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The story evolves as does my husband. 1 more left in the series.


Pulling into our driveway just past 2 a.m. I was feeling a little sheepish about stepping back into our home and seeing Mark. After meeting Ginger, Mark and I talked about this follow up night. It was a green light from him and I welcomed it, but we both really didn’t know how it would turn out with me going to visit her with the explicit intent of sex and without knowing what her situation was with her boyfriend. Still, in the weeks that had passed, I was locked into lust mode and Mark, it seemed, wanted nothing more than for me to explore it.

I walk into our home and found Mark on the couch with a sleepy look on his face. I was relieved for his smile and welcoming greeting. Our deal, as always, is that I share everything with him and so I asked if we could move into our bedroom where I could slip into something more comfortable. Even walking down the hall with him near me again I couldn’t tell if I was starting to get nervous or aroused over what I was about to tell him.

I looked in our mirror and was surprised how disheveled I looked. Drinks and sex for a few hours can do that to a girl I guess. My hair was matted and a mess, my makeup was streaked in places, and I’d long lost my panties and bra. From Mark though, his only comment was that I looked like I enjoyed myself. As I started to slowly undress and turn to him and said, “Oh I have had some fun. Do you want me to tell you about it all now?” Mark could only nod. With just my unbuttoned shirt open and my skirt still on I made my way to Mark and slid down his boxers to expose his stiffening cock.

“Ok,” I said, “but let’s remember, you gave me this freedom. This is something I went along with and sometimes you can’t control every turn of the wheel.” Slowly I began to stroke his dick. I felt so powerful at that moment like I had full control, which was the opposite of a night where I’d basically been used. I guess there’s a hierarchy I thought to myself. I was definitely becoming aroused again. With that I told him about the night. I told him how I went to Ginger’s house and we drank whiskey—which I never do. How my new friend is sweet, but also just plain trashy in every way. How I wanted to be with her from the first hello.

I told him that she took complete control over me. She decided when we were going to kiss, when and where we were going to get naked. She controlled everything and started calling me her slutty little cupcake. Her language became more and more vulgar and I was powerless to care about anything else except pleasing her. I told Mark about the way she commanded me to lick her pussy and then to even lick her anus. How she was giving me just the right amount encouragement güvenilir bahis while degrading me as she was using me to get her off. I served her for the first hour at least.

Then she told me what a good learner I was and asked if I was ready to get fucked? Catching my breath, I told her to take me any way she wanted. With a hard smack on my ass she rolled off the bed and pulled a strap on harness with a life-like cock attached to it. Ginger started to assemble the harness on her and then told me she was ready to fuck me. She motioned me to approach her on the bed and when I crawled to her we kissed hard and passionately. I felt her lips and tongue, our breasts pressing against each other, and when she reached around me to pull my body into hers by firmly grabbing my ass checks I felt that large black phallic member lodge between my legs. Thrusting her hips I felt it slide over my pussy lips and I became so wanton. I was there begging for her to fuck me like a whore in heat.

By this time Mark’s cock was ready to explode. I had been rubbing his precum over his dick so it was slick and lubricated. He was silent this whole time with only slight moans to break up his nearly panting breath. For whatever reason I stopped touching him. Leaving him without relief. Backing away I stripped the rest of the way and laid on our bed. I began to rub my pussy and expose my hole to Mark. As he started to come to me for more involvement I stopped him cold. I told him I wasn’t finished and I would tell him when I was ready for him. Mark stopped as told and for a moment had a hurt look on his face but then simply asked me to tell him about what happened next. I promised to tell him the rest if he held off from his orgasm. He objected that that wasn’t fair and how he needed to cum just like I did. I told him I understood but I needed him to comply. What I didn’t tell him was that I knew what else happened and I wanted him as horny as possible when he heard about it. With a slight pout Mark complied.

I picked up by telling Mark that I had gone to all fours with Ginger and her strap on pounding me from behind. She kept telling me to take it or ride it or something about how she was loving what a good girl I was with her dick in me. I was dizzy from it all and then I heard someone come into the room. Naturally I jumped out of bed and searched for a way to cover my body when I saw a husky man standing there in the room.

Ginger jumped up as well and went to this stranger and kissed him with a welcoming “Hi hon, glad you’re back greeting.” She introduced me to him as Robbie her boyfriend. I was having a hard time processing it all, but she reminded me by saying “don’t you remember when I told you my boyfriend would like me fucking türkçe bahis you? Don’t worry, Robbie will behave and respect that this is our time, right Robbie?” He started to get undress and said “it’s nice to meet you and yes, I’ll sit in the corner here as you two finish with whatever was going on here. I’ll be as good of a boy as you want me to be, but the way I see it is if you’re fucking my girl then at least I get to watch.” With that he let his semi hard cock pop out as he sat down in a chair a few feet from the bed.

I was flushed with mixed feelings and confused by this startling set of exchanges. But I still hadn’t cum. I wanted more but didn’t know what to do. Ginger solved all of that for me when she came over to me, kissed me hard and told me she wasn’t done with me. She needed to see me cum and told me how beautiful I had been so far tonight. I felt so good with her. I felt so wanted. I felt like I wanted to please her just like she was asking me to do. She sat first back on the bed and then laid on her back. Holding my hand she pulled me onto her and asked me to ride her. I was more than happy to do just that. I pulled a knee up to give her access and then lined up her dick and slid onto it. I held it in me for a moment. It was hard and without a give that you get with a real cock, but as I started pumping up and down it felt perfect.

She returned to her verbal self in quick order. Telling me how good I was as both a pussy licker and now she could see how I liked to take cock too. Then she started to bring Robbie into the conversation. She’d ask “Robbie, do you see this? Do you see what a hot MILF we have to play with? You see how much she wants it, right?” She went on for not too much longer when Robbie stood up and moved to the edge of the bed.

Mark gasped at this moment in the recap. He looked like he might cum without touching himself and I was starting to see little beads of sweat on his brow. Continuing I told him about Robbie, because it was the first time I got a good look at him. There two feet from me I got a good look at this stripper’s boyfriend. I told Mark he was different than you. You’re fit and handsome and I love you as you are, but Robbie was built bigger. Muscular but with a bit of a belly. Mark asked me about his dick, which at that moment I thought was a funny question. But in the spirit of openness I told him that I saw Robbie’s large muscular hand wrapped around a really fat cock. Maybe another inch fatter than Mark’s but not much longer.

I told Mark that Robbie put his dick on Ginger’s head and told her to open her mouth. She leaned back her head and he ran that dick all the way to the hilt down her throat. Robbie started pumping his cock down her gullet while watching me ride güvenilir bahis siteleri her strap on. Since she was silenced Robbie took over the verbal duties, but in a different way. He started telling me that it looked like I was a good whore and that he knew I liked dick. He asked me if I liked his dick. I nodded my approval. He asked me if my husband knew he would be around. I nodded yes. He told me that he knew it all already. Just then he pulled out of Ginger’s gasping precum slathered mouth hole and started to pump his own cock. He went on to say he’s fucked good girls with cuck husbands before. He doesn’t make love, he fills their cunts with a hard fucking and his seed. Looking down at Ginger he asked ‘isn’t that right honey”, to which she couldn’t answer as she was licking his balls.

That thought hadn’t occurred to me. I was just playing some with a girl and my husband was ok with it as a fantasy. But here I was, after being a sub to a stripper, now being fucked by her strap on with her big cock boyfriend basically telling me he was going to fuck me and my husband was going to be accepting of it. I think I started to blackout then. The orgasm had me lose total control and after waves of pleasure so intense it almost hurt I collapsed on top of Ginger’s body.

“That’s right girl. That’s how they all finish up” Ginger said to me. Then I noticed how close I was to Robbie now that I’d collapsed on Ginger. It only took another moment and Robbie warned us to get ready. He started pumping cum on us. Gobs of juice landed on our faces and hair and tits. Just about everywhere and Ginger began to kiss me and lick his seed off of me. Recovering for a moment Robbie chuckled and said, “that’s right. This time you girls clean up, but next time I’ll plant some seed for you to take back to him with.”

I turned to Mark and said, “I didn’t touch him. I didn’t cross the line you and I agreed to, but by circumstance I’m sure I’ve got some sticky spots left on me and these matted hair spots are because of his cum. I never thought about it, but I want to know if there’s truth to what Robbie said. How do you feel about another man using your wife?” Mark didn’t say a word. Instead he came over to me and started to kiss me. Kissing my lips at first and then kissing and licking my neck and body. He was searching for those salty spots and enjoying it just as much as me. I told him to fuck me. I wanted to cum again. Mark slid his cock into my loose and wet hole and as he was pumping he buried his face in the cum soak parts of my hair and kept telling me how hot I was. It didn’t take long for him to unload in me. In fact, I hadn’t finished myself and told him such. Then, my devious mind clicked and I told him he had to make sure I came. I motioned his head down to my freshly fill pussy and somewhere between me rubbing my clit on his face and him cleaning out his creampie I came hard once again. I told him it was going to be good practice for him and with that I rolled over for some sleep.

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