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Mihir, grandson of the Virani’s seduces his Aunt Pragna. She wants him to seduce all her three sister-in-laws including Mihir’s mother. Mihir’s parents Mansukh and Savita visit a swingers club unaware of JD, Mansukh’s youngest brother being present with Gayatri, his wife. Savita and Gayatri accidentally have sex with their brother-in-laws but they don’t disclose this to their husbands. In the meanwhile, Himmat, the middle brother decides to entertain Daksha, his wife by fulfilling her wild sexual fantasies.


It was nothing different from the previous day at ‘Shantiniketan’, the residence of the Viranis. Govardhan and Amba were relaxing on the lawns, struggling to cope up with whatever they feared their sons and daughter-in-laws might be doing nowadays.

“All of them returned well past midnight,” Amba said with a sigh. “I don’t know what is happening here.”

Govardhan shook his head in dismay. He knew that his sons weren’t exactly doing the expected, neglecting the traditions of the family. While he has seen the sweeping changes that took place all through his life, he was still convinced about the virtues of the conventional joint family system. He knew that it wasn’t going to be easy staying under the same roof with sons and daughter-in-law who had lot to differ than to agree. The family was already witnessing instances that clearly manifested the growing disagreement within the three brothers. As always, Govardhan had discovered the root cause of the present unrest in the family, his three daughter-in-laws.

Savita, wife of Mansukh, the eldest of his three sons had always been a selfish woman, who never missed a chance to exaggerate petty issues by conniving with the other two daughter-in-laws.

Daksha, his second daughter-in-law was often an embarrassment to her husband Himmat and sometimes to herself. Unbecoming of a woman of her age, she was crazy about films and often took some clues from the films she watched to spice up things that never deserved any attention at all.

Gayatri, married to Jamnadas alias JD, always seemed like the harmless of the three daughter-in-laws but she still had a long way to go in preserving the exemplary values the Virani household possessed with pride.

“I wonder what would happen to Mihir,” Govardhan said with a deep sigh.

Amba felt a gentle tingle as she heard her husband talking about Mihir, their grandson. She couldn’t resist a mild shiver that shook her body as she began recollecting Mihir’s aborted attempt to seduce her the previous day.

“Why do you worry about him?” Amba queried. “Mansukh and Savita are wise enough to take care of him.’

“I agree they are,” Govardhan agreed with another sigh. “I wish Mihir should bring a bride who can bring about a change in our lives. Someone like Tulsi might be an ideal wife to Mihir.”

“Tulsi?” Amba sounded extremely surprised. “But, how do you expect others to accept her? She comes from such a humble family background.”

“They won’t,” Govardhan replied rather exasperated. “But, it is my desire. I hope it does happen.”

“Don’t worry,” Amba said gently placing her hands on her husband’s hands. “If you really desire so, it will happen.”

They stopped talking as they saw the huge grilled gates opening, letting Tulsi get inside.

“There she comes!” Amba exclaimed. “What a coincidence!”

“Are you going to talk to her now?” Govardhan asked suspiciously.

“Of course I am,” Amba said with a smile. “You know I don’t believe in deferring things for tomorrow.”

Govardhan smiled. He felt extremely relieved after his wife’s assurances.

“Good morning,” Tulsi wished both of them with folded hands and leaned forward to touch their feet.

“Long live, my child,” Govardhan blessed her wholeheartedly. Amba gave a gentle hug to Tulsi and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“Come in Tulsi,” Amba said as she began leading Tulsi inside the house. “I need to talk about something very important.”

“Can I join?” Govardhan asked curiously.

“Men not allowed,” Amba said laughingly. Although intrigued by their conversation, Tulsi briefly smiled lest the grand old couple of the house might mistake her.

Govardhan picked up the newspaper and resumed from where he had left before the whole conversation began.

Amba didn’t waste much time in disclosing the details of her conversation with her husband, moments before Tulsi arrived. Tulsi was dumbfounded to know that the old couples wanted her to marry Mihir. It was something unbelievable for a young woman hailing from a family with limited resources.

“Do you think Mihir would ever agree to marry me?” Tulsi queried after a while.

“That is not going to be easy Tulsi,” Amba said with a cheeky smile. “I want you to make him say that he needs you. You are young and beautiful. You can do wonders if you want.”

“I don’t understand,” Tulsi sounded thoroughly confused. “How poker oyna can I make him say that?”

“It is very simple,” Amba said with another smile, somewhat broader this time. “You can give him something which he can’t refuse.”

‘Oh God,’ Tulsi thought. She began realizing that Amba was actually suggesting to her that she must seduce Mihir so that he agrees to marry her.

“It sounds improbable,” Tulsi almost rubbished Amba. “I am not convinced that he would marry me even if I do something extreme. I don’t consider myself good enough to do that.”

“I wish you do realize what you are capable of,” Amba said as she stood up and walked towards the door. Tulsi looked perplexed as the old woman latched the door before returning to her.

“You are a doll Tulsi,” Amba said. “You can stir up a few things in men’s minds. Honestly, you do stir up a few things in a few women’s minds too.”

“What do you mean?” Tulsi asked laughingly. “Do you think that I am so hot?”

“Certainly you are,” Amba said as her eyes began scanning all over Tulsi. Initially, Tulsi was rather ignorant but as she started realizing the intensity in Amba’s eyes, she felt a sudden twitch.

Tulsi has never been a horny virgin since she attained puberty. Unlike most girls, she surely wasn’t nurturing any youthful crushes or looking for stealthy chances to have a brush with sex. She was born to a priest and she was aware of her limitations. In addition, she wasn’t naïve to let any person sexually exploit her. She always felt proud for remaining a virgin all these years. Barring some stray instances when some curious boys laid their hands on her young breasts and between her thighs, she hadn’t allowed anything beyond that.

“What are you thinking about?” Amba asked. Tulsi watched the old woman inching close to her on the couch. Her heart began fluttering, as she knew that she might be in for a new experience, the first of its kind in her life yet. She remembered to have had some curiosity about heterosexual behaviors during her college but it was hard to believe that she would eventually have it fulfilled with a woman almost thrice her age.

“I have to admit,” Amba spoke. “I was getting obsessed with you ever since you became a big girl. I always felt that you were taunting me with your voluptuous body. It might sound a bit indecent, but I have been longing to suck your flesh for quite some time.”

Tulsi couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The first lady of the Virani clan was revealing her stealthy desire to seduce her. Her heart began beating fast while she felt the tingles growing beneath her panties. Her nipples hardened after listening to Amba.

“I never had an idea,” Tulsi whispered. “You have always been kind to me and I would be happy to please you in every way you liked.”

“Tulsi,” Amba whispered and slipped her hands around Tulsi’s hips. Tulsi’s eyes closed at once feeling the new warmth in Amba’s palms. Her hands involuntarily began running all over Amba’s chest. They heard each other breathing hard and loud. When Tulsi’s eyes opened, she saw Amba leaning towards her to kiss her. Her legs trembled after she felt Amba’s warm lips pressing against hers. Tulsi couldn’t believe what they were doing but she was in no mood to resist anything. She began blushing while Amba showered a few more kisses on her young lips.

Amba wasn’t less excited either. Her ageing pussy felt voluble. She felt like knocking the doors of heavens as she hugged Tulsi tighter letting their contrasting breasts mashing against each other. As she kissed again, Tulsi became proactive by intruding Amba’s mouth with her tongue. Their arms went around each other feeling for the flesh.

They did break the kiss. Their eyes probed into each other as though they wanted to see the depth of their sudden lust.

“Do you realize what I said earlier?” Amba asked with a smile.

“Very much,” Tulsi admitted with a blush.

“Would you like making love to an old woman?” Amba asked as her fingers stroked Tulsi’s cheeks.

“With pleasure,” Tulsi replied with a smile of approval.

Amba reached out to hug Tulsi again. In all probabilities, Tulsi was at least half a dozen inches taller than Amba, which meant that Amba had to strain her head every time she kissed her. The experienced woman began showing her skills by nibbling Tulsi’s lips as they kissed. Her tongue never seemed to hold back as it kept slipping into Tulsi during the kisses.

“Come on Tulsi,” Amba said as she pushed Tulsi onto the bed. They began hugging and rolling on the bed letting their bodies crushing against each other. They kissed with more intensity until they broke. After a few minutes, Amba began pulling Tulsi’s sari in a hurry. Tulsi flexed her body letting the whole length of her sari pulled off by Amba. Her hands reached under her blouse and quickly undid the hooks. Amba stopped for a second or two, taking a close look at Tulsi’s young well-shaped breasts, which were swelling underneath her lacey bra. As Tulsi unclasped the bra hooks, Amba’s eyes widened further. Amba’s canlı poker oyna wrinkled fingers trailed through Tulsi’s young body from the forehead to her navel. Tulsi gasped and quivered feeling the terrific sensation of an experienced woman seducing her.

“Your nipples look like bullets,” Amba admired as she grazed Tulsi’s cleavage and breasts. Tulsi blushed as she pushed down her petticoat and panties through her legs.

“Your thighs aren’t bad either,” Amba said with widening eyes as her fingers trailed all along Tulsi’s inner thighs, creating an itching sensation on her sensitive skin. Amba’s eyes closed for a moment as she inhaled Tulsi’s musky aroma emanating from underneath the public hair.

“What about your clothes?” Tulsi murmured.

“Here they go,” Amba replied with a very naughty smile. She was quick for her age as she got rid of her rather long winds of sari within no time. She had at least a couple of hooks more than Tulsi on her blouse although she didn’t struggle to get rid of them. As Tulsi expected, she wasn’t wearing a bra and hence her sagging breasts were unveiled once the blouse flew in the air.

Amba had a complexion synonymous with most women who hailed from the North West India with her skin glowing like gold. Barring the odd wrinkles that went across her cheeks, she looked surprisingly smooth. Her breasts had sagged and parted ways but they were certainly big.

Tulsi simply obeyed Amba by stretching herself on the couch letting the senior woman to initiate the proceedings. Amba crawled besides her and gave another hug to the young woman. Her fingers began stroking Tulsi’s stomach gently while she pressed her lips against the neck. Tulsi’s arms held her head as though she was expressing her burning desire. Amba’s lips trailed down placing soft kisses from her neck to her cleavage. Tulsi squirmed for a moment after her nipples hardened immediately after Amba’s lips pressed in between her breasts.

“Ohhh,” Tulsi let out a moan.

Amba was hovering over Tulsi’s nipple. While her mouth wrapped the nipple, her other hand cupped another breast and teased the nipple. Tulsi arched her back with a louder moan. Amba went about licking and suckling the nipples moving from one to another every now and then. Her hands alternated in cupping the breasts and giving them a few erotic gentle squeezes.

“That feels great!” Tulsi murmured.

Having lived ignorant about the pleasures of lovemaking, she never knew that a woman could bring another to a wonderful orgasm. It was a moment of realization for her as she began feeling the sensations building up in her body, just after letting her breasts teased by a woman much older. She struggled hard gauging the undercurrent of emotions that streamed through her body as Amba continued paying her attention to her breasts. In all likelihood, Amba might be trying this for the first time in her life but she seemed to know what she was doing. Tulsi felt somewhat relieved as Amba eventually stopped teasing her breasts after a while.

Amba’s loose breasts were mashing against Tulsi’s thighs as the elder woman’s tongue teased around her navel. Tulsi’s hands wildly grasped the bedspread and began squeezing it as Amba spent some time stroking her tongue in circles around her navel. As Tulsi lifted her head and looked down to see Amba, her eyes caught the immense erection on both her nipples making her blush. Amba’s hands held Tulsi’s knees as she became seriously engrossed with Tulsi’s silky stomach. The young woman started swaying her head either side feeling a tender shock traveling through her spinal cord.

“Oh my god,” was all that Tulsi could mutter.

Amba paused to look up at Tulsi who kept whimpering plentifully. Her eyes didn’t fail to take note of the young woman’s breasts swelling in and out in quick motion and the immensely hardened nipples that stood atop on the young globes like watch towers. She decided to take a return course and inched upwards kissing the sexy curves just above Tulsi’s stomach. Her hands were obviously quicker than the tongue as they grabbed Tulsi’s breasts to give the ever-hardening nipples a few gentle tweaks.

“Eeeh!” Tulsi squealed in joyful agony.

Amba looked like a predator flexing muscles. She was admirably quick in moving up and down Tulsi’s cute young body licking all the way. Tulsi was beginning to experience a few minor tremors in her body after what had been a wonderful introduction to her sexual adventures. She was a bit tentative, as she feared she would explode into Amba’s mouth. She was convinced that Amba was very much aware of the impending climax although she never seemed to be in any hurry at all. She had crawled down again, kissing the sensitive skin one Tulsi’s inner thighs, letting her forehead and nose brush the public hair occasionally.

“Get ready for the real thing,” Amba said with a smile before she buried her face right in between Tulsi’s thighs.

Tulsi’s heart pumped harder as she felt Amba’s tongue sliding through her moist cunt lips going deeper and deeper. Tulsi convulsed internet casino at once feeling the rough surface of Amba’s tongue caressing her gentle muscles of the pussy wall. She whimpered in absolute excitement as Amba’s tongue tip eventually slashed like a sword after it touched the deck. It was altogether a different sensation feeling the warmth of Amba’s mouth engulfing her mound while her hole widened further letting the tongue do some dirty dancing inside.

Tulsi’s young body arched back and forth giving the elder woman all the access she needed. Amba was aware of the fact that she had surely ignited the lust in Tulsi’s mind and couldn’t resist the excitement of getting a fitting reciprocation from the young woman. She seemed to be licking and sucking infinitely before Tulsi began showing signs of an orgasm. Amba felt Tulsi quivering and bending her body like a bow. Surely, Tulsi was relishing the immense feeling arising out of the pressure of Amba’s face frantically moving on her clit. Finally, she relented and exploded profusely.

However, that didn’t deter Amba from teasing her clit with the tongue until Tulsi experienced her second orgasm rocking her body. Tulsi’s moans were more vociferous than before after Amba’s mouth wrapped around the clit as she sucked incredibly hard. Tulsi was drowning in deep excitement with her eyes closed tightly. It took a while for her to steady her breath after gasping for air. Amba eventually raised her head once she was convinced that it was becoming a bit too much for the young woman.

“I can’t forget these wonderful moments,” Tulsi whispered. “How am I going to match wits with you?”

Amba crawled up on the bed, gave a hug to Tulsi and planted a sensuous kiss on her lips. She broke the brief kiss and said smilingly, “I can only tell you to keep things simple. That is what I always do even while having sex. Don’t ever try adventures until you have mastered the simple things. This is the secret of my married life that is still enduring even after more than four decades.”

It was some encouragement that Tulsi really needed. She leaned over Amba to give her a very fluffy kiss on the lips. Amba hushed in excitement as Tulsi’s lips accepted the return kiss before moving further nibbling her cheeks and through her neck. Tulsi’s hands gripped Amba’s shoulders as she kept alternating between nibbling and kissing all over Amba’s furrowed skin. Amba’s weak murmurs grew louder as she felt Tulsi’s fingers trailing down to hold her slumped breasts and surging her hardening nipples. Tulsi gently stroked the breasts and kissed both the nipples. Amba’s head jerked back as Tulsi tugged her nipple with her lips. As Tulsi began alternating between both the nipples, she watched Amba heaving in arousal letting the breasts swell in and out. As seconds ticked, Amba was panting and stretching her limbs.

Amba was soon laying flat on her back with legs spread wider, enough to let Tulsi creep in. Tulsi took some time, kissing down the cleavage to her abdomen before she poked her tongue out to lash at the navel.

“Tulsi!” Amba squealed and raised her head to watch the young woman arousing her.

Tulsi hands moved to Amba’s pussy, stroked her public hair and gently grazed her throbbing clit. Amba’s body arched back and stayed in the air for a while with just her head and heels on the couch. Tulsi planted a gentle kiss on her pussy after which her fingers took over caressing it all over. Tulsi curiously moved up and down Amba’s body teasing her lower abdomen and her bushy mound. Her nostrils filled with the musky whiff of Amba.

Tulsi timidly began licking Amba’s cunt lips and tried devouring them inside her mouth. Her fingers itched to slide inside the soppy slit. Amba’s body flexed like rubber, yielding to Tulsi’s mouth and fingers that worked together in a nice rhythm. Tulsi shook in excitement listening to the loud moans. Her fingers had found a nice momentum as they probed Amba incessantly. Every now and then, her mouth kept wrapping and nibbling the swollen cunt lips. Amba’s hands rested on Tulsi’s head, pressing it harder against her womanhood. It was getting a bit too much for a woman at 62 as she began experiencing a few shudders.

Tulsi was clever enough to gauge the intensity of the whole thing as she drove her fingers as deep as she could. Amba screamed in delight as she felt Tulsi curling her susceptible spot with her long fingers bringing her menacingly close to her climax. Tulsi wasn’t relenting on Amba as she sustained the pressure by moving her fingers faster and deeper inside Amba’s yearning cunt. She did give the fingers some respite but just to replace them with her lips, sucking and licking Amba deliriously until she finally exploded.

“Oh yes,” Amba yelled out. Tulsi looked up for just a split second before lowering her mouth on Amba again. She hungrily lapped the oozing juices that began flowing through Amba’s cunt lips. She wasn’t paying any attention to Amba who shuddered a few more times. Tulsi didn’t stop until she thoroughly licked and dried up her cunt. Amba was understandably exhausted but the sparks in her eyes suggested that she had loved every moment of their sexual adventure. She pulled up Tulsi, gave her a gentle hug and planted a thankful kiss on her lips.

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