Lesson One_(1)

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Alyssa walked into the house, throwing the keys, along with her backpack, down on the kitchen table. She smiled, satisfied with the jingle they made, as she had just gotten her license two days before. Just then she realized she heard music from upstairs.
“Brad?!” she cried, racing toward the stairs. She ran up them with her long honey colored hair streaming behind her, thinking this was way too good to be true. Her older brother had been going to college in California and only came home twice a year. They hadn’t been expecting him home for another few days, but all sounds led her to her beloved older brother.
“Well it took you long enough,” said Brad, with a smile, as he raked his hand through his chocolate hair. “Come here and give me a hug.”
Alyssa flew at Brad with all her strength, which wasn’t all that much considering her tiny body. While they hugged, Alyssa took a deep breath in, remembering all the things she loved about her brother. The way he used to take her swimming, the forts they would build in the backyard, especially the way he would make her feel after a bad breakup.

Brad, however, took in a lot of different things about his baby sister. As he held her, he couldn’t help but notice how good her shiny hair smelled or how fortunate she was to be so small yet have such nice tits. It wasn’t the first time he noticed this about his sister, but every time he saw her, he’d remember all too well how beautiful she was. He pushed her back a little until he was looking into her moss green eyes, hoping she wouldn’t noticed as he adjusted his hard cock in his jeans.
“So, Lyss,” Brad began, using his nickname for her. “What are we going to do today?”
“Wow, back in town and willing to spend your time with little old me?” Alyssa giggled. Brad really wished she wouldn’t giggle. Because every time she did, it made him want to stuff his cock down her throat.
“Shut up,” he said instead. “We’re having a party tonight, anyway.”
“Oh yeah?” Alyssa responded. “Do Mom and Dad know about your genius plan?”
“They do not because they happen to be on their way to visit Uncle Mike and Aunt Tracy right now. That means, party at our house.”
Alyssa rolled her eyes wearily. She knew one of Brad’s parties meant she’d be cleaning until her parents came back. Oh well, she thought happily. At least he’s home.
“Come on, sis. Let’s go get some food.”

Later that night, the house was literally vibrating with music and screaming. Alyssa wound her way around people who graduated 5 years or more before, trying to clean up as she went.
One of the guys… Maybe Peter, slammed her against the wall as she tried to squeeze by. “Where you goin in such a hurry, baby?”
All she smelled was the alcohol on his breath and saw he could barely keep his eyes open. Not exactly a prize in her book. Especially not bursa escort one to lose her virginity to.
Sure, she’d been on dates with guys before, but never anything too serious. She’d given two hand jobs before and never let anyone touch her. She had a vibrator that she used every one in awhile, but had never cum before. She wasn’t sure what was wrong with her. Wasn’t that supposed to be the easiest way?

Alyssa pushed away from Peter and slipped under his outstretched arms. She made her way over to the stairs. She didn’t know one person here, her brother was nowhere to be found, and she’d rather just go in her room and stay far away until it was all over.
She heard a faint bumping as she walked down the hall and saw that her bedroom door was closed. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Alyssa muttered under her breath.
She swung open the door to find a girl she vaguely recognized from briefly dating Brad a few years back, bare-chested and riding a guy she didn’t know on Alyssa’s floor. “Oh oh oh ohhhh,” the girl moaned, ignoring Alyssa staring at her. The girl rode the guy fast and faster, moaning even louder with the rhythm. Even though Alyssa thought she should be disgusted, or at least a little put off, she just watched them in fascination. Since the fucking couple didn’t seem to mind an audience, she leaned quietly against the doorframe, feeling herself get wet. Alyssa wanted so badly to know how it felt to have someone fill her and fuck her.

Realizing what she was doing, Alyssa backed out and shut her door. Even though she could have kicked them out, she didn’t feel right. She continued down the hall toward the bathroom. As she passed Brad’s room, where the door was half closed, she heard a heavily slurred, “Lyss? Is that you?”
She slipped into her brother’s room and closed the door behind her. Brad, obviously drunk, was lying on his bed. Alyssa crossed the room and sat down next to him. “Are you okay, Brad? Do you need anything?”
Brad reached up and tucked a strand of long blonde hair behind Alyssa’s ear. “You’re such a pretty girl, you know that?”
“Umm, thanks… But did you need anything?”
“Come here,” Brad drawled, patting the bed a bit closer to him. “Come take care of your big brother.”
Alyssa obliged, scooting closer to him. He put his arm around her and she began to tell him about what happened in her room. He smiled at her, in a hazy sort of way, and said, “Did you like watching, Lyss? Did it turn you on?”
Surprised as she was at his reaction, she found that she didn’t mind talking to Brad about sex. “Well… Yeah, kind of. I mean…”
“You want to know how it feels?” As he asked her this, he moved his hand down to her inner thigh.

Alyssa recoiled a little but stayed in her place on the bed. “A little, yeah… I mean, I am a virgin.”
“Ohhh,” Brad grunted. That’s when Alyssa noticed his bursa escort bayan huge hard on. Brad noticed her looking at his cock and grabbed her hand. “You want to touch it?”
“I… Brad, really?” Alyssa was starting to feel light-headed. She knew it was wrong, she knew it was something she shouldn’t do, but she still wanted to so badly. `
“It’s okay, little sister. I’ll show you how it is. I wouldn’t let anything happen to you.” With that, he moved her hand down to his hard cock.
Alyssa let out a small gasp. Suddenly, without being able to stop herself, she quickly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down with his boxers. Rubbing his big cock, she finally met his gaze.
“Oh, that’s such a good little girl,” Brad whispered to her. “Come over here and let me touch that virgin pussy.” He pulled her down on her back and unzipped her jeans. He stopped for a few seconds to run his hand over her flat stomach and down into her thong, to feel her perfectly shaved pussy. “Oh, sweetheart, that’s just right.”
He began gently putting his finger in her pussy and moving in and out. Alyssa moaned and moved her body closer to his. “Oh, you like that, do you?” Brad asked her.
Alyssa nodded eagerly. It was the best she had ever felt. Brad began to use his thumb to stroke her clit at the same time and a surge of pleasure flooded Alyssa’s body. She began to move up and down, trying to get him to go faster. “Not yet, baby girl. You have to earn the right to cum.”
“What— What do I have to do?” she asked, breathlessly. At this point she was willing to do anything for him.

“Kneel down and suck my cock. I want it nice and wet for when I stick it in that pussy.”
Alyssa, never having given a blow job, kneeled down as her brother directed. He stood up in front of her. “Suck it,” he demanded.
She barely had placed it in her mouth when Brad held the back of her head and slammed his cock in. Immediately she started coughing and Brad laughed a bit. “You’ll get used to it.” He put it back in her mouth and started rocking back and forth. She was uncomfortable, but she took his cock. Without warning, Brad pulled her to her feet and ripped off her shirt and opened her bra. He ran his hands across her big tit and then started licking and kissing them. “Get down on the bed.”
Alyssa laid back on the bed, excited for anything that was about to happen. Brad climbed between her legs and spread them apart. He placed the tip of his penis in her pussy. She squirmed back a little at the pressure. “Just relaxed, Lyss. It might hurt a little but just let me fuck your perfect pussy.”
She closed her eyes as he pushed all the way in her. At first it did hurt but then it started to feel good. So good. Brad rocked back and forth, deeper into her. “Oh God, Brad! It feels amazing!” she said.

Alyssa looked up to see her brother smiling at her escort bursa but then he closed his eyes as he thrusted. He kept moving in and out until she thought she might not be able to take it anymore. Then he stopped and told her, “Climb on top of me.” She did as he said and mounted her brother’s cock. “Fuck me.”
She fucked him hard. All she wanted to do was move faster so it would keep getting better. She couldn’t believe how good she felt. Brad pushed in her deeper underneath her. “Oh yeah, baby, fuck me. Fuck your big brother hard.”
Alyssa rocked and moaned loudly, feeling herself get wetter and wetter all over her brother’s big cock. Brad’s hands were all over her, touching her tits and her ass. Suddenly, Alyssa’s world opened up as she began to cum on Brad’s cock. “OHHHHH!” she screamed. “Holy shit! Please, please give me more,” she begged.
Brad thrust inside her until she collapsed on top of him, out of breath and shaking. He stroked her hair and then said, “Now you’re going to do something for me so I can cum.”
She looked up into his eyes, questioningly. She had no idea what else that could do. “Turn over and let me see that little ass.” Alyssa rolled over, looking over her shoulder at him. He slapped her small ass. “Oh yeah, that’s good. That’s really good.” Then he started rubbing her asshole. She moved away a little, unsure of what he was doing.

“Now listen, Lyss. I’m going to fuck your ass.”
At that, Alyssa scrabbled up the bed, away from Brad. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back down. “No, no, baby girl. It’ll be just fine. You want to make your big brother happy, right?”
Alyssa definitely did. After all, he had given her an amazing orgasm. “I’ve heard it hurts, though.”
“It probably will, since you’ve got this nice virgin asshole. It’s gonna make me feel so good. I’m gonna spray my cum all over that tight little ass.”
Immediately, Alyssa tensed. “Now you can’t get tense on me, or I’m not going to be able to fit my cock in there.”
She tried to relax and she felt the head of his penis at her tight hole. He put it in a little and she tried to pull back. It hurt even more than she‘d thought. “You can do this, Lyss. Do it’s for me.”
She pressed back on him, holding her breath. She would do anything to make Brad happy. He slowly slid his cock into her, gently pulling in and out. Alyssa grabbed the sheets in a bunch as Brad moaned in pleasure. “Oh yeah, baby, give me that ass.”
He kept rocking harder and Alyssa reached down to her clit. “Yeah, baby girl, you touch yourself. Make yourself come again.” She rubbed in small circles and it started to feel good again. She rubbed faster and faster and Brad stuffed his cock deep into her ass.

“Brad, Brad,” Alyssa moaned. “I’m going to cum, please cum, please. I want your cum, give it to me, fill my ass!”
Brad yelled out and with one last thrust, he sprayed hot cum deep in her ass and all over it. He threw himself down on the bed and pulled her close to him. “You can come visit me anytime, sis.”

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