Ladies Network Ch. 07

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Gayesha stood outside the Headmistress’ office door at the Miss Jones’ Academy from which she received a full scholarship to attend and finish her twelfth year of education because, although, she was beautiful, very intelligent, and had great potential to go far in the world, she lived in the small, rural town of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, where her dad eked out a meager living on their rice farm while sometimes working in the gem mines to earn extra money to support his wife, a daughter, and a son, and before she left for Sydney, Australia, Gayesha, too.

When Gayesha had arrived in Sydney to attend the Academy, Rhoda, the Headmistress, had called Penny to ask her to come to her office where they could talk about Gayesha. This meeting turned out to be Rhoda’s asking Penny if she would be willing to have Gayesha live in her home with her two daughters Penelope and Pamela who themselves attended the Academy because Gayesha being eighteen years old might feel uncomfortable living with the boarding students who were much younger. Penny’s husband Zorba having died from cancer over eight years ago had left her a widow and single parent who was well provided for financially and lived in a very large home with many rooms in one of North Sydney’s wealthy communities on Beauty Point.

At first Penny did not know what answer to give Rhoda, but after she weighed the pros and cons of her request, she told her Gayesha would be more than welcome to come and live with her and her daughters. This pleased Rhoda immensely.

Of course, another reason for Rhoda’s being confident Penny would accept her request to have Gayesha live with her was the fact that both she and Penny were members of the Sisterhood of the Ladies Network, a private group of some of the well-known and wealthiest ladies in Sydney who identified themselves by wearing a gold ankle bracelet adorned with a rainbow, the symbol of lesbians, on their right ankles. In fact, it was Rhoda along with her beautiful Asian assistant Kiko who had seduced Penny in her office and introduced her to mild BDSM, the very same office in which she and Penny shared many erotic, sex-starved hours making wild, passionate sex with one another in the weeks and months following the seduction.

Several weeks had gone by since Gayesha had begun attending classes at the Academy and living with Penny and her daughters Penelope and Pamela in their luxurious estate home. One day during last period a message was sent to the Science teacher to have Gayesha go to the Headmistress’ Office after class since the school day was over before she left for home.

Now, Gayesha waited several minutes outside the double doors trying to think of some reason she had been called to the Headmistress’ office. She wondered if she had done something wrong either in or out of the classrooms…if she had offended anyone, teacher or student, because of her cultural differences. Try as she might, Gayesha couldn’t come up with any reason for her to be called to the Headmistress’ office.

Therefore, taking a deep breath, she opened the door and entered the large outer room where there were many chairs and small sofas along with side tables near the arms that had rows of neatly spread magazines on them.

Gayesha looked across the room and saw a very beautiful Asian woman sitting behind her desk, and she was somewhat pleased, as well as relieved, to see another woman of colour even though Gayesha’s skin was much darker than hers.

The Asian woman stood up and spoke in a quiet voice, “You must be Gayesha, the young girl from Sri Lanka, whom Miss Jones asked to come to her office.”

Giving Gayesha a once over from her head adorned with black hair to her breasts that she saw were large and full with hips the same in width with her chest; perfectly formed legs of which she saw from mid-thigh; and past her calves to her small feet. However, what captured Kiko’s attention the most were Gayesha’s Sri Lanka eyes that were a dark brown that seemed to have a dot of white captured from the lights in the ceiling in the upper right corner of her corneas; her long, curved black eyelashes; and her black eyebrows. It was, however, the sharp contrast of Gayesha’s white eyeballs with the dark corneas and intense black pupils that intrigued Kiko the most. She felt as if she could drown in the limpid pools of Gayesha’s eyes.

“Oh my,” Kiko sighed within herself, “this Gayesha is absolutely desirable and sexually arousing. I can feel myself getting wet between my legs just from looking at her.”

However, forcing herself to come out of her sensual reverie, Kiko stood up, locked Gayesha’s eyes with hers, and said, “Welcome to Australia and to Miss Jones’ Academy.”

Gayesha bowed her head out of politeness for someone older than she and said softly, “Thank…you…Miss.”

Kiko saw Gayesha tremble a little as she stumbled over her words not due to Kiko’s warm welcome but from her nervousness of having been called to the Office of the Headmistress Ankara bayan escort and not knowing why.

“Oh, my, Gayesha,” Kiko said reassuringly, “you have not been called to the Headmistress’ Office for having done anything wrong, so relax. Miss Jones just wants to talk with you about how you are getting along in the Academy, with your teachers, and with the other students, especially in your own grade level.”

Gayesha breathed a sigh of relief when she heard what Kiko told her and said, “I already know my under-classmates Penelope and Pamela Kazantakis because I am honoured to live with them and Pen…–Gayesha caught herself there–Ms. Penny in their beautiful home.”

Kiko saw Gayesha’s large breasts push out and then fall back as she breathed deeply to get herself under control, and she thought how much she’d love to get her hands and mouth on her lovely body.

“Well, then, follow me,” Kiko said as she walked around her desk and led Gayesha to Rhoda’s office door, ushering her inside first with the pointing of her first two fingers of her right hand.

Rhoda had her head buried in a pile of folders sitting in front of her, unaware of Kiko’s and Gayesha’s entering the room.

“Excuse me, Miss Jones, Gayesha is her to see you as you requested.”

Rhoda looked up and once more was stunned with Gayesha’s beauty and her adorable body that still showed itself off well beneath her school uniform. The uniform consisted of a short sleeve white blouse with pointed collar, the Jones’ tartan skirt showing Irish two-tone green, light and dark; Scottish two-tone blue, light and dark; wide red stripes with small white lines on both sides of the red; and single white lines, all of which criss-crossed one another, alternating into small squares, that came to mid-thigh; white knee socks; and black and white saddle oxfords.

“Oh, my,” sighed Rhoda as she stared at Gayesha’s beauty, undressing her with her eyes and salivating at the very thought of having her head between Gayesha’s legs with her face pressed onto her hairy pussy, or as she found out from Penny in her country they call the female genitalia cunt.

Sensing the passing of seconds it took her to take in Gayesha’s beauty and wrap her mind around the very erotic thoughts she was having, Rhoda spoke up, “Well, Gayesha, how good it is to have you come to my office so we can have a little woman to woman talk to find out how things are going with you in your new school and home environments,” Rhoda said quite casually, putting an emphases on the word home.

“Please, do come and join me on the sofa, Gayesha, so we can be close and comfortable since this is more social than formal; although, I do have a few questions about your being at the Academy. It will be more cozy don’t you know. I drew the verticals almost to close so there would be no direct sun light shining on us,” Rhoda purred as a female feline purrs when giving suck to her cubs.

Rhoda was on the prowl, and young Gayesha was her prey whom she would stalk with soothing words and salacious suggestions, and Rhoda knew before the afternoon was over Gayesha would be hers to devour.

Patting the sofa cushion with the her open left hand, Rhoda said in a semi-professional manner to keep up the professional appearance of herself as Headmistress of the Academy, “Come, Dear, do sit down and make yourself comfortable. You can even take off your shoes if you’d like.”

Gayesha smiled as she sat down, bent over, and removed her saddle oxfords. After wiggling her toes, she looked over to Rhoda.

“Ms. Headmistress, thank you for letting me take off my shoes. In my village of Ratnapuru we seldom wear our shoes since they are so expensive, and what little money my dad is able to earn from the harvest of our rice fields goes mainly for food to feed the family and for keeping our humble home in as good repair as possible. So,” Gayesha smiled almost apologetically, “we go around in our bare feet most of the time.”

“That’s all right, Gayesha, I understand,” Rhoda said smiling. ” I’m going to kick off my heels, too. I’ve been in those toe crunchers all day!

“Besides, as I told you, this is an informal time just between you and me to get to know one another better,” Rhoda purred lasciviously as she turned her body around on her cushion, letting her long legs spread just enough to let Gayesha see up her dress that she made sure slid to mid-thigh as she rested her left against the back of the sofa with her right leg bent at the knee and the tip of her foot resting on the floor.

Rhoda didn’t want to act brazen too soon, but she wanted to let Gayesha have a look between the bottoms of her sensitive, inner thighs. She was so sexually turned on by the beautiful creature sitting only a few feet across from her that she, as with others, was lost in Gayesha’s limpid pools of dark eyes that were exaggerated by the whites of her eyes.

Feeling her heart beating rapidly, Rhoda complimented Escort bayan Ankara Gayesha, “I must say, my Dear, you are a most beautiful girl. I am so taken with your Sri Lanka eyes. There is such depth to them. How well your long, black hair; your black eyebrows; your long, curved, black eyelashes; and your full lips frame your dark, velvety complexion. You are absolutely stunning.”

Gayesha blushed and felt flushed in her face.

“So, Gayesha, how are you getting along in school? Having any difficulties?” Rhoda asked.

“Oh, no, Headmistress. No problems,” Gayesha answered, wanting to make sure the Headmistress didn’t have any doubt about her fitting in and being able to do the work she was given in and out of the classroom.

Rhoda smiled approvingly and said reassuringly, “Well, I am glad to hear that, Gayesha, but may I ask you to call me by my name Rhoda, a very old Welsh name handed down to the first born daughter in every generation, while we are alone in my office as we are now. You can be more formal in the presence of the teachers and students, calling me either Miss Jones or Headmistress.”

Gayesha bent her head and whispered, “Yes, Mistress. I mean Rhoda. You honour me with the privilege of calling you by your name.”

She then looked up into Rhoda’s eyes, showing pleasure of having been given such an honour. As she had raised her head, Gayesha saw Rhoda had spread her legs further apart, showing more of her inner thighs, almost to her crotch that when she first looked up, she was almost sure she had seen Rhoda wasn’t wearing any panties.

However, Gayesha thought this could not be even though she did not wear panties beneath her skirt. She enjoyed the freedom of not having her pubic area confined. She thought that surely the Headmistress would not be naked beneath her skirt and blouse. She thought she must have just imagined it, or, if not, that she wished it so since she thought Rhoda was a beautiful woman, having a shapely body with large breasts and full hips to match.

Rhoda caught Gayesha lost in her thoughts, wondering what they might be while hoping it was her having caught a glimpse of her naked, hairy cunt.

To bring Gayesha out of her reverie Rhoda cleared her throat and said, “And your home life? How are things going living with Mrs. Kazantakis and her daughters Penelope and Pamela? You’ve already told me you call her Mom already. That was fast. Don’t you think?”

“Yes, ever so fast, but that was the choice she gave me the second day I was there, either to call her Penny or Mom as do her daughters. I thought calling her by her first name would be too informal and that Mom seemed more natural since she is like a surrogate Mother to me while living in her home, and besides, Penelope and Pamela were excited by my calling her Mom since they looked on me as their big sister,” Gayesha tried to explain in the best way possible.

Rhoda smiled knowingly but continued on with her questions for Gayesha.

“Anything unusual happening in the house, especially between you and your new Mom that you might want to share with Rhoda, anything that led to your calling Penny ‘Mom’ so soon after moving into their home?” she asked quite innocently but leadingly.

Rhoda was relentlessly stalking her young, vulnerable prey, waiting for the right moment to pounce and claim her prize.

Barely noticeable but not missed by Rhoda who kept her ears attuned to every word Gayesha said and her eyes on every move she made saw Gayesha flinch just a little when asked about her relationship with Penny, her surrogate Mom.

Feigning the reality of hers and Penny’s intimate relationship, Gayesha answered as under control of her emotions as she could given her set of circumstances of being with the Headmistress of the Academy, “Oh, Ms. Penny. I mean Mom and I get along very well, thank you. She, Penelope, and Pamela have made me feel so at home with them.”

From automatic reflexes with which Gayesha had grown up in her country where sex was something one did rather than talk about since it was government policy that it should be so, Gayesha dropped her right hand into her lap and massaged her cunt beneath her skirt, not giving thought to the Headmistress, but images of her and Penny making love in her bed was becoming sexually arousing to her, and she felt a tingling sensation in her vulva.

Now it was Rhoda’s turn to flinch at the sight of Gayesha massaging her pubic area, but she still didn’t want to rush her seduction of her and possibly scare her away. Instead, Rhoda took a different tactic, one that was not so obvious.

“Gayesha, I see your hand in your lap and that you are pressing your fingers in between your legs. Do you have to go to the bathroom?” Rhoda asked as considerately as she could, controlling her mounting sexual arousal since she already knew of Gayesha’s background in Sri Lanka.

Gayesha felt flushed with embarrassment that the Headmistress should see Bayan escort Ankara her massaging her cunt outside her skirt, but just thinking of sex with Penny stimulated her active libido. She also felt her labia becoming puffy and wet with her natural lubricant.

Slowly Gayesha answered Rhoda’s question.

“No, Miss Jones. I mean Rhoda. I don’t have to go to the bathroom. It’s just that….”

“It’s just what, Gayesha?” Rhoda urgently tried to coax what she wanted Gayesha to tell her.

“It’s just that Penny is so much like my mother at home that on the very first night I crawled into bed with her naked, massaged her lovely breasts while she was sleeping, and before the night was over we made passionate love,” Gayesha confessed.

Rhoda tried to act surprised despite the fact she already knew that because Penny had shared that with her, but Gayesha didn’t know it.

“Oh, my, my, Gayesha. That is so intriguing to find out you and Penny are so intimate with one another and so soon,” Rhoda said as surprised as she could make herself to be.

Gayesha blushed profusely and held her chin down towards her neck from embarrassment.

“I am so sorry, Mistress. It’s just difficult to break a sexual custom I grew up with all my life,” said Gayesha apologetically.

Rhoda cleared her throat, “Oh, no, Gayesha. What you told me about your culture in Sri Lanka regarding sex is a bit overwhelming. That’s all. I am not one to sit in judgement, Dear.”

Rhoda didn’t want what she was about to tell Gayesha to come out wrong, so she began very slowly as her mind looked for the right way.

“I have to be honest with you, Gayesha, Penny had already told me that while you were seducing her, you told her how you seduced your dad while he was sleeping until he awakened and had you suck his stiff, hard cock until he shoot his hot cum into your mouth while you massaged and fingered her cunt, making her cum, too.”

Rhoda almost drooled saliva out of the corner of her mouth.

“Do you think badly of me, Headmistress? Are you going to ask me to leave the Academy that I have come to love? Have I been such a bad, naughty girl doing these things that you would do this to me?” Gayesha asked pleadingly.

“Oh, heavens no, Gayesha. You are a very bright and intelligent student who is doing so well in her classes. All the teachers say that, and you are popular among the student body. No, you are not going to be expelled from the Academy. Life will go on as if nothing has changed,” Rhoda said brightly, a warm smile etched on her lovely face as she reached out with her right hand and put it on top of Gayesha’s hand that she still had pressed into her groin.

Rhoda felt Gayesha’s body heat and squirmed with sexual lust.

Gayesha breathed a big sigh of relief and said, “Oh, thank you, Headmistress.”

Rhoda drew her hand back and leaned against the sofa’s armrest while positioning her body in her seat so that her skirt rode up on her thighs higher than it had been before, watching for Gayesha’s reaction since now she definitely had a clear shot up her dress where she could see her hairy bush nestled between her spread legs.

She wasn’t wrong. Gayesha looked between Rhoda’s spread legs and down at her crotch when she, too, slid her ass around on the cushion so she was facing Rhoda, and once more she massaged her ever-stimulated cunt, but now her fingers were working faster and pushing against her skirt until she had formed a “V” between her spread thighs and her skirt had moved up her thighs to almost her crotch.

Rhoda saw what Gayesha was doing, and she heard a soft moan.

Now, it was time. Rhoda knew the prey was hers, but she moved towards it ever so slowly to savour the building sexual excitement.

“Well, tell me, Gayesha, if you trust me not to breathe a word of what you say outside this office. It will be our little secret. Of course, you can tell Penny if you so chose,” Rhoda said matter-of-factly. “How did you seduce your mom as you had seduced your dad? I know you shared a bed with your mom. That would have been the very place to have it happen. Don’t you think?”

‘Yes, I suppose, but an opportunity in the kitchen presented itself I couldn’t pass up,” Gayesha said with a salacious grin on her face now assured Rhoda would not think badly of her for what she did incestuously with her family members, especially since she was now looking at her naked, hairy cunt.

“Mom was at the end of the kitchen table, cleaning vegetables for our evening meal. I was sitting on the kitchen table towards the other end. As usual I had no panties on under my skirt, so I raised my left leg and set it down on top of the table, making sure my skirt slipped up my legs as I spread them wide enough for my mom to see my naked cunt.

I’m sure she noticed me since she took quick glances at me until she finally said, “You know I can see your naked cunt, Gayesha?”

“Yes, I know,” I answered as I got down from the table and went to the end where my mom was working on the vegetables and raised my ass onto the table top again, only this time letting my skirt fall down my thighs very much and spread my legs so that my hairy cunt was quite visible to my mom.

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