as she neared orgasm. After several more minutes of teasing her lips with the cock, Kira let out a loud moan as she came. Kira continued to work her clit for the duration of her orgasm, enjoying the sensation. Finally, Kira pulled her hand away from her dripping slit and mentally prepared herself for the large toy between her legs. After debating for several seconds, Kira said, “Let’s try this out.”

With a smile on her face, Kira began to lower herself on the large toy. Kira gasped as the head entered her pussy. Kira continued down the toy, enjoying the sensation of being filled. “Fuck… it’s soooo big…” Kira gasped out, as she moved her body back up, seeing that she took about 5 inches of the toy. The top part of the red dildo was coated in her white cum and her clear juices. Kira then threw herself back down on it, her lips spreading from the large red intruder. The feeling of being filled was turning Kira on, but she needed more. She pulled her body off of the dildo and opened one of the bottles of lube.

Kira turned the bottle upside down and poured a generous amount out. A white liquid with a similar consistency as cum came out of the tube. “What the fuck?” Kira asked out loud, turning the bottle around to read the lable. “Cum lube?” Fake cum that doubles as lube… I guess it works…” Kira continued and thought for a second. Putting the bottle back over the toy, she poured out a little more. By now the white lube was beginning to slide down the length of the toy, turning the red dildo white. Kira rubbed her meaty inner lips over the toy, coating them with the white lube before plunging down onto the toy once again. Kira groaned as her pussy took more of the toy than before. The white lube made her work easier, mixing with her natural lube. This time, Kira took a little over half of the dildo. Kira then began to quickly fuck herself with the top half, her breathing quickly becoming ragged.

“Oh fuck, fuck fuck!” Kira cried as she came. Her pussy squeezed the dildo, forcing some of the white lube out of her pussy. Kira’s orgasm subsided and the woman sat up off of the toy, catching her breath. Her pussy was wide open from use and immediately some of her cum and the white lube slid out of her and landed on the head of the dildo. Kira smiled at her toy before grabbing the deneme bonusu lube once again. She once again poured the cum colored lube on the toy, using her hands to cover most of the toy with the lube. Kira impaled herself on the toy once again, gasping as it filled her pussy. Kira began to rapidly bounce up and down on the dildo, causing her small breasts to bounce up and down. Reaching between her legs, Kira began to rub at her clit, her hand becoming covered in the lube and her own juices and cum.

Kira breathed in through her nose. Her bathroom smelled like pussy and cum. Kira smiled as she continued to impale herself on the toy, each time taking more of it than she had before. Each downward thrust by the young woman made her grunt in pleasure. Her sloppy cunt dripped a mixture of her cum, natural lube and the fake lube that she had used to help her take the toy. Her slippery pussy squelched as liquid was forced from it to make room for the toy.

Kira looked at the large fake cock imbedded deep in her pussy. The bottom four inches or so were exposed. As she slid up on the dildo, Kira let out a moan. Finally, just leaving the tip inside herself, Kira said with a smile, “I bet I could take this whole toy.” With this goal in mind, Kira began to ride the dildo with renewed force and effort, her body getting hot and sweaty. Her fingers became a blur as they frantically rubbed at her clit. Her hand was quickly covered in the fake cum lube, her own cum and juices.

Kira’s heavy breathing filled the air as her tight body bounced up and down on the dildo. Kira had spent her last several masturbation sessions using a fairly large cucumber. However, this toy was significantly longer and Kira felt more full than ever. Kira’s gasps and moans grew in volume as she rode her dildo hard, bringing herself closer to orgasm once again.

The tired Kira picked herself up completely off of the dildo before dropping herself onto it. She cried out in pleasure as she came, her pussy gripping the whole 12 inches of the red dildo. Her eyes closed and she felt her legs shake from the pleasure, as her cum coated the length of the dildo. After her orgasm subsided, Kira shakily stood, allowing the dildo to slide easily out of her dripping cunt. Her cum, juices and the lube she used all ran down her thighs and coated the floor of her shower in a sticky white mess. Several strands of her cum ran from her pussy to her thighs, each glistening in the light.

The room smelled like cum, lube and sweat, forming a strange odor that was not unpleasant. Kira looked between her toned legs and smiled at the mess oozing out of her sore pussy. Her lips hung wide open allowing cum and lube to slide out of her. The dildo was also a mess, covered in cum and lube. Kira turned the water on hot and began to clean up and unwind, now having almost completely forgotten about her cheating ex.

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