Lanni’s Birthday Ch. 02

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Lanni strutted through the crowded parking lot of her high school. She knew she looked smoking hot in her tiny happy faced t-shirt, skin tight red ultra-mini skirt and 5 inch leopard-skin fuck me pumps. She was floating on air. It was her birthday and she’d already gotten banged by her father even before she left the house for school. Even after cleaning up, her pussy was slowly oozing his thick cream.

“Lanni!” Someone called from across the parking lot. It was Deena, her best friend since 3rd grade. Deena was a petite brunette with a cute little figure. Lanni had to admire how Deena’s pert boobies bobbed up and down as she ran through the lot towards her.

She hugged Lanni quickly, “Happy Birthday!” she squealed. She grabbed Lanni’s hands and jumped up and down in front of her. “You are going to have so much fun today. I bet you can get at least 20 people to fuck you before lunch time, in that outfit.” She was so excited she was practically skipping as they walked in to the large school building.

Lanni had to laugh at her excitement. “Oh, Deena. I don’t know about twenty. But I would love it if I could get Jeremy Griggs to take me into the janitor’s closet and put it to me good. I hear he’s got the biggest cock in the school and he’s so cute.”

Deena gave her a mischievous glance. “I’m sure we could figure something out. Hey, did you get to your Dad this morning?”

A smug smile spread across Lanni’s face. “You know I did.” She stated triumphantly.

“You did not!” Deena squealed. “How was it? Oh, my god. I can’t believe it. You finally güvenilir bahis got your dad to fuck you? No way!”

“I swear I did and it was fantastic!” Lanni glowed. “He was so masterful and so big. I’m still a little sore but he made me cum so good. Here let me show you.”

Lanni held her locker door open so she could hide behind it and stuck a finger quickly into her soaked vagina. She showed her slick finger to Deena and then pressed it to her best friend’s lips. “Have a taste. It’s so delicious.”

Deena quickly sucked in her friends offered finger and her eyes rolled back. “Oh, wow! That’s delicious. Your combined juices could be sold as an aphrodisiac on QVC! I know I’d buy it. Can I have some more?” she started to reach under Lanni’s skirt.

Lanni stopped her. “Hey, not here. Let’s go someplace private. We’ve still got a few minutes before class.”

Arm in arm Lanni and Deena strolled through the crowded hallway. They looked from side to side and quickly ducked into the janitor’s closet. Immediately Deena kneeled at Lanni’s feet, pressed her face under the tiny skirt and began devouring Lanni’s oozing cunt.

There among the mops, buckets and brooms, Deena proceed to lap and slurp every last drop of Lanni and her father’s juices. “Oh, Deena! That feels so good. But hurry or we’re going to be late for class.” Lanni once again pushed her tiny t-shirt over her jugs and began to pinch and twist her perpetually hard, thick nipples. “Oh, Deena! I think you’re going to make me cum!”

Deena looked up from her work, her mouth wet with cum. türkçe bahis “That’s the point!” Then she dove back down, shoving three of her tiny fingers into Lanni’s cunt. She rapidly moved her fingers in and out, and clamped her teeth around the swollen clit.

Lanni arched her back and tried to stifle the shriek of joy that burst out of her when she shattered with her orgasm.

Deena cleaned up Lanni as best she could and then opened up a package of paper towels and cleaned herself up. “There, how do I look?” She asked.

“Cute as a button, like always. We better hurry.” Lanni grabbed Deena’s hand and they dashed out of the closet and managed to rush into their seats as the bell rang for first period.

Mr. Anson, their Science teacher was just turning from the board when he saw Lanni’s outrageously tiny outfit. What was that girl thinking? She was already the most luscious student that Mr. Anson had ever seen but now she was flaunting those bodacious tatas right in everyone’s face. He felt his cock give a mighty jolt. He was going to have to stay sitting at his desk all through the lesson at this rate.

He took role as usual but he was having a hard time concentrating. Lanni was sitting slightly sideways in her desk. Her long, shapely legs were crossed and angled out into the aisle. Most of the boys were throwing admiring glances at her half naked body. He knew he was going to have a hard time keeping anyone’s attention today. Little Jeffrey Morgan looked like he was having a fit and practically fell out of his chair trying to get a better look.

Mr. güvenilir bahis siteleri Anson managed to make it through most of the class without too much incident, but then Lanni uncrossed her legs. He tried to control his expression as he saw her glistening cunt lips revealed to him. “MY GOD! That girl isn’t wearing any underwear!” He shouted in his head.

He finally had most of the classes attention when he began to cough from trying to stifle the gasp that he made.

“Are you alright, Mr. Anson?” Someone asked. He looked up into Lanni’s innocently concerned eyes and he began coughing again.

He managed to clear his throat. “I’m fine.” Just then the bell rang. The class began to file out. Some of them wished he was going to be ok. “Thanks, I’m fine.” He repeated.

Deena dashed from the classroom to her next class which was across campus, but Lanni stayed behind. Her own class was just two doors down so she walked up to Mr. Anson’s desk. “Are you sure you’re all right, Mr. Anson?” She asked sweetly.

“Oh, course, Lanni.” He assured her. “But I’m a little concerned about you.”

“Me?” she asked. “Why, I’m perfectly fine, Mr. Anson. See?” She presented her incredible body to him and slowly spun around. He caught his breath when she presented her round ass to him. The cheeks practically falling out of the bottom of her tight mini. Lanni tossed her hair and looked over her shoulder at him. “See?” She said again. “Just fine.”

“More than just fine.” Mr. Anson breathed. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

Lanni flashed her brilliant smile at him. “Oh, Mr. Anson, you’re cute. See you later…maybe?” Her eyes invited him to understand just what she was meaning by that.

All he could do was gulp and nod, dumbly.

Lanni laughed and went to her next class.

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