Lesbians in Margate

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Jessica Allen

Standing on the Doorstep…

Was not so certain that this was a good idea. She stood at the door and her finger was on the button of the doorbell. And that was as far as she had got. She froze, her mind in a turmoil of thought and emotions. She put her hand down and then put it back up. Finger on the doorbell. “Push the bloody thing!” A voice inside her head said.

“No!” Said another voice scarily sounding just like the first voice. “Runaway, go home!”

“Christ I can make up my own mind!” Jessica said out loud.

Just then the door opened and a tall elegant woman in a grey dress stood there with her dark hair over her shoulders and with one eyebrow raised in a quizzical way.

“Are you Jessica Allen by any chance?” The woman asked her.

“Yes, I am.” She replied.

“Well, you better come in then, unless you’re going to stand on my doorstep all day and night.” Said the woman in a rather cutting tone of voice.

“Yes, I will.” Said Jessica and walked in through the open doorway. One of the voices was trying to say “Run!” But Jessica was already inside the house and the door closed behind her.

One Week Before…

Someone is typing…

Said the message on the screen of Jessica Allen’s laptop.

She waited and the little dots on the screen flashed on and off. Then the screen changed and a new message was there for her to read.

“Hello J. Thanks for the reply. You sound nice. Are you looking for someone? I am in Margate. K.”

The message was like an old written telegram, short words, short sentences and clipped in meaning. Jessica had to read it several times before replying.

“I am single and like you K. Like Margate. Like to know more. Wish I could meet.” Jessica replied in the same clipped short way.

In truth, Jessica was not entirely sure what she was doing, she thought she knew but really she was out of her depth and being rather naive about this whole message App thing that she was using.

Jessica Allen was twenty-three years old. Black straight hair cut short. Five feet, three inches tall. Single. Bi. Seeking like-minded friends for fun and days out.

That was a shorthand version of who Jessica was, is, well as she wants to be, should be, and all the other things that a twenty-three-year-old, single confused, lonely woman.

Someone is typing…

“K here. Great. Why not meet soon. Email address is.”

Jessica got out a pen and notebook and wrote down the email address that ‘K’ given. Now she had to open her email account and send yet another message… This was all becoming very complicated… Jessica persisted and got her email sent to ‘K’.

Then nothing…

Then more nothing…

Yet more nothing…

And finally, a message came back.

“At last!” Jessica said out loud in exasperation at the laptop.

The Meeting…

Jessica was sitting at the corner table of a cafe waiting for ‘K’ to turn up. She now understood that ‘K’ was for Karen Turnbull, the girl that Jessica had been messaging on the LGBT App thing, that she got from a magazine article. ‘Are You One of Us’ Was the title of the article and as she read it Jessica had decided that she was one of them, or should that be us? Anyway, Jessica was nowhere and waiting. She had arrived early, half an hour early, and was already onto her third cup of coffee and chocolate biscuit, when ‘K’ arrived, five minutes late!

“Hello Jessica, I’m Karen. Great to finally meet you in person. Karen said and began to take off her jacket and put it onto the back of a chair.

Karen was twenty-two years old. She had dark black hair cut in a boyish way that framed her face. She was about the same height as Jessica, five feet, two inches, or four inches if she wore high heels. She was already in a relationship. She was bi, or a lesbian if you want it spelled out for you, and was lonely and wanted a friend. This is why both Karen and Jessica were sitting across from each other in a cafe.

“You don’t look like you sounded in the messages.” Jessica blurted out.

“No! What did I sound like then?” Karen asked.

“Different!” Jessica said and then changed the subject to something less awkward. “Coffee or tea?”

“Milk!” Said Karen.

“Milk?” Asked Jessica just to make sure she heard correctly. “Just a glass of milk?” Jessica asked again.

The milk duly arrived and they began to chat. While Karen talked and Jessica bartın escort listened.

“I live with this older woman. Her name is Bethany, Bethany Armstrong, and we live together in this big house in Margate. She moved out of London a few years ago and got a good deal from selling her flat and buying the house in Margate…” Karen went on…

“I left my home when I was 19. My family didn’t understand me, so I left home and went to live with friends from school and they helped me get on…” She went on…

“I really like Margate at first but then I started to miss all the things that London had and well Bethany is ten years or more than me so we were into different things…”

Jessica took a chance and said something about herself. “I just left home for a job, I never really left, more moved out, for my job you understand.” She said.

It was a bold move and once she had paused Karen managed to say something more about herself.

“It was a magazine article I read and I realized I was a lesbian so I joined the App and you answered.” She got out before Karen could say anything else.

“So!” Karen began and hesitated. “You have only just discovered that your… A lesbian by reading that article in the magazine then?” Karen asked.

“Yes, that’s right,” Jessica replied.

This seemed to halt Karen in her stride and she sipped her milk and then took another sip of her milk.

“Don’t get me wrong Jessica, but have you ever been… With another woman… Kissed or fumbled or…” Asked Karen trailing off at the end of the question.

“Oh, I kissed girls at school and never really had a proper boyfriend or anything like that. So that’s how I know I’m like you, a lesbian.” Jessica said in a matter-of-fact way.

Karen thought for a moment or two and thought some more.

“You should come round to Bethany’s. On Saturday. About noon, twelve o’clock. You can see where I live and meet Bethany and we can have another chat, in private, so to speak.” Karen offered Jessica. “How does that sound to you?” Karen added.

“Sounds wonderful, shall I bring anything?” Jessica asked.

“No, just bring yourself and maybe an overnight bag, in case you want to stay over till the Sunday.” Said Karen.

“Well, that’s a date!” Jessica said.

Inside the House from the Doorstep…

Jessica walked into the hallway of the house and Bethany closed the door with a firm hand and then led Jessica through the house to a room with a set of French doors overlooking the back garden. The room was light and airy with rose flowered wallpaper. There were a big brown leather sofa and two matching chairs. A small table stood between the sofa and the French doors and had an ashtray with an open pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

“I don’t smoke in the house, only outside in the garden,” Bethany said to Jessica.

“Of course,” Jessica replied.

“Karen will be down in a bit, she always late. She is late for everything. Be late for her own funeral one day.” Bethany told Jessica.

“Sit!” Bethany said to Jessica pointing at the sofa. Jessica took it to be an order rather than a suggestion.

“So your the ‘Girl’ that Karen met on the message board then?” Bethany asked.


“And your a lesbian too are you?” Bethany asked.


“I swing both ways,” Bethany said. “Both women and men.”

“Really?” Jessica asked a little confused.

“Yes, really It’s the best of both worlds,” Bethany said with a broad smile and a twinkle in her eye.

Then Bethany put her hand onto Jessica’s knee and slowly, very slowly she slipped her hand up Jessica’s leg and under her skirt and went higher and higher.

Jessica sat perfectly still on the sofa finding the situation awkward and unnerving. This was the very first time that an older woman, like Bethany, had come on to her and was a little taken aback by how quickly her advances were happening. Jessica coughed and then she asked for a cigarette.

“Of course. Take one from there. I didn’t know that you smoked.” Bethany casually said.

“I have just recently taken it up.” Jessica lied.

Taking a cigarette and the lighter Jessica went out the French doors and lit her first-ever cigarette. It failed to light straight away but at her second attempt it lit up and smoke filled her mouth, nose, and lungs and she coughed out loud and almost brought up the bile in her stomach.

“Come, bartın escort bayan let’s go into the garden,” Bethany said and led Jessica from the house into the garden.

“Do you have a garden?” Bethany asked.

“No, I live in a block of flats.”

“That’s a pity, everyone should have a garden.”

Bethany led Jessica down to where there was a tree about midway into the garden.

“Oh, you have an apple tree,” Jessica said.

She reached up and touched one of the red apples hanging from a low branch.

“Can I try one?” Asked Jessica.

“Sure go ahead, might not be ripe yet,” Bethany replied.

Jessica plucked the apple and took a bite.

“Mm, Still a bit sour,” Jessica said as she chewed on the apple. Bethany took the apple from her and tossed it into the hedge line.

“It’s all organic,” Bethany told her.

“Oh! There’s a cat in the tree!” Jessica said excitedly.

“Tut!” Said Bethany. “That’s Marmalade from next door.” Jessica reached up to touch the cat.

“Don’t do that, he scratches and bites!”

Jessica withdrew her hand quickly back down to her side.

“Where is that girl!” Bethany said, meaning Karen.

“Let go up and get her.” Said Bethany and led Jessica back into the house and upstairs

The stairs were wide and had a brightly polished wooden handrail. On the half landing, there was an arched window with stained glass squares of blue, green, and red. Then on the floor above was a wide-open area with doors leading to all the bedrooms in the house and bathroom. Jessica was rather impressed with the house. It was large and beautiful. Just the sort of place she would like to have one day for herself.

Bethany went straight to one door and opened it and went inside.

“Wake up sleepy head!”

Jessica followed into the room. Like the rest of the house, the bedroom was large, with lavender flowered wallpaper and large dark wooden furniture. There was a window with a view out towards the sea. The bed was a large iron double bed painted in a cream colour. Hoops and circles with small purple painted flowers decorating it. In the middle of the bed rolled in a large flower patterned duvet was Karen. Only her dark boyish hair was visible. She made a muffled sound.

“Mm, what’s up?” Came her voice from under the duvet.

“Your ‘Friend’ is here,” Bethany told her.

‘Who?” Came the muffled question.

“Your new girlfriend is here,” Bethany said again, this time louder as if that would help Karen’s understanding.

Bethany then pulled back the duvet and revealed Karen lying naked on the bed. She was slim and definitely boy-like in her appearance. She had small breasts and narrow hips and to Jessica’s eyes a very nice round bottom.

“Don’t do that…” Karen complained and pulled the duvet back over herself. She moved and sat up and looked at Jessica.

“Oh, what time is it?” Karen asked.

“Late!” Said Bethany. “I’ll make tea and bring it up, you can apologize to Jessica while I’ am away,” Bethany told Karen.

Jessica stood at the end of the bed looking at Karen sitting up now and her small breasts peeking over the duvet.

“Nice house,” Jessica said.

“Can you get me some aspirin please, I have a bit of a head-on this morning. We were out last night, till late…” Karen tried to explain why she was in such a state.

When Bethany came back with a tray with tea and biscuits she put it down and served both Jessica and Karen. She broke a chocolate biscuit in half and hand-fed Karen in between sipping her tea.

“Here have some,” Bethany said to Jessica. As she offered to hand feed a chocolate biscuit. Jessica let her and munched the biscuit and sipped on her own tea. The hand-feeding went on between Karen and Jessica’s had eaten all the chocolate biscuits.

“There, better?” Asked Bethany.

“Yes.” Replied Karen.

“Well, I think it’s about time we got properly dressed, don’t you think?” Bethany said to both of them. She stood up and unzipped her dress and dropped it on the floor, then unclipped her black bra and dropped that too, next her black knickers came off and she was now naked.

“Come on Jessica, your turn,” Bethany said as she walked over to where Jessica was sitting on the edge of the bed. Bethany took the tea from her and then began to undress her. Her dress was unzipped and dropped to the floor and her white bra escort bartın was unclipped and removed and her white knickers were pulled down and then she was naked.

It had all happened so fast that Jessica’s head was in a spin with the stripping off of Bethany’s clothes and her own clothes. All three of them were now nude and Bethany led Jessica onto the bed and under the duvet all three of them in bed together.

“I see I am going to have to take both you girls in hand,” Bethany said in a motherly tone of voice.

Jessica found herself now in the middle of a naked sandwich between Karen on her right and Bethany on her left.

“Kiss,” Bethany said into her ear and Bethany’s face came toward her and they kissed on the lips.

“A real kiss!” Bethany insisted and once more but with more passion and desire she kissed Jessica and her mouth opened and their tongues mingled together.

Suddenly Jessica realised that she was involved in a lesbian threesome with Karen and Bethany taking charge of her and they were intent on taking her lesbian virginity. The sudden rush of kissing and nakedness overtook Jessica and she threw herself into the arms of Bethany and Karen.

There were hands touching her, caressing and fondling her. Finding her pleasure zones and naked bodies pressed against her. She had wanted this, dreamed of this for so long and now she was experiencing it. She was overwhelmed by the surge of emotions swirling in her mind and body. Hands were on her. Squeezing her breast, teasing her nipple. Another hand was snaking its way down between her legs and stroking her pussy. She could feel herself becoming a sexual plaything between Karen and Bethany. A lesbian plaything and all the pleasures and feelings that she would experience.

Her own hands were now clutching a breast and her thumb on a nipple, her other hands were winding their way down between Bethany’s body and found her smooth shaved pussy mound. She explored her naked body and kissed and kissed her mouth, face, neck, and shoulders.

She was in paradise, a lovely warm safe paradise of love and sensuality, pressing her naked body against Bethany and Karen pressing her naked body against her own. A hand was now on her bottom and a finger was worming its way between her thighs. OH! The most wonderful of feelings was filling her body and her imagination was running wild with strange urges and desires. Jessica was enthralled with lust and passion for her two new lesbian lovers.

The afternoon passed in a series of sexual couplings between all three of them. Jessica and Bethany, Jessica and Karen. Back again with Bethany and lying watching Karen and Bethany together. There seemed that she was to experience almost every combination of loving embrace that three women could enjoy together. First lust, then passion, then desire, and then repeat it all over again and again. For hours the three of them were in the same bed and kissed and made passionate love for endless minutes and hours together.

It had to end at some point. Jessica was aware of herself lying in bed with arms and legs all entangled around each other. Soft breathing and warm skin pressed against warm skin. She was looking across the bedroom at the distant blue horizon of the sea and sky. An extra heavy sigh came from Bethany and she extracted her arms and legs from both Jessica and Karen.

“Time to move ladies,” Bethany said in a slow lazy voice.

Both Karen and Jessica kept still and lay in bed holding onto one another.

‘A ‘Slap’ on her bare bottom jarred Karen awake.

A ‘Slap’ on Jessica’s bare bottom woke her up too.

“Move your pair of arse’s,” Bethany told them both.

Moaning and complaining both of them untangled themselves from each other and moved to sit on the edge of the bed. Bethany was walking naked out of the room and they watched her slim elegant body sway and move like poetry in motion. They both smiled and grinned at each other like two naughty schoolgirls. As Bethany returned to the bedroom still naked.

“Forgot my bloody clothes!” She said as she picked up her underwear and her dress and left the room again.

“You not a virgin anymore,” Karen said to Jessica.

“No, I’m not am I.” She replied with a smile.

“Are you going to try boys next? Or stick with girls?” Karen asked.

“I might try a boy or two. But first I want to try a blond girl and a redhead girl and maybe a black girl or a Japanese girl…”

“Stop, enough with all the colours of the rainbow,” Karen said. “So you staying for the weekend then?”

“I never brought an overnight bag,” Jessica said.

They both laughed at that and realised that being naked required nothing at all, not even an overnight bag.

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