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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?



From Chapter 45:

After dinner, we play dominoes and Chinese Checkers and drink coffee and chat until late.

It”s Ma who comments, “Well, I”m off to bed to get my beauty sleep.”

I comment, “Gee, Ma, you must have had a lot of sleep!”

While she points at me and smiles, Pa looks to Mum and raises an eyebrow, Mum smirks, and Karl pretends to put his finger down his throat.

Mum says, “Yes, I think that we should all turn in. We have a big day planned for tomorrow.” She looks from Karl to me and tells us, “We”re going to take you into the city. It will be nothing like you”ve ever seen before.”



Chapter 46 � Lots of new things

Karl and I shower and put on our new pyjamas. Then, after saying goodnight to Ma and Pa, we hug Mum and kiss her goodnight too.

“I have missed reading my two boys their bedtime story,” Mum tells us, coming with us to the spare room and giving us a final hug.

Karl says, “We have some books from the library in Cunnamulla,” and he shows her his Harry Potter and I show her my King Arthur.

I add, “I won”t read any of mine tonight. I think that it will just be `lights out” straight away.”

I look at Karl and he smirks.

Even though we might switch off the lights, I can tell that he doesn”t want to go to sleep immediately! It”s the smirk! I recognise it! In my mind I call it his `horny face”.

Mum replies, “Well, you”ve both had a big day. I”m not surprised that you want to go straight to bed.”

No sooner is our door closed when the pyjama tops come off. Karl is about to remove the pants when I tell him, “Hey! Nice body, brother! Give me a hug.”

He looks at me strangely. “What?” he asks.

I don”t wait for him to move. I wrap my arms around him, with one hand on his `nice glutes” and I hold his body tightly against mine, front to front. When he puts his arms around me, I move my hips from side to side. We say nothing, but he will be able to feel Junior getting hard.

Before long, both of our bodies are fully excited.

“Turn around,” I tell him, then I enjoy the feeling of my body against his firm backside. So does Junior. “Turn again,” I say, and I push my own `nice glutes” back against his hard cock.

He reaches around and takes hold of Junior. “Want to lose the pants now?” he asks.

I pull mine down while Karl does the same, then we come back together, I can feel the heat of his body against mine.

After a few minutes of hugging and pressing, front to front and front to back, Karl growls, “Let”s get into bed. It wasn”t the same in the shower on the train this morning without you.”

“The tissues!” I say. “The ones that Dave gave us on the train last night. I think that we”re going to need them. And not to blow our noses, either.”

“Yeah,” Karl laughs, and we retrieve them from our backpacks.

We clamber onto the bed, and settle into the position that my brother has suggested; lying side by side.

If I was with Andy, there are many other `positions” that I would enjoy, but I let Karl have it his way.

I enjoy the feeling of his hand wrapped around Junior and playing with it.

As I do the same to him, I try to imagine what he is feeling.

“Hey,” he says, while his hand continues working slow magic on Junior, “what was that voice thing that you did this morning? You know, when you said, `Mrs Andersen?” to Mum. How did you make it sound so deep, like somebody else”s?”

I concentrate for a moment and say, deeply, “You mean like this?”

“Yeah,” he says. “That voice! How do you do that?”

“I don”t know how it happens,” I tell him. “I just put my chin down, imagine that I”m some adult that I know, and the deep voice comes out.”

“Go on,” Karl says. “Do it again!”

I do it. I pretend that I”m William. Chin down. Concentrate. Deep voice. “Karl Andersen, I love the feeling of your hot hand on my fat cock. Jack me off! Now!”

“Let me try!” he says. “He puts his chin down, then says, “I”m Mr Grant, the teacher!”

The only problem is that, instead of a deep voice, his words come out with a kind of squeak. Karl coughs and tries to clear his throat. He repeats his words. However, the first few sound like young David and the last couple more like Jane. He coughs again.

I put my chin down and pretend to be William again. Same words. The first bit is deep, but the final `Now!” comes out like David”s little brother, Eric.

Karl and I both laugh.

In my `normal” voice I tell him, “Hey, do you want to lie on our sides, facing each other, and do it like we did at home? Do you remember?”

We proceed to `milk the cow” for each other and it”s not long before two lots of cow”s milk are caught in Dave”s tissues.

“First person to go to the toilet can flush these as well. OK?” I say to him.

He agrees.

We hug, and end up with me behind Karl, snuggled together. I like the feel of his nice glutes and imagine that I”m with Andy. I wonder whether Karl imagines that I am William, snuggled up to his backside, if they do that in private.


Dressed in our new, we-look-older clothes, but without out hats, we sit down to breakfast with Ma, Pa and Mum.

“Do you boys still like chocolate milk?” Ma asks, showing us the Milo can from which the chocolate comes to be stirred into the milk. “You used to love this when you were little.”

I”d forgotten about that!

“Yes, please,” Karl and I both tell her.

I add, “I”d like to buy one of those to take home with us. I haven”t seen that anywhere in Big Town.”

Karl adds his bit, “And we have money to pay for it.”

Pa, Karl and I have cereal with cold milk, sprinkled with sugar. Ma and Mum don”t. Our bowls have roses on them, just as I remembered them.

Ma and Mum have one boiled egg each. In the rose-patterned egg cups. We `men”, as Pa calls the three of us, have two.

Ma and Mum have tea, poured from the rose tea pot into the rose cups. Pa has coffee in a rose mug. Karl and I have our chocolate milk, in plain glasses.

I like to watch the streaks of chocolate reach downwards into the white milk from the granules (that”s a new word for me) that are floating on top. Then I stir it and the whole glass changes colour. And, I scoop up the granules that are still floating and suck them off the spoon. Yum!

I think that we”d better buy two tins of this stuff!

It takes Pa about two minutes to get ready. We `men” sit and watch the news on TV while we are waiting for Mum and Ma.

At one stage I look at Pa and ask, “What”s taking them so long?”

He smiles and replies, “It”s what they do. I”m used to it after being married to your Ma for nearly 40 years!”


As we drive into the city, I”m amazed at all of the tall buildings. Ma and Pa are in the front; Mum is between Karl and me in the back. The closer we get, the taller the buildings become until I can no longer see the tops of the ones in the street that we are driving in, slowly.

Suddenly, Pa turns and the car starts to go down.

“What”s wrong?” Karl asks. “What”s happening?”

“Just parking the car,” Pa says.

“But where are we going?” Karl asks.

It”s Mum who comments: “In the city we can park under the buildings.”

You can park a car under a building here! Go figure!

We go down and down and down. I”ve never seen so many parked cars! A squillion more than at the pub on a busy day!

Pa locks the car and we all get into a little box-room, with lots of numbered buttons. Mum pushes one after the doors close. My stomach does something weird. Like it stays down when the rest of my body goes up.

I look at Karl. He”s holding his stomach as well. Mum is grinning.

“This is called an `elevator”, or a `lift” because it lifts us up to where we want to go,” Mum tells us.

When the elevator stops, my stomach wants to keep going, and then it settles. This feels almost as weird as the day that I met Andy!

We get out into a huge room. The floor is shiny. There are mirrors and lots of wood and even trees, like none that we have at home. Not even in Big Town or in Cunnamulla.

Trees inside a building?

“What are they?” I ask, pointing.

“Palm trees,” Ma answers. We have a lot of those here, especially near the beaches.

We walk across the room to where there are more lifts.

“You boys are going to enjoy this,” Pa tells us, smiling. “Press the button, Karl.”

He does.

The lift doors open. Some people get out and we get in.

“Righto, Kurt,” Pa tells me. “Your turn. Press the top button.”

“What does the zero mean?” I ask.

“It”s an `O”, short for the `Observation Deck”. You”ll see why when we get there,” Pa says.

It takes a long time before the lift stops and lets us out. And it takes a long time for my stomach to settle.

I can”t believe what I see!

We are right up high, among the tops of the tallest buildings, looking down on the river and all of the other buildings. People down on the footpaths and along the river in the park look like little blobs moving around.

“Holy shi…p!” Karl says. “This is even better than the helicopter ride!”

I wish that I had a camera.

Ma and Pa and Mum let Karl and me spend a long time walking around the observation deck and using the big binoculars to look at far-away things to make them seem closer!

I”ll have to remember as much as possible, and try to find the words to describe everything to Dad and the kids at school!

“Anybody thirsty?” Pa asks. “I would love a cup of coffee before we go to lunch.”

We take the lift down to the level that has `Food Court” next to the button.

My stomach-thing happens again, except in reverse. We start down, and it takes a moment or two for my stomach to catch up to me.

The first thing that I notice about the food court is the noise! It”s so loud! So many people!

Pa says, “Why don”t we walk around, and you can have a look at the variety of food that they sell here. We”ll be having lunch somewhere else, but you can choose something to drink.”

I think that the food court almost has as many shops as the whole of Big Town put together!

Pa explains all of the different foods. Chinese. Thai. Indian. Mongolian. Salads. Sushi. Cakes. Chicken. Hamburgers. Coffees. Fruits. Ice creams and gelato, Italian. More.

I wonder how many of these are in Mrs Cameron”s red recipe book, if any!

Mum and Ma get a pot of tea to share and a small Italian biscuit each. Pa has a coffee.

Karl and I are keen to try different milkshakes, one banana and one caramel. We agree to sample each other”s. Pa pays for everything.

Among the crowd, we are lucky to find a place to sit. We just happen to be standing near one table that will fit all five of us when the people sitting there tell us that they are leaving.

We drink. I like the banana, but I prefer the caramel.

Then we walk. And we end up at a `wharf”.

“Wow!” Karl says. “Look at that! It”s like the riverboat in the story of Huckleberry Finn! I didn”t think that these were real. It”s amazing. And huge!”

Pa tells us, “We”re going for a ride on that, and we”ll have lunch on board.”

He pays.

“Thank you, Pa,” I tell him. “Can Karl and I Pay for us, or some of it?”

“Not on your life, Kurt,” he replies. “Your Ma would skin me alive if I took any of your money!”

I hug him, and thank him. I love my Pa.


Karl and I pretend that we are on the boat in Huckleberry Finn and we explore all of it, finding places to hide, in case we are chased by river pirates. Or the Sheriff of Not-Ingham.

At lunch, I discover that I love the taste of prawns and seafood sauce!

And I make a note in my mind of all of the different desserts from which we can choose, and I taste them. Probably too many! I might have a go at trying to make some of them when we get home.

Apart from the incredible variety of food from which we can choose anything and as much as we want, we see some amazing sights along the river. A huge bridge. Nothing like the one across the river at home. Giant-sized! The Botanical Gardens. Beautiful. Incredible buildings. Tall! Different styles. Shiny. Glass. Metal.

And there is so much more that I”m not sure whether I will be able to remember everything!


“Hey!” Karl calls to me as we `disembark” from the riverboat, and wait for Ma and Pa and Mum to catch up to us. “Look at these!”

On the wharf he”s found a small place that has little books with lots of photographs of the city and sights along the river. There are lots of them.

“Do you want to buy a different one each?” he says. “We can show dad and the kids at school.”

“Excellent!” I tell him, and we bump fists, and, after looking at lots of the books, our wallets get lighter by another $5 each.


We skip a big dinner. Everybody is too full to eat anything else!

We sit at the table to play games, which gives Karl and me the opportunity to share our books of photographs that we bought.

Karl catches my attention, nods towards the spare room and gets up.

“Excuse us, for a moment,” I say and I follow him.

He asks me, “Would this be a good time to give them the gifts that we bought in Cunnamulla?”

I take the photo frame and Karl takes the photo book.

Karl gives the Cunnamulla-and-other-towns book to Ma and Pa and talks about places that look similar to where we live and he points our things that we have actually seen.

Then I give Mum the photo frame and tell her that she can take a photo of us while we are here and keep it in the frame so that she will still have us with her after we”ve gone home.

She doesn”t exactly burst into tears, but her eyes overflow and she gives Karl and me a huge hug, and a kiss.

“Thank you, my darlings,” she says, then adds, “Now let”s have a cup of tea and play a game, before my faces becomes a real mess.”


I get the hang of Chinese Checkers and work out that there is actually a strategy to it, with a bit of help from Pa! I”ll have to ask Mum where there is a place that we can buy one of these games to take home with us.

While we are playing, I ask, “Pa, would it be all right if I could ring Mr Grant and arrange for Karl and me to visit him down on the Gold Coast? Please? He told us that it wasn”t too far from Brisbane and that if we were able to catch the train, then he would meet us.”

It”s Mum who says, “Before you do that, let”s talk about what would be the best day, because we have another surprise for you tomorrow, and you will be travelling back home on Tuesday night.

“So that leaves Sunday and Monday,” Karl replies.

He”s not as slow as I sometimes think that he might be, or pretends to be!

Ma says, “Maybe Sunday would be best, because if the boys go down on Monday, they could be too tired for the trip home the next day. Besides, they might want to do some last-minute shopping here on Monday.”

We all look at each other, agree to Ma”s suggestion, and Pa takes me to the phone.

“Do you have his number?” he asks.

I retrieve it from my wallet. Pa rings the number for me, hands me the phone, asks me to please keep the call brief because it is to a mobile phone, and then he goes back to join Ma and Mum.

Karl is standing next to me.

Mr Grant answers. I recognise his voice.

“Hello Mr Grant,” I say. “This is Kurt Andersen.”

“Hello Kurt,” he replies. “Are you OK? You sound different. Do you have a cold?”

“No, Mr Grant,” I tell him. “I”m fine, but my voice has been doing funny things in the last couple of days. Sometimes it sounds normal and sometimes it either goes deep or squeaks.”

He laughs.

We ask whether Sunday would be OK to come and visit, and he tells us which train to catch and where to get off. “I”ve been expecting your call,” he says, “so I had checked the timetable already and had written down the schedules for both Sunday and Monday.”

I was wondering how come he knew the day and time at our end and at his off the top of his head!

Karl says hello then tells Mr Grant, “We have to go now, to keep the phone call short on account of it being Ma and Pa”s phone. See you Monday.”

He hands me the phone. “See you Monday Mr Grant. Will Andy be with you?”

“Of course,” he replies. “He”s been bugging me to let him know when you were coming down. Good bye for now.”

Back at the table, Mum hands me a piece of paper.

“This is the phone number here,” she says, “so that Mr Grant can let us know what time your train will get back, and we”ll pick you up.”

I put it into my wallet.

Mum wins the next game, but I”m only two moves behind her.


We have our showers, kiss everyone and hit the sack!

For the first time in a long time, Karl and I don”t feel the need to `play with each other” in bed. We agree that we”re both too tired tonight. However, Junior, my balls and my right hand all snuggle with each other as I fall asleep.


After breakfast, Pa shows us his Saturday-morning shopping list and asks whether Karl and I would like to izmit escort go with him. Ma and Mum are going to clean while Pa is gone.

Karl goes with Pa. I stay to help Ma and Mum.

I offer to do the kitchen, and, after some protesting by her, Ma shows me where all of the cleaning things are.

While cleaning the kitchen, I look at everything in the pantry and the refrigerator and, when Ma suggests that we all stop for a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit, I ask, “Ma, may I please make an apple pie? We can have it after dinner tonight. You have everything that I need. I”ve already checked.”

“You”re serious, aren”t you?” she asks.

“Yes,” I reply. “I”ve made them before. And apple tarts, and jam tarts.”

“What if you make us some tarts instead of a pie?” Mum asks me. “And I can help, if you like.”

“I don”t mind if you watch,” I tell her.

It”s Ma who laughs, while Mum just looks stunned.


Two trays of apple and jam tarts come out of the oven just a few minutes before Pa and Karl return.

“Hey! I recognise that smell,” Karl announces, putting a box of groceries and other things onto the table and then following his nose. “Where are they?”

“Hands off, young man!” I tell him, brandishing one of Ma”s wooden spoons and doing my best impersonation of Mrs Cameron, hand on hip. I add, “At least give them a chance to cool!”

Pa raises his nose, sniffs the air and says, “Hmm. Then I”d better do the tea and coffee.”

There”ll be plenty left to have some after dinner.


While we are eating and drinking, Mum says, “At two o”clock we have tickets to see a matinee performance of Pirates of Penzance by our local Gilbert and Sullivan Society. I thought that you boys might enjoy that.

I”m excited at seeing a show about pirates, and Mum explains about Gilbert and Sullivan and the singing and acting together.


Wow! I love this! The songs. And the scenery. And the costumes. And the actors.

I love the handsome pirates! And the scaredy-cat police. And, it”s weird that Frederick, born on February 29, could have had only 5 birthdays in 21 years! And I love Major General Stanley. He is so funny, and can sing really, really fast!

And, of course, everyone lives happily ever after!


Karl and I find it hard to be quiet on the way home. We talk about parts of the story that we liked the most, and the funny actors, and our favourite songs.

I never could have imagined that things like this exist! I was happy just reading stories in books, but to see a story acted out on a stage, with singing, is simply amazing! I would love to see more of these. I would love to be the handsome young pirate, Frederick, too. And dress up. And sing. And act. There is nothing like this at The Village. Or in Big Town. Maybe not even in Cunnamulla. I want to visit Mum and Ma and Pa again!


“Thank you so much!” I tell Mum, hugging her, as she kisses us good-night. “I had a wonderful afternoon. That was brilliant! I had never, ever imagined anything like that!”

“I thought that you would both enjoy it,” she replies. “Maybe you would like to come and see the one that they will be doing next year. It will be The Mikado, set in Japan.”


“I”m glad that our birthday wasn”t two weeks later!” Karl says to me, in bed. “Imagine if it was February 29! We”d only be three years old!”

“Well, you”d have a nice cock for a kid who”s only had three birthdays,” I tell him, playing with his erection.

We laugh about it and use more tissues after `milking the cows” and making each other spurt.


As our train pulls into the station where Mr Grant said that he would meet us, I”m really excited. So is Junior. This is probably not the best time for `things” to be so obvious! My new underpants, with the pouch for Junior and my balls, aren”t helping me to hide anything! Oh, well. It”s nothing that Mr Grant hasn”t seen before!

Not forgetting our mostly-empty backpacks, Karl and I scan our tickets as Pa showed us, and we see Mr Grant and William. Karl heads for William and I shake Mr Grant”s hand. Then we swap. They both look incredible in their polo shirts and shorts. I”ve missed them both, even though it”s only been a bit over a week.

“Hi, it”s good to see you both,” I say. It”s my new, deep voice which comes out, even without me thinking about it, or sticking my chin down.

“Where did that come from?” William asks.

“I traded in the old one between Cunnamulla and Brisbane,” I reply. “I like this one better.”

“Wow!” William says. “You sound just like Andy!”

Mr Grant and William both turn their faces to Karl. I know why. So does he.

He opens his mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. He coughs. Then he half squeaks and half speaks, “Mine doesn”t know what it”s doing! It”s just weird.”

Everybody laughs.

Karl looks embarrassed, but Mr Grant gives him a hug and says, “When my voice changed, it took a couple of weeks to settle down. Yours might be fine by the time we get back to school. Then we”ll probably have the two of you, Jake and Will, all sounding like men.”

Karl grins. Mr Grant is amazing. He always knows the right thing to say!

From out of nowhere, Andy appears.

“Surprise!” he calls. He passes Karl, giving him a quick handshake, then focusses on me.

Handshakes aren”t enough, and we give each other a big, squeezy hug. I”d like to do more, but this is not the place! I don”t care if he notices how excited Junior is!

“Andy wanted to be here when you arrived,” Mr Grant tells me. “It was Will”s idea to surprise you!”

“It”s really good to see you,” my new voice tells him.

“You too!” Andy growls, making fun of my voice, but smiling.

As we head towards Mr Grant”s Beast, William puts his arm over Karl”s shoulder and says, “We”re going back to Tom”s place to meet his parents and his sister, have lunch, and then we”ll introduce you to some of our friends at the beach. Did you bring your swimmers?”

“We don”t have swimmers,” Karl replies. “At home we either swim in our underpants or else… you know!”

“We can arrange something,” Andy says. “The water”s a bit cooler, and most of the guys are wearing spring suits anyway. I have a spare one, and I think that our friend, Joey, does too. They should fit both of you. Then we can all go for a swim in the surf.”

“It”s different to swimming in the weir,” William tells us. “I think that you”ll enjoy it.”

“And then we can have a shower and rinse off the salt water and the sand,” Andy adds, grinning at William and Mr Grant.

“Incorrigible!” William and Mr Grant say together to Andy.

I”ll have to ask what that word means, or look it up in a dictionary.


Just like at home, Andy and I sit in the back seat, with William and Karl in front of us, behind Mr Grant, who is driving.

Andy spends no time getting to feeling Junior and my balls.

He whispers, “Your voice isn”t the only thing that”s changed! It feels bigger!”

I whisper back, “Maybe it”s just my new underpants. I”ll show you, if I get the chance.”

We spend a few minutes just rubbing each other”s stiffness. Andy suddenly pulls down his zipper and fishes out his cock. “Be quick!” he tells me.

I have a good, wanky feel of it, then he stuffs it back away. “Later!” he says.

OMG. I hope that Junior doesn”t start leaking! I”m tempted to pull it out for Andy to feel, but Mr Grant says, looking at us in the rear-vision mirror, “We”ll be home in 5 minutes. Everything OK back there?”

He knows!

“All good, Tom,” Andy replies. “No problem.” Then he whispers to me, “Later!”


Almost in a single breath, Karl tells them about our boat ride on the river in Brisbane on Friday. Then I describe, in a little more detail, our visit to the theatre yesterday and the fun of watching The Pirates of Penzance

By the time that Mr Grant pulls into a driveway, Junior is behaving himself and has shrunk to almost normal size. Phew!

“You can leave your backpacks in the car for the time being,” Mr Grant tells us. “They”ll be safe.”

William and Andy follow Mr Grant up some steps and into the house. Karl and I are directly behind them.

The air smells different here, across the road from the ocean. Different to home, and much fresher than in Brisbane.

A lady with a friendly smile comes to meet us.

“Mum,” Mr Grant says, “these are my two students that Will and I have told you about. Karl and Kurt

“Hello Karl,” she says, shaking my brother”s hand. “Pleased to meet you, Kurt,” she tells me.

“How can you tell them apart, Mrs Grant?” Andy asks.

“Lucky guess, I suppose,” she replies and winks at William.

He has told her about our eyebrows, I”ll bet!

Mr Grant”s father appears and we are introduced.

This is the third Mr Grant that I have met!

We hear a noise on the stairs and turn to see a girl, about our age come down, holding the bannister and taking two steps at a time.

She stops dead on the bottom step and stares at Karl and me, looking from one to the other.

“Another pair that look the same!” she exclaims, obviously hinting at Mr Grant and William.

“And this is my sister, Amelia,” Mr Grant tells us. “Amelia, meet Karl and Kurt.”

“Hello,” she says. “Which is which? Or who is who, as my brother would tell me to say?”

I give her a little wave. “Hi, I”m Kurt,” I tell her.

“No, he isn”t!” Karl says. “I”m Kurt. He”s Karl.”

She shakes her head, throws her hands up in the air, mutters “Boys!” and heads back up the stairs.

Mr Grant tells his parents, “They tried that on me, too, when I first met them. But it was soon very obvious which was which, or, who was who!”

“Yes, Aunty Susan,” William says. “They really are very different when you get to know them.”

Hang on! Mr Grant”s mother is William”s Aunt? There”s something about Mr Grant and William being brothers that I don”t understand, especially since I know that William”s mother was Aunt Lilly. I”ve met William”s father, Mr Grant, the helicopter pilot. And now, I”ve just met Mr Grant”s father, Mr Grant. I thought that I heard Mr Grant call William”s father his dad too, when he became the owner of Jintabudjaree Station.


Mrs Grant prevents my brain from exploding when she says, “Lunch won”t be ready for a little while. Thomas, why don”t you, William and Andrew take Karl and Kurt for a walk and show them the beach? Then, to Karl and me she asks, “Have you boys seen surf before?”

“No, Mrs Grant,” Karl replies.

“This will be our first time,” I add. “At home we just the weir and the river to swim in.”

“Ah, yes,” she replies. “The one in the picture that Will painted.”

She leads us into the lounge room and shows us William”s painting of the weir and our school, looking at them from the other side of the river.

“I”ve never seen this before,” Karl says. “It”s terrific.”

“Me either,” I add.

I stand and look into the painting. It”s so good that I can actually recognise some of the trees, including the one which Jake likes to climb. Also, the log on which we ditch our clothes when we want to swim naked. William really is a very clever artist, as Mr Grant has told us!


Karl, William and Mr Grant walk together, with William in the middle. Andy and I follow.

Even the bird noises here are different. The variety of parrots at home have different calls to each other. Some are like songs while others seem just like screeching. The kookaburras around our place call to their mates and warn others to keep out of their territories. Then there are the roosters crowing and geese honking at Jake”s place and all of the crows that hang around calling `cawww”. I don”t remember seeing any birds in Brisbane. But here, the seagulls (as Andy calls them) that I see just seem to squark and fight with each other, in mobs, over the smallest scrap of food.

After a couple of minutes, we notice a group of three guys having fun on short boards in the surf. They are all wearing black clothes that have short sleeves and short legs. They paddle out, and catch a wave in towards the beach. Then they paddle out and do it again.

We stand and watch. Some of them are spinning as they ride. It looks like great fun! Suddenly one of them waves, as if he has only just noticed us. William, Andy and Mr Grant wave back. The one waving from the surf tells the others, and they all wave.

The three of them catch the next wave to the beach, stand and disconnect straps from their legs, then run towards us. As they get close, one of them appears to be about our age; the other two seem about as old as William.

“Hi,” one says. “Are you guys coming in? The waves are perfect today.”

William replies, “Maybe later. These are our friends from my school. Karl and Kurt.”

Then he tells us, pointing to each of them in turn, “These are Simon, Luke and Joey.”

The youngest guy, Joey, says, “They both look the exactly the same. Like you and Tom. How do you tell them apart?”

It”s Andy who tells him, “It”s easy really. You just have to get to know them!”

I make a mental note of names and faces, but it”s the bulges down below that capture my attention. The clingy clothes that they are wearing show off just about everything.

Mr Grant says, “Karl and Kurt haven”t seen the ocean before. What”s the temperature like?”

Simon, the one with the muscles and the dark spikey hair, answers, “Not as warm as yesterday, but, with our spring suits on, it”s fine.”

Andy says, “I have a spare suit that Kurt can wear if he wants to try out the surf.” Then he asks, “Joey, do you have one that Karl could borrow? You two look about the same size.”

“I have my old one,” Joey replies. “But it”s still in pretty good nick, and I guess that it would fit him. It”s only one size smaller than the one I”m wearing now.”

Joey is just a little taller than Karl and me. Maybe Andy too. His obvious muscles aren”t as big as Simon”s, but I can tell that he has a really nice body, above and below his waist. Like Andy. LOL.

Joey adds, looking Karl up and down, “He”s more than welcome to see if it fits.” Then he turns to my brother directly and says, “Hey, do you want to come to my place and try it on? It”s only a couple of minutes from here.”

Andy says, “And Kurt can come to my place to try on mine.”

Everybody looks to Mr Grant, either for his opinion or his permission. He is our teacher!

He checks his watch and tells us, “Lunch will be in about half an hour. Can you guys all be back here in twenty minutes?”

Joey says, “Yeah. That should be long enough.”

Andy, grinning at me, says, “Yep. Plenty of time.”

There is a smirk on Mr Grant”s face. William”s too. Andy”s too. And mine, and Karl”s. And Joey”s.

I turn to my brother. “You OK with that?”

Karl nods.

I recognise that smirk on his face! He”s as horny as I am!

“OK. Twenty minutes. Back here.” Mr Grant says, and then to Joey, “Look after him, OK?”

Joey agrees, dashes back to pick up his board from the sand, and asks Simon and Luke to watch it for him until he gets back.

Then he and my brother head off, at a quick walk, as if there is something urgent that they need to do.

My brother looks over his shoulder and gives me a quick smile and a `thumbs-up”.

I know what he”s hoping for, and, I reckon from my observation of Joey, that Karl won”t be disappointed.

While Mr Grant and William continue talking with Simon and Luke, Andy and I head back the way we came, towards Mr Grant”s place.

“I live just around the corner from Tom,” Andy says.

Just as we enter a block of home units, we run into his mother, getting out of an elevator. We met her, weeks ago, out at The Village.

“Hello, love,” she says to me. “I guess that you”re Kurt and not Karl.”

“Hello, Mrs Thompson,” I reply. “Yes, I”m Kurt.”

I”m totally surprised when Mrs Thompson hugs me and says, “Thank you, Kurt, for whatever magic that you”ve worked on Andrew. He”s been a totally different person since he came back from staying with you at The Village.

“I think that Mr Grant”s Jintabudjaree homestead is responsible for the real magic,” I reply, not wanting to accept any recognition for Andy getting well.

“Yes,” she replies. “I experienced that myself. But it”s more than that. Tom has been good to Andy too, but it”s your name that I hear a dozen times a day, and he was so excited that you were able to come and visit today. You”ve given him a kind of motivation that I haven”t seen in him before. Ever.”

“Mum!” Andy cuts in. “You”re embarrassing me.”

“Sorry, darling,” she says. “But it”s true.”

I add, “Andy and I have become good friends, Mrs Thompson. I”ve never had a friend before who lived somewhere other than in The Village. And my Dad says that Andy is very welcome to come and stay with us during school holidays. Any time!”

“Maybe the two of you should become pen pals,” she says. Then, seeing the blank expression on my face, she adds, “You know, write letters to each other. That”s what we used to do before mobile phones and email. Andrew doesn”t have either of those and I know that you don”t get phone reception out at The Village.”

Andy says, “Are you going shopping, mum? Kurt”s going to try on my spare spring suit and maybe come swimming for a while. He”s never even seen surf before. We need to get back to meet with Tom and he”s invited me to have lunch with them.” Andy taps the watch on his wrist, to indicate the time. It”s a hint for his mother to keep going and to leave us alone!

“Sorry,” Mrs Thompson says. “I”ll be off. I izmit otele gelen escort hope to see you again, Kurt. Enjoy your time here.” She gives me another hug. And one for Andy too.

Andy presses the number `4″ in the lift, and my stomach does its thing again.

We are no sooner inside his front door when Andy calls, “Anyone here?” Then explains to me, “My stepfather said that he was playing golf today. Just checking.”

Getting no answer, Andy wraps his arms around me and says, “Hey, boyfriend, I”ve missed you already, even though it”s only been a week!”

“Me too,” I tell him.

He kisses me and it takes less than a few seconds to feel his hand rubbing the front of my pants. Junior responds immediately.

“Want to get naked?” Andy asks.

“Hell, yeah!” I reply.

Andy takes my hand and leads me to his bedroom. His clothes all come off quickly. However, when I get down to my underpants, he says, “Hey! Stop! What are they?”

“Do you like them?” I ask. “They”re new. And I love the pouch for Junior and my balls to sit in. I think that it makes everything look bigger.” I jiggle my gear and turn from side to side to show him.

He has a good feel of the pouch and everything inside and then takes my undies down.

“I love your thicker-than-mine,” Andy says, holding his fist around Junior.

“And I love your longer-than-mine,” I reply, playing with his cock and his balls and his hairs.

We free our hands, mesh our bodies together and grasp each other”s glutes.

Sword fights at close quarters!

“On the bed?” Andy asks.

The dive onto his mattress is my unspoken answer!

“Fast or slow?” I put to him.

“We don”t have much time,” he replies. “So, you start.”

We know, if I start, that he will cum quickly.

With Andy on his back, I kneel beside him. And, while he maintains a purposeful grip on Junior, I run my fingertips lightly across the most sensitive parts of his body: his chest, his abs, his thighs and, of course his balls.

I can see a blob of precum at the head of his erection. I know that he is as excited as I am!

He takes my hand closest to him and raises it to his mouth, then sucks in my index finger.

Words and explanations are not necessary!

Tickling his balls with my other hand, I then use it to lift his cock vertically, to meet my lips.

I lick all of the precum away, causing Andy to moan and to raise his hips.

I lick all around his head and slowly take half of him into my mouth.

More groans of pleasure!

I suck up and push down, and continue to enjoy his expressions of enjoyment. When I have him fully inside my mouth, I use my free hand to tickle his inner thighs and balls.

He begins to quiver. Then his body tenses. His legs stiffen and he pushes his hips upwards. His body freezes, all except his throbbing, pumping cock. And from his mouth come grunting sounds of pleasure.

I have difficulty swallowing it all. And there is a lot. But I manage. Somehow.

I lie on my side, next to him, absorbing the heat being generated by his now-limp body, with my arm across his heaving chest, Junior pressing against his thigh, and my nose against the side of his face.

“OMG,” he mutters, finally. “It”s only been a week, and I already miss you so much! How on earth am I going to manage until the next holidays?”

It”s a question that I can”t answer. I feel exactly the same.

All I can say is, “Can you make me cum too?”

“Sorry!” he apologises. “Yeah! Of course.”

Andy doesn”t need to use his hand to make Junior hard because it”s already full-on stiff.

Andy licks his way down my body, and gives me the same treatment that I”ve just given him. Finally, tickling my balls sets me off, and he takes it all in.

We lie together, hugging.

It”s Andy who finally speaks. “Hey, you”re supposed to be trying on my spring suit.”

He looks at his watch.

“Shit!” We”ve got just over five minutes to be back at the beach. “Quick!”

“Ship!” I remind him of Mr Grant”s recommended word that he should use.

He helps me pour my body into the skin-tight suit, then stands back and says, “I think that you need some cold water!”

I look at myself in his mirror. Junior has never been as obvious inside clothes as he is now!

“OK,” Andy says, “It fits. Take it off, get dressed, and let”s go. I”ll get you a plastic bag to carry it, and I”ll bring mine too. And my board.”

We get dressed and head back, stopping at the pedestrian crossing. While waiting for the green light, I have to ask, “Do you reckon that Joey will do anything with my brother?”

“Like what?” Andy asks.

“Like sex stuff. Anything!” I say.

“Well, judging by the expressions on both of their faces as they headed off for Joey”s place,” he says, “I”d almost guarantee it!”

“Do you know if Joey does stuff?” I put to him.

“Yeah!” he answers. “I”ve seen him jerking off in the showers at the beach. And I know that he and Luke do things together too. I”ve heard them talking about it.”

“Have you ever done stuff with him?” I ask.

Andy is slow to answer, but confesses, “Yes, but nothing like what we did that night at Jintabudjaree. I don”t want to do that with anyone else except you. And Uncle said that if I gave myself to you completely, that you should be the only one.” He pauses. “How do you feel about that?”

“So, is playing with somebody OK? Like wanking?” I put to him, uncertain of whether I could avoid doing that with my brother, or William, or even Mr Grant, `till I see Andy again.

“What about sucking?” Andy asks. “I don”t do that with anyone else, but if I did, I would definitely tell you.”

I think of William”s offer to practise doing it with him, and how good Mr Grant made me feel when he did it to me. I would like to show him what I can do too.

“Yeah. But only if we tell each other about it,” I say. “Is that OK?”

Andy replies, “I don”t think that I”d like us to put that in any letters. What if somebody saw it? Like my mother!”

The lights change to `walk”. The green figure gives me an idea.

“Can you draw things?” I ask, pointing at the green walking man.

Andy looks at it and says, “Yeah, no problem. Like what? Why?”

“If you do it with somebody, you can draw a star in your letter after the person”s name. Star starts with `S”, which stands for `suck”. How does that sound?”

“You mean, like a secret code between just you and me?” he asks.

“Yeah,” I reply.

“Excellent!” Andy answers. “So, it could be like, `I saw Joey , Luke and Simon at the beach today.” Is that right?”

“Yep,” I say. “And, it really doesn”t matter which of you did the sucking, eh?”

“But, if I did do it with Joey, I”d most probably be thinking of you!” Andy says, grinning.

I see Joey and Karl arriving just before Andy and I reach Mr Grant and William. Karl is carrying a backpack.

Andy and Joey confirm that their spring suits fit me and Karl and that we will be able to spend a bit of time in the surf, using their boards.

Joey adds, “And if you guys bring your clothes back with you, you can change into them, after we shower off the salt water and the sand.”

He has a strange grin on his face. And, after what I”ve heard from William and Andy, I suspect that he might be anticipating a little extra fun in the showers!

Joey, Simon and Luke go back to the waves. The rest of us head for Mr Grant”s place. Andy is carrying his board, which he props next to the front door.


Mrs Grant has prepared a beautiful lunch of ham and chicken with crispy lettuce, pineapple slices, beetroot, orange, radish, grated cheese, two halves of a hard-boiled egg and sprinkles of chopped mint. It looks amazing. I”ll remember this!

Mrs Grant says, “Later, after you”ve had your swim, I”ll have some afternoon tea ready.”

Karl, Andy and I follow Mr Grant and William to the top of two flights of stairs. William closes the door and locks it. He grins, “No sense in taking chances!”

I see a double bed and a single. The single looks to be unused. I know what that means. So, William DOES sleep with Mr Grant, and not just in the same room, as at Marty”s place.

Thinking about what that actually means, in my disappointment Junior doesn”t even get hard when we all strip off, to put on the spring suits.

Everybody looks at everybody else”s body, just like at Jintabudjaree. We”ve seen each other”s gear before! It dawns on me that we all have excellent bodies and I would be happy to play with any of them. In fact, I have. Actually, all of them. LOL.

Andy helps me into his spring suit. William helps Karl. Our clothes all go into Karl”s backpack for when we”ve finished. Mr Grant gives both of us, and Andy, a swat on the tail as we head out of the door behind William.

As the second last one out, I turn to Mr Grant, point at him and mouth his name. He mouths `Kurt” back to me and grins. That”s our game, and I delight in receiving a second swat from him.

He and William collects an extra towel each for Karl and me, and their boards from the garage.


Back at the beach, Andy volunteers to show me how to use his body board, and Joey offers the same to Karl. Mr Grant and William join Simon and Luke, paddling out and immediately catching the waves in.

The salt water tastes totally different to the water in the weir, not that I try to drink it! And, swimming against the waves is much harder that just swimming against a slow current.

Andy tells me to lie on the board and hold it at the front. As I feel a wave behind me, starting to push me forward, Andy swims onto my back and says, “Enjoy the ride.”

I feel his body move and we glide sideways and forwards and back the other way. It feels terrific, and so does his body on mine.

Then he gets me to paddle out, while he swims, and I see him dive under the waves instead of being pushed backwards. The first big wave tips me off the board. Only once!

This time, Andy lets me ride `tandem” on his back and butt. It”s exciting. Junior agrees.

We continue, riding and swapping.

After a few minutes and a little tired at this new activity, I suggest to Andy that I”d like to stand on the beach and watch.

Karl and Joey are having fun, and I”m happy for my brother!

I enjoy watching the skill of the other four, riding and turning and twisting and spinning.

Just as Andy suggests going back in, William and Mr Grant glide to the beach and then walk towards us.

“Would you like to ride with me?” Mr Grant asks. “Andy can double with Will.”

Without yelling, `Hell, yeah!” I paddle out and Mr Grant swims. For a while I can”t see him at all, until he surfaces out near where the waves are starting. And I remember that he”s good at holding his breath, like in the weir.

“Top or bottom?” he asks.

“Top,” I reply, and then add, “for the first ride.”

Lying on top of Mr Grant, Junior gets really hard and, after a bit of wiggling, snuggles against Mr Grant”s backside.

We get near to the beach. Mr Grant says, “You can paddle out and I”ll swim again.”

This time, coming in, Mr Grant rests on my back, and I can tell that Junior isn”t the only cock here that”s hard!

“Are you enjoying this?” he asks me before we get to the beach.

“Oh, yes,” I answer.

“Have a go on your own,” he tells me. “Paddle out and ride in, and the cold water on your face without me, might help things to settle down.”

I laugh. I know exactly what he means!

I enjoy the freedom of paddling and riding by myself.

“Go again,” Mr Grant encourages, as I make it to the beach.

After my second solo, I decide to get out. I”ve had enough. This takes a lot more effort than swimming in the weir!

We stand and watch, and all of the others progressively join us.

Joey and Kurt make no effort to hide their erections, after a dozen tandem rides, alternating top and bottom positions.

It”s Joey who announces, “Showers! Time to get rid of the sand.”

He leads the way, with Karl close behind, followed by Simon, Luke, Andy and me. Mr Grant and William follow us.

Apart from Mr Grant and William, who sit on the wooden bench and watch, there are six of us, peeling off our spring suits, under the water.

At Whispering Gums, we have two shower heads together; here there are five!

Six into five is not an even number (maths!), so there is a lot of body contact! Bumping and nudging turns into rubbing and feeling. Which, with soap added, turns into washing and jacking.

There are so many hands involved, it”s hard to know who is jacking me off and whose cock I have hold of at any one time. I do know that Simon, Luke, Joey and I all get a good feel of each other.

Andy and I, previously satisfied at his place, decide to step out. Joey and Karl follow us. Aha! Are they also `satisfied”?

William and Mr Grant take our places. Simon heads straight for Mr Grant and Luke and William get together.

While those four are playing with each other, Andy, Karl and I dry off, and put our clothes on. Joey squeezes back into his clean, but wet, suit. Karl shakes as much water as possible off Joey”s suit and returns it to him. He puts it into his backpack. I put Andy”s suit into the plastic bag.

William and Mr Grant put their suits back on too, but Simon and Luke finish by jacking each other off. I watch them spurt all over each other and then wash it off. Wow!

Karl and I bump fists with our `new friends”, thank them for having fun with us, and head back to Mr Grant”s place.


Mr Grant suggests that Andy, Karl and I walk through the kitchen to the chairs on the back verandah, overlooking the pool, while he and William change.

“Hello boys,” Mrs Grant says. “How did you enjoy the surf?”

“Wonderful, thank you, Mrs Grant,” I tell her.

“Amazing!” Karl adds. “It was so much fun! I”d love to do it again.”

“What would you like to drink,” she asks. “Lemonade? Tea? Or do you guys drink coffee?”

“May I have coffee, please, Mrs Grant?” I ask her.

Andy and Karl join me.

While we are sitting at the wooden table, watching the ripples in the swimming pool, William and Mr Grant appear, carrying some small boxes.

“I”ll get us some coffees,” William says, and he returns to the kitchen.

Mrs Grant comes out, carrying a large plate of custard tarts. Oh, yum!

We all thank her.

When William returns with two mugs, Mr Grant begins, “You know, I had become accustomed to having you three together at school and at Jintabudjaree. And It”s wonderful to see you together again today. It occurred to me, days ago, what a pity it was that you would not be able to keep in touch with each other.”

Andy replies, “It”s nice to be home again, but I do miss my new friends at The Village.”

Karl adds, smiling, “Especially my brother, eh, Andy?”

I”m about to say how much I miss Andy when Mr Grant continues, “So, I have a gift for each of you, to help keep you all together.”

He hands us each a box.

I”m not sure what to do with mine, whether it is more polite to open it now, or to wait.

“Go on!” William says. “Open them.”

So we do.

“What!” I say, shocked.

“OMG,” Karl adds.

Andy”s comment is a little more colourful. “Trucking hell!”

“They are the same as the ones that Will and I have,” Mr Grant tells us. “And I want all of us to be able to keep in contact with one another.”

“Would mobile phones actually work out in The Village, Mr Grant?” I ask.

“These ones will,” William answers for him. “Marty didn”t believe it either when we first showed him ours. Until we rang his brother in Big Town! They”re special satellite phones.”

“My mother will freak out!” Andy says. “We can”t afford for me to have a mobile phone!”

“But I can,” Mr Grant replies. “All of the costs of these three phones will be paid by me. Don”t forget, I own Jintabudjaree homestead and a whole heap of land!”

“Does this mean that Andy and I can talk to each other whenever we want to?” I ask, suddenly aware of exactly what freedom Mr Grant is actually giving to us.

“Not during school hours,” he replies, smiling. “Your teacher may not approve.”

Everyone giggles.

“And our Mum at Ma and Pa”s?” Karl asks.

“Yes,” Mr Grant says. “But, while you are here, we need to show you how the phones work and to help you set up a few things. And that sounds like a Job for Will.”

Will tells us, “I”ll help you to put each other”s numbers into the phone first, plus those of Tom and myself and anyone else that you want.”

“And he”ll show you how to send each other messages instead of ringing,” Mr Grant adds.

“And how to download Apps, including ones that are secure from prying ears and eyes,” William tells us.

I like that. I hope it means that Andy and I will be able to have really personal conversations!

“And you can even see each other while you are talking, if you want,” Mr Grant says. “The phone has a camera and Will is going to show you how that works too.”

William says, “One of the neatest things that our dad, the helicopter pilot Mr Grant, was able to organise for you guys is the phone numbers. They are identical, apart from the last four numbers. Karl”s ends in 5275, which, if you look at the keypad, spells `KARL”. Kurt”s 5878 spells `KURT”, and I”ll bet that you can”t guess what Andy”s 2639 spells!”

“What? `ANDY”?” I ask.

“Right on!” William tells us.


I can”t help myself. “So, I can say, `Hello agent 2639, this is agent 5878 darıca escort speaking. Come in agent 2639,” like some spies might use?”

“Why don”t you write a spy story when you get back to school?” Mr Grant smiles.

Then he says, “The coffees are getting cold, and the custard tarts are getting warm!”


William spends a lot of time helping us set up everything.

The custard tarts disappear quickly and we have a second cup of coffee.

To make sure that we know what we”re doing, William also gets us to ring each other, and send each other a text message.

“Let”s ring Mum at Ma and Pa”s,” Karl suggests.

“Let”s not!” I say to him. “I have a plan for us to have a bit of fun. I”ll tell you on the train on the way back.”

Karl asks Andy, “Does Joey have a phone? And do you know his number?”

Andy replies, “I”ll find out and send it to you in a message.”

“Wow!” Karl exclaims. “This is amazing!”

It”s only then that I nudge my brother that we should thank Mr Grant for being so generous!

“Thank you so much, Mr Grant,” Karl says.

“Yes, a million thanks,” I add.

“Amen to that!” Andy adds. “Thank you, Tom.”


The time has flown by, as they say, and Mr Grant reminds us that we have about 45 minutes before we need to catch the train back to Brisbane. And that he will ring Mum and tell her what time to expect us.

“I”ll bring our things down from Mr Grant”s room,” I tell my brother, and stand to head up there, clutching my phone.

“I”ll come and help,” Andy says, glancing at the others, with a look that says, “I want to be alone with Kurt for a couple of minutes.”

Mr Grant and William grin. My brother understands too.

Andy and I gather everything into Karl”s and my backpacks but, before we head back downstairs, we give each other a final hug, have a good feel each other”s cock and balls, and grasp each other”s `nice glutes”. Then a quick kiss, and we open the door.

Back downstairs, I notice my brother check out the front of my pants. Fortunately, Junior has behaved himself.

We thank Mrs Grant, say goodbye to Amelia who has emerged from somewhere, and pile into The Beast.

In the semi-privacy of the back seat, and with the help of Andy”s hand, Junior doesn”t stay behaved for long. However, zippers stay up, belts stay buckled and cocks stay `inside”. But, feeling and rubbing each other”s stiffy is still fun.

At the station, we thank Mr Grant and William for a great day. Karl gets a fist-bump from Andy. I get a non-sexy hug. People at the station would not know that we are boyfriends!

Mr Grant says, “I”ll ring your mother and tell her what time to expect the train.”

As we get on board, I”m aware that it”s me leaving instead of Mum or Ron or Andy! It would be more upsetting for me if I didn”t have my new keep-in-touch-with-Andy phone!

The trip back to Brisbane is pretty short, compared with our drive from home to Cunnamulla, or from there to Charleville and definitely shorter than from there to Brisbane. However, it”s long enough for me to explain my plan to Karl, and for him to agree. We spend the extra time checking out our phones and showing each other things that we `discover”.

As we pull into the station, we `hide” our phones in our backpacks.

Mum greets us with a hug and the anticipated question, “Did you have a good day?”

“It was a great day, Mum,” I tell her, “catching up with Mr Grant and William and Andy. And we met some of their friends at the beach, too.”

I let Karl fill in the trip back to Ma and Pa”s with a load of babble about the surfing, but without details about some stuff that I saw him and Joey doing.

The one thing that I do learn, however, is that Joey”s dad is the local Sergeant of Police for the Gold Coast. Not too much different I suppose to William”s uncle Chad, Marty”s brother, being the cop in Big Town. But I”ll ask Karl more about Joey tonight.

After dinner, in bed, and too tired to do `anything”, I lie next to my brother and we chat about our day. I hear a lot of it for the second time, remembering our car trip home.

I have to ask, “So what did you and Joey do at his place?”

I think that this is the first time that I”ve ever asked my brother to share anything of which I haven”t been a part. Not even any of the time that he has spent alone with William.

“Before or after I tried on his spring suit?” Karl asks. I can hear the grin in his voice, even though the lights are off.

“Yes!” I answer. I tell him what I have seen. “I saw you and Joey riding on top of each other in the surf, and the stiffies that you both had when you got out. And I saw you soaping and groping each other in the shower. And, I recognised that horny look on your faces when you both took off for Joey”s place. So, what happened?”

“Probably whatever you and Andy did,” he replies. “Just what I do with William, only it was more fun doing it with somebody different. And we”re almost the same age, if that makes any difference. Actually, I think that he”s closer to Jake”s age than ours.”

“Let me put it to you directly,” I say to him. “Did you jack each other off?”

“Let me answer you directly,” Karl jokes. “Yes!”

“I thought so,” I tell him. And before he asks any questions, I add, “Me and Andy too,” even though I know that it”s not the exact truth.

Hey! Can you jack someone off using your mouth instead of your hand? If so, I”m not lying.

“Joey and I just seemed to click together,” Karl says. “I like him.”

“Did you say `stick together”?” I ask

He thumps me, then says, “Hey, that sounds like fun!”

I thump him back.

I don”t remember that last bit of conversation before I fall asleep.


Monday. A relaxing day at a large shopping centre where we buy our Chinese Checkers and our tins of chocolate Milo, both of which Karl and I pay for. We have Thai food for lunch, which Mum pays for while Ma and Pa are off doing something else.

After dinner, Pa says, “We”ve really appreciated getting to know you boys better over the past few days, and we hope to see more of you in the future, now that you can travel without your father.”

I hope that Pa is saying that Karl and I are more grown up, instead not wanting our Dad to come with us. I love my Dad.

He continues, “Do you guys remember the day, when you were little, that I told you to play outside with your water pistols and Karl chased Kurt inside and squirted not only him but me as well?”

“Yes,” Karl answers, “and you were pretty angry at us.”

“Well, there is a saying,” Pa tells us. “Don”t get angry; get even!”

And he suddenly produces a small water pistol and squirts Karl, and then me.

“So, now we”re even!” he laughs.

“Hey!” Karl protests. “Unfair! We can”t defend ourselves.”

“Maybe I can help with that,” Pa says. “Just a minute.”

When he returns, he has two wrapped boxes.

“Here”s a gift from Ma and me,” he says, extending one each to Karl and me. “But they are not to be used in this house. Promise, and I”ll let you have them.”

They can”t be water pistols, as I was half expecting. The boxes are too big.

“I promise,” I say. “Whatever it is.”

“Me too,” Karl adds.

“OK then,” Pa says, and releases his grip on the two boxes. “You can open them.”

Ma and Mum are watching. They look really amused.

Karl and I rip the paper off, like we used to do at Christmas. I”m stunned. I didn”t know that they made these things so big!

“I hope that you have a lot of fun with these,” Pa says. “At home. Outside. They hold a lot of water!” You promised.

“Wow! Thanks, Pa,” Karl says. Then he looks at me and grins, “Somebody”s going to get soaked, not just squirted!”

“Dad!” I reply, grinning. “We can ambush him!”

“William,” Karl says back.

I immediately imagine my brother aiming at the front of William”s pants. Haha. But then Karl would really have to learn to run faster!

`And Mr Grant,” I think, without saying it. That could be fun. And I”ll bet that he would wrestle it away from me, squirt me all over and then laugh and give me a swat on the tail. Yeah!

Karl and I give Pa and Ma a hug. “Thanks heaps,” I say.

“OK,” Mum says. “I think that these had better to go straight into your backpacks, if they will fit. You can try them out after you get home.”

Karl and I take our new water blasters to the spare room.

“You ready to try the trick that we talked about on everyone?” I ask.

He grins and agrees.

He turns his phone to `silent” and I call his number. He answers. We test that, with my phone in my pocket, he can hear me speaking, clearly. We leave his phone without hanging up, and both return to the lounge.

We sit down, then I say to everyone, “Did we tell you that Karl and I have discovered that we can read each other”s mind? Even from another room?”

“What?” Mum says, showing immediate interest. “When did you discover that?”

Karl answers, “It just sort of happened one day, unexpectedly. Kurt was outside, cleaning the toilet and wishing that he had a can of lemonade. Somehow, I heard his words, and I brought him one from the fridge.”

“Amazing,” Mum says.

I continue, “And, we practised saying things from farther and farther away, even with our backs turned. When we both tune in, we can do it every time!”

“I don”t believe it!” Pa says. “That can”t happen!”

“Yes, it can. Do you want us to show you?” Karl answers him.

“Karl can go to the spare room,” I tell him. “And I will say something in here, and he will come out and tell you what I said.”

“This I”ve got to see!” Pa says.

Mum and Ma agree.

Karl goes out to the spare room.

I speak very clearly, “Mary had a little lamb…”

Karl returns and announces, “Always thinking about sheep! And the next line is `it”s fleece was white as snow”. How was that?”

Mum looks astounded.

Pa says, “Ha! Well-rehearsed! What did you practise next? `Two plus two equals four”?”

Karl replies, “We didn”t practise anything!”

Pa says, “OK, do it again. Except, this time, I”ll tell you what to say!”

Karl and I pretend to be shocked at Pa”s suggestion, as if he”s stuffed up our whole act. We reluctantly agree. Pa has a broad grin on his face.

Karl returns to the spare room.

“All right, you cheeky devil. Communicate this one to him. `She sells sea shells by the seashore”.”

“Wow, that”s a hard one,” I say, putting on a worried face. “Can you say it again, please, clearly so that my brain gets it?”

Pa repeats his words, slowly and precisely. That should be enough for Karl to hear!

“I don”t know if I can say that tongue-twister,” I answer. “Can you please say it again, and I”ll just think the words along with you, instead of actually saying them.”

“I”ve caught you both out, haven”t I?” Pa grins.

I put my fingers on the side of my head, like I”m thinking really hard, while Pa repeats the words.”

I say, “OK. And Karl should be able to tell that I”ve finished my message.”

We wait, Karl emerges, mumbling, “She shells sea sells…” then he tells us, “That was hard. I”ll get it right in a minute.”

And he does!

The expression on Pa”s face is priceless! Then he says, “You were listening just around the corner, weren”t you?”

“No!” Karl replies, with an innocent, hurt expression. “I had the door closed.”

“OK. One last time!” Pa says. “Karl can go to the spare room and close the door. Then Kurt and I will go out to the front gate and do it again. There”s no way that Karl coule hear you from out there!”

Pa is determined! Mum and Ma are looking dumbfounded.

At the front gate, with the front door also closed, Pa says, “Tell him this… `which is correct: the yolk of an egg is white or the yolk of an egg are white”. Haha!”

I repeat his words.

We go inside and he whispers to Ma and Mum what he has said.

Karl emerges, grinning.

He announces, “Very funny! I think, Pa that you need to do more cooking. Neither is correct. The yolk of an egg is yellow!”

There is silence. Obviously, nobody knows what to make of us two mind-reading geniuses!

“You two would make excellent spies, or undercover cops,” Ma says. “How do you do that?”

“Yes,” Pa says. “How? Tell me before I have nightmares about the two of you.”

Karl and I stare at each other, then burst out laughing!

“Hang on,” Karl says and goes to retrieve his phone.

“Ta-dah!” we announce together, when he returns, showing them our phones.

“Mr Grant gave us one each as a present. Andy too,” I say.

Karl adds, “So that we can ring you and talk to you.”

I say, “They are special satellite phones, so that they will work out at The Village. Mr Grant has one, and William has one too.”

“I”ll bet that the phone bills will be enormous,” Pa says. “How will you pay them?”

“We won”t have to,” Karl says. “Mr Grant told us that he will pay all the bills for his and William”s and mine and Kurt”s and Andy”s. He got a special deal! He”s rich, you know.”


Over a cup of coffee and some of Ma”s home-made biscuits, Karl and I explain what we know of Mr Grant `inheriting” the Jintabudjaree Station and all of the land.

Pa is impressed. Mum keeps asking, “But how…?”

Ma adds a few words of Ma-wisdom, “Never look a gift horse in the mouth! Be thankful!”

Mum says, “We can talk every day!”

Pa tells her, “Well, they can ring you. At least we won”t be paying for the calls!”

“Maybe not every day, Mum,” I say. “But a lot!”

Karl says, “It”s not a good idea to look in a horse”s mouth, you know. They don”t like it and might bite you. Besides, their breath stinks!”

On that happy note, we decide that it”s time for bed.

Mum says, “Would you both like me to read you a chapter from your library books? I”d really love that, just like we used to do.”

I”ve missed Mum reading to us, and kissing us good-night! I give her an extra special hug.
I love my Mum.

As I fall asleep, I think about what I”m taking home that I didn”t come with. A Chinese Checkers game, Milo, a giant water pistol (more like a cannon), a mobile phone, and a new voice. And, I also want photos (with my new phone) of Mum, Mum with Karl and me, us with Ma and Pa, Mum with …


Tuesday. We”re going home tonight! We have done so much in just a few days. Amazing! Before we leave today, we have to get those photos taken, for Mum”s frame and for us too.

Before lunch, we organise with one of Ma and Pa”s neighbours to take the photos, with my phone and Karl”s and Mum”s. Then Pa drives us all to one of the big shopping centres where they can print photos directly from a mobile phone. Any size. Amazing!

Mum gets two photos enlarged. One of Karl and me in our `grown up” clothes, and one of her and us (mainly head and shoulders). She says that she will get another frame for the second one.

We have a chicken burger and a thick shake for lunch.

Ma makes an early dinner, and packs us some snacks and fruit to eat on the way, in case they don”t give us enough on the train.

Karl and I, at the station, tell Ma and Pa, and especially Mum, how much we love them. Both in our `new” voices. Karl is happy!

And, after some final hugs, kisses and tears, we leave them.


I”m really not anticipating seeing Dave again on the train. And I don”t, but I will certainly remember him in my dreams. However, the two people who look after us, a man and a woman, are very polite, and very helpful.

Karl and I `behave” ourselves when the lights dim.

After reading most of my book, sleep comes easily, and I switch off my reading light. Karl”s too; he fell asleep ages ago.

We enjoy breakfast and morning tea. And I finish my book. I can return it to the library in Cunnamulla before we go home.

I remind myself that it”s now Wednesday.


“Hello boys,” Mr O”Rourke greets us at the Charleville train/coach terminal. “Good trip?”

“Yes, thank you,” Karl replies.

I add, “But it will be nice to be home again.”

We chat with him from the front seats, like last week, all of the way back to Cunnamulla.

We are the first ones off the coach, and I immediately see our Dad and Helen, waiting for us. I”ve missed them both.

I”m not sure whether we can pull off the same mind-reading trick with Dad, but Karl and I keep our phones hidden for the time being.

While Dad gets hugs from Karl and me, Mr O”Rourke and Helen chat together.

After visiting the library, we settle into the two-hour drive home.

“We have so much to tell you,” I say. “It was all very exciting.”

Dad says, “And we have a lot to tell you too!”

Helen turns in her seat and smiles at us.

I”m wondering, whatever could be so exciting to tell us? Nothing much changes out here!

At that moment, Karl”s phone rings.

“It”s Mr Grant,” Karl tells me, after fishing it out and looking at the screen.

So much for our mind-reading trick!

“What on earth…!” Dad says, swivelling his head around to look at Karl who is sitting behind Helen.


(to be continued)



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