Lady’s Dressing Room

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This is the continuation of Mona_69’s hot fantasy. Her beautiful body has inspired me…


Following your inviting, motioning finger, I’d slip into the dressing room with you and take full advantage of my good fortune and your smokin’ hot body.

I’d ease you against the wall, sliding my hand down the front of your pants to feel your damp muff. Your saturated panties wet the backs of my fingers as I dip two between your wet folds letting your pulsating tunnel suck them deep inside. Your humid bush nestles ever so beautifully into the palm of my hand. I withdraw and pull my glistening fingers to my mouth tasting your salty sweet cream. As I lick it from my fingers your sexual aroma fills my senses, my eyes roll backward and my head spins with heavenly delight. You too taste yourself from my fingers, your breasts heaving in anticipation of our next move.

I’d press myself against you so you could feel the hard bulge in my pants as I lean over and kiss the nape of your neck maybe even giving you a soft bite. Your big tits push back against me as I work my way to your ear. My hot breath is against your skin and then I kiss your soft, pouty lips working my hands to untie the front of your halter top. I stand back in amazement and marvel at your beautiful breasts. So firm, so round and so large. I reach out giving them both a squeeze as if feeling their firmness gauging whether they are ripe. I lean forward my hot tongue pressing against your dark, pink nipple. I love the feel of its rigidity as it presses against the middle of my taste buds. The tip of my tongue then flicks quickly across as you jerk from the sensational spasm that rips through you. Then you shudder as I gently clench it between my teeth and tongue rolling it, sucking in cool air around it; making it so hard and swollen.

You smell wonderful as I bury güvenilir bahis my face into your mountains of flesh. Warm, smooth, natural globes with a hint of body lotion, makes them extra creamy as my cheeks glide against them. My hands knead them firmly but gently and I can feel their heft like firm melons. Their skin glistens wet with my saliva revealing a trail that my tongue never tires of traveling. I love to squeeze them together. Your cleavage fires my lust to new heights and my cock to a steely state. You loosen your pants and let them fall away reaching then for mine, sliding my pants and underwear to my thighs. My cock springs out releasing a heavy stream of precum that follows the path of my swinging pole and lands on your thighs. You take my rigid rod into your hand to feel its hot flesh as I continue to orally assault your monstrous tits. You move to your knees unfortunately breaking the suction of my clinging lips on your inflamed areola. I can now feel your heated breath as your sweet mouth readies for my stick. Your lips part as I slide over your wet tongue and you begin to suck and move your head, stroking the length of my cock with your mouth. I sink my fingers into your hair clutching your head adjusting the rhythm to my liking. Long, deep strokes in and out of your hot mouth, my cock is so hard I can feel my heartbeat thumping through the veins. My balls are heavy with thick cream awaiting release but not just yet.

I pull you up and lift one leg up to the dressing room seat, exposing your sex which is covered in your saturated and translucent white thong. I smell the wet heat of your arousal as I near your furry cunt; my mouth waters at the thought of fucking you with my tongue. I pull the material to the side feeling your hands glide through my long hair. Burying my head between your thighs I can’t contain myself and dive türkçe bahis in lapping fervently at your pussy, parting your sweet lips as your cream coats my taste buds. Your clit is swelled, hard and throbbing as my hot lips wrap around it sucking it hard. You spasm and your knees weaken as I furiously work your hot quim into a lather, my face coated with your juices. I love it and continue on as you slide down the wall to the floor. I shift my body to fit the cramped quarters keeping my busy head between your legs and bringing my hind quarters near your face. You instinctively reach for my cock moaning as you near climax. My tongue flutters about, delving deep into every nook and cranny of your succulent wet folds relishing your strong flavor. My nose is buried in the depths of your thick, dark bush filling it with your aromatic lust. I raise my leg allowing you to position yourself under my dripping cock which is an angry red and purple from the hard strokes and squeezing your petite hand has been giving it. You lock your mouth around its head inhaling as much as you can, forcing it to the back of your throat. I can feel your moans vibrate against me as both our hips begin to pump in rhythmic fashion to hasten our orgasmic goal.

Your hot, sucking mouth and my wild, wet tongue are bringing us both to the pinnacle as our bodies heave and buck against one another. Your breaths become short and hot, your pussy contracting in spasms as your hot, sticky juice pulses against my waiting tongue. You stifle your cries as I lap and suck and continue to work your sweet cunt through your orgasm. Your hips buck as you hold my head against you tight until the emissions begin to subside and you lay back satiated and spent. A wet puddle collects under the sweet cheeks of your ass. My face glazed with your cum.

My drooling cock begs for release as I kneel güvenilir bahis siteleri beside your body, your gaze locked on my hand as it pumps the swollen shaft. The sensual globes on your chest undulate from your heavy breathing as I decide where to lay down my molten deposit. You press your tits together and ask me if I will cum on them and coat them with my hot, thick cream. A rush shoots through me hearing your filthy words and my balls tighten in preparation for their release. I frantically pump myself and shorten my strokes to just behind my cockhead, taking careful aim. Like a scene from a porn movie, I want every hot, steaming drop to hit those luscious tits, to coat them heavily. I want you to feel the sear of my scorching cum hitting your skin. Your eyes widen knowing it will be very soon.

Then it happens. Large thick ropes erupt from the end of my cock landing, splattering across your chest. You gasp as they hit your skin hot and wet. Shot after shot landing in an array across your lovely fuckin’ tits and it all cascades downward into one of the most erotic sights a man could ever imagine and never tire of seeing. My sticky sperm clings to your tits; that image pulling more cock butter from my testes adding to the heavy accumulation that lay upon you. My cock is almost completely drained as the last dangling droplets are wiped away by your fingers drawing them to your mouth to savor on your tongue.

“John! John! Where are you?” I hurriedly spring to my feet pulling up my pants, stuffing my dripping cock inside and hurry out the dressing room door, back to the main floor to my girlfriend’s calling voice.

“Oh, hi honey, I was just trying on a few jeans” I quickly conjure up.

“In the ladies’ dressing room?” she asks suspiciously.

“There weren’t any open in the men’s department and the saleslady said it was OK” I countered.

“Oh. Want to hear something good? I swear I heard a woman getting herself of in one of the dressing room stalls. Can you believe that?”

Swallowing hard, “Yah, imagine that? I think I heard her too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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