Learning My Place

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“Uh… hi.” Her handshake was firm. Fuck.

“I’m Sarah. Gideon’s friend. Thought it might be useful for me to be here.” She was dressed head to toe in bright pink lycra rowing kit, embroidered and logoed with the name of her club. She was slim and leggy without being emaciated. A bit like Gideon in that respect. Except she was cuter. Brown haired. Wicked grin.

“OK,” I said. “Nice to meet you.” I wasn’t sure what to do next. I’d come here with the intention to indulge my kinks in front of someone who, even if he didn’t really understand or know about them, would at least be too preoccupied by my proximity to notice. Not something I wanted an audience for. It made me feel a bit ashamed. Gideon had always fancied me and though I had a good few wanks thinking about him it was mostly him in the context of his rowing kit, dressed up in scrunchy tight fabric and giving his crew a good telling off. Not something I felt like I could explain to him.

She was looking at me appraisingly. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of her yet. I hadn’t been around girls much, especially not athletic ones. Gideon stepped in. “You wanted to try on some kit?”

“Uh, yeah. I guess,” I mumbled. “Like, my hockey team’s thinking of getting some jackets?” I said lamely.

He glanced at her before replying. “Sure. Mine’s a bit big though. I like to layer up.”

I pulled the waterproof splash jacket over my head. I was already starting to sweat a bit. He was right, it was baggy on me. That didn’t matter so much. I still loved how it felt, how it crinkled. “Hmmm,” I said, to cover up my rising excitement.

“Oh, it’s too big,” said Sarah. “I mean, it’s cute when Gideon’s all bundled up, but that just looks a bit… I dunno.” Her eyes glittered mischeviously. “Why don’t you try mine?”

Quick as a flash, she’d pulled her bright pink jacket over her head. She had small, firm-looking tits that were perfectly displayed by her tight long-sleeved training top.

I looked at Gideon. He fussed at the elastic cuffs of his jacket, started to help me take it off. I took a half-step back and did it myself rather than let him get any closer. I handed it to him and took the pink one from Sarah shyly.

She was right. It fit a lot better. I wasn’t sure if it was particularly cut for a girl. I felt my cheeks turning the same bright pink as the jacket as they both looked at me.

“Yeah, that’s all right,” said Sarah. Gideon’s stare was a lot franker.

I felt the crinkly pink fabric covering my arms and tried to ignore my painfully trapped erection. Sarah stepped forward and zipped the jacket up under my chin.

“Did you want to try anything else on?” asked Gideon. He held up some bits and pieces. Tights, long-sleeved top, and the holy grail, the lycra onepiece. His club’s colours were drab compared to Sarah’s shocking pink ensemble.

I wanted to try his kit on desperately, but there was no way I was taking my trousers off in front of these two. I’d never be able to hide my erection. “Um… dunno,” I said, trying for non-commital.

Sarah had her hands on her hips. “Okay, why don’t you show him?” she said to Gideon. “Get your kit off.”

“Yes, coxie,” said Gideon. He started stripping off, right down to nothing.

I looked at Sarah, carefully averting my gaze, pretending like this was normal. “Are you a cox too?” I asked her. “I would have said maybe a lightweight.” Gideon was his team’s cox.

“I’m better at telling people what to do,” she replied. “Oh, would you look at that,” she said to Gideon in a long-suffering voice. “How many times do I have to tell you?”

Gideon grinned back at her, by now proudly naked. “Sorry, coxie, can’t help it!” His erection was purple and heavy, the head of his cock taut and shiny. “Not when he’s around!”

I wasn’t sure where to look. I couldn’t make eye contact with either of them. They were playing some kind of game, that was clear. I had two choices: walk out or stay. If I left, I had to assume that I wouldn’t get to play with any more rowing kit. If I stayed… I didn’t know what was going to happen.

That made my heart pound. Fight or flight. Or just freeze. My body chose the latter.

“Here, put your kit on,” said Sarah. Gideon grinned at me as he slid the tights up his legs, adjusting his cock to point up. He pulled on the long sleeve and then the one-piece.

My breathing was a bit rapid as I watched. Naked, I wasn’t interested. He looked scrawny, weak, a bit desperate. Dressed up in his rowing kit, though, he looked lithe and powerful, like he might start sprinting or lifting weights at any moment. Or that his team-mates might burst in on us. He massaged his cock through the layers of lycra as he looked at me.

“Stop it,” warned Sarah. He stood up straight, put his hands behind his back, inviting us to inspect him. “Anything your team might be interested in?”

My tongue felt thick and dry in my mouth. I imagined all the lads on the hockey team, the girls too, decked out like that under their uniforms. I knew one guy at least who wore his güvenilir bahis rowing kit as a base layer. I nodded. “Uh… all of it, probably.”

I was suddenly self-conscious that I was still wearing the pink jacket. I looked down and realised I was hugging myself defensively. My arms were encased in pink.

“I don’t think you can decide without trying it on,” said Sarah matter-of-factly. “Here, give me my jacket back.”

I fumbled with the zip and then pulled it off over my head reluctantly. She put it to one side.

“Gideon, get my bag.”

“Yes, coxie.” He picked up a kit bag and handed it to her.

“I think pink might actually be your colour.”

I noticed too late that she was talking to me. I might have been looking at Gideon’s body in motion, lycra stretching around him. I could have been imagining how it would feel to have my stiff cock trapped in tight kit like that.

She was holding out a bundle of kit to me, the odour of synthetic fabrics with a hint of locker-room about it. “What’s this?” I asked, my hands taking it out of automatic politeness.

“I borrowed a set from one of the girls on my crew. Should fit you OK.”

It felt lovely in my hands, smooth slick fabrics. “I dunno…” I glanced up nervously at Gideon. He was grinning at me.

“Oh, dear,” said Sarah. She put her hands on my shoulders. “Stop arsing about. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before. I think you’ll be quite pretty.”

That was an odd choice of words. Pretty in pink, I suppose she meant. She started undressing me, pulling up my T-shirt, and I didn’t fight her.

When Gideon started fumbling at my fly though, I gasped and took a step back. I wasn’t ready for that.

“Gideon,” she remonstrated. “Don’t push. Give us some space.”

“Sorry, coxie.” He retreated across the room but he still had a big grin on.

I was naked, holding a bundle of pink rowing kit, hard as a bar.

Was that a look of disappointment on Gideon’s face? “I thought he’d be bigger.”

“Now, now,” said Sarah. “Just ignore him.”

I looked down, embarrassed.

“Tights first.”

I hesitated. Then I gave her the tights.

“You say ‘yes, coxie’ when I tell you to do something, OK? Try it now.”

“Y… yes, coxie.”

“Good.” She knelt and helped me step into the tights. The smooth stretchy fabric had a luscious shine to it. I nearly spunked myself when she slipped them over my cock and smoothed down the fabric with her hands. “How’s that? You think your team’ll like it?” She wasn’t expecting an answer. “Top, please.”

“Yes, coxie,” I croaked as I gave it to her. The stretchy material was utterly comfortable against my skin. There were little loops for my thumbs to stick through. She worked around the waistband of the tights and tucked it in. I shivered at her touch. Gideon was watching. He smiled when I made eye contact briefly.

You’d think being partly clothed would be better than being naked. Not the case with rowing kit, not for me. I felt self-conscious, completely on display, and Gideon’s frank stares were enhancing that.

“Now the one-piece.”

“Yes, coxie.” I was trembling. It was the ultimate rower-wear, thoroughly specialised and freighted with meaning. It said: I am fit, I belong, I sweat for my team. Look at me, look at me, look at me…

It was on me. It was squeezing me from thighs to shoulders. It was inescapable, seamless.

“Don’t you think he looks good?” she asked Gideon. He nodded, somewhat speechless. “What do you think your team’ll say? Do you think they’ll make you wear one of those little pink skirts?”

“It’s not that kind of hockey…” I protested.

“You look so good in that,” she continued, ignoring me. “So… soft. I’d have you on my crew for sure. There’s a couple that don’t really take care of themselves. Would you like that? Being on the girl’s crew?”

I blushed and looked down. If she was leading, I’d follow. “Yes, coxie.”

Sarah patted me on the shoulder. “Kneel in front of me.”

“What…? Why?” I asked, confused.

“Because I said. Get on your knees.”

My knees buckled of their own accord. “Y…yes, coxie.” New sensations tickled my body as the lycra slipped against my skin.

“Gideon. Come stand over here. I want to see if this looks right.”

“Yes, coxie.” He sounded so much more confident than I did. I was jealous of how they interacted. He stood right in front of me. His cock was bigger than mine. His darker kit hid it better than the pink stuff hid mine. The little damp spot at the end was hardly visible. Panicking a little, I checked myself. There was the beginnings of a wet patch. I looked back up at him. He was grinning down at me ferally.

Sarah backed off a couple of steps and sized us up. Satisfied, she came back. She knelt beside me, between us. “I’m going to teach you how to suck cock, OK?”

“What? No!” I exclaimed.

“Come on,” she rolled her eyes. “Don’t play dumb. You’re the girl and he’s the boy. That’s how it is. You’re both subbie little things, it’s türkçe bahis terribly cute, but you’ve been dancing around each other for years now because you haven’t got the first clue. Gideon told me everything, OK? And it’s obvious.”

“But I like girls…”

Sarah crossed her eyes for a moment, laughing. “Me too, honey. And boys. And whatever you are, too. A slutty cock-hungry cross-dressing sub?”

“It’s not like that!”

“Well maybe if you talked about your feelings instead of playing mind games all the bloody time, we’d know how it really was, eh?”

I was tongue-tied. The more I told her, the more power she’d have over me.

“Gideon, would you wear this horrible pink kit?”

“Eww,” he replied.

“But you jumped at the chance. Look how hard your little cock is.” She pointed, in case we’d forgotten.

I looked down and away. She was making too much sense. I was uncomfortable with where this was going.

“I won’t lie, you’re such a pushover I could probably make you do anything,” she admitted. “But I think sucking cock is something you’ll like. Gideon, get it out for us?”

“Sure thing, coxie.” Gideon reached up the thigh of his one-piece, pulled down the waistband of his tights, fumbled with his hard cock until it poked out, pushed a little to one side by the tight quarters. His balls were still tucked inside his lycra.

I could see his pulse making it bob up and down. He was magnificently hard. She flicked his glans with one finger. He gasped and swore. “I’ll spunk all over his face if you do that again.”

“You better not,” Sarah said sternly, although she was smiling.

I was still reluctant. “I don’t…” I trailed off. “I’m…”

“Tell me,” Sarah said. “That’s an order.”

“Yes, coxie.” It was getting easier to say that. I blurted it out. “I don’t want… I don’t want cum in my mouth.” I felt a huge wave of relief.

She smiled slyly. “Most people don’t do that their first time anyway,” she said. She moved around behind me. “We’ll have him spunk on your chest. Make a big mess on your pretty pink lycra. Make you look like a dirty girl.”

I found that idea tremendously exciting and I think I must have left my mouth hanging open, because then she was guiding me by the neck to a rendezvous with Gideon’s bobbing dick.

“Hands behind your back,” she said. I instinctivey followed the order, the dick looming in my vision. “Not you.” Gideon complied, looking down at me smugly. She guided my right hand to grab the root of his shaft. “Don’t let him hump your face, OK? He’ll do that if you give him half the chance. You can use your other hand on his balls, tickle his bum, whatever. Now, open wide.”

I opened my mouth but I didn’t make a move. I was waiting for instructions.

“Give it a lick. Go on,” she encouraged me.

I licked up the shaft tentatively with the tip of my tongue. I felt Gideon shudder. It tasted… like skin. A bit sweaty. Not too gross.

“Very good! You’re a natural,” Sarah told me. “Now, I want you to open really wide, and clamp your lips just behind the ridge, OK? Don’t use your teeth.”

His quivering glans brushed my lips as it went it. Then I tried to close my mouth around it. My tongue automatically butted up against the intruder. Gideon moaned softly.

“Try and get a good seal with your lips, right around the shaft. He’ll like that. You tell us if you’re about to blow, OK, Gideon?”

“Yes, coxie.” He sounded a bit strangled.

“You ever had a blowjob?” she asked me.

I waggled my eyebrows in the negative. “Poor boy. Oh well. Nothing to it, really. Just slide your lips up and down, don’t go so far you puke, and give him a good licking. You can save the fancy stuff for when you’re properly broken in.”

Broken in? I mumbled interrogatively around his cock.

“I reckon you’ll be coming here often,” she said, patting me on the head. Her devilish grin was inspecting my technique. “Go on, have a go. In, out, in, out.”

I nibbled my lips down a bit further along the shaft. It felt like my mouth was completely full already. It was slow going.

“If you get him nice and wet he’ll slide in and out easier,” was Sarah’s sage advice. I tried to work up some extra spit. “But mostly just relax and enjoy it. Think about how good he’s feeling. Is it nice, Gideon?”

“Yes, coxie,” he gasped. “I’m pretty close.”

I’d just about got him wet enough to slide in and out easily, no more than a centimeter of his shaft slipping past my lips, when he pulled back. I tasted something weird.

“Wa-hey!” Sarah exclaimed. She grabbed Gideon’s dick from me and pointed it down. He bent at the waist and put a hand on my shoulder as he shuddered through his orgasm. I felt his spunk spurt out onto my chest through the lycra, hitting with as much force as if he was pissing on me.

“Good job!” Sarah praised me and ruffled my hair. “Such a good girl!”

I felt really proud, actually. I looked up at her with a blush of shame as I realised that I very much enjoyed being the girl, at least in güvenilir bahis siteleri this specific context. The rower girl, submissive to her cox, doing whatever I was told.

“Give him a hug.”

I wasn’t sure who she was talking to, but Gideon pulled me up and wrapped himself around me. His spunk spread onto his lycra too. His soft cock mashed up against my trapped erection. His hand traced down my spine and I shivered and gasped, and that’s when he kissed me.

I sort of melted into his arms. His tongue was firm and demanding. I wasn’t so keen on how he tasted, I was a little bit squicked out by kissing a boy… but I realised that it wasn’t going to make me puke, or anything. And I was horny as anything. My legs parted to let him shove a thigh between them.

“Easy there, Gideon,” Sarah warned. “Don’t let him come yet.”

Gideon pulled off me with a sigh. “Yes, coxie.” He fumbled with his sticky cock, packing it back away under his lycra.

I stood there, uncertain. They watched me expectantly. “So, what now?” I asked slowly.

“It speaks!” Sarah clapped her hands together. “Gideon, tell us what you want.”

He gave me a smoldering look. “I want to do all kinds of things to him. But you know. Fucking’s fun and everything… but I sort of want more. I don’t always want to be in charge. I like not being in control sometimes, too.”

“Don’t I know it,” Sarah purred.

“I’d like him to be my boyfriend,” he added, a bit shyly.

I was a little bit floored. I thought he was mostly just randy and repressed. I didn’t realise he had feelings too. “I… uh barely know you, though?”

“Your turn, then,” Sarah instructed.

“That was… I mean… I love this kit. I loved being dressed up by you. I kind of like how he stares at me, I guess… but…”

“There’s always a but,” said Sarah.

“I dunno. I mean, I’ve thought about him when I wank. With rowing kit and that. But a relationship? It’s… I never…” He was hanging on my every word, it looked a bit pathetic.

“What else do you think about when you jerk off?” she asked me.

“Um. These girls I know. In uniform.”


“Eww, no. Hockey. Football. Rugby. Rowing. Oh, uh, army girls too. Girls with big thighs running about.”

“And what do they do to you?”

“Make me a mascot? Tie me up? Finger my bum?”

“Do you think about boys much?”

“Uh… only Gideon, really. I think… he touched my bum once and I never forgot it. He’s so randy… or maybe that’s just what I think? I don’t really know. I think he’s really aggressive and I sort of want to give in? But then I get there, like I make up a reason to see him, kit or whatever, and he’s a bit shy and I space out and I’m not really into it. Like… kissing him was OK but if we weren’t all here or I wasn’t being a bit… humiliated? It wouldn’t be the same. Or if I didn’t know he was such a good cox. I dunno, I don’t stare at guys so much. But if they’re pushy…”

“OK,” she said. She comforted me with a stroke on my shoulder. “OK. You’re a submissive. That’s what it’s called. You latch on to dominant types. You think Gideon is one but you got confused because he isn’t really. And you’ve got a couple of kinks. This kit and team fetish, right?”

“Yeah. There’s more… I don’t know how to say it.”

“I think you and Gideon should talk that out together. You probably owe him an apology?”

“Sorry,” I said to him. He blushed a little. I looked at Sarah out of the corner of my eye. “So what do you want?”

She grinned. “Oh, you know. I like wrapping people around my finger. I figured out Gideon a while back, bit like I just did you. I suppose, if you’re asking for my ultimate fantasy, it’s getting someone so well trained they spunk just when I say so. Girl or boy, doesn’t matter. Though boys are usually easier.”

I think both me and Gideon must have been staring at her raptly, our knees quivering.

“Can you imagine it? Out at the boathouse one day, all the girls in their kit together and suddenly one of them goes down on her knees and curls up and she can’t stop coming? Great big wet patch between her legs? All because I said a secret word?”

I could imagine it all too well.

“A word like collar.”

I whimpered.

“Or cuffs.”

My cock was so hard.

“Or leash.”

I groaned. I could see Gideon watching my crotch hungrily.

“Or spank.”

My cock was so full I thought it was going to burst.

“Or just ‘good girl’,” Sarah whispered in my ear.

My dick pulsed and throbbed and I felt so ashamed and proud at the same time. I bent nearly double as my spunk leaked out into the lycra outfit. “Oh, shit. Shit.”

“What a good girl,” Sarah repeated. She stroked my back. She laughed. “Damn it, now I have to think up a new fantasy.”

Gideon looked a bit jealous.

“You’re not that wrong about Gideon, though. He’s a randy little thing,” Sarah continued, when I had recovered somewhat. “I’m sure he’d enjoy playing with you again. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, coxie,” we said at the same time.

“You know how to motivate him now. I don’t think he’ll be your boyfriend, but he’ll make an OK fuckbuddy.”

“So what does Gideon like?” I asked her. “What’s he going to want me to do?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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