Kristen’s Story

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Female Ejaculation

This is a sequel to another story of mine, Kristen’s Work Conference. Why a sequel to that particular story? Partly because parts of it were very hot (at least to me, and to many readers), but also because there were real faults with the original, and I thought that I could do better.

Unlike some sequels, I’m not going to say “read the other story first.” This story stands on its own. If you read and enjoyed the first story, I think you’ll also like this one, hopefully finding it even hotter. If you haven’t read the previous story, feel free to, but in my humble opinion this one is better. Either way, I hope you enjoy.

I’m Kristen. You’ve already met me in my husband Steven’s story, Kristen’s Work Conference. He showed the story to me a few weeks after the incidents described in the story – the story of my cheating on him at a work conference, and his subsequent forgiving me for my infidelity.

It embarrassed me that he had shared the story. Though obviously not too much – I’m writing this, after all. Partly to tell you what happened next, but mainly to tell you my side of the story.

In fairness, his story is almost entirely accurate. But he did leave out a few important details. He mentions that our sex life had suffered because of our jobs. But what he doesn’t mention is that the main problem was him. Yes, we both had high pressure jobs. But that didn’t stop me from wanting a more active sex life. Of course I wanted it with him. At that time, “him only,” though now, as you’ll see, “him and others.” Why others? Read on.

But before we get to that, I want to make one thing clear. Since that weekend, I’ve read about men who are aroused by their partner’s infidelity. I’ve read other “cuckold” stories on Literotica. And one thing you see in a lot of those stories is women dissatisfied with their husband’s skill in the bedroom. That is not the case here. My husband is a thoughtful and skilled lover. When we did make love, that is. As I said, the problem was frequency. The lack of sex is also a big part of the reason that I felt unattractive, despite my husband’s reassurances.

He left out one other important fact – one that he had told me only after my infidelity. He had been imagining me with other men, and getting off on it. This before the thought of cheating on him had even entered my mind.

As to the events of the conference and the aftermath – my at first reluctant but then enthusiastic coupling with David, my return home, my confession to Steven and, at his insistence, my graphic description of the details of my infidelity, and finally his forgiveness of me – his account is accurate. The only quibble that I have with his story is that he understates the extent to which he was obviously and openly aroused by my infidelity.

After my return home and make-up sex, we didn’t talk much about it. He was concerned that I might leave him for my conference lover. I assured him that that was absurd. Most importantly, I did (and do) love my husband dearly, and I still want to be with him. David was married also, and, more to the point, while a fun guy and exciting lover, was NOT someone with whom I would have been compatible on a day to day basis. To be honest, he was a bit of a jerk. As Steven’s story made clear, David had not respected my boundaries on the night that we first had sex. While I was happy enough with the result, I could not be with someone long term who did not respect my boundaries.

So things went back to normal, mostly. In fact, the biggest change is that our sex life istanbul travesti improved. For a while I thought that my infidelity would be a one time thing. And probably it would have been, if my husband had truly wanted me to remain faithful. But it was obvious that he did not. Or, at least, it was obvious that he was ambivalent but still turned on by thinking about me with other men. And to be honest – with myself as much with as with you readers – I found myself frequently thinking about, and getting aroused by, my sex with David. Not so much because he was such a great lover. Oh, he was fine. But more the excitement of having sex with someone other than my husband, the transgressiveness of it. I had been a happily faithful wife … but I had tasted forbidden fruit, and I wanted more.

But unlike many of the women in the stories on Literotica, I certainly did not start sleeping around with every guy in sight. I did, however, continue to communicate with David via email and occasional phone calls (and, yes, a couple of phone sex sessions). And I was more aware of the attractive men in my life – especially Bradley, a coworker who had been flirting with me for ages. Steven and David were both handsome, but Bradley was on a whole other level. Tall, strikingly handsome face, brilliant blue eyes, longish dirty blond hair, athletic build. Of course men like that are often so full of themselves that they make lousy lovers. But my work friend Betty had had a brief affair with Bradley. She had broken it off when she got engaged to her boyfriend, but she assured me that the sex had been fantastic. I started to think about the possibility of taking Bradley on as a lover.

But I hadn’t acted on those thoughts. Yet. I did periodically have lunch with Bradley. Our last lunch was… interesting. I had dressed that day in a professional but flattering outfit. Short (but not too short) skirt showing off my long legs – one of my best assets, I’m a little hurt that Steven did not mention that in his description of me. A pretty blouse; I had buttoned it all the way up in the morning, but for our lunch together I had unbuttoned three buttons, giving Bradley a nice view of my lacy bra and C cup breasts.

We chatted and flirted. He asked me, “Let’s go to my place after work. I promise you you won’t regret it.”

I responded “Bradley, I’m flattered and I’m sure it would be lovely. But I’m a married woman, faithful to my husband.”

He responded, “Are you? There was some talk about you at the conference in Chicago.”

I was alarmed, and blushed. “What did you hear?” I asked.

He laughed, and said, “Oh, don’t worry, not much. Just that you were seen dining and drinking with a man other than your husband. But your reaction tells me that there is something to it. Come on, tell me.”

I responded “None of your business, Bradley. And whatever happened… or didn’t happen… doesn’t mean that I’m going to sleep with you.”

But despite my words, I was very aroused by the thought of sleeping with Bradley. When I returned to the office, I went to the bathroom. Sitting in a stall, I lowered my moist panties and fingered myself to an orgasm. I continued to be aroused for the rest of the afternoon, and when I got home I immediately ordered Steven into the bedroom and rode his cock to another orgasm.

Three months after my initial infidelity, I had another work conference. David would be there. I fully intended to sleep with him again.

Steven and I did not discuss it. Neither of us brought it up. If travesti istanbul he had, I would have told him the honest truth.

Why didn’t I bring it up? Perhaps I should have. I had two somewhat contradictory reasons not to. First, I still wasn’t entirely comfortable with his fetish. I was not turned on by – in fact, I was actively uncomfortable with – the thought that he would be imagining me with David and masturbating while I was fucking David. I didn’t want to give him fuel for his fantasies. Selfish of me I suppose. Also, while I had made it perfectly clear to him that my cheating did not make it acceptable for him to sleep with other women, I didn’t want to take the chance that he might think that my continued infidelity gave him license to cheat on me. Maybe you think that’s unfair? Maybe so, but fairness didn’t enter into it.

At the same time, I worried that, despite everything, he might object to my further infidelity. And quite frankly I did not want to risk that happening.

David and I emailed, and then texted, back and forth about our pending meeting in the days and hours before the conference. When I got to the hotel, I had a message on my phone that he was already in his room, waiting for me. I got to my room, left my luggage there, took off my panties, and headed for his room.

He was waiting for me at the door, dressed only in a tee shirt and boxers. We kissed passionately. Unlike last time, when our lovemaking was preceded by what seemed like hours of foreplay, we jumped immediately into bed. I was already quite wet. “I need your cock inside me” I told him. He quickly obliged. Our lovemaking was fast and frenzied. I didn’t even strip; he pulled up my skirt and entered me and pounded me with hard fast strokes. I came violently. He returned the favor immediately, flooding my married pussy with this cum.

We both knew that that was only round one, but David, while having remarkable recovery power, needed some time before he was ready to go again. We finished undressing, cuddled and kissed.

I realized that in the excitement I hadn’t yet called Steven to tell him that I had arrived safely. As we lay naked in bed together, David lightly stroking my breasts and belly, I told him that I needed to call Steven. David smirked.

I picked up the phone and called Steven. He answered; I said, “hey babe, I’m here at the hotel, safe and sound.” He asked me about my flight; I told him it was fine, uneventful.

As I spoke on the phone with Steven, David continued to stroke my body. He brought his hands lower, and inserted a finger into me. I gasped. Steven asked, “are you okay?”

I responded, “yes dear, I’m fine.” He wished me a good night. I wished him the same, told him that I speak to him the next evening, and hung up the phone.

I put the phone down, and turned to David. “That wasn’t very nice. I’m sure Steven realized exactly what was happening.”

David laughed. “I’m sure that he did. And I’m also sure that your cuckold husband is masturbating right now, thinking about you riding my cock.”

“And I suppose your wife is doing the same?”

He laughed, “Oh hell no. I told you that I haven’t told her about us. She would probably cut my balls off if she knew.”

I was momentarily a little put off. As I said, David could be a bit of a jerk. But soon enough we were at it again, kissing passionately. I pushed his head down; he went down on me, licking, sucking, fingering me to my second orgasm of the night. I returned the favor; deep throating his cock. istanbul travestileri While I sucked him he called me his cheating slut, his cock sucking whore. The verbal abuse turned me on. Before he could cum a second time, I stopped sucking him. I pushed him on his back and mounted him. I thrust up and down on his hard cock as he played with my big breasts. “Fuck you,” I said, as I rode him; “at least I’m honest with my husband. You’re the one cheating on your wife without her knowledge.” He just laughed. I ground myself against him and came again. He then filled me with his second load of the night. “God, you can be such an ass,” I said. We went to sleep in each other’s arms.

We spent the next three days fucking like rabbits. I lost count of the number of orgasms I had; he filling my married pussy with load after load of cum. I was awakened on the last morning by his hard cock entering me from behind. “You’re insatiable,” I said. I fingered myself while he fucked me to another orgasm, and he filled me once more with his cum. But I had a flight to catch; I kissed him, thanked him for a lovely weekend, and returned to my room.

I packed up and was ready to go to the airport. I checked out of my room. I had a few minutes to spare, though, and before I could leave I got a text from David. He was still in his room and wondered if I wanted to come up for “one last quickie.” Ugh, he could be such a pig sometimes. But of course despite that, yes, I did indeed want to come back up for “one last quickie.” I rode the elevator to his floor and knocked on his door. He was naked waiting for me. This time we didn’t even make it to the bed. He pulled down my panties, bent me over a table, and entered me. Soon he was putting yet another load into my cheating pussy. I put my panties back on and left for the airport – no time for a shower. I arrived just in time to make my flight. I started catching up on my sleep on the short flight home.

This time I greeted my Steven with a passionate kiss when he picked me up at the airport. I knew that I still reeked of sex. Unlike last time, when I had had showered but some of David’s cum was still leaking into my panties, this time his spunk was practically gushing into my panties.

We got home, and headed straight for the bedroom. We were soon naked on the bed, kissing and touching each other. He then asked me for the first time, “did you fuck David again this time?”

“Why don’t you taste me and tell me what you think?” I opened my legs. He obediently started licking me. Up to that point I hadn’t been turned on by his cuckold fetish. It was convenient for me, of course, allowing me to be unfaithful without guilt, but not a turn on. But I was incredibly turned on by his licking David’s cum from me. I asked him, “Can you taste him?”

He responded with a muffled “yes dear.” He kept licking me. He was a good pussy licker; between that and the excitement of him eating David’s spunk from me, I came quickly on his tongue.

He kissed me and I tasted myself and David. “Get on your back,” I ordered him. He complied; I lowered myself on him and put his hard cock into my cheating pussy.

As I rode my husband, I wasn’t thinking about him. Nor was I thinking about David. I was thinking about Bradley. And deciding that I’d invite him to lunch again, and that this time I wouldn’t brush off his flirting. And knowing that I would start seeing him. Fucking him. I imagined that I was with him, riding him, his cock getting ready to explode and fill my unfaithful pussy with his spunk. And with that thought, I had an incredible orgasm. Simultaneously, my husband came inside me, mixing his cum with David’s.

As we were lying together afterwards, my husband whispered to me how much he loved me. I responded, “I love you too, my sweet cuckold.”

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