Kitty’s Mom Ch. 02

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I would respectfully suggest that you read the first chapter of this series, entitled Kitty’s Mom, which has received the most views of any of the Lit stories I have written. It will serve as the appropriate foreplay for this excursion into the Haden women’s various orifices.

I lifted up the short pleated skirt of her cheerleader outfit as the blonde knelt on the floor, her elbows propped up on the couch, as she peered at me over her shoulders, her pigtails dangling down onto her tanned, freckled shoulders. She offered encouragement, as a good cheerleader should always do.

“Fuck me. Fuck that ass. You know how I love what you do to me with your dick.”

It was the most rousing rah-rah cheer I had ever heard, I mused, admiring that taut ass covered in the prototypical white cotton panties. I began to peel them aside. I remembered what my college roommate once told me when he was fortunate enough to bag Linda Fleur, the hottest cheerleader at the University of Connecticut when I had matriculated there.

“Only one thing better than cheerleader pussy,” he lectured in a professorial tone as his frat brothers listened with envy, taking copious mental notes. “And that’s cheerleader ass.” Ten years after the lesson, I was finally finding this to be true first-hand. Better late than never.

I eased down on my own knees to position myself directly behind the object of my desire, and went through what had now become our little tradition during the half-dozen times or so since we had commenced on our little anal ritual.

I began to lick and spit along the rim of her tight, pink-puckered anus while finger-fucking the silky, gold-trimmed walls of her swollen labia, easing my finger into her steamy snatch at the same time as my thumb began to stretch her rear hole. I lifted my head, unable to resist teasing the willing slut offering her asshole for my exploration.

“You know, I’m going to have a lot of stamina to fuck that tight ass of yours today. Because your daughter just sucked my cock no more than an hour ago, Mrs. Haden.”

Forty-four year-old Loretta Haden, the mother of my teenaged virgin girlfriend who sucked cock with the intensity and effectiveness of a wet vac extracting flood waters, gave me the leer that I had come to relish. Loretta hated any mention of Kitty’s cocksucking veracity almost as much as she loved taking my eight-inch dong up her ass.

Upon my request, she had donned her daughter’s cheerleading uniform for our matinee activities today, all maroon and gold and tassels and tits. She filled it out every bit, if not better than, any of the college girls a quarter-century her junior.

Loretta Haden was the best fuck I had enjoyed in my twenty-nine years, and her nineteen year-old precious little girl was the most enthusiastic cocksucker. Yessir, it was quite a family that Mr. Haden had here. It was so nice of him to have an important job with Boeing that caused him to travel so frequently.

Mrs. Haden and I had come to a mutual agreement that was turning out to be quite symbiotic. In return for my pledge to not deflower her virgin daughter, Loretta Haden provided me with sweet release in marathon sessions for the last several weeks.

In a typical day for me recently, Kitty and I would meet in the morning before she went to classes, and she would suck my cock at least once, sometimes twice. Then, her mom would come to my apartment for some heated, and often very rough, borderline angry, incredible sex, until I had to go to my job as a restaurant manager in mid-afternoon. Kitty just happened to work as a hostess at my restaurant, conveniently enough, and she would invariably suck my cock as I drove her back to mom’s house at night.

I pulled up the uniform sweater with ‘State’ emblazoned on the chest to watch her large, soft, and only slightly sagging tits bounce as she wiggled in response to my administrations.

I slapped my throbbing rod across the smooth, mature cheeks of Loretta as I pulled the material of her panties upward in a tight string and tugged it into the slit of her cunt, teasing her with a sexual wedgie of sorts. I had quickly discovered that Loretta Haden had the most sensitive and responsive clit that I had ever experienced, and she was moaning lustily simply from the mere pressing of soft cotton on her clit. Maybe it was an after-forty thing in women, I guessed.

The slightest stimulation would bring Kitty’s mom, my new willing anal slut, to the brink of explosive orgasm, and I wanted to bring her over that brink before penetrating her ass this afternoon. Not only did a pre-anal orgasm relax her, I had learned, it triggered repeat orgasms in rapid succession once her anal cavity was compromised by prime young man meat.

She would cum like a river from anal sex, she liked it even more than conventional fucking. I’ve never met a woman quite like her, before or since.

Yep, Kitty’s mouth and Kitty’s mom’s ass, over and over, day after day, week after week now. It had been quite a fun month. Hiring Kitty was perhaps the most unexpected job bonus I altyazılı porno had ever given myself.

My tongue probed Mrs. Haden’s asshole as I stretched the cotton fabric and rubbed it vigorously over her cunt to the point where it started to tear. She whimpered, completely in surrender, totally under my power, her only motivation was to get my big dick in her ass, and quick.

In one motion, I raised my body up and hooked my thumbs into the panties’ waistband on each side of her hips and pulled hard. The material shredded like it was caught in a windstorm in a rural Georgia cotton field, and I took the horny MILF by the wrists and held them behind her with one hand, pulling on her pigtails with the other, so that the veins on her neck pulsed from a mixture of slightly painful discomfort and blissful arousal.

“Your virgin daughter’s sweet, hungry mouth, and her slut mommy’s tight ass,” I growled, as my cockhead began to poke and stretch its path into Loretta’s saliva-coated hot sphincter. “And they both love it so. A cocksucker and an ass whore. My favorite family.” Loretta groaned lustfully as her ass began to expand to accept my invading cock.

I confess that I had never talked like this to any other woman, but these circumstances were unique, at least in my life. It was clear that while Kitty adored me, Loretta despised me. Well, except for eight thick inches or so of me, anyway. Loretta was probably mortified at her infatuation with my dick, but she admitted to me that she had become addicted to our fucking sessions.

In fact, the more I humiliated Kitty’s mom verbally, the hotter the sex we shared. I’d let Freud and his advocates figure it out. In the mean time, I was more than willing to initiate dirty talk that would make a porn director blush.

And, yeah, I liked it, too. I’m not gonna lie. It was a wild fucking turn-on. I was really getting into being the ass dom of a married woman who also happened to be the mom of my current orally-fixated girlfriend.

“It’s a good thing for you that you have such an amazing cock, John,” Loretta grunted huskily. She assisted my penetration by freeing herself from my attempt at restraining her wrists, wiggling out of my grip, and pulled her buttocks apart with each hand. “I don’t really like you much, but, ooooh, how you can fuck, young man.”

I grinned, playing along with our little war of words, and bucked my pelvis forward so that another inch entered her most intimate hole. Despite our age difference of fifteen years, this was the best sex either of us had found, and we both knew it.

It’s funny how you can sometimes not really like your partner’s company except when you’re each trying to fuck the other’s genitals off. And try we did, believe me. It had almost become kind of a morbid contest between Mrs. Haden and me. A battle of wills with cock, pussy, and ass as our weapons. A sword fight with an explicit target.

Yet, rather than exhaust the other, our sexual aerobics only served as an elixir for both of us. The more I fucked this hot mom, the more powerful I felt.

Similarly, Loretta proved to be utterly insatiable, wanting more even after the most torrid, rough sex anyone could fathom. We would have made millions with a videotaped session on the Internet, I’m certain. Something tells me there would be quite an fan club to watch a forty-four year old hottie extracting a creampie by manipulating her anal muscles, warm young cum oozing from hot mature ass.

“That’s really ironic, mom,” I mocked her as my balls began to slap against her fine ass. “Your lovely daughter was telling me the same thing this morning as she swallowed my load.” Chuckling, I added, “Now here you are, taking my next load deep up your ass. Hmmm, I’m not sure which I enjoy more.” More than half of my cock was buried in Loretta now, and I peeked below her legs to see her frantically diddling her clit now.

Her strong thigh muscles, the envy of any middle-age woman, honed and toned by many a yoga exercise, began to twitch involuntarily, a sign of an impending mini-tsunami of pleasure. I couldn’t resist pulling on a pigtail, just for kicks. Her head snapped back and she uttered a series of loud expletives as her ass began to convulse around my ever-penetrating dick.

I sighed myself, trying to maintain my control and live up to my boastful prediction of stamina as her warm anus enveloped my shaft. This was quite a coming-out party in recent weeks for me. The sex with Loretta was indeed truly electric. She was teaching me the many wonders of older women, and their unabashed lack of inhibitions. There was not the slightest pretense of any cordiality, never mind a relationship.

Her charade that she would continue to fuck me only as long as I vowed to not tarnish her only daughter’s chastity was just that, a charade. Loretta would continue to fuck me for her own pleasure regardless of what I was doing with her daughter, as long as it stayed within comfortable and non-painful boundaries, of course.

Loretta was selfish, she needed this cock, my cock, certainly more than I needed türkçe altyazılı porno her. And she knew it. That’s what gave me the feeling of power. Misplaced confidence, perhaps, but an aphrodisiac nonetheless. Any young man in his twenties who tries to tell you that fucking a forty-something woman isn’t a rush is a stone-cold liar.

Yep, although our trysts were adulterous, illicit, and amoral, it was also exciting beyond description, the forbidden fruit come to life, a modern-day Eve.

As Loretta’s ecstasy flooded in wave after wave of multi-orgasmic bliss (another endearing trait of the cougar species), I flipped her over onto her back and lifted her onto the couch, as much to prolong my own excitement as it was to also get a full perspective of her attire. She landed on the cushions with a soft ‘plop’ and pleaded at me with those doe-brown eyes that so reminded me of her daughter’s. Loretta’s eyes blazed in unmistakable lust….just keep fucking me.

Her skirt had bunched up over her navel and her sweater was now pulled over her sizeable, heaving breasts, the brown nipples jutting out from just below the hemline. They were swollen, puffy thimbles, perfectly erect, and looked as though they could serve as coat hangers if need be. Her legs instinctively wrapped around my buttocks as I knelt in front of her and led her hand to her twat so that I could watch her finger herself while I anally reamed her in missionary position.

I was surprised, touched, to see tears forming in her eyes as my big cock slid into her naturally lubricated gaping anal hole. Before I had a chance to speculate on the source of her teardrops, she reached up and grabbed me by the neck with one hand and pressed my mouth onto hers.

In all of our heated exchanges, there was only one thing we hadn’t done. We hadn’t kissed. Each time I had tried in the past, Loretta had rebuffed my efforts by turning her face away or, at times, pushing me forcibly so that there was no duplicity in her message. There would be no intimacy, no affection, just sheer, unadulterated sex.

Her mouth, like her ass, was hot, warm, inviting, talented, and the show of passion excited me exponentially. When it comes down to it, there truly is no more erotic act than deep kissing while fucking. Her tongue wrapped around mine with agility and she sucked on the tip, causing my dick, if possible, to harden and thicken even more from the rush of blood coursing to my genitals.

I broke this kiss reluctantly after perhaps two minutes of prolonged and accelerated fucking to announce, “If you keep that up, I’m gonna come. No one has ever kissed me like that”. It was true, both the accolade regarding her kisses and the fact that I was going to explode very soon.

She clung to my neck like a canary on a perch and gazed up at me wild-eyed, lust now shared with the first glimpse of sweetness that I had ever seen in her eyes. Her hips continued to buck upward and into my pelvis wildly, and she asked, simply, “Where do you come when Kitty sucks you?”

The question had such shock-value as to halt my thrusts, at least for a second. Recognizing my confusion, Loretta rephrased the inquiry, her asshole caressing my cock, urging my release with impeccable timing. “Her mouth, her tits?” I nodded, those were indeed the usual touch-down spots.

“Have you ever come all over her face?” I shook my head. Kitty and I hadn’t yet broached that subject, but my head-shake seemed to please Mrs. Haden. She swung her legs off of my hips, separating my cock and her anus with an audible ‘pop’, and wriggled under my balls with mouth agape, stroking my dick and cupping my balls.

“Then come all over mine.” The explosion that soon coated her face splattered against her eyelids, her cheeks, her curly blonde hair, and dripped onto her forehead and collarbone in two distinct streams. Her pearly white teeth gleamed with my cum like a small tube of toothpaste had bust from its container. She culminated her performance by looking me straight in the eyes, while one of hers winked from the tangy semen filling her eye socket, and slowly licked the residue of my cum and her ass flavors into her mouth.

It was my first ass-to-mouth experience, and that deserved the appropriate reciprocal gesture of appreciation. I pulled Loretta from her position beneath my balls, pushed her onto her back, and began an enthusiastic oral exploration of her snatch. Perhaps it was good genes, but Loretta tasted perhaps even better that her daughter’s virgin channel. (I wondered ever so briefly if Grandma was available to sample her taste, but the thought quickly passed.)

As Loretta graciously pulled her ankles as far apart as she could, contorting into a pretzel-like position with one leg hanging over the backrest of the couch and the other at a ninety-degree angle to the ceiling, I began a crash course in oral penmanship.

I first twirled a capital “K” over her spongy outer labia, and then a small “i” with a rat-a-tat-tat with my tongue on her clit to assure I had properly dotted the letter. Nothing sloppier than an undotted hd altyazılı porno “i”, after all.

As her taut stomach heaved, I quickly ran a letter “t”, and then another, and again, concerned that the letters were dotted as they should be, slowly ran my tongue in a horizontal movement across the top bridge of her mound. She shuddered, gasped, pulled my hair tightly with one hand while the other waved around in the air like a orchestra conductor having a seizure.

I next spent about thirty leisurely seconds swirling first a loopy “y”, and then an apostrophe (which takes tremendous oral agility, let me tell you!) and then capped off my first word with a big, wet “s”, licking her clit as I trailed the bottom curl of the letter.

Mommy’s cunt convulsed and she was uttering incomprehensible obscenities as her abs began to shake and twitch, her one leg now banging down like an anvil onto my back.

I smiled up at her, though she didn’t notice, her eyes clenched shut and her mouth agape, on the verge of a monstrous vaginal release. Knowing I could make her cum whenever I so pleased, I stuck my wet tongue deep in her twat and slurped a capital “M” deep into her folds, so deep I was almost tattooing the letter into her tunnel.

I circled a small “o” with my tongue about fifty times or so, and felt the first gush of sweet pepperminty nectar begin to trickle from her slit. Her taste was indeed unique, and scrumptious.

As I reached the grand finale, I plunged two fingers into mature slut’s gash and flicked them upward, reaching the holy grail of her ultra-reactive G-spot, and culminated the performance with a small “m” and white sticky cum gurgled and bubbled from her pussy and into my waiting lips.

“K-I-T-T-Y-‘S M-O-M”, spelled out on the namesake’s pussy.

Makes ’em cum like a busted pipe every time. Only wish Kitty’s first name had more letters, we might still be there.

I got up to dress, leaving Mrs. Loretta Haden’s very married cunt saturated and seeping, as she lay semi-comatose on the couch, completely sated, both anally and vaginally.

I only vaguely was aware of her phone ringing as I went into the bathroom to wash up. It’s a firm rule in the restaurant business, you see it in almost all restrooms.

“Employees must wash hands AND dick after having anal sex.” Or something like that, I get it confused sometimes. Either way, it is good hygiene habit to get into, though.

When I emerged, I overheard Loretta saying into the receiver, “Yes, he’s still here. Yes, great tongue and well hung, that’s him. Incredible, actually.” I had a pretty good inkling she was talking about me, and felt a surge of pride, yet wondered with whom she was sharing our little secret. She paused for a second, and before hanging up, she said to the party on the phone, “I’ll mention that to him. Something tells me that might work out well for everyone. Ciao, darling.”

I pulled up my zipper as she snapped the flip-phone closed. Loretta’s cunt and asshole were both still gaping and soaked as her daughter’s skirt was still hiked up around her waist as she propped up her elbows on the couch, reveling in her near-nakedness. She idly rubbed the caked cum off of her eyelid as she spoke.

“That was a dear friend of mine. I owe her one. She will be coming to see you in your restaurant later tonight to talk to you about making a donation to some of her favorite charities.”

Though I thought I had proven my philanthropy by donating loads of cum to both Haden women already today, I promised Loretta I would be available to her friend. Yet, as I departed, I was still a bit perplexed that Loretta had first discussed our sexual activity with her mystery pal, and more so, how that soon had turned into a charitable discussion.

About nine o’clock on that busy Friday evening, prime time for a restaurant, my lovely virgin cocksucking hostess, nineteen-year-old Kitty Haden, summoned me on the intercom to the front lobby. Kitty had already promised a post-work BJ, blissfully unaware that I had been invading her mom’s back door mere hours before, so I had already taken the proverbial rain check for tonight, much to young Kitty’s chagrin.

When I finally made my way through the crowded restaurant to the front desk, Kitty was standing hand-in-hand with a very familiar face, although I could not immediately place how I recognized the extremely attractive middle-aged woman. Kitty’s excited introduction made the light bulb go on in my head.

“Aunt Cindy, this is my manager, John Watkins. John, this is my mom’s best friend, Cynthia Tyson from Channel Six news.”

Now, I got it. Cynthia Tyson was the sexiest weather-woman in the Philadelphia television market. She’d been a staple on the evening news for over two decades now and she got hotter every year.

Early forties, short brown hair, and an accomplished marathon runner, Cynthia had the unchallenged best body on TV. The camera angles made every effort to show her lean, tapered legs and world-class rear-end as often as possible, almost single-handedly explaining why Channel Six’s Arbitron ratings were through the roof in the Philly metro market. Half of the male population had absolutely no interest in what her forecasts were on a nightly basis, but they tuned in anyway, mesmerized by the bewitchingly beautiful meteorologist.

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