Late Night Feature

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Derek Mason finished typing the last words of his feature article and leaned back in his leather chair with satisfaction.

Perfect! he thought.

He sent the document to the printer, made his way to the printer in the middle of the office with a cheerful smile on his face and a cocky swagger in his walk. The paper still warm and the ink still wet, Derek started for his boss Roger’s corner office, overlooking downtown LA.

The sun was setting outside of Roger’s office as Derek stepped in, and he felt the smile drop from his face as he discovered Nicole Avery was in the room as well. When she turned away from Roger’s desk and saw him, she glared.

“Derek,” Roger said looking over a document Nicole had just handed him. “Something I can help you with?”

Derek took his salty glare away from Nicole and brightened up a little as he faced his boss.

“Just that Platinum Blondes feature you asked for, sir,” he said, sliding the paper right in his boss’ line of view.

“What!” Nicole said suddenly, and Derek looked at her, surprised. “I was writing the Platinum Blondes feature.”

Roger paused for a minute, and then thumbed through some old papers in his desk.

“Ah,” Roger said, slapping his forehead gently. “My mistake. I assigned you both.”

“Well,” Derek said, frustrated. “What are we going to do?”

“Tell you what,” Roger said, ruffling his thinning gray hair. “You guys will compete for the feature. Anybody want to take there’s back and rewrite?”

Both Derek and Nicole snatched their reviews from Roger’s desk, who let out a little chuckle.

“You have until nine o’clock tomorrow,” he said, picking up the phone and dialing a number. “Now scoot!”

* * *

It was 11 o’clock, and everyone except Derek and Nicole, who was across the way in another office, were long gone. Derek was still miffed that his boss had turned it into a competition, especially with Nicole.

I spent so much time on that feature! he thought. I deserve it more.

Despite all the time spent on it, Derek still felt like he needed to revise it now that he knew Nicole would bring out her big guns to try and beat him for the review. In the five or so hours that he had started rewriting, all he had left was the last sentence he had typed. He couldn’t focus on the Platinum Blondes when all he could think of was Nicole.

Since they had both arrived at Spiral Magazine, they had been instant rivals. Both were in their mid-20’s, both graduated from good communications schools (he from USC, she from UCLA; go figure) and both were trying to work their way up to a senior editor position.

Nicole was a good writer, he couldn’t deny it. That’s part of what made him hate her so much. And she was also breath-takingly good-looking. She had long, wavy brown hair with blonde highlights that accentuated her true color perfectly. Her lips were in a constant state of pouting, and her eyes seemed to flash whenever she looked at you. Her body was incredible: big, perfectly round breasts, a slim waist, thick thighs, a nice ass that was on the big side, but not too big, and long stems of legs that usually plunged into heels or Manolo boots.

If she wasn’t güvenilir bahis such a bitch, Derek though, she’s the exact type of girl I’d go for.

As if she read his mind and decided to show up right when she’d be most annoying, Nicole popped into Derek’s office with a smirk on her face.

“How goes it?” she asked. Her tone told him she hoped he was at a loss.

“Great,” he lied, making a point to stare at his computer screen. In his peripheral, he could see her roll her eyes. She fanned herself with a small stack of papers she had been holding.

“It’s so hot in here, how do you even work?” she asked. He looked up at her momentarily and saw that she was unbuttoning her blouse a little. Then he turned back to the computer screen.

“Fine, be like that,” she said exaggeratedly and turned to leave as Derek swiveled in his chair to face her back.

“Me?” he said, incredulous. “You’ve been terrible to me since I first met you.”

She turned slowly to face him.

“Oh, come on, I’m not that bad,” she said, sitting down in one of the other chairs in the office.

Derek stared at her with dull eyes, as if to say “you come on.”

Sighing and rolling her eyes, she murmured, “OK, OK, so I’ve been kind of a bitch.”

Derek laughed coldly. Nicole shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

“I don’t mean to be,” she insisted. “I’m just competitive, and it’s tough for a woman in a man’s world.”

“Oh, jeez, here we go,” Derek said, throwing his hands up.

“I’m serious! You have no clue what it’s like,” she said, straining forward in her chair. “But you should take it as a compliment anyway–I wouldn’t be like this if I didn’t feel threatened by you.”

Derek silently accepted her explanation and was now focusing intently on Nicole. He smiled slyly and then opened and closed his mouth, struggling to decide whether or not he should say what he was going to say. Finally he did it.

“You know, there’s rumors about you,” he said.

“Like what?” Nicole said, visibly intrigued.

“Like, you slept with Roger to get where you are.”

There was a pause, and Derek was almost positive that Nicole was going to trash his office and then punch him in the face. Instead, she laughed, and soon he was laughing with her.

“Please,” she said. “I’m where I am because I have talent.”

“I know, I know, you’re very talented,” Derek reinforced.

“Besides, Roger isn’t really my type,” she said, smiling. “You, on the other hand…”

Derek was surprised by the comment, and sank back into his leather chair, unsure of what to say.

Nicole laughed. “Don’t look so shocked! You’re intelligent, strong-minded, and very good-looking.”

Derek felt himself blush a little, and felt like he was back in sixth grade.

“Besides, underneath all that resentment in your eyes, I still catch you looking at me…like that,” Nicole said, getting up out of the chair now and moving closer to Derek. She unbuttoned her blouse and revealed a silky black bra.

Derek was so taken aback by what was he happening that he thought vaguely for a moment that he must be dreaming. Then, as Nicole planted herself in his lap, he knew the feeling was türkçe bahis too real to be a dream. He was already hard by the time Nicole started unbuttoning his blue dress shirt and rubbing his muscular chest.

Somehow, he managed to get his pants off and she had slid off her skirt. Derek was naked now, except for his khakis and boxers at his ankles, and all that Nicole had on was the silky black bra. As she took it off, Derek was shocked at how big and perfectly round her breasts were; true, they had always appeared this way while she was dressed, but he had assumed she wore a wonderbra.

He let his bare back fall back against the leather chair and it felt cool on his skin. Nicole lowered herself onto his dick and they both moaned softly. She started off slowly, but then gradually began to ride him faster and faster, while Derek played with her breasts. Nicole moaned and threw her head back, letting her wavy hair fall where it may. Derek grunted as Nicole continued to ride his dick. He pushed his face against her tits and kissed them gently, then began sucking on them as Nicole continued to cry out, louder, louder, until the people on the floor below them might have heard.

Derek felt like he wouldn’t last much longer, so he put his hands on Nicole’s waist, lifted her up off his seven inch dick, and then placed her on his mostly empty desk. She looked up at him with expectant eyes and played with her nipples as he got on top of her and began to thrust inside of her quickly.

“Ohhh, Derek,” she moaned as he grunted and pushed his dick deeper inside of her tight pussy. Derek could feel the huge breasts, with erect nipples, press against his chest as he continued to bang her on the table. He was vaguely aware that the table was shaking precariously, and that if he fucked her any harder, the table might collapse. He gave one final thrust, which caused Nicole to moan loudly, and then fell back into his leather chair. Nicole leapt up from the table, and then kneeled on the carpet at Derek’s feet.

She pushed her full lips against his dick and took him all in and sucked slowly and gently while Derek cried out and played with her hair. She could taste the precum in her mouth as she continued to suck on him slowly; slower and slower until it was almost like torture. Finally, Derek could take no more and pulled his dick away from her mouth, and knelt so that he was facing Nicole on the ground. He noticed his dick and her tits were at the same level, and gently pulled her forward and placed her dick between the tanned breasts. He pushed it upward as Nicole pushed her breasts together and moved her chest up and down with his dick to create an even tighter sensation.

After a few minutes, it was Nicole this time who pulled away, and walked towards the window, facing the LA city lights. She turned and gestured for him to follow her over to the view. Then, she pressed her breasts and the rest of her body against the glass. Derek needed no instruction; he immediately began fucking her from behind, standing up.

He was thrusting hard, and Nicole’s breasts were pressed so hard against the glass she thought it might break. She called out his name again and again as he let out his own güvenilir bahis siteleri shouts of pleasure. Had anyone at the office across the way been at work this late, they would have seen quite a show.

Both of their screams were getting louder and louder. Nicole loved the feeling of her breasts and stomach against the cold glass while Derek’s dick pleasured her from behind. Derek himself could not believe how hard he was giving it to her; he had never been so caught up in the ecstacy and lust of sex than he was right now with this colleague he had hated just a short half an hour ago.

They both let out long moans and came at almost the same time. Derek never remembered being so hard or shooting so much cum. The feeling of the warm cum inside of her and the cold glass against the front of her body made Nicole shiver.

Derek put his boxers and khakis back on only, and collapsed into the leather chair. Nicole slowly put all of her clothes back on, and smiled sexily at Derek. Derek suddenly realized he had to get home and get to bed so he would be able to take his brother to the airport bright and early the next morning before work. He put his blue shirt back on, but only buttoned it about half away; the same as Nicole had. Some of her black bra was showing through the blouse, and Derek felt himself start to get excited again, but forced himself to get up and make his way toward the door.

“I have to go, early morning tomorrow,” he said, standing before the door and facing Nicole. She looked sexy as ever, with her hair and clothes both a little ruffled, like his own.

“OK,” she said, smiling again. She leaned in and kissed him on the mouth, and her soft, full lips felt incredible on his own lips. “Maybe we can go out sometime.”

“Definitely,” Derek said without hesitation, and then quickly made his way to the elevator and down to the parking garage.

* * *

It wasn’t until the next morning that Derek remembered the Platinum Blondes feature. He was already running late because of dropping off his brother, and didn’t have time to pick up coffee. Now he had a troubling feeling rising in his stomach that he had been scammed by an evil, sexy, article-stealing vixen.

Rushing into Roger’s office at 9:07, Derek’s heart fell when he saw Nicole was already in the room.

“Nice of you to join us, Mason,” Roger said, looking at him from over his thick, black-rimmed glasses.

“Sorry I’m late, sir,” he said resignedly.

“Nicole and I were just discussing this excellent article the two of you submitted,” Roger said.

The two of us? Derek thought, mystified.

“This is going to be a major focus of the next issue,” Roger said. “I should pair you two together more often.”

“Thanks, Roger,” Derek and Nicole said at the same time.

As they left the room, before Derek could say anything, Nicole handed him a copy of the finished product. As he skimmed it over, he realized many of his elements were in it, as well as a lot of new, well-written stuff that was apparently Nicole’s part.

“Thanks,” he said, leaning in to kiss her, but then drawing back when he realized they were no longer alone like the night before.

She laughed and touched his arm gently.

“No problem,” she said. “So Friday night–movies or clubbing?”

Derek grinned and leaned closer to Nicole’s pretty face.

“Let’s discuss it more tonight while we write another story.”

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