Ladies of the Briar: Payback Time

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This is a work of fiction, but it involves characters based on real people (some names have been changed to preserve modesty and avoid detection). It involves a kidnap scenario and non-consent sex. If this isn’t for you, look elsewhere for your entertainment. Men (or at least those of you who pick on and bully women, whatever their age,) you have been warned! Don’t try and fuck with The Ladies of the Briar.

The Ladies of the Briar are:

Olwen S

40yrs old; HotWife; (cuckold Simon). Bi-sexual. Schoolteacher.

Peggy E

51yrs old; Domme Bitch; married (sissy sub Brian). Bi-sexual. Hairdresser.

Beryl B

41yrs old; HotWife; (cuckold Conrad). Mother of Susan B. Bi-sexual. Housewife.

Nicola M

40yrs old; HotWife (cuckold Kevin). Bi-sexual. Lawyer (Barrister)

Mary C-W

39yrs old; BDSM enthusiast; married (Eileen W). Lesbian. G.P.

Eileen W

41yrs old; BDSM enthusiast; married (Mary C-W). Lesbian. G.P.

Ruth J

40 yrs old; Domme Bitch; single. Bi-sexual. Police (Detective Chief Inspector.)

Susan B

23 yrs old; HotWife-to-be; engaged (Paul[a], sub sissy) Bi-sexual. Pupil Barrister.

Judith McA

51 yrs old; HotWife married (cuckold Edward) Bi-sexual. Housewife.

Liz E

19yrs old Trainee Domme; single. Bi-sexual. Hairdresser (in Peggy’s shop).

Other Peripheral Characters Regularly Involved in LOTB scenarios, but not necessarily in this story:

Nancy P

49 yrs old; sub pain slut; single (owned by Mary engaged (to Susan B) fuck toy. Business owner.

Hazel N

32 yrs old; switch; married (Wally) Bi-curious. Hairdresser (in Peggy’s shop).

Trish I

61yrs old; nympho slut; widow. Available to all. Dogsbody ( in Peggy’s shop).


42 yrs old; sub cuckold; married (LOTB Olwen) owned sub. CEO (Local Authority.)


54 yrs old; sub cuckold; married (LOTB Peggy) owned sissy sub. Bus driver.


41 yrs old; sub cuckold; married (LOTB Beryl) owned sub. Headteacher (Secondary).


57 yrs old; sub cuckold; married (LOTB Nicola) owned sub. Civil Engineer.

Edward McA

53 yrs old; sub cuckold; married (LOTB Judith) slave. Member of Parliament (Tory).

Anita P

48 yrs old; cunt/cock slut; divorced & available. Bi-sexual. Clerk (Legal Chambers).

Part One: The Build Up.

It was a Friday afternoon, at the end of the first week of the school summer holidays. I had decided to ring my friend Peggy and ask for an appointment to get my hair done. Even if she was really busy, she would fit me in I knew. Peggy and I go back a long way. We have similar interests, and we are both founder members of our very exclusive group, known as The Ladies of the Briar. There are ten of us in the group, and we all are pipe smokers. Most of us know each other from our schooldays. We are very loyal to one another, and it was this loyalty that brought us all together to plot and execute a plan to get revenge for one of our group, who had been badly treated by a bully of a man. This is what happened:

My request for an appointment was granted, as I knew it would be. When I got to Peggy’s salon, to my delight, I found that my friends, and fellow Ladies of the Briar, Beryl and Judith were already there. Judith was having her hair done by Peggy, and Beryl had brought her cuckold in to have his cock and balls shaved. She was being pleasured by Trish, Peggy’s resident slut, whilst Conrad was being shaved by Hazel, another of Peggy’s staff.

I sat down in the chair, and Liz, Peggy’s daughter began by washing my hair. Let me say straight away that although Liz is much younger than the rest of us, she is a full member of our group, having been brought up by her mother to dominate her father in the same way that Peggy has done ever since she and Brian were married. Liz frequently pegs her father, and feeds him cream pie when she has been fucked. Peggy has brought her up properly.

We ladies were chatting about tomorrow night’s event at the fetish club in our town where we are all members. A sissy parade was to be held to choose the Summer Sissy for this year. It was an annual event, and the winner got to choose a cuckold from the audience to suck his cock whilst he was being pegged by his Owner. All the members of the LOTB group were going to be there, although Judith told us that her cuckold was stuck in London, or rather in Chequers, where as a member of the Government, he was busy trying to solve yet another political crisis.

She smirked as she revealed that as she had a new boyfriend, a very young, very well equipped lad, she couldn’t give a toss that Edward wouldn’t be there tomorrow night. She was going to get royally fucked, and when Edward did deign to make an appearance she was going to thrash him and peg him for his negligence.

All the ladies present, except Trish laughed. She had her face between Beryl’s legs. Liz asked if Judith would bring Edward to the club to punish and fuck him publicly, and she bursa escort readily agreed. That was something to look forward to! A Tory government minister being thrashed and then pegged in front of a group of baying Ladies of the Briar.

Liz was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair, prior to cutting and styling it when the door to the shop burst open. Peggy looked up in alarm. The front door was always kept locked, given the nature of what went on in the salon whenever any of our group was present. She started to walk towards the source of the sound when a young man burst through the connecting door and looked around wildly.

“Where the fuck is she?” he yelled, looking daggers at Peggy. He shoved her aside and she staggered backwards. Liz looked terrified.

“Jimmy?” she said anxiously, “what the hell are you doing here?”

She grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into the back room. Peggy looked around and hissed at Trish to get out from between Beryl’s legs. As Trish got to her feet, both Beryl and Judith followed Peggy into the back room. I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my head and followed them.

What we all saw in the small back room terrified us. Jimmy, or whatever the fuck his name was, had Liz by the throat and was shouting in her face.

“No one, and least of all a fucking slut like you, dumps me, do you hear?” he screamed, spittle spraying out of his mouth. “You don’t get to make decisions like that,” he continued. “I’ll be round your house at seven o’clock tonight to pick you up. We’re going to the football, and then if you’re lucky, I’ll take you for a drink and you can suck my cock in the car on the way home. Do you fucking understand, you stupid cunt?”

He took his hands off Liz’s neck and she collapsed onto the floor, coughing and spluttering. He raised his hand as if to slap her, and Liz whimpered in terror. He chuckled and dropped his hand.

“What a fucking pussy ” he spat, turning round to leave. He saw us all standing there and laughed.

“Who the fuck are you lot gawping at?” he shouted. “Haven’t you ever seen a cunt put in her place before? Get out of my fucking way!”

With that, he barged between Peggy and Beryl and lurched out. We all rushed to help Liz, who was in floods of tears. Already, angry bruises were beginning to appear on both sides of her neck. We helped her back into the salon, and sat her down in one of the chairs. As we did so, Trish re-appeared from the front door.

“I’ve got his car registration, Peg,” she said with a satisfied grin. “If you’ll all excuse me, I’ll get on to Ms. Ruth. I’m sure she can sort that little fucker out!”

Ruth is another member of our LOTB group. She also happens to be a Chief Inspector of police. Peggy smiled her thanks to Trish, who hurried off to make her phone call to Ruth.

Liz had stopped crying by now. She stood up.

“I’m so sorry, Olwen,” she said. “Where was I? Swilling your hair, I think. Sit down and I’ll finish you off now.”

“Oh no you bloody well won’t,” I smiled. I pulled her close to me and kissed her. I could feel her lips trembling against mine and I held her tight.

“You’ve had a hell of a shock,” I said softly, rubbing her back. “My hair can wait until your mother has finished with Judith. Then we’ll see what Ruth says to Trish. That bastard is going to pay for what be’s done to you.”

Trish returned not long afterwards, bringing with her a cup of tea, which she put in Liz’s hands, then took it off her again. Liz was shaking too much to hold it steady.

“I spoke to Ms Ruth,” she said, the satisfaction in her voice quite plain to hear. “She’ll be at your house by six thirty, Peg. She thought she’d better be there when, or if, that bastard turns up. I don’t give much for his chances.”

At that moment, Hazel came down from upstairs, where she had been shaving Conrad. She’d brought him down with his cock and balls hanging out of his trousers. There were two reasons for this, I reasoned. Hazel would want Beryl to inspect her cuckold to ensure that he was sufficiently smooth, and if that was the case, she would want him exposed so as to fit his chastity cage back on him.

Hazel looked at us all surrounding a still shaking Liz.

“What’s happened?” she asked in a concerned voice. Peggy began to explain what had gone on whilst Hazel had been seeing to Conrad when my mobile phone pinged, indicating I had a new text message. Then,one after the other, Beryl’s, Judith’s and Peggy’s mobiles pinged also. We all looked at our phones. It was a message from Ruth.

“Meet me at Peggy’s tonight at six thirty. Bring your hoods, and be prepared for some excitement. Give Liz a cuddle from me. XXX”

We all looked at one another in amazement, and then surrounded Liz. We carried out the last of Ruth’s instructions together.

Part Two: Revenge Planned.

I got to Peggy’s house by twenty five past six that evening. Ruth, Beryl and Nicola were already there. I gave them all a kiss, and looked expectantly at Ruth.

“What’s happening?” görükle escort I asked. “Where’s Judith?”

Ruth smiled and put her arm around Liz, who looked to have made a full recovery.

“Judith couldn’t make it,” Ruth began. “Her cuckold rang to say that he’d forgotten that he has a constituency cocktail party this evening. He’s still stuck in Chequers apparently. So she has had to put in an appearance to keep his constituency party workers happy. So what’s happening is this,” she continued. “Liz may be the youngest Lady of the Briar, but she is no less important for that. We all stick together. So when the doorbell rings, she is not going to answer it, and accompany that twat who assaulted her earlier to the football match. You are, Olwen.”

I looked at Ruth in horror. I couldn’t believe my ears. She grinned at me.

“Trust me,” she said. “Liz is going to have a practical lesson in how to dominate a man tonight. She’ll be quite safe. Her sister Ladies of the Briar will be there to ensure that. Here’s what we are going to do.”

It was a few minutes after seven when the doorbell rang. I got to my feet, hoping that nobody could notice my legs shaking. I put on my bravest smile, winked at Liz and went to answer the door.

I opened it wide, thankful that Peggy lived in the first house of the row known as The Crescent. The street was indeed built in a crescent shape, so no-one lived opposite and nobody could see what was about to happen.

Before I could say a word, Jimmy looked at me in surprise.

“Who the fuck are you? he spat.

I gave a sigh of relief. Ruth’s supposition had been correct. I’d had a towel round my head the last time Jimmy had seen me. He didn’t recognise me at all. I smiled at him, and wished him a good evening.

Where the fuck was Ruth? Then out of the corner of my eye, I spotted some movement, and stepped aside as Brian and Ruth rushed up from behind Jimmy and bundled him into the hallway of the house. They had gone out of the back door and made their way down the lane behind the house, to come up behind Jimmy. His cry of shock was cut off as I slammed the font door.

I turned around to see Ruth kneeling between Jimmy’s shoulder blades. She was pressing his face into the carpet, and even now Jimmy’s struggles were getting more and more feeble. It was obvious that he couldn’t breathe. Ruth looked up at Brian and gave him a broad grin.

“Not bad for a sissy,” she said softly.

Brian blushed.

“Begging your pardon, Mistress,” he said in the voice he used when he was in sissy mode, “but my being a sissy has nothing to do with this. Nobody, and I mean nobody, puts their hands on my daughter.”

Jimmy was hardly struggling at all now. Ruth looked down at him to check his level of consciousness, and Brian took the opportunity to give him a vicious kick in the balls. Jimmy became very still.

Ruth looked up at Peggy’s sissy, and Liz’s father.

“Well that’s summary justice if ever I saw it,” she said dryly. She got up off the limp form and quickly handcuffed Jimmy’s hands behind his back. Brian produced a gimp hood from his pocket and slipped it over Jimmy’s lolling head. He laced it up and made sure that the eye holes were closed.

Next, he zipped up the mouthpiece and adjusted the hood so that Jimmy’s nostrils were lined up with the breathing holes. Satisfied, he knelt down at Ruth’s feet.

“I’m ready to receive any punishment you think appropriate, Mistress,” he said softly. “I was not authorised to kick him, merely to help you subdue him. I ask your understanding for my disobedience.”

Ruth smiled down at him and fondled his hair affectionately.

“I won’t be recommending any punishment,” she smiled. “Even sissy fathers have the right to defend their daughter’s honour. You did well, sissy. I’ll be telling your Owner what a help you were just now.”

Brian blushed with pride, and puffed out his chest.

As instructed, everyone else had remained in the living room. Ignoring the prone figure lying on the carpet in the hallway, Ruth took my hand, kissed me and led me back to re-join our friends. Brian followed.

“Phase one accomplished,” Ruth reported proudly, “and sissy Brian here was a great help.”

Liz leapt up and ran into her arms. She kissed Ruth and when they both came up for air, everyone clapped.

“Right,” said Ruth in a business like manner, “time for phase two. “I’ll take my car around to the back lane. You lot get him to the garden door, and for fuck’s sake, don’t drop him if he wakes up and starts to struggle.”

We all slid into action. Ruth went out of the front door whilst Peggy, Nicola, Beryl and I each took an unresponsive limb and carried Jimmy through the house into the garden. Liz went ahead of us and opened the back garden door. When Ruth pulled up in her car, Liz checked the coast was clear, and gave us the thumbs up.

We hurried down the garden, carrying the still unconscious Jimmy. I was beginning to worry at his escort bayan unresponsive state. What if we’d killed him?

I needn’t have wasted any time worrying about him. As we unceremoniously dumped him in the boot of Ruth’s four by four, he began to struggle. He’d obviously regained consciousness, and I thought I heard a muffled “What the fuck?” before the rear door was closed, and the back shelf descended, enclosing Jimmy in the confines of Ruth’s car boot.

We heard a few feeble thumps before our prisoner realised the futility of trying to escape.

“Let’s go,” Ruth grinned. “Liz, you’re with me. We’ll see you soon up at Mary and Eileen’s place. Don’t get stopped by the cops for speeding. I won’t be able to help you if you’re pulled over by a patrol car!”

We all grinned at this, and watched as Ruth and Liz departed down the lane with their subdued cargo. If he was wondering what was going on, he’d soon find out, I thought to myself with a satisfied grin.

We all trooped back up the garden path and into the house.

“I’ll take Peggy in my car,” I said. “Do either of you want a lift too?”

Nicola shook her head.

“I picked Beryl up on my way here,” she said. “We’ll follow you up to Mary and Eileen’s. Just remember what Ruth said. Keep to the speed limit, for fuck’s sake!”

I grinned. Of all of the Ladies of the Briar, I had the reputation of being the fastest driver. I saluted Nicola cheekily.

“Message received and understood, Ma’am” I grinned. “Come on. If I have to drive at snail pace, we’d better be going. We don’t want them to start without us, do we?”

Peggy turned to Brian and smiled at him.

“Thank you, sissy,” she said, pulling the chain that she always wore around her neck over her head.

“Here’s the key to your cock cage. You have my permission to watch any porn you like on the TV whilst I’m gone. And if you want to pleasure yourself, you have my permission to do that too. Liz and I will be perfectly safe with our sisters. I’ll see you in the morning.”

She gave Brian the key, and a kiss on the cheek.

“Enjoy yourself,” she whispered. “You deserve it.”

The four of us went out, leaving Brian to his treat of a night of porn and self-pleasure.

Our fellow Ladies of the Briar, Mary and Eileen lived on a converted small holding on the outskirts of the town. Apart from a few chickens, there were no animals living there now, and Mary and her wife had converted one of the outhouses into a very well equipped, very comfortable play room. It was there that we would end up, I had no doubt. I was really looking forward to helping my sisters to teach Jimmy the bully a very harsh lesson before too long.

Part Three: Revenge Accomplished.

We managed to get to Mary and Eileen’s without attracting the attention of any member of the local constabulary. Our two sister GPs had helped get our captive out of the boot of Ruth’s car, and Nicola and Beryl drove into the smallholding a few seconds behind Peggy and myself.

Ruth and Liz were waiting for us outside the converted playroom.

“He’s awake, but we’ve got him shackled to an overhead beam,” Ruth informed us. “Mary and Eileen are getting a few toys ready. He’s still blindfolded in his gimp mask, but I want him to be able to see what is coming. So we’re all going to have to wear masks at least. Liz will have to wear a hood until the very end. This is what we’ve got planned for bully boy Jimmy.”

We listened carefully, and then, having all decided to wear hoods, we filed into the playroom. What a sight greeted us.

Jimmy was on tiptoe, hanging by his arms which were shackled to a couple of eyebolts in a very sturdy looking crossbeam in the ceiling. He was completely naked. The eyeholes in his gimp mask were shut, held in place by velcro. Ruth was the last one in and she shut the door with a loud bang. Jimmy jumped and let out a groan as he came back down onto tip toes and his shoulder and wrist joints took his whole weight again.

“Who’s there?” he croaked, his voice trembling with fear. No-one answered, but Eileen picked up a thin, whippy cane and handed it to Liz. We all nodded our encouragement to her and she circled around behind Jimmy.

Taking aim, she drew her arm back and delivered a stroke that landed with a thunderous THWACK!!! right in the centre of his exposed arse cheeks. He screamed in agony, and we all laughed.

“Right, you piece of shit,” Ruth began. “In a moment I’m going to open the flaps on your eyeholes so that you can see what is going to be happening to you. Make all the noise you like. No-one will hear you. And my friends and I are going to teach you a very painful lesson indeed. You assaulted a friend of ours today. You are going to pay for that.”

She reached out and unzipped the mouth of his gimp mask. Realising that he was now free to talk, our victim opened his mouth.

“You’re fucking mad,” spluttered Jimmy. “I never assaulted no-one. You’ve fucking kidnapped me. When I go to the cops, they’ll fucking arrest you. You mad bitch!”

In the silence that followed this verbal torrent, Ruth’s tutting could be clearly heard. She ripped the velcro ties off Jimmy’s gimp mask and as his eyes adjusted to the light, she shook her head.

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