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Notice: This story is a work of fiction and contains explicit sexual material. It depicts consensual sexual acts between males of various ages, including young boys” sexual experiences with other boys and with men. It may also include – incest, sex between minors, sex between minors and adult males, and sexual fetish. If stories of this nature offend you, or if you are under 18 years of age, or if reading such stories is illegal in your location…please leave now. This is for ADULT ENTERTAINMENT only; If you are offended by such material, do not read this work of fiction. The character(s) in this work are not based on any known person(s).


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(gay/adult youth) (gay/authoritarian)


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Chapter 2

Leo and Patrick Holmes: The Early Years

(Father: Gerard Holmes, Mother: Louisa Holmes,

Cousin: Nathan Hogart, Cousin: Lucas Hogart,
Father of Nathan and Lucas: Brian Hogart,

Friends of Lucas – Chippewa twin brothers:
Keokuk Elu [James] Turner and Hania Adriel [John] Turner,

Jeevan Pelchat: A 9-year-old friend of Leo and Patrick,

Anand Pelchat: Jeevan”s 8-year-old cousin,

Family Solicitor to Gerard and Louisa: Trevor Gascoyne,
Gary, Jacob and Morgan, Adult friends of James, John, and Lucas)


Leo developed an awareness of the sexual nature, of the human being, from a very early age. Fortunately, Leo lived in the Northern Hemisphere, so his birthday celebrations, and those of his brother, whose birthday was one day earlier, never needed to be moved to fit in with school, as he was always on holiday when his birthday came around. Leo and Patrick took turns as to whose actual birthday was the day when their joint party occurred. In the years when it was an odd number, for Leo”s birthday, the parties were held on Leo”s actual birthday; in the even years (for Leo), the parties were held on Patrick”s actual birthday. Leo”s 7th birthday was on a Wednesday, in 2006; he had chosen a Cowboys and Indians theme for his party and there were about forty boys there, including his cousin, Nathan Hogart. Most of the boys, at the party, lived nearby to the Holmes” house in Alcona, but Nathan lived across the other side of Cook”s Bay and, after a party which went on into the early evening, it was easier for Nathan to stay over and make the 45-mile trip home after lunch the next day. It had also been arranged, as a birthday treat to Leo, that he and Patrick would go, with Nathan, on a camping trip to Neezh Meegwunun, a family campground on Georgina Island in Lake Simcoe. The ferry to Georgina Island departs from Virginia Beach, just 4 miles east of Sutton, where Nathan lived. It was going to be an all-boys” trip as Lucas, Nathan”s older brother was going to accompany the younger boys.


Leo and Patrick Holmes shared a bedroom, where they had a bunk bed. The room was quite large so, when Nathan visited, he was given a camp bed in the room; the bedroom also had an ensuite with a double shower and two basins. Leo had begun to be looking at his brother, Patrick, in a little bit of an odd way, for a few months now; despite the presence of Nathan, he had promised himself that tonight, the night of his 7th birthday, he was going to play with his brother, Patrick, in a new way, a way in which they had never played before. At about 11.30 at night, half an hour after he had seen all the house lights go out, he climbed down out of his bunk, and, thinking Nathan was fast asleep, stood beside his little brother Patrick”s bed. Leo sat on the edge of his brother”s bed and thought to himself, “OK, Patrick, here comes your special, one day late, birthday present from me, whilst at the same time it, though you don”t know it, is your special 7th birthday present to me. He leant forward and put his hand in his brother”s open fly; such a small boy had no buttons, so it would be easier for the little boy to reach for his willy when he needed to pee. He felt around a bit, found the next hole in his brother”s undies, and let his hand go a little deeper to reach his `prize”. He gently pulled his brother”s cock out and lowered his head to kiss his brother”s piss slit, and then took that lovely jewel into his mouth and started to suck. Patrick let his brother have his fun for a few minutes, while he kept his eyes closed, and just lay there enjoying the little tingles he was feeling.



After a few minutes, Patrick slightly opened his eyes, just enough for him to see, but not enough for Patrick to realise. He then whispered, “I wondered when this was going to happen. I”ve seen how you”ve been looking at me since Christmas. It”s OK, Leo, I”m loving it, why don”t you turn around so I can also suck yours while you”re sucking mine?” Leo sat up, a little shocked and said, “So, you knew! And, you didn”t say anything! You are a truly beautiful boy; the most loving brother that any boy could have.” Leo and Patrick then shuffled around, so they were in the 69 position. Leo then said, “Look, as you now know, and want to take part, why don”t we push each other”s pyjama pants, and undies, down, so we may each have easier access to our `lollipop”.” Patrick said, “Of course!”, with a note of glee and giggle in his voice. They then resumed their 69.


Nathan, meanwhile, soon after Patrick had climbed down the bunk ladder, had slightly opened one eye and been watching his younger cousins” play. And it was now ten minutes since they had taken each other”s pants and undies down. He could not hold back any longer and so he quietly crept out of his camp bed and crawled across to the bunk bed. Once there, he reached his right hand up; he then gently stroked Leo”s bare tooshie. Leo instantly turned around and stared at Nathan. Leo said, “Sorry, Nathan, we didn”t mean to wake you up, but this being my birthday night, I just had to follow through on my desires.” Nathan said, “It”s OK, Lucas and I have been playing together for years. May I join you?”.


Now, fortunately, Leo and Patrick”s parents had provided them with King Size mattresses, so there was heaps of room for two boys, and still well enough room for three boys, all aged under 10. Nathan left his cousins in their 69 and started stroking Leo”s bum, then his arse hole; finally, he stuck one finger up his cousin”s hole. Immediately Patrick felt his brother”s willy jump in his mouth, so he looked up to see what was happening. He saw what Nathan was doing and said, while briefly releasing his brother”s penis, “Hey, I want some of that too!” Patrick then went back to sucking his brother”s tool. Nathan then put himself in the middle of the entwined couple and was able to reach both boy”s young boy-cunts. Things went along like this for about half an hour but, eventually, both boys were beginning to feel a little tired, and so lay back beside each other. Leo shuffled around so he was looking at his brother”s cute face. He then leant in and gave him a French kiss.


Nathan then said, “I think that”s enough for now, but in a few hours, about half an hour before your parents get up, I am going to show you one more thing. With that, the brothers fell asleep in each other”s arms and Nathan went back to his camp bed. At about 4.00 a.m., he crept back to the boys and caressed their bare bums. They both woke up, a little groggily, but smiled and both said, more or less together, “Is it time, for that extra?” Nathan, with a slightly evil, but still kindly, smile, “Yes, cousins! Now you will remember earlier I was playing with, and even stuck my finger up, your arses.” “Yes, it felt quite good”, said Patrick, and Leo said, “You got me quite excited.” “Well, look, your arses are too small for my brother”s piston, but I think mine is small enough for your two tight, little shit chutes. Lucas fucked me, as a special present to himself, on his 16th birthday, in May, and, again, on my 9th birthday last month. What do you say, do you want to give it a try?” Both boys eagerly said, “Yes, please.”


Nathan then said, “OK, lie back on the bed, and put your legs in the position you were used to putting them in, only a few years ago, when your Mum changed your nappies, but try to spread your legs wider. In fact, you might help each other by each pulling on your brother”s leg – while I am fucking each of you, the other should pull the nearest leg, gently, away from his ass, so that I can see the leg split and anus more easily.” First, though, Nathan moved so he was kneeling on the bed, right by Leo”s mouth and said, “Ok, Leo, give my cock a good suck, make it nice and wet.” Leo eagerly swallowed Nathan”s lollipop and made it very wet. After a few minutes, Nathan pulled out and moved himself so that his head was looking straight at Leo”s ass. He took a firm hold of Leo”s ass cheeks, firmly pressed them apart and gave, to his cousin, a good rimming. He first simply licked all the way around the hole but then stuck his tongue in and swirled it all around. Leo squealed, “More, more, please!” “OK, you asked for it!” Nathan came up, to be on his knees, and rammed his cock in Leo”s ass, and thus took Leo”s cherry, at the same time he fondled Leo”s cock and lent forward, to kiss his cousin gently on the mouth. After about ten minutes, both boys had a dry orgasm. He then fell forward into the vacant part of the bed and gave Leo the most loving hug and kiss you can imagine. Patrick had been closely watching and had been enjoying every bit. He now sparked up, “Is it my turn now?” Nathan replied, in a caring and gentle way, “Of course, little squirt.” Now, do please realise that you may not yet feel all the same things, which you saw your brother experiencing, but I will seek to make this time, when you lose your cherry, as enjoyable as possible. This second cousin fuck went nearly exactly the same as the first one, but Patrick did giggle a lot, especially when Nathan didn”t just stroke his cousin, but tickled him instead. Again, after about ten minutes Nathan had another dry orgasm and pulled out. Again, he dropped down, beside Patrick this time, and gave Patrick the most loving hug and kiss you can imagine. After a few minutes, he said, “Look, your parents are going to look in on you, in about 10 minutes. I think we should all be back in our own beds, with our clothes on.” Leo agreed and so they quickly put all their clothes back on, and put on the poses of three soundly sleeping babes. About an hour later, when they did get up properly, they joined each other in the bathroom, all pee”d together, standing around the toilet, then showered together in the big shower, during which Nathan first soaped up Leo”s groin and gave it a good wash, followed by his back, in the same way. Leo then went on to return the favour to Nathan and also then washed Patrick in the same way. While they were dressing, Nathan said that they would both learn and experience a lot more, when they were camping, on Georgina Island, from that evening through to the following Monday morning, four fun-filled nights, eh.” Leo and Patrick blushed with delight. A few moments later, the 3 boys wandered down to breakfast, with Leo and Patrick”s parents, showing no signs of what had happened in that boy”s bedroom, over the previous night.


Just after lunch, Louisa kissed all three boys, Au Revoir, and Gerard drove them to Nathan”s house. There they met up with Lucas and went on to the Ferry Terminal, in Virginia Beach. Gerard wished them all well; promising to be back on Monday morning, when Lucas called. As agreed, with Lucas, all their mobiles were taken back by Gerard, so they could enjoy a proper nature weekend, exploring the island and taking in its delights, while learning some things about the local indigenous culture. Little did Gerard, or Nathan”s parents, know the boys would be enjoying some better natural things, other than the fauna and flora of Georgina Island. Lucas would call from the payphone at the terminal, when they arrived back, which was likely to be late morning or early afternoon; after all, they were on holiday!


After Lucas and the boys sat down on the ferry, he gestured, to the other three, for them to huddle around them, so he could share some seemingly secret family stuff. He proceeded to say “As you may not know, my dad let me do the bookings and I found out that, because we are all under 18, I could book a 6-bed cabin for the same price as a 4-bed cabin. As I think you know, Nathan, I have two good Chippewa friends at school; they are twins, and just had their 14th birthdays, eight days ago, on the 2nd of August, so I invited them to join us for this camp. The great thing about them is neither of them has yet hit their growth spurt. That means that they are still on the lower end of the spectrum of height for boys of their age, and this is true for all their parts {wink, wink}. For the simplicity of us `immigrants”, they have taken on English names of James and John, but it would be respectful, especially as we are going on to Native American reserve land, if we all tried to remember their real names. James” real name is Keokuk Elu, though he chooses to be addressed as Elu, which means full of grace, by his friends. and John”s real name is Hania Adriel, and he chooses to be addressed as Hania, which means “the spirit of a warrior”. You should also know that these boys are already recognised as ikwekaazo, that is what the Chippewa call gay people. You also might not know that the Native American people have traditionally had a much more enlightened view about homosexuality. Translated into English, such men and boys are often called two-spirit people and were considered to be strong spiritually, and they were always honoured, especially during ceremonies. Anyway, that”s enough for now, they are already on this ferry, and I will just go and call them over.”


A few moments later, Lucas returned, accompanied by two extremely attractive 14-year-old boys, Elu and Hania. A stranger would have thought these boys were no older than 11, so they made sure they always carried their Sutton District High School ID Cards, which showed their birth dates. They both shook hands with each of the three boys and then sat down within the group. Elu sat down between Leo and Patrick, while Hania sat down between Nathan and Lucas. Whilst being most discrete, in such a public space, Elu and Hania could not resist giving the boys on either side of them a good and proper kiss on their mouths. One or two people were around, but many of them were Chippewa people and took no exception to the behaviour of two well-known local ikwekaazo, and for the whole of the remainder of the journey, Elu was holding Leo”s left hand and Patrick”s right hand, while Hania held Nathan”s left hand and Lucas”s right hand.


The walk, from the Aazhaawe Simcoe Ferry Landing to the Neezh Meegwunun Family Campground, was only one mile; after less than half-an-hour, they were there. Lucas even gave Patrick a piggy-back for most of the way. For this purpose, he had to give Nathan, the second bag, which he was carrying: Nathan was most surprised to see a glimpse of Lucas”s school uniform from Sutton District High School; Nathan would have been even more surprised if he been able to look in the bags of Elu and Hania, for they also had their school uniforms hidden in the bottom of their bags. Only Lucas, Elu and Hania knew that the younger boys were to be the audience for some very special inter-generational sex, on the last night of their stay on the island.



After they checked in and got to the cabin, Lucas explained that while there were six single beds in the cabin, the beds could be drawn together to effectively make double beds. He went on to say that as 4 of them were so closely related, but 2 of them were not, it would be the most exciting ploy if brothers did not sleep with each other. After thinking about the different boy”s ages, he had decided that Hania, whose other name, Adriel, aptly meant, “symbol of skill”, would couple up with Patrick, while Elu would sleep beside Nathan, while Leo and Lucas, as the oldest two boys, in their respective families, would pair up. As the older boys, Lucas, Elu, and Hania then moved the 6 beds into pairs, but also in a dodecagon-like layout, which meant that, when necessary, the boys could engage in an orgy across all six beds.


Lucas then encouraged them to pair up, and lay down on their beds and explore their partner, in whatever way they chose. If one looked down from above, and facing the cabin door, Patrick and Adriel were on the left, Leo and Lucas were in the middle, and Nathan and Elu were on the right. One thing Lucas said before laying down with Leo, “For now, no fucking, finger and tongue play in arses only, otherwise acts of stroking, licking, sucking, and even rimming, including tongue insertion, are all allowed.”


Let us now review what happened on each bed over the next couple of hours, as the couples, for the weekend, bonded, through sex.


Patrick and Adriel


Firstly, the two boys simply undressed each other. Adriel took the lead, and Patrick did the same next. Adriel chose this order – Right Shoe, Left Shoe, Jumper (even in Summer, Georgina Island is cool), Shirt, Trousers, Right Sock, Left Sock, Singlet, and, finally, Undies. Adriel then asked Patrick how much experience he had had with two-spirit sex. Because of what Lucas had said earlier, Patrick understood and replied, “My first gay sex was last night. Leo came down to my bed and we played, and, a bit later, Nathan joined us. After about 2 hours, we all went back to sleep, but then Nathan, as we had agreed before going to sleep after the initial bout, woke us up about an hour before our parents were expected to wake up, and he fucked both me and Leo. It did hurt a little, at first, but soon I really enjoyed it, and have been looking forward to this trip, ever since. Adriel quietly said back, “Well, Patrick, you are nine years younger than me, but, as you can see, I only really look as though I am seven years older. By the end of this weekend, I hope that I will have fucked your tight little ass quite a few times, but, for now, as Lucas says, let”s go slowly. Why don”t you start by just exploring my body all over? I”ll just lie back and you can tell me when you want me to do something � turn over, şişli travesti lift my legs, turn on my side, or whatever.”



Patrick started to explore, first, he just stroked Adriel”s hair, and he noticed how it had quite a different feel from that of either his brother, or cousin Nathan. Adriel”s hair was black and clung tightly to his scalp, stroking it was like stroking a Burmese Cat, just the type of cat that Leo and Patrick happened to share the caring of, at home. Adriel duly responded with a human purring sound, which Patrick very much enjoyed and so he lent down and kissed Adriel on the mouth. Next, Patrick moved on to every part of Adriel”s face, his ears, which he gently nibbled, his cute nose which he kissed and licked, his eyes which he also kissed, and then a good long kiss and, at the end, a good French kiss. While playing with Adriel”s head, he had been kneeling behind Adriel, but now he lay on top of his new lover. Patrick was so light that Adriel felt the weight but, on the other hand, he sure enjoyed the feeling of having a small boy lying on top of him, and in such a position that meant that Patrick”s semi-hard cocklet was prodding his inny. Though this was meant to be Patrick”s exploration, and agenda-setting, Adriel couldn”t stop himself from embracing Patrick and gently, but firmly, clinging him close. Adriel loved this; he just lay there and took the affectionate feelings into his little body and excited young mind. Eventually, Patrick decided to move on down and he got to Adriel”s nipples, which he was a little surprised to find were pierced with nipple rings. Adriel encouraged the young boy to play, “Take them in your teeth and pull my nipples with them. I enjoy the sensation.” Patrick did so, and found that Adriel produced some gentle oohs and aahs interspersed with, “Thank you, sexy” or “That feels great, my little angel” or “Nice one, cupid”. Patrick then gently lifted Adriel”s arms up and started to push them backwards, Adriel immediately understood, and laid his arms straight back. Patrick then went in for a tongue fest on Adriel”s armpits. Later Patrick moved on to Adriel”s inny and stuck his tongue in and licked all around, Adriel responded, “Miigwech, Chi-miigwech, that”s so nice and squishy.” Patrick hadn”t yet learnt Ojibwe, but he was sufficiently cluey to realise that Adriel had just spoken his own language, and he felt privileged. Patrick then jumped around Adriel”s woody and explored his legs. He then asked Adriel to turn on his side, with his arse facing Patrick. Patrick then stuck first, one, then two, then four and finally his full fist up Adriel”s arse. His fist was still so small that Adriel, an experienced versatile, didn”t flinch. He then said to Patrick, feel around with one of your fingers and see if you can find my sweet spot. Patrick wasn”t too sure what to do, but he raised his index finger, from his fist, and started feeling around. Within a few seconds, he had found the inside of Adriel”s prostate and Adriel softly squealed. That”s it, you”ve found my prostate. That”s the most sexually sensitive bit of any boy or man, and that is why gay people like to be fucked up in their arse. Carry on, please, stroke it a bit more, my cock is so hard, I need to cum; less than a minute later, Adriel shot a load. He suggested to Patrick that maybe he might like to come round and get a few shots of spunk down his mouth. Patrick eagerly moved around and caught most of the rest of Adriel”s orgasmic produce, and then entered into a cum-filled French kiss with his lover. Adriel and Patrick then just lay there in a loving, mutually clasping cuddle, for about ten minutes.

Adriel, sensitive gay boy that he was, then simply started to stroke Patrick on the back. After a short while, he asked Patrick to lie face down on the bed. Adriel then leant across to his bag, without losing touch contact with Patrick, and grabbed a bottle of sweet-smelling massage oil. He then proceeded to give Patrick a very sensual back and legs massage. Halfway through he stuck his finger in Patrick”s arse, and Patrick giggled when Adriel”s expert finger found the sweet spot. After about ten minutes he gently rolled Patrick over and massaged his front. He gave Patrick”s nipples a few squeezes: Adriel was very pleased to see that, for each squeeze, Patrick”s cocklet responded with a little jump; yes, this little boy was definitely gay. He then sucked Patrick”s cocklet and scrotum for many minutes and finally lay back down with Patrick in his arms; they both then dropped off to sleep.


Nathan and Elu


Nathan and Elu were the two boys closest in age, as their birthdays were just, 2� weeks short of, 5 years apart. They also both had some degree of experience with gay sex. Elu had even had sex with a score of older men aged between 40 and 60. Nathan and Elu had also met before, though not sexually, as Elu and Adriel had been good friends of Nathan”s brother, Lucas, for quite some while. Firstly, the two boys simply undressed each other, in a similar way to Patrick and Adriel but, this time, the younger boy, Nathan, took the lead. Nathan had learnt the pleasures of slowing the `unwrapping” down, so he stopped once they were both down to socks, undies, and singlet. He lay down beside Elu, and clasped him in a light squeeze or firm cuddle. The 2 boys just lay together and revelled in feeling the touch, and learning the taste and smell, of each other, as they kissed each other deeply for nearly a quarter of an hour. Nathan then suggested they move into the 69 position and excite each other”s dongs through their underwear. This worked very well, but eventually, Elu said, “Please darling, can we take everything else off now, my cock is desperately needing air.” Nathan said, “Of course, sweetheart and so they quickly took off each other”s socks, singlet and undies and returned to the 69 fellatio. Now they were both naked, they could also play with each other”s arse and so first one, then two and, in the case of Nathan”s fingers inside Elu, even three, entered the deepest, darkest part of each other. They each masturbated each lover”s sweet spots and soon Elu came in Nathan”s mouth, while Nathan had a fantastic dry orgasm. Just like Patrick and Adriel, they then just lay back together in a deep, French kiss and steadily went off to sleep.



Leo and Lucas


While Lucas knew the two ikwekaazo very well, he had even once been DPd by the twins, Leo was not so sure. He, therefore, asked Lucas if they could just sit hand in hand for a while, while they watched each of their brothers, just to be sure the 4-year-old Patrick and 9-year-old Nathan were coping with the ministrations of their respective partners. Leo and Lucas therefore just sat with their arms around each other, with their backs to the cabin door and simply watched the other two couples for a while. Lucas already knew that the twins would be very gentle and caring, but Leo felt that he had to be certain. Leo and Lucas were excited to see how much Patrick and Nathan, their respective brothers, were clearly enjoying themselves and it made both their cocks harden, at the sight. After about 5 minutes, Leo quietly leant his face into Lucas”s and said, “I am liking what I see, now let”s have some fun ourselves. Again, there was some mutual undressing, but the older boy, Lucas, took the lead again this time. Lucas undressed Leo fully and even playfully put him over his lap and gave him a couple of light smacks, on his 7-year-old tushie. He knew that Leo had not minded this little bit of light rough play, as he had felt the little jump of Leo”s hardening twig, in response to the small stings caused by the open palm of Lucas”s hand. He then lay Leo down on the bed and, just like the other two had, gave him a thorough examination, including a two-finger- fuck of Leo”s arse hole. Lucas could sense that, despite Leo”s bravado, here was a lovely, exquisite, gift from on high and that he must handle Leo in an amorous and flirtatious manner, as though Leo was a small pet kitten. Having played with Leo for about ten minutes, he invited Leo to undress him, which Leo steadily did. Leo then apologised, to Lucas, by saying, “My dearest precious lover, I am a bit tired, do you mind if we just cuddle and snog for a while. We will, I am sure, do a lot more over the weekend.” Lucas grinned his best twinkle, and answered Leo, by quietly saying, “Of course, sweet one.” He then snuggled up to Leo, and gently pecked his young lover. Lucas then took the small boy into his arms and just lay there; he ventured to make drawing-like movements using his index finger on Leo”s back, in response to which Leo said, “That”s nice, please carry on” and so Lucas did so. After a while Leo even started doing the same on Lucas”s back; soon after that, they both drifted off to sleep, even before either of their brothers were asleep beside their respective partners.


At about 6.00 p.m., Lucas arose; he then smoothly caressed each of the other 5 boys, in order to raise them from their joyful slumber. Once they were all awake, he encouraged them to go and wash their face and hands and get dressed in their camp clothes. After about 15 minutes, all the boys were ready and Lucas quietly announced, “Well, we”ve paid for Bed, Breakfast, Packed Lunch, and Dinner and the meals are served in the central refectory, which is a short walk away. All the boys were, by now, quite hungry and, walking hand in hand, with giant boy grins on all their faces, they quickly headed off to where the food was ready.



At 7.00 a.m. or thereabouts, the next morning, Friday, they woke up, got showered, and dressed and went to breakfast at 8.00 a.m. At 8.45 a.m. they collected their packed lunches, and went back to the cabin. At 9.00 a.m. Lucas put the “No Cleaning” sign out on the doorknob and made sure that all the curtains were well and truly down. At 9.05 a.m. he stood with his back to the front door all called out the single word, “Strip”. By 9.10 a.m., all the boys including Lucas were all naked as the day they were born. Lucas continued, now sitting sideways on the end of his bed with Leo, said “Patrick, Leo, Nathan, welcome to Gay Sex 101. Over the next three days, Adriel, Elu, and myself are going to teach you all that we know, and, between us three, we will impart to you all you will need to know, until you get married, certainly. We will teach all aspects of gay sex, including tantric (that is sensual stroking and feeling of your partner”s body), kissing, sucking, wanking, rimming, and fucking, plus BDSM. For the last topic, which we will only start to explore on Sunday, the teaching will be mostly theory, as you are all well and truly pre-teen boys. You will though experience a very small amount of some very light spanking, and whipping, late on Sunday, before Adriel, Elu, and myself will bring to you, possibly the most bawdy, and erotic, gay sex show, which your young minds can imagine.”


During the next few days, you will be kissed, sucked, wanked, rimmed, and fucked many times and, so far as you are able, you will return the favour of those actions to your partners. Over the weekend, Elu and Adriel will have sex, including fucking, with each and every one of you, each other, and me. I, though, will not fuck any of you, as my cock is too big for your young arses to tolerate. You will, though, experience all the other types, of sexual interaction, with me also. Though we are all friends I ask that you all listen to Elu, Adriel, and me very carefully and do as we say; if, though, any of you are at all confused, at any time, please do not hesitate to ask a question. No question is ever a silly one, and it may be that the question you are thinking is the same as one of the others is thinking, but is feeling too shy or embarrassed to ask. We will remain naked all the time that we are in this cabin, so I don”t think we need to be any more embarrassed than we might already be, and that feeling will, I am sure, pass over time. Do not be at all concerned or ashamed when your prongs get hard; it is simply natural, and beautiful. We will rely on the cuddling comfort of our partners, and our, joined in pairs, sleeping bags to keep warm at night. During the day you will be so active, most of the time, that I do not think you will feel cold. Just like at school, you must ask my permission to go to the toilet, which will never be refused; it is, though, just simple courtesy to me, your partner, and the whole group, to make it clear as to why you need to pop out. One last thing, one aspect of gay sex that we will not touch on, apart from a couple of brief sentences now, as it is something that no truly respectful gay person enjoys, is wee or skat play. Some of you may have heard the term “Golden Shower”, which is where your partner pees on or into you, or you pee on or into him; skat refers to your poo. These are natural bodily functions, which we all need to do regularly; they are part of how we are made and should be respected as such and not debased by being turned into a game. One thing we do permit, though, is the holding of each other”s willy while, either one or both of you, are urinating. This can be stimulating and displays a level of bonding which clearly shows that you love every part of your partner”s body, and its function. Any questions?” None of the three young boys said anything. “One very final point, as you know Elu”s first name is Keokuk, which means alert and watchful, and this naming is very appropriate. If ever you hear him shout the word “Jeopardy”, you are to rush to your beds, if you are not already there, put your undies and dressing gown on and put your connected sleeping bags over you. I will then deal with whatever has alerted Elu. Please, if such an incident occurs, try to stay as quiet as possible, it is not a time for giggling or crying, though the older boy in each pair should warmly, protectively and affectionately cuddle his partner. Leo, if such a jeopardy situation eventuates, you will jump in beside Patrick, so that Patrick has you on one side and Adriel on the other. Also know that, at some time during the weekend, at a time that only Elu knows, this kind of jeopardy event will be drilled, just like you do fire drills at school, and kindy, unless, of course, a real event has occurred before Elu”s chosen time. Just so I am sure you have understood the word, please, each of you, say out loud but quietly, the word, “jeopardy” three times.” Every boy said the word out clearly, three times, in response. “OK, let”s start, Elu, please give us your presentation on how to stroke a boy”s, or man”s, penis, properly, and with affection.”



So that was how the next three days went, up at 7.00 a.m. followed by showering (more often than not, done in pairs), then breakfast at 8.00 a.m., course time starting at 9.00 a.m., lunch at 1.30 p.m., course time continuing until 6.00 p.m., then dinner at 7.00 p.m. and collapsing into your partner”s arms for an evening of fun until late. On Saturday evening there was a 6‑person‑orgy where all the previously stated rules applied, but it was a time for them all to consolidate what they had learnt up till then. Even though Lucas, Elu, and Adriel were the teachers, it was quite amazing how a comment, or question, from one of the younger boys, would, quite often, help all of them learn something new, or at least a new way of looking at something involved in gay sexual activity. One of the keys they also learnt was that even if they were destined to be tops, eventually, they must also first learn to be good bottoms. This was a key concluding point in the lecture, by Lucas, on Gay Sexual Roles.


On Sunday morning, Lucas began the special lecture on BDSM theory, in which James and John were to be the models (their western names used on this occasion to emphasise their role as submissives). John brought out a box of toys, which he had been keeping very carefully hidden, and, then, Lucas demonstrated the use of each item, on James and John. Sometimes John was the victim, while other times it was James. The boggle-eyed boys were shown paddles, whips, straps, canes, and rulers of all kinds, and Lucas gave the victim, for each implement, two gentle but demonstrative strokes with each item. Even though Lucas was being quite gentle, the buttocks, of both of the twins, were steadily turning a deeper shade of red and were, by the end of the lecture, after two hours, a light shade of crimson. Pictures of both boys tied to crucifixes, and `imprisoned” in stocks, were also shown to the young boys. Leo asked, “Doesn”t that hurt?” Elu replied, “Yes of course it does, that is what BDSM sex is all about, but when it is done within the framework of sexual stimulation, coupled with a high sense of sexual energy, it becomes enjoyable for both the master (the top) and the submissive (the bottom).” Lucas also showed the use of butt plugs, anal beads, cock and scrotum clumps, scrotum/testicles weights, nipple clamps, willy whips, special leather clothing where there were holes for the arse and cock, cock cages, gags, chains, leg irons, larger dildos (the smaller ones had already been shown, and used, by all six boys, during Adriel”s lecture on Anal Stimulation), face masks, and collars. At the end of the morning, Lucas said that as one last special treat, before a rest afternoon, and the evening BDSM performance, each of the small boys could choose just one implement, to have used on, or in, his little young body, for up to five minutes, or until Lucas felt the young victim could not take any more.


Patrick chose the anal beads and everybody had a fun time while they watched Lucas slide the smaller beads, which were actually in the form of a small butt plug, in and out of Patrick”s arse. Patrick had already been fucked a lot by all the boys, except Lucas, so his arse was well stretched by now, but he still giggled and squealed with pleasure at the feel of the orange beads, going in and out of his shit chute, and he even yelled out a couple of times, “That”s it, Lucas, fill my shit-chute, pound my boy-cunt.” Adriel couldn”t resist going across and giving his little lover a gentle, soothing sucking, for the last 8 of the 10 insertions and withdrawals that Lucas did; Patrick even started to cry a little during the ninth and so Lucas knew that 10 would be the little slut”s limit, for now.



Leo chose five strokes of each of the 0 paddle, the 3 cord whip, and the 0 cane, plus the plastic, wooden and metal rulers. While Lucas was fairly light-handed in his stroke, Leo”s ass was quite red by the end. Lucas then said, “Go over to the mirror and look at how red your little tushie is now, also spread your glutes apart and show us all, once more, your gorgeous red arse rose.” Leo stepped across the room and did as Lucas had asked, he spoke up and proudly said, “Look I took them all, I”m a big boy now.” They all gave him a hearty round of applause and a few wolf whistles. Leo pumped his chest with pride, and then came over and said to Lucas, “Thank you, Sir; Lucas, my boyfriend forever.”


Nathan, being the oldest of the small boys, and feeling emboldened by Leo”s choice of multiple spanking instruments, chose to be dressed in the beylikdüzü travesti special leather underpants, which left his arse and cock naked, have a gag put in his mouth and then to accept the placing of various cages and clamps on his cute, adorable, sweet little body, followed by a willy whipping. First, a 1 gag was put in Nathan”s mouth, followed by a pair of 1 nipple clamps, a 1 cock cage with 2 scrotum weights, followed by a 3 cock clamp. Lucas then let go on his brother with a 4 willy whip, really one meant for a teenager, but Nathan begged to be punished severely. They all watched the poor little lad suffer for their enjoyment for five minutes and then Lucas took all the stuff off. Nathan then thanked Lucas by saying, “Thank you, Sir, Lucas, my very special gay brother.” By now, he was really crying quite profusely; he fell into Elu”s arms with much gratitude for the fact that his lover was there to take him to bed and cuddle and stroke him back to normality, so to say.


They all missed lunch that day, as they were tired out, both physically and emotionally. The juice and sandwiches were not wasted though, as they were all eaten as afternoon tea at about 5.00 p.m. By 12.40 the three little boys were once again in their beds, in the arms of their respective lovers. Lucas announced that it was now the formal end of Gay Sex 101, but reminded Patrick, Leo and Nathan that they were in for a special treat after dinner, that evening. Though tired, the little boys were not exhausted, and whilst not even one bit of wanking, sucking, or fucking happened that afternoon, each couple shared in prolonged bouts of kissing, cuddling, and stroking – tantric sex at its finest.


At 6.30, Lucas carefully opened the front door, and three men stepped inside; Gary, Jacob, and Morgan. They were each carrying a small case and Lucas showed them into the back room, which the boys had not been using. At 6.45 Lucas said to the three younger boys that they were to lie down on their beds, on their fronts, lying longwise and looking towards the rear of the cabin, or together, on Lucas and Leo”s bed, if they so chose, which of course, they did. Lucas said the boys were to wait and enjoy. James and John then went into the back room, where the men were; Lucas followed moments later, after turning out the main cabin light. Three little naked boys were thus left lying together, eager with anticipation. They snuggled up to each other, with Nathan in the middle, Patrick on his left, and Leo on his right. Nathan put his loving arms over the backs of his two young cousins and stroked their backs gently. After a minute or two, Patrick said, my arse feels empty, finger me please and Nathan duly obliged with his left and middle index fingers pushed up Patrick”s arse where he quickly found, and started stroking, Patrick”s sweet spot. Leon then said, “Me too, please”, with emphasis So there Nathan was with four of his fingers up his cousin”s arses. He whispered in Leo”s ear, feel under and hold my cock, please. Leo swiftly obliged.



At right on 7 p.m., Lucas and Morgan stepped out. Lucas was in his school uniform, and Morgan was dressed like any man from the neighbourhood. Morgan sat down on a chair, and made a sign to indicate that there was a door, a short way in front of him. Lucas then made a knocking gesture at the make-believe door, and tapped his foot to imitate the door knock. Morgan called out, in a slightly exasperated voice, as he was trying to have an after-dinner snooze, “Come in!”. He was not surprised to see the boy who stepped through, “Oh, it”s you, Lloyd, what have you been doing now?” “More of the usual, Mr. Jones, I can”t seem to help myself, here”s a note from my Dad.” With that Lloyd (Lucas) gingerly stepped forward and handed Mr. Jones (Morgan) the note. Mr. Jones opened the note and said, “Well that is a lot of misbehaviour, for just one week. I think that this will have to be the full case this time, what do you think?” Lloyd whimpered, “Yes, Sir, that is what my Dad wants to happen, I know, poor little me, I”m only 13 years of age and now I am going to get your full kit and kaboodle, all I ask is please don”t kill me, I would like to go home again, so I can see my pet cat and my little brother, Neville, once more.” “Stop your whining, I won”t kill you, but you”ll sure know you”ve been in this house tonight, by the time you leave.” Mr. Jones stepped out into the back room and brought back the case that he had brought, into the cabin earlier. He opened the case and laid aside a couple of pieces of wood.


He then said, “OK, Lloyd, step over here, and stand, still as a rock.” Lloyd duly did as he was told. “You know it is always so nice when you wear your best school uniform on the occasions of your visits, good boy!” Mr. Jones then proceeded to gently, and steadily, with what even seemed like a soft touch, removed Lloyd”s blazer, vest, tie, trousers and shoes, and, as he did each item, Mr. Jones gave Lloyd a caressing kiss on his lips and laid the clothing carefully aside, a gentleman”s valet, or a tailor, could not have performed the undressing, in any better fashion. BUT, what was revealed was a slight shock to the young audience, Lloyd had on under those crisp, clean top clothes, a scruffy old set of underwear and a nearly worn-out pair of socks (Lucas had changed into these earlier, it was all part of the act). Mr Jones then suddenly changed his tone, “Well now, we”ve carefully laid your uniform aside, so it may be used another day, let”s properly unwrap the rest of my toy. He rapidly picked Lloyd up, threw him over his shoulder, and gave his bum a few good spanks with his hand, and then pulled the socks off. He then stood Lloyd back on the ground, after which he quickly produced, from his top pocket, a small pair of scissors. He proceeded to cut to halfway up the front of Lloyd”s singlet, turned him around and repeated a similar cut up the back. He then ripped Lloyd”s singlet off him, cutting the shoulder straps as he ripped away. He then pinched Lloyd”s nipples hard, and Lloyd winced a little. He then grabbed the waistband of Lloyd”s underpants, which he noticed were a little wet, Lloyd had lost control a bit. Cutting the waistband on either side, Mr Jones then gave a quick snap, down and forward, to the `nappy”, which gave Lloyd”s stiffy a stinging flick. Lloyd began to cry, just a bit, that flick had hurt, just a little; he knew much worse was to come.



Mr Jones then sat down, and told Lloyd to bend over his lap. Drawing the case into easier reach, Mr Jones proceeded to give the poor unfortunate little boy, remember Lloyd said he was only 13, fifty strokes of each of the 5 paddle, the 5 strap, the eight strand whip, the 5 cane, the plastic ruler, the wooden ruler, and the metal ruler. By now, Lloyd was truly crying, and Mr Jones, said, “This is what you deserve for dissing your olds so much, isn”t it!! Lloyd sobbed a reply, “Yes Sir, Thank You, Sir. Is there any more you want to do to me, Sir, deserving naughty little brat that I am?” I think that is enough for round 1, take a rest for a while on that pile of old blankets over there.” Now the little boys understood why Lucas had asked them, just after Afternoon Tea, to pile up the blankets, as supplied by the cabin company, over in that corner. Whilst feeling a bit ashamed at enjoying this performance, they also reflected on what Lucas had said to them, during the BDSM theory lesson earlier that day. “This evening, as we have told you, there is going to be a very special show. In it, you will see many things that little boys of your age should not see, but Elu, Adriel and I are sacrificing our bodies, for you, this evening, to warn you. While some light BDSM can be fun, especially between loving consenting partners, there are some guys, out there, who are wont to take it too far. Always keep yourselves, alert, just like Keokuk does, and get yourselves far away from anyone who is taking things too far beyond your comfort zone. We are nearly at the end of the lesson, and I am about to make you a special offer, just to give you an inkling of what I mean, but, please know, I will not go too far, though I may take you to the edge, so to say. Learn from the next half hour, and what you will watch tonight. Become proud gay men, marry one day, but always be gentle and caring. Sex is only one small part of gay life. If as I hope you do, you get married one day, your partner will not just be your bed partner, but also your partner in all your daily life, when you go shopping, go on holidays, when one or both of you need medical help, when you just go for an exercise walk down the street, and in lots of other situations, too many to list. He, if he”s a good one, will always be there, looking out for you, always ready to comfort you if you”ve had a bad day and as they have been saying, for years, in the vows that are repeated when a woman and man get married, and now adapting the words to match this course. When you marry, you take a man to be your wedded husband, to have and to hold from that day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to honour, cherish and comfort, keep close to, and forsaking all others, be theirs alone as long as you both shall live, till death does you part. At the end of tonight”s show, Elu, Adriel and I will be very sore, we may even be bleeding in some small spots. We are trusting you to take us in your young arms and give us those special cuddles, and loving caresses, you have been giving us all week. And, Nathan, please remember this very well, young as you are, I know you are only 9, but if any of us are bleeding, grab the first aid kit in the bottom of my special bag, it will be the last thing left there and be prepared to soothe and bathe our wounds. We older boys will direct you, and I hope Leo and Patrick will help, if necessary. At the end of the play, the other, older, actors will have already left. The wounds I speak of will, I am sure, be fairly minor, but it is important, nay crucial, that you do not go to the Camp Supervisor. If you do, I may end up in reform school, you may be taken away from your parents and good friends of ours may also end up in jail. I know you can do this, Nathan, I have watched you grow for over 9 years now and I know you will cope. Finally, before the special treat, know that all of us will be earning money for what is to happen tonight. The three of us will each receive $10,000 and you will each receive $5,000. Leo, Patrick, it is a distant cousin of your mother”s, named Matthew, who will look after the money for us until we are adults.”

The four remaining actors, James, John, Gary and Jacob came out. This time both men were already carrying their cases, and duly bent down to open them. Again, both men pulled some pieces of wood out, and put them on the floor. Mr Kennedy (Gary) and Mr Latimer (Jacob) stood before the boys, side on to their young audience. Mr. Kennedy, speaking to Jasper (James) first said, “Well Jasper, you have gone too far this time, Jolyon”s father, Mr. Latimer, and I are going to sort you out for good.” Mr Latimer then spoke up, addressing Jolyon (John), “I love you, Jolyon, you”re my son, but what you and Jasper have done is just one step too far.” Jolyon meekly replied, “Yes, sir, Jasper and I deserve the worst punishment you can imagine, short of killing us. We are ready to take our just desserts.


All six actors then walked off briefly; after a few moments, they all came back together. They each made various hand and body movements, which made it clear that they had all just driven to this place, in a car. Lloyd is still naked, but Mr Jones has brought his good school clothes with him, and laid them aside in the back of the car. The boys have also undressed on the way and the remains of their torn underwear are hanging off them, but, again, their good school clothes are lying, carefully labelled, on the back seat, so the twins don”t get confused afterwards. Mr Jones says, “This is a good place, nice tall ceilings, a few beams already in place, to which we can attach our own bits of wood, and well away from civilization, nobody will hear the boy”s screams.” The three men pick up the pieces of wood and assemble a combination stocks and half-crucifix. They attach it to the cabin joists, making sure to only use rope, so the cabin people won”t ask questions the next day, but they make hand gestures to make it look as though they are nailing the implement in place.


Well, Mr Jones, I see you have already given your boy a good strong castigation, I hope you enjoyed it. “Yes, I did”, was the oldest man”s reply. Well look, these two boys are our sons, so while we want them to know how bad they”ve been, we still love them very dearly and don”t want them to be bruised up too much. A few marks, maybe even one or two small bleeds, but nothing more.” “OK, gentlemen, I understand, I”ll be careful.”


First, he dragged Lloyd to his feet again, and put his hands in the stocks, and tied his spread legs to the crucifix. “Now”, he said, addressing the other two guys, “there are thirteen more types of things that I have brought, beyond the spanking instruments, which I have already used on Lloyd. Mr Kennedy then spoke up quickly and said, “I think the boys should at least be well spanked, maybe not as hard as you did Lloyd, he looks half dead in this low light, but at least 20 strokes of each of two implements.” “And to make it fun, let”s have them choose their instruments of spanking torture”, said Mr. Latimer. “Well boys, what are your choices, Jolyon spoke up and said he chose the leather strap and the metal rule, Jasper then chose the paddle and cane. Each boy was then administered his chosen punishment by his friend”s father, so Mr. Kennedy walloped Jolyon, while Mr. Latimer did the same to Jasper.



Mr Jones then said, “Let”s now review the rest.” They are: –


●       Special leather clothing where there are holes for the arse and cock

●       Butt plugs and harnesses

●       Collars

●       Willy whips

●       Gags

●       Anal beads

●       Cock and scrotum clumps

●       Scrotum / testicles weights

●       Nipple clamps

●       Chains

●       Leg Irons

●       Large dildos, and

●       Face masks.


My recommendation is that they all get dressed in the special clothing, all have butt plugs, inserted and strapped in, collars put on, and be willy whipped and gagged.


That leaves eight other things. Mr Kennedy then spoke up and said, “Look, I don”t like the sound of some of those. Mr Latimer and I will choose two each for our two boys, and you can take the other five to use on Lloyd.” Mr Jones said, “That”s fine by me.” Mr Latimer chose Anal Beads and Nipple Clamps for Jolyon, and Mr Kennedy selected Cock and Scrotum Clamps plus Testicles Weights for Jasper. That left Chains, Leg Irons, Large Dildos and a Face Mask for Lloyd. Over the next hour and a bit, the three young audience members had to watch while their three friends, nay their lovers, were tortured to hell. At the end of the show, all of the boys, first Lucas, then James, and finally John, were brutally bareback fucked by each of the three men. The little boys were in great tears but they stuck it out, and when the men left, they rushed forward to do just as they had been instructed.


Both the twins were bleeding a bit from their buttocks, and from their scrotums, but Lucas, surprisingly, though clearly shaken, was showing no signs of bleeding, lots of bruises, but no actual bleeding. Directed by Lucas, and with his assistance too, the three boys tended to the wounds of Elu and Adriel. Leo, speaking for them all, said between free-flowing sobs, “Lucas, we all learnt, and promise to never hurt another human being in that way, or anything like it. His tears then became uncontrollable and he simply snuggled up to Lucas”s lap and cried, profusely, for the next half hour. Once Nathan had finished his first aid duty, assisted by Patrick, he turned the main light out and, by the night light, they each then joined their partners and did just what Leo was already doing. Somehow, among all that confusion, Lucas found a last little bit of energy; he moved the two side beds to be in line with his in the middle, thus forming a giant bed across and around which they could all fit. Who was hugging who and who was kissing who became a complete blur, but they all soon fell asleep and did not wake until after breakfast the next day. Experienced, and resilient, as they were, all three older boys bounced back fairly well, though they all knew that they must not let their parents see their naked bodies for quite a few weeks, yet.

After Lucas had got dressed and ready to leave, he surreptitiously went to the special place, which he and Morgan had agreed upon: there, much to his surprise, he found an envelope with not just $45,000 in it, but rather $75,000 with a scrawled note, which read, “this includes a $5,000 tip for each of you, you were all brilliant.” This weekend formed a special bond between these six boys, which would never be broken. They were no longer blood brothers, cousins, and friends, they were a band of gay brothers for life. Patrick was now committed to Adriel, Nathan to Elu, and Leo to Lucas, despite there being quite significant age gaps, in each case. Lucas had, though, during the three-day Gay Sex 101 course, encouraged all the boys to explore the fun of sex play with other boys, while they were young, even though they each knew, deep down, that they would eventually marry their partner of that weekend. The first boys that Leo wanted to play with were his best friend Jeevan and his cousin Anand, and so he began to hatch a plan to get those two alone, for a few hours, with Patrick and himself, at a time when parents would not interfere.


It was the night of Friday, October 6th, Jeevan and Anand were staying the night at Leo”s place, as both their parents were at some late-night function. Leo, and Patrick, were to be travelling to Sutton the next day, with their parents, to catch up with their Hogart cousins over the Thanksgiving Day weekend; Lucas had, of course, arranged that the Turner boys would drop by at least a couple of times over the weekend, Leo and Patrick were still worked up from the course, and Leo said, to Patrick, “Why don”t we try to have some sex fun with Jeevan and Anand tonight. Patrick, in a slightly absent-minded way, replied, “OK”. At about 8.00 p.m. they all went up to the bedroom, and got undressed, intending to put on their pyjamas. Just as Jeevan had taken off his undies, Leo glanced across and casually said, “nice bod, mate.” Jeevan looked back and said, “Are you gay, besty.” Leo, not too sure as to whether he was going to be beaten up or that Jeevan would run to his parents, said, “Yes, in fact, both of us are.” Jeevan, straight away, grinned, “That”s great, Anand and I have been playing for a couple of years. Are you up for a bit of fun before we turn in?” Leo and Patrick both said, “Yes”. Jeevan then said, “Choose your partners.” Leo said he would play with Jeevan istanbul travesti and Anand could, he was sure, give Patrick some enjoyment.”



The partners then climbed into the King Single Bunks, Leo and Jeevan on top with Patrick and Anand down below. The pattern of each couple”s play, from thereon, took roughly the same route. First, they just kissed and stroked, each particularly stroking their partner”s cocks until they were hard. They then 69″d for about ten minutes, and then Jeevan asked, Leo, “Do you two fuck” to which question he received the answer “Of course, but Patrick”s too young to top so he just bottoms for now.” Anand heard the answer, and gently turned Patrick on to his side; he gave Patrick a good rimming and then lifted Patrick into the doggy position. Patrick”s experienced sphincter gave way quite quickly to Anand”s eight-year-old dick as Anand entered his little piece of ice cream, but they did not last long and Anand withdrew after about ten minutes of, relatively, half-hearted pounding of Patrick”s little hole. They then just fell into each other”s arms and dropped off to sleep. Jeevan said that, surprisingly, he preferred to bottom, for his younger cousin, and so Leo told Jeevan to lay back in the nappy-change position and Leo entered Jeevan. Leo thumped away, into and, then, up and down within, Jeevan”s chicken-cunt, for about fifteen minutes, at the end of which time, both had brief dry orgasms. They also then just fell into each other”s arms and dropped off to sleep. At about 4.00 a.m., all within a few minutes each other, half woke up and needed to pee. It was drearily agreed that after each had done their spray of the bowl, that they would return to their own beds, just in case Leo”s mother looked in on them early. The next morning Jeevan and Anand were picked up by their parents, with comments exchanged like, “I hope they weren”t too much trouble.” and Mrs. Holmes responding, “No, they were perfect little angels, Leo and Patrick enjoy having visitors. Their best friends are their cousins, and they are over the other side of Cook”s Bay in Sutton, so they don”t see them as often as they would like.” Mrs. Holmes gave no hint in the tone of her voice, or her body language, that she had recently developed a very good idea of why her sons missed seeing their cousins, so much! “In fact, that is where we are going, in just about an hour”s time. We are going to spend this Thanksgiving weekend with my sister, my brother-in-law Brian, and their two sons, Lucas and Nathan. I”ll catch up with you when we get back”


In the end, that was the one and only `straying” that Leo and Patrick did. They both just felt, deep down, that they had let Elu and Adriel down, despite Lucas”s encouragement. For now, the only fuck pal that each would allow the other, was each other. Visits to Sutton became more and more frequent and the bonds naturally grew deeper. The two sets of parents seemed, outwardly, to show a little surprise as to why Leo and Patrick both now wanted to spend so much time in Sutton, rather than back home at Ancona, and the Hogarts probably did not see what was staring them in the face, at least for a while, that is, but, as we learn a few years down the track, Mr. and Mrs. Holmes knew all along what was going on, and they were just pleased that their two boys were growing up so happy and content.



Sadly, 6 years later, on the Labor Day weekend, 1st to 3rd September, 2012, tragedy struck the Holmes family. In a house fire, caused by an electrical short, Gerard and Louisa Holmes died. Fortunately, the boys were away with their cousins, in Sutton. Trevor Gascoyne, their family solicitor, lived only a few doors down the street and saw it all; he tried to save them, but the fire took hold too fast. He rushed across to the fire brigade people and double-checked about the boys and he was assured that they were not in the fire. Louisa had happened to meet Trevor in the street, during the previous week, and, as was quite usual for these two old friends, Trevor asked after the boys, and Louisa had mentioned that they were greatly looking forward to their two-night visit, on the weekend, with their cousins in Sutton. The local police were also there and Trevor stepped over to the Sergeant, whom he knew. He told Sergeant Leroy Hunter that he knew the Holmes family very well, as he was their solicitor, and that he knew the boys were away for a few days with their cousins in Sutton. He went on to say that he would call their uncle immediately and tell him the sad news; he also said that he would rush straight to Sutton, right then, and meet up with the boys, personally. The sergeant thus felt that the handling of the passing of this difficult news was well in hand; he thanked Trevor and moved back to the fire scene to liaise with the Fire Chief.


Trevor ran back to his house, locked up, and drove away. He first went to his office in town, retrieved a crucial envelope from his safe, made a quick phone call to Brian Hogart, told him the basics, but also asked him to hold off from telling the boys until he got there, which would be within the hour. Trevor then headed to Sutton. Within less than 75 minutes of leaving the Sergeant, he was knocking on Brian”s door. By this time, Brian had clearly established where all the boys were, but he had said nothing. The boys, Lucas, Nathan, Leo, Patrick and even Leo”s friend Jeevan, and his younger cousin Anand were all playing soccer in the backyard. Once Trevor had settled down into the front room settee, and had been given a brandy, Brian went on to the balcony and asked all the boys to come inside; he said he was sorry to interrupt their game, but something important had come up. As they all came back inside, Brian asked Jeevan and Anand to hang back a moment; he explained that something had happened in the family; all four boys would come and be with them a bit later, but would they please, just for now, go downstairs into the children”s basement TV room and watch whatever they liked. Jeevan and Anand were very obedient boys, so they did as they were asked to.



Lucas, Nathan, Leo and Patrick went on into the main lounge. As directed to, by Brian, they sat around the room. The three younger boys in a 3-seater that faced the settee where Trevor was sitting and Lucas and Brian sat on some chairs a little in the background, so to say. Nathan was by Leo, and Leo was by Patrick. Once they were all seated, Brian said, “Leo and Patrick, I think you know your family solicitor and neighbour, Mister Gascoyne.” Leo and Patrick nodded; they had already realised something was wrong. Trevor then spoke, “Leo, Patrick, I have some very bad news. A little short of two hours ago, there was a fire at your house, and, I regret, to have to tell you, that both your parents have died.” Leo and Patrick burst into tears and just clung to each other and Nathan, who was also sobbing, for the death of his aunt and uncle, clung to Leo. After nearly half an hour, the crying and sobbing subsided. Meanwhile, Brian had retrieved giant size Lemonades for himself and the boys; he had also taken the same drinks to Jeevan and Anand, and explained that the boys, whilst quite safe, would probably be a little longer in coming down. Jeevan and Anand both said, “Thank you, Uncle Brian, we will just wait here.” By now they were both getting a little worried, and needed the loo. By dint of sensible design, there were two toilets downstairs, by the children”s TV and recreation room. Jeevan and Anand, therefore, took avail of those facilities and then settled back down in the long chair in the TV room.


So, peace having been slightly restored, Brian opened the envelope, which had been sitting in front of him, since he sat down, and read: –


First from the cover of the envelope –

“To Leo and Patrick Holmes, of Alcona, Ontario: only to be opened if both of their parents have died before Leo has turned 18.”


Then from the document inside –

Dear Leo and Patrick,
You will only be hearing this if both of us are dead. We are writing this a little after Leo”s 7th birthday. My dearest darling boys, we have known your deep dark secret from even before you both knew yourselves. We also know how special your 7th birthday week was, Leo. We thank you for trying to keep your secret, and we respected that, but we continued to love you, possibly even more deeply once we were sure. Two-spirit people, the name that Native Americans use, are very special; they are, often, also the most loving members of any family. As you are both still minors, we have had to make arrangements for you to have a guardian. You may remember once when a man named Matthew came to our house, just after your 6th birthday, Leo. We introduced him as one of my cousins, that is to say, one of Louisa”s cousins. Matthew is, in fact, one of your third cousins and we do not know of a more loving, and sincere, person, within our extended family, than Matthew is. Matthew lives in Orangeville, 50 miles or so out of central Toronto. He also is a two-spirit man and has no children of his own. He is also very rich due to an inheritance from his mother”s side of his family; you and I (your mother) fit on his father”s side of his family.


We have not left either of you short as you are the beneficiaries of a $40 million life insurance, $20 million each. Guardianship papers, pre-signed by both of us, are in this envelope, all that needs to happen is for Trevor to officially date them. For now, I ask you to both just do what Mr. Gascoyne asks of you; we are both quite sure that you will arrive in the loving arms of your 3rd cousin, very soon.”


Gerard and Louisa Holmes

12th October 2006

Trevor went on to say that he was sure that Brian would not mind if Leo and Patrick stayed on for a few more days and that he would be back very soon. Brian then said, “OK boys, go downstairs and continue to be with Jeevan and Anand, doing what boys do with boys and that includes you, Lucas. In fact, it especially means you Lucas; I need you to comfort your younger cousins and sibling, despite the grief you will, no doubt, be feeling yourself. The boys left the room sombrely and quietly, and joined their friends downstairs. Lucas took the role of spokesperson and told their friends the basics. They all then just fell into a giant group hug and started sobbing, and crying. There was no sex that evening but there was a lot of mutual comforting, stroking and kissing. Brian brought them down a few sandwiches at about 7.00 p.m. and at 10.00 p.m. they all wandered up to bed.


On Monday afternoon, Brian drove 6 boys (2 sets of brothers, who were also cousins, and a pair of cousins, who were also all friends) back to Alcona. Jeevan and Anand said their teary, kiss-filled goodbyes, and the cousins returned to Sutton. During the next few days, there were quite a few phone calls between Trevor, Matthew and Brian and lots of arrangements were put in place. During those few days, Nathan also made a crucial decision; after dinner Nathan, Leo, Patrick, and Lucas, who had stayed on for an extended Labor Day weekend, sat down, in their normal family after-dinner way, in front of the television and began to watch a show they all enjoyed. Within a few moments, though, Lucas, who was now a strapping young adult of 22 years age, stood up and turned the TV off. Nathan, now a very mature 15-year-old, at least in his behaviour (a fact which had been most pleasing for his parents to observe), was not at all surprised, as he knew, precisely, what was about to happen. Over the previous two days, he, Leo, Patrick and Lucas had had some very serious discussions. Brian said, “What are you doing, Lucas?” Lucas quickly replied and said, “Sorry, Dad, I know you like to wind down with that show, at the end of the day but, today is special, in a way that I hope you will soon understand.” Brian said, “This sounds serious, should Leo and Patrick maybe go downstairs?” Lucas firmly replied, “NO, they are as much a part of this, if not more so, than Nathan. Mum and Dad, Nathan has something he wants to say to you, but he has asked me to start things off. As you know, I have been a staff member, at Matthew”s farm, for nearly a year now. What you may not know is that our good friends, Elu and Adriel Turner, will also be starting to work there, next Monday. Nathan has been keeping a secret from you, for a long time and, now, with what has happened he felt that he could not hold it back any longer. Please wait until he is finished speaking, before you say anything; this is going to be hard for all of us Hogarts, and, Leo and Patrick are right in the middle of it, too. OK, Nat, it”s your time, now.”



Nathan, then spoke up, with a lump in his throat, and so softly that his parents could hardly hear, “I”ll come straight out with it, I”ve bottled it up for so long. I”m gay, and so are all the boys in this room. In fact, we are, with our friends Elu and Adriel Turner, a special little gay brotherhood, which we call The Georgina Island Fraternity. In truth Leo is Lucas”s partner, Elu is my partner, and Adriel is Patrick”s partner. And, if you wait just a minute, Elu and Adriel will join us, they have driven across and are waiting in the driveway.” Brian and his wife sat there looking a little shocked, but also quickly, and finally, putting multiple 2+2s together, which had been going around in their minds for a few years now. “Please, just wait for a few moments more, until Elu and Adriel have joined us.” As Nathan said those last few words, Lucas quickly stood up, ran to the front door, and gestured to the two boys to come in. Within less than a minute, the six boys were together again. Lucas sat down, thus creating a comfortable lap. These 6 boys had been together many times, in that house, over the years, since 2006, but this was the first time they could openly sit together as couples.


Leo jumped up and smartly sat back down in Lucas”s lap, where Lucas”s loving arms embraced him. The space beside Patrick, having been vacated, Adriel stepped over and sat down, Patrick (now 14) and Adriel (now 20) put their arms around each other and briefly kissed; Patrick had grown to be the most demonstrative of the whole fraternity. Nathan then briefly stood up, Elu took his place, and Nathan sat back down in Elu”s lap. Brian, still feeling a bit confused and dumbfounded, spoke up and said, “Boys, you know what you have been doing is illegal, don”t you.” Lucas spoke for them all by saying, “Yes, Dad we know, and if you go to the police, with this, we will all find a way to run away and commit suicide; in fact, I already know the recipe for the final drink we would all share. Is that what you want?” “No, no, son, don”t ever even think about doing such a horrible thing. We had been wondering about the 6 of you for some time, but then when we heard Trevor”s reading of the letter to Leo and Patrick, we more or less knew. We love you all, and I mean you ALL, and we will do whatever it takes to make you happy.” Lucas, now continuing as the spokesman for the fraternity, said “Thank you, Dad. You already know that I am a qualified teacher, but what you may not know, is that Elu and Adriel are also teachers and that cousin Matthew has built alongside the farm, in Orangeville, which is only just over 50 miles from here, a school. This farm and school are the best equipped private school, and most productive farm, in the state. Three other teachers will be joining Adriel, Elu, and I, next Monday; Leo and Patrick”s schooling will be totally taken care of. Every lesson they have will be on a 1 to 1 basis and we hope they will grow up to be very clever men. All we are now asking you, and we know it is a big ask, is that you let Nathan become the third new scholar in this very special school. There are already 16 other boys there.” Almost before Lucas had stopped, Brian spoke up, “Of course, Nathan is 15 now and, in a year, he could emancipate himself, anyway. We do not want to stand in the way of the happiness of any of you.” Nathan rushed over and gave a giant hug around both his parents, saying, “Thank you, thank you, you are the best parents one could ever have.” Brian then said, well I suppose we better change the bedroom arrangements, for tonight and the next few days. All six boys shyly laughed. Later that night the couples were all duly paired up and the `facade” was over, for good. Brian after a few more moments said, “Well I think we better toast to the new family, and we will honour your five greats French grandparents, Leo, Patrick, and Nathan, by letting you have a small glass of wine each, along with us adults; that is if we can even think of any of you as children any more, considering what you”ve been up to.” At this comment, all of them just burst out into joyous, freeing laughter. After a while peace was restored and the couples wandered off to bed, Elu and Adriel having brought their stuff in from the car, a little earlier.



A few days later Trevor came back to the house, but he was in a different vehicle. It was not even a car, it was an 8-seater SUV with Matthew in the driver”s seat. All the necessary legal papers had been duly signed and authorised; new chapters in the extended family”s history were about to start being written, through the shared lives of seven very happy people. Lots of luggage was loaded, and teary words of Au Revoir were said. The bonds that had been made during that special birthday weekend, a few years earlier, could not be readily broken; 1 boy, and 1 young man, then jumped into the SUV, and with Matthew still driving, took Trevor, back to Alcona. Two boys, Patrick and Nathan, and two men then jumped into Elu”s car, and headed straight for Orangeville, via the twins” house. There they picked up Adriel”s car, which Patrick, of course, jumped into, alongside his gorgeous man. Two very loving, and very happy, couples then drove, in a 2-car-convoy, to Orangeville. The 4 men, and three boys, thus established their new home in Orangeville. Matthew was so rich that he had established his own private Telco; there were very few customers, in fact, they were all relatives, or very close friends of partners; all services were free. Special view phones were installed at the farm and school, and the Hogart house. Each boy had their own private number; they all maintained regular contact with Brian and his wife.


To be continued.


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