Laura the Canvas Pt. 02

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Author’s note: This is the second installment in the Laura the Canvas series. It is helpful to read the first in NonConsent/Reluctance section. I have migrated this one to the Fetish tag as I feel that it will be more appropriate going forward.

Laura was in seventh heaven as she lay there strapped to the table. She couldn’t believe that just this morning she had been fired from her job, dropped from all of her classes, and evicted from her apartment. She was in even more disbelief that the plan she had been working on for all this time had actually happened.

She did her best to focus on what was going on around her rather than daydreaming. She wanted to experience every sensation she could. At the moment, her clothes were being cut away with medical shears as the buzzing of hair clippers got closer and closer to her head.

Now that Laura was completely vulnerable to the group around her, they were able to see the shining wet spot on the metal table beneath her, as well as her glistening slit that was the puddle’s source.

“Are you ready, pet?” came the voice of the ringleader of the group; the man she had been communicating with all this time.

Laura did her best to nod her head within the restraints. Her eyes scanned the room as she took in the group of captors. Four men and two women, all sporting their fair share of tattoos and piercings. She felt a twinge of jealousy at their beautiful bodies, followed by a sense of relief as she realized that she would soon be spending the rest of her life as a unique piece of art. She had given these people free reign to decorate and modify her body as they saw fit, barring any changes that would permanently incapacitate her.

Laura was shaking in anticipation as she felt the clippers touch her forehead and slowly glide backwards, dropping her golden locks to the table and floor below her. She quickly let out a guttural moan through her gag as she reached her first orgasm of the day, further flooding the table beneath her. Two of the men could not contain themselves any longer and pulled out their own pierced members and began to slowly stroke them as they watched Laura slowly lose her hair.

The clippers had done as much as possible and Laura’s entire body was then covered in a thin layer of shaving cream. Three sets of hands then began to carefully shave away any trace of hair, leaving no spot untouched. Laura suddenly felt a coolness as her body lay as bare as it had ever been in her life, which only served to increase her arousal. Upon seeing the perfectly virgin skin, the two men worked themselves to orgasm and gently massaged their combined cum into the smooth scalp of their new plaything. Laura moaned through her ring gag as the men put themselves away and prepared for the task ahead of them.

The group around her quietly surveyed Laura’s body. Her completely virgin skin was ready for their artistic endeavors. The artists had spent months planning and re-planning their exact plans for their new project. They knew that they manisa escort did not want to shock their new pet’s system and would have to go slowly. Today they decided they would begin their focus on her chest tattoos and facial piercings. The artists began by placing their tattoo stencils and marking the areas where Laura’s first pieces of jewelry would go.

Another strap was added to Laura’s forehead as she felt the transfer paper being applied to her breasts and upper chest. A pair of forceps then reached through the ring gag in her mouth and pulled out her tongue. As she heard the hum of the tattoo machines, a clamp was applied to her tongue and without warning a large gauge needle was pushed through her tongue, followed by a large stud. As the needle made its way through, Laura proceeded to have her second orgasm of the day.

Two more smaller studs adorned her tongue forming a triangle before it was let back into Laura’s mouth along with gauze packing. She next felt fingers probing her septum as the tattoo guns began their work starting at her areolae. She nearly lost consciousness as the large dermal punch took a large chunk out of her septum and a seamless bull-ring was put in the new hole. She was able to feel the weight of the ring as it rested against her upper lip. The tattoo machines worked their way tracing flowers around each nipple; then working their way up each breast to her chest, outlining a great sea of different flowers up to the base of her throat.

As the tattoo outlines were being applied, Laura felt multiple sets of hands begin to explore her body. Her new owners gently felt her smooth hairless legs as they worked their way up to her soaking wet slit. She gasped around the gauze in her mouth as one of the hands pulled back her hood and began probing her clitoris.

“This is perfect for what we have planned,” said one of the women.

“It will be more perfect when we have our way with it tomorrow,” said the other.

The hand worked two fingers inside of Laura and quickly found her g-spot, working her just to the edge of orgasm as the tattoo guns ceased their buzzing and the fingers withdrew. Moaning for more, the Gauze and gag were pulled from her mouth and the straps around her were slowly released.

Laura was helped off the table and immediately took position on her knees before her owners. They had agreed to certain ground rules in their online conversations. First, she was to be in a position of subservience in front of her owners at all times. She had also agreed to call the dog crate home when her owners were away or if none of them wanted her in their beds at night. Clothing of any kind was not allowed in the house, and it didn’t look like Laura was going to be going outside anytime soon. They did not want her to be revealed to the world until she was completely transformed.

Her owners proceeded to clean and saran wrap her tattoos and handed her a cup of wash to rinse her tongue with. It was at this point they took the time to introduce themselves maraş escort to their new pet and set some more house rules.

The group went around and introduced themselves as they wished to be addressed. The main captor was to Master Dan, a tall man with dark, close cropped hair, and multiple facial tattoos. His accomplice was Master Tom, slightly shorter than dan with a rockabilly style haircut and large septum ring. The two gentlemen who had so lovingly provided their pet’s head with it’s first cum massage were Master Phil and Master Rob; twins with complimentary multi-colored hair and a couple dozen facial piercings between them. The two women who had just been probing Laura’s folds identified themselves as Mistress Samantha and Mistress Robyn. Samantha was a similar build to Laura, with half of her head shaved to reveal a very intricate tattoo on her scalp. She sported a large, stretched lower lip piercing and a barbell that appeared to pass all the way through her nose. Robyn was shorter, with large breasts, her nipple piercings easily showed under her tight tank top. It was explained that Laura would never be referred to by her given name and would either be called pet or slave. A smile crept back onto the her face at this and she mouthed a muffled “thank you,” with her swollen tongue.

The group went on to explain that the two orgasms that Laura had experienced during her procedures were to be the last without their permission. If the pet were to orgasm without their say so, she would be punished with increasing severity after each offense. She was to speak only when spoken to or in a true emergency. Though her ability to produce speech was something that was on the list to be changed in her transition to true pet, so this rule was temporary. Lastly, it was explained that new rules would be voted on by the group and that no one master or mistress could give the pet new rules without the agreement of the others.

It had grown late into the night, but the owners weren’t quite done with their new toy yet. They had yet to truly make use of her, and seeing as her pussy would be out of commission starting the following day, they intended to make the best of the situation. They all began to strip, the men stroking themselves to full attention while the women donned strap-ons.

From their online interactions, the owners knew their pet had very limited sexual experience, but was more than willing to learn anything they wanted to teach her. Mistress Robyn laid down on the table and Laura was instructed to mount Robyn with the well lubed strap-on in the pet’s ass. Laura was nervous but determined as she climbed on top of her new mistress in a reverse cowgirl position, and slowly lowered her virgin hole over the silicone intruder. Laura reveled in the pain as the dildo worked its way inside of her until her ass cheeks came to rest on Robyn’s tattooed thighs. Robyn grabbed the pets’ throat and pulled her back so that Laura was lying flat as Robyn began to slowly piston in and out of the tight hole. Dan, mardin escort being the leader of the group took his place between the pet’s legs and lined his cock, with it’s huge prince albert ring, up to the pet’s slick pussy.

The large steel ring felt odd in Laura’s vagina, especially as it pushed against the dildo in her ass through the thin wall separating her holes. She let out a moan as the man above her and the woman below both paused with their members as deep as they would go into their pet’s holes. The two owners then locked eyes and began to find a matched rhythm that drove Laura wild. She knew that she did not want to face punishment this early into her servitude and it took all of her remaining strength to hold back her climax. As dan neared his own climax, he plunged deep into the slave’s pussy as Robyn did the same. Looking deep into Laura’s eyes, dan explained “you may only cum once we have all cum from using you.” He then unleashed his load directly into her womb. Robyn reached her own climax from the the motion and sheer excitement of the evening’s activities.

The two owners were quickly replaced by Tom and Samantha, who took opposite positions from the previous two. Laura didn’t know what to expect with the cross of barbells running through the head of Tom’s cock, but he was able to slip it smoothly into her ass as Samantha got into position with her large plastic protrusion. The two echoed their counterparts and very soon found a rhythm as they slammed in and out of Laura. Tom announced his climax, filling the pet’s ass with cum as Samantha squirted from underneath her strap-on harness.

Laura now had cum dripping from both holes as Phil and Rob took their places at her holes. Theirs were by far the largest and most modified cocks that the pet had taken tonight. And it was all Laura could do not to scream as they penetrated her simultaneously. She didn’t know how much longer she could hold off her own climax when the two men finally slammed home and filled her one more time. With a loud scream, Laura climaxed and collapsed, having no more energy to even move herself off of the invaders inside of her.

The men lifted her off of them and laid her down on the table as the group of owners dressed themselves. They then carefully picked their pet up off the table and carried her to the bathroom to be cleaned off before she was put to bed. They gently removed the saran wrap and carefully washed her tattoos before allowing her to rinse her mouth again and do her business. Being their pet, they saw no problem being on hand as Laura squatted over the toilet. They made sure to remind her that the luxury would not be hers for long as she descended further into her role.

Once Laura was all cleaned up and ready to be put to bed, a collar was attached to her neck and she was placed back on her knees. Her owners led her to her crate, she now found a mat and blanket inside, and was ushered in as the door was latched shut. Her owners bid her a goodnight as they shut the lights and she heard the beeping of the keypad and the sound of the heavy mechanical lock on the door. Laying down in her new bed, Laura the canvas pet immediately fell into a deep sleep with a huge smile on her face, looking forward to the adventures that the next day would bring.

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