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I first met Laura when I was 13 years old. She was new to the city, and lived just a few houses down from me. My parents, being the welcoming people they were, dragged me along to meet our new neighbors. A woman with long brown hair answered the door, and my parents introduced themselves. I was barely paying attention as the adults talked, upset that I had to stop playing my video games for this.

“And this is our son, Sean.” Luckily I heard just enough to smile at the woman and wave. “He’ll be going into the 8th grade in the fall, at the junior high school just down the road.”

“Well nice to meet you Sean,” the woman said. “My daughter, Laura, will actually be attending the same school. Maybe you’ll have some classes together. Laura, come here sweetheart.”

I watched as a girl with long blonde hair, tan skin, and deep blue eyes appeared in the doorway. She was wearing a pink spaghetti strap shirt and jean shorts. I gave a quick hello, which was returned by the sweetest smile I ever saw. Sure I was only 13, but in that moment I knew Laura would be a very special girl in my life.

For the next two months, Laura and I saw each other almost every day. We enjoyed the same hobbies, like playing video games or playing basketball, which was new for me since I’d never been close friends with a girl before. I felt as though I had known her for years.

The night before the first day of school, I had eaten dinner at Laura’s house. We were sitting in the living room watching a movie, when I noticed that Laura had become unusually quiet.

“Everything alright?” I asked as I put down my bowl of popcorn and pressed paused. After a short pause, Laura finally looked at me and sighed.

“It’s just that, I’ll be the new girl at school tomorrow. I don’t know anyone. What if I don’t make any friends? Or people think I’m not cool? Ugh.” Laura looked away as she finished talking.

I’d never seen her so shy and unsure of herself before. Laura was usually so fun and outgoing. So I knew that she was really nervous about tomorrow.

“You’ll know me!” I said with a smile as Laura rolled her eyes. “Don’t worry so much. Just be yourself, and I’m sure you’ll fit right in. Trust me.”

Laura smiled slightly. “Trust you, huh? And why should I do that?”

I looked at her, pretending to be offended. “Well excuse me. I thought we had a good friendship going on, but I guess not!”

Laura began to laugh as she grabbed a handful of popcorn and threw it at me. “Oh shut up! You know I was just playing”. I laughed as I threw some popcorn back.

“But no, seriously. You’re a pretty cool person. You’re easy to talk to, fun, and pretty. You’ll have no problem making friends.”

“Aww Sean, you think I’m pretty?” She was messing with me now, as she usually did whenever I gave her a compliment. But I knew deep down that she enjoyed it when I made comments about her looks.

“Whatever,” I said as I pressed play on the remote.

Laura only smiled and turned back towards the tv. “Thanks for cheering me up, Sean.”

We continued to watch the movie, and Laura returned to her usual outgoing self. It felt good knowing that I was able to make her feel better. güvenilir bahis We had become very close over the summer. Ir was safe to say that she had become my best friend.

********Senior year********

Laura and I remained friends throughout high school, although there was no more playing video games. During our sophomore year, Laura decided to join the cheerleading squad and turned into a girly-girl right in front of my eyes. By senior year, she had become cheer captain and one of the most popular girls in school. I wasn’t a jock or anything like that, but I did make a good name for myself being involved in multiple clubs and activities throughout the years. It didn’t hurt that Laura was always around me either.

It had actually become quite distracting seeing Laura in her cheerleading uniform during various school functions. We were 18 now. While I had grown taller and gained more muscle from playing sports, Laura had become more developed in other areas. And my friends made sure I knew it…

“Damn Sean, I don’t know how you do it,” said Tucker during one of the schools pep rallies.

“What do you mean?” I already knew where this conversation was going, seeing as how we’ve had it a hundred times before.

“Are you fucking kidding? Laura, man! You two have been close for how long, and you still haven’t hit that?! I’m telling you, if I was in your shoes, I would have been giving her this dick a long time ago!” Tucker laughed as he, Justin and I watched the cheerleaders perform.

Tucker and Justin knew that I had developed feelings for Laura a while ago, and they liked to give me a hard time about it.

Tucker had a point though, as much as I hated to admit it. Laura had always been beautiful. But over the last year, she had become sexy as hell. She was about 5’6, and had cut her blonde hair so that it fell just above her shoulders. Her breasts had seemed to grow into D cups overnight, which complemented her curvy figure well. She had a slim waist with thick thighs that drove all the boys in school crazy, including myself. And of course those beautiful blue eyes I had fallen for years ago. I would be lying if I she wasn’t the star of some of my personal fantasies.

“Fuck you, man. Like you would even have a chance anyway,” I joked.

Justin chimed in and said, “I don’t know man. You know she just broke up with Chris. If you don’t make a move soon, you’re going to be stuck in the friend zone.”

I had known all about Laura’s relationship with Chris, and any other relationship for that matter. It was always painful to hear her talk about other guys, especially when I knew they didn’t deserve her. I wanted to be the man that Laura deserved, but I could never build up the courage to tell her how I felt. But maybe Justin was right. I knew if I didn’t say something soon, I would be nothing more than just a friend. Laura was the only girl that I saw myself being with.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve messed around with a couple of girls here and there. I’ve been fortunate to be with girls who loved giving heads, and I enjoyed returning the favor. But they were just flings, nothing more. Unfortunately, I was still a virgin. I türkçe bahis guess deep down, I knew I wanted my first time to be with Laura; someone I truly cared about,

This particular breakup had been hard for Laura. It was one of her longest relationships she had been in (of course, in high school a long relationship was about 4 months). I had decided to go over her house that afternoon to comfort her.

I knocked on the door, and was greeted by Laura’s mom.

“Hey Sean, how are you? I was just headed off to work. Laura’s upstairs in her room. Help yourself to any food in the fridge.” And she was off. Since Laura and I had been friends for so long, her mother trusted us to be home alone with each other; as did my parents.

I made my way upstairs and knocked on Laura’s door. I heard a quiet voice mumbling that it was okay to come in. Laura was on her bed, laying on her stomach while looking at a magazine. Her hair was in a ponytail, a few strands had fallen onto her face. She wore a tank top with short shorts that barely covered her bottom. She looked beautiful.

I felt my dick start to get hard, and quickly sat down on the small sofa hoping she didn’t notice. I looked up and fortunately, she was paying me no attention. Get a grip Sean, I scolded myself.

“Why are boys so stupid?” She said, clearly thinking about the breakup. “I mean, you have a girl that would do any and everything for you. And it’s still not good enough! What more do they want? Is something wrong with me?” I hated when she doubted herself.

It’s now or never, I thought to myself. I need to let her know how I feel. I took a deep breath..

“Laura, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re so smart and funny, and one of the sweetest girls I know. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

“That’s sweet and all, Sean. But you have to say that, you’re my friend.”

This was it..

“I’m serious, Laura. Ever since we were 13 years old, I knew you were special. And now, every time I see you I get butterflies and my heart skips a beat. You’re perfect to me. You are good enough, and I wish you could see that. You’re more than a friend to me.”

Laura just stared at me, dumbfounded. What had only been a few seconds passsed, but it seemed line forever. Laura still had not said anything.

“Please say something.” I said nervously.

Laura got up from her bed, and without ever taking her eyes off of me, walked towards the sofa I was sitting on. My heart began to beat furiously, and I was sure she could hear it. She straddled my lap, and as her lips pressed against mine, I placed my hands around her waist. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

I kissed her back, and we began to take each other’s clothes off. I watched as she unhooked her bra from in front of her. Her breasts we perky and full, with small brown nipples. I lowered my head and began to suck and kiss them.

“Oohhhh fuck Sean, yes. That feels so good baby,” Laura moaned. Hearing her say my name and calling me baby was the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard. I felt her hands move down my chest and to the zipper of my pants. Holy fuck..

I almost came right then and there.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri grabbed her hand and broke away from her breasts. She looked at me, confused and disappointed that I had stopped.

“Laura, I-I’ve never…” I tried to explain, my voice failing me.

“Shhh. It’s okay.” Laura said as she looked at me with those beautiful eyes. She slowly unzipped my pants, and I lifted my hips from the sofa so that she could remove my jeans and boxers. I felt vulnerable being naked in front of her, but excited at the same time. A little too excited…

Laura got on her knees in front of me, and softly grabbed my dick. She brought my member to her mouth , and she began to swirl her tongue around the head. I almost came again for the second time.

“Shit baby, I’m not going to last long..” I stuttered, slightly embarrassed.

However, Laura kept going. Her head began to bob up and down on my dick as she caressed my balls. Laura moaned around my dick, and I felt the vibration against my shaft. It was all too much. I let out a deep moan as I finally let go into her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I picked Laura up and carried her to the bed. I ripped her panties from her body as she moaned. I spread her legs open, and bent down to take in her heavenly aroma.

“Uh uh.. next time. Right now, I want you deep in me baby.” I was slightly disappointed, but she didn’t need to tell me twice.

I planted small wet kisses along her thick thighs, up her stomach, and along her neck.

“Yess Sean..” she moaned softly. I was already fully hard again by now, and Laura noticed. She grabbed my dick and placed it at her wet opening. “Please fuck me baby,” she whispered in my ear.

I slid in slowly, her slit warm and soft. If I wasn’t careful, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this for as long as I wanted.

“Ohhh fuck,” I groaned. This was better than I ever imagined. I began to pump in and out faster and harder, finally getting past my hair trigger.

“Sean, baby, you’re fucking me so good! Yes, baby. Just like that!” Laura moaned loudly as she wrapped her feet around me and scratched at my back. “Fuck me harder, baby.”

I did just that. The headboard of the bed squeaked and hit against the wall as I went deeper and harder into Laura’s wet pussy. We began to kiss deeply, as I felt her body began to tremble.

“Sean you’re gonna make me cum! Ooohh yesssss keep going keep going. YESSS!”

I felt her pussy get wetter and tighter as she came on my dick. I felt her warm breath on my face as she pulled me closer, he breasts pressing against my chest. I lost it.

“Oh shit I’m coming! Ohh Laura.. I love you.” I moaned as I felt my body tense. I came deep inside of her pussy, more than I’d ever come before.

After I had finished, I looked into Laura’s beautiful blue eyes. She stared back at me, teary eyed.

I began to panic, afraid I had done something wrong.

“Are you okay?! Did I hurt you? Did I do something wrong?” I began to pull out of her, but Laura held me close.

“Just the opposite. Everything was perfect. Did you really mean everything you said earlier?” Laura asked, her eyes searching mine.

“Of course I did. Every word.” I smiled at her and softly kissed her lips. She smiled back, and softly whispered, “I love you too.”

Laura rolled on top of me while kissing me deeply. This time, we made love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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