Lessons from Days Gone By Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: Thanks for all that read the first two installments of Lesson’s Learned from Days Gone By. Here is a 3rd chapter, better late than never I’m hoping. I’ve asked that this chapter be placed in Mature as I feel it’s more appropriate. For those that may have missed the first two chapters, they are located in the First Time section. Please vote and comment. That’s the only reward I get.


I was extremely busy the next two days with my mowing as I’d picked up several new clients. I took time to explain that I’d be mowing earlier the following week since I had a trip planned. Thankfully, they all understood. I just knew it was going to be a busy week!!

Laura paged me Saturday afternoon just after I got home. I immediately dialed her number.

“You’re really spoiling me with this immediate attention,” she said when she answered.

“Should I make you wait,” I asked.

“Of course not,” she said.

“That’s what I thought,” I replied.

“You’re too sweet for your own good, but I love it,” she laughed. “Do you have plans tonight?”

“Not if you need my company,” I insisted.

“I don’t know if I necessarily need it, but I certainly want it,” she said in a low, sexy voice.

“What time,” I asked.

“Whenever you can get here,” she replied.

“I’ll be there shortly,” I assured her.

“Good. And let yourself in. I gave you that key for a reason,” she laughed.

I hung up the phone and quickly stripped to go shower. As I was drying my hair, I debated briefly on what to wear but I finally decided that it didn’t really matter. I put on some nice denim shorts, a button up shirt and loafers, and was on my way within 20 minutes of hanging up the phone.

I pulled up in front of her house and raced up the sidewalk. When I slipped the key in the door, I smiled to myself. I still couldn’t believe I had a key to a mansion and I was making love to the gorgeous woman that owned it!!

I walked in, closing the door behind me. It was very quiet and I called for her, but I got no response. I walked through the first floor, still not finding her, before I started up the stairs towards her bedroom. The door was closed, and I turned the knob and pushed the heavy, solid-wood door open. I saw Laura reclined on the bed, wearing the most exquisite beige lingerie I could have imagined. As she got up from the bed, I admired her shapely legs in the glossy, nude-colored stockings she wore. My eyes moved up and I realized that both her panties and bra were extremely sheer. I could clearly see her womanhood and her luscious nipples. She finally ended her slow, seductive walk in front of me.

“Hello, my young lover,” she purred.

“Hello, yourself,” I said, taking her in my arms. I kissed her hungrily before I spoke again. “Every time I think you can’t get any sexier, you do.”

“Is that so,” Laura asked as she rubbed her soft hand along my jawline.

“Yes, it is,” I said.

“I’ve always enjoyed being sexy for my man. I’m glad you appreciate it,” she said.

“I do. I didn’t realize women actually wore things like this,” I said as my hand caressed her left breast through the sheer bra. “I thought it was just in magazines.”

“Magazines? How shameful,” she smiled devilishly. “How do I measure up to your magazines?”

“You win hands down,” I replied.

“Uh huh,” she smiled again. “I doubt that, but I’ll take it none the less.”

“You know you’re sexy as hell,” I smiled.

“I try, baby,” she said. “So, what about next weekend?”

“I’m in,” I said.

“Wonderful! This is so exciting. Can you leave early Thursday,” she asked.

“Yes, I can. I didn’t know what your plans were, so I’m free Thursday through Tuesday morning,” I replied.

“You little devil. What did your mother say,” she asked. I quickly explained how Mom had been indifferent.

“Baby, you’re just going to have to be patient with her. I feel bad sneaking you away with me,” she said.

“Laura, please don’t feel that way. Look, I know things are weird obviously, but I really want to go with you. It would mean a lot to me,” I said.

“I know it would,” she said. I looked in her eyes and I thought there was more there she wasn’t saying. I waited for her to speak but she didn’t. Finally, she smiled and looked up to kiss me. Whatever it was seemed to pass as we passionately embraced and kissed. She slowly pulled me across the expanse of her bedroom to the bed. She undid her bra and quickly pulled her sheer panties down. I expected her to lay back on the bed and offer her wet sex to me, but she didn’t. Instead, she quickly undressed me and directed me towards the bed.

“You’ve been a very a good student, but I think I should start taking a little better care of you,” she smiled lecherously.

“You do,” I asked.

“Yes. Now, sit your handsome ass down,” she commanded.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied as I sat on the edge of the bed.

“I warned you about that the first day, Michael,” she snipped. “If you Beylikdüzü escort want me to become Ms. Parker that pays you to mow the yard again, that can be arranged.”

“No, let’s not be hasty. I’m sorry,” I said with a laugh.

“Uh huh,” she answered as she placed her hands on my knees and knelt in front of me. I’d leaned back on my elbows and watched as her hands slid slowly up my thighs. I clearly remember the deep red of her nail polish against my tan skin and the paler skin further up that never saw the sunlight. Her soft hands quickly enveloped my cock and balls, one stroking, the other rubbing and caressing. The pleasure she was giving to me was immense and she hadn’t even really started yet.

“Michael, you have the most beautiful cock. I just adore it,” she purred. “It’s perfect like the rest of you.”

“Thank you,” I smiled.

Her stroking caused my cock to emit a big drop of precum which she quickly rubbed around the underside of the head with her thumb. She looked up at me and smiled. Her big, green eyes seemed to sparkle like emeralds at me. She moved towards my cock and she slowly engulfed it with her warm, wet mouth. I leaned my head back as her lips moved further down. I looked back down at her when I realized she’d taken most of it. I shook my head as she pulled back up. Her bright red lips moved down once again and I could have passed out. She continued that slow up and down rhythm for several minutes. I almost felt like she was practicing.

“I can’t do it like this,” she said. “Get back further on the bed.”

I did as I was told and slid back on the bed. She joined me and after she straddled my head, I felt her take me in her mouth once again. The tables had suddenly turned. Her first pass I felt myself go further down her throat than I’d been before. The second was even further. The third I felt her chin bump against my lower abs. She let out a low groan of satisfaction and I shook my head in disbelief at her persistence and the pleasure it was bringing me. She was waving her wet sex in front of me and I knew I needed to return the favor to her. She was certainly going out of her way to give me something special. After I got my head propped up on a pillow, my tongue snaked along the wetness of her slit.

“Mmmm,” I heard her groan as my tongue lapped at her wetness. She wiggled her hips seductively against my face. God, what a thrill it was to have her lying on top of me, both of us totally focused on one another’s pleasure. Her lips were moving ever faster up and down my cock. It was driving me wild. I knew if she kept going like that, I wasn’t going to last long. I intensified my own efforts and swirled my tongue around her clit. Her hips moved with greater intensity and she ground them against my face.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm,” she hummed as my tongue thrashed her clit. I must have been making some noise myself as she throated my cock like no woman I’ve known since. Her hands teased and caressed my balls, driving my excitement all that more quickly to the inevitable. I was trying to postpone it, hoping I could get her off first, but her mouth was too much for me to resist. She squeezed my balls lightly as she took me all the way down and I lost it. I leaned back away from her sex gasping as my cock began pulsing in her mouth. She dutifully sucked me until as I was empty. I laid there for a moment panting, with my head spinning from the experience. She finally pulled her lips off me and turned around to face me.

“How was that,” she asked as ran her finger along the crease where her lips met. She gathered an errant glob of cum which she quickly licked from her finger.

“God, it was amazing,” I said. I was suddenly overcome with passion for her and reached for her, pulling her down on top of me. Our lips met, and I kissed her harder than I’d ever kissed her before. She finally managed to pull away from me.

“What’s gotten into you,” she smiled devilishly.

“I’m so thankful to have met you and to be sharing what I am with you,” I replied truthfully. She smiled softly, before I wrapped my arms around her and rolled over so that she was lying on her back. I kissed her urgently a few more times before I began kissing my way back down to her wet sex. I quickly dove in and circled her hard clit with my tongue, while my fingers entered her. I sought her special spot and I teased it insistently. She moaned and arched her hips as my tongue swirled in ever tighter circles.

“Oh, Michael,” she gasped. “Yes, that’s it my sweet lover.”

I licked her firmly while continuing to tease that special spot and she erupted against my face. I didn’t break stride and continued licking knowing she had another release coming soon. I couldn’t have been more than a minute when she squirted again and shortly thereafter another followed by another. I was overwhelmed by the scent of her wet sex and the sounds of her passion. I returned to her clit and was able to make her squirt once more. By that time, my cock had fully recovered and I moved up her body and kissed her as Beylikdüzü escort I positioned my cock against her wetness. I looked into her beautiful eyes and I could only shake my head. My feelings were growing for her and I couldn’t face them.

“What,” she asked almost breathlessly.

“Nothing,” I replied, forcing a smile. I hope she believed it. “You’re so beautiful.”

She looked at me curiously, but just as she was about to speak, I pushed my hips forward and entered her. She pushed her head back against the bed and moaned.

“Oh, Michael.”

I pushed in and out of her slowly, enjoying the sensation of her tight wetness. She looked up at me and smiled.

“This is amazing,” she said.

“Yes, it is,” I replied. Her stocking-clad legs moved up and down the back of my own legs with the rhythm of my hips moving against hers. The soft, silky sensation drove me wild and I desired to touch her nylon-covered legs. I leaned back on my heels and my hands rubbed up and down the length of them. Her nylons felt so soft and delicate in my hands. When my hands ultimately reached her feet, I slipped her strappy, 4-inch, tango-style pumps off. I instantly noted the stockings Laura wore were the fancy style that had reinforcements on the toes and heels like I’d seen in men’s magazines. I couldn’t help myself and began kissing her calves, feet and toes as I continued stroking my cock in and out of her.

“That’s really sexy watching you do that,” she said. “You’re turning into quite the leg man.”

“Yes, I am,” I said. “But you’re amazing everywhere.”

“Uh huh,” she smiled as I lightly sucked her toes. “That’s a first for me. I’ve never had someone suck my toes.”

“It’s a first for me,” I replied, with a laugh. “I just love these stockings. They’re so sexy.”

“Good,” she smiled. “I’m usually a woman of convenience and wear pantyhose, but you seemed to enjoy my stockings the other night. I bought these today just for you.”

“Really,” I asked.

“Yes. I wanted to you to enjoy them,” she said.

“I am,” I smiled.

“Mmmm. Fuck me harder, Michael. Make me yours,” she said.

Hearing her say that made me want to make her mine, but she’d been clear from the beginning the boundaries we’d observe. I nodded and began thrusting in her harder and deeper. With her stocking-clad feet on my shoulders, I could enter her fully. I relished the thrill of my ball sack slapping against her ass. She looked deeply in my eyes as I pounded her forcefully.

“Oh god, that’s so good,” she moaned. “You’re just so sexy and handsome, Michael.”

“You’re so sexy and beautiful,” I panted. She smiled and moved her legs back around my waist. Her hands reached for me.

“Kiss me, baby. Kiss me while you fuck me,” she said. Our mouths met in a flurry of passion. It made me fuck her ever harder. Her hips bucked off the bed to meet me.

She pulled me closer to her and wrapped her arms around me. She moaned in my ear.

“Oh, god. That’s it Michael, don’t stop, baby,” she said.

“Huh uh,” I groaned. I was losing control of myself quickly.

“Oh, I’m almost there,” she groaned. “Oh, Oh. Oh, Michael!!”

“Laura, I’m going to cum. Oh, my sweet, beautiful Laura. I love, nnnghhh, uh,” I said. In the heat of the moment, I’d almost slipped. The passion and desire I had for her had made the feelings I had for her grow like a forest fire. I slammed my cock in her a final time and felt myself erupt. She held me close to her, her hands rubbing my back as I finished. Finally, I rolled over and laid next to her. She rolled over on her side and looked at me intently.

“What was that at the end,” she asked.

“I don’t know. I got a little too caught up in the moment,” I admitted.

“Baby, we’ve discussed this,” she said sternly.

“I know we have. I’m sorry,” I replied rolling over on my side to face her.

“Michael, what are you feeling, honestly,” she asked.

“Lots of things. I mean the things we share make me feel so close to you. And they’re supposed to be shared with someone you care about,” I said.

“Yes, I know, but we agreed that this was just going to be fun,” she reminded me.

“I know we did,” I said and rolled over on my back.

“Michael, if you’re feeling like this, we better end things now. It’ll be easier now than it ever will be in the future,” she said quietly.

“Laura, no. Please that’s not what I want. I’m sorry. It’s going to be okay. I promise,” I said.

“I’ll never live with myself if I break your heart, baby,” she said. “I thought you understood what we were doing.”

“Laura, you’re not going to break my heart. I do understand. It’s going to be fine,” I insisted. I truly did hope it was going to be fine. I didn’t want to consider if things ended between us. She reached over and ran her fingers through my hair.

“I know I’m probably making a mistake, but I’m not through with you yet,” she said.

“You’re not,” I said as I turned to face her. She shook her head Escort Beylikdüzü and smiled at me.

“No, I’m not,” she said.

“Good,” I leaned over and kissed her. She brought her hand to my cheek.

“Remember what I said though,” she said. “That was your only chance.”

“I’ll remember,” I said.

“I’m glad to hear that. We have a wonderful thing between us the way things are,” she said.

“We do,” I agreed before I gently pulled her head to my chest.

The following Thursday morning, I pulled into Laura’s driveway at 3:15 in the morning. To my surprise, her Ferrari was sitting in the driveway. I knew she never left it out overnight. I grabbed my bags and walked to the front door. She must have seen my headlights since just before I put my key in the lock, the door opened.

“You’re awake, I see,” she smiled. She was wearing very casual wear for her consisting of a t-shirt and long spandex leggings. She still looked amazing.

“Barely,” I said.

“Come in, I’ve got coffee ready,” she replied.

I followed her through the house to the kitchen and noticed she already had two mugs of coffee poured. She handed me one and I sipped it quickly trying to get my eyes open a little further.

“We take off here at 4 and land in New York about 6:30. Our next flight leaves at 8 and we’ll be in Paris in time for dinner. I made reservations yesterday,” she smiled.

I was still half asleep as I tried to compute the times. Paris was several time zones ahead of us and it would be a 6 or 7-hour flight at least. I looked at her curiously.

“How are we going to be there in time for dinner,” I asked.

“I have my ways babe. You’ll see,” she said. “Come on, we don’t want to be late.”

I grabbed my bags and looked around for hers.

“Honey, my assistant picked up my things last night. They’re already on the plane,” she smiled.

“Okay,” I grinned. We walked outside, and she directed me to park my truck in the garage for “safe keeping”. Probably more to keep it from getting towed in this neighborhood I smiled. After I parked my truck, I walk out to find her holding the keys to the Ferrari.

“Can you drive a manual transmission,” she smiled.

“Seriously,” I asked.

“Yes, but let’s not get too crazy,” she laughed.

“Never,” I smiled.

I walked to the driver’s side door smiling like a kid that just got his first bicycle. I couldn’t believe I was getting to drive a fucking Ferrari. She got in on the passenger side and after I adjusted the driver’s side seat, I joined her.

“I don’t think they had your proportions in mind when they built this one,” Laura laughed.

“Hey, I fit,” I smiled. I started it up and listened to the purr of the engine. Holy shit, I thought. I eased out of the driveway and left the neighborhood at a respectable speed. I approached the on-ramp for the interstate highway and I knew I didn’t need to floor it at this time of day to merge, so I kept it about 40-45 mph.

“She’s not used to being driven like this,” Laura smiled. I looked at her questioningly and saw her smile again and nod. I immediately downshifted and pushed the accelerator to the floor. We were pushed back in our seats as the car accelerated past 70. I shifted gears and we were doing over a hundred miles per hour when we hit the interstate. When I shifted into 5th we were doing 140 and still climbing. There was not a headlight in sight, but I knew I probably didn’t need to press my luck. Damn, that had been such a thrill.

“Wow,” I said as I gradually slowed down.

“Yes. It’s fun, but I’ve had far too many speeding tickets. My car insurance is outrageous,” she smiled at me in the darkness.

“You can afford it,” I laughed.

“Maybe, but I’ve never had a single accident,” she said. “I just like to get where I’m going on time.”

She directed me to the private side of the airport and I pulled up in front of a hanger.

“Just park here. One of my guys will move it inside later,” she instructed. I nodded and pulled into a spot close to the door. After grabbing my bag, I followed her to the entrance. We walked through the door and I glanced across the hangar and saw a Boeing 737 sitting there. I slowed my pace and looked back and forth between her and the airplane. She stopped and looked back.

“What,” she asked.

“You said you had your own plane, not an airliner,” I said in shock. “I was thinking you had a Lear jet or something.”

“What? It’s an airplane,” she laughed. “And it’s very nice, too. I have a nice big bed, a bathroom with a shower, just about everything. The only problem is she can’t fly to Paris without stopping, but I have something a little more exciting planned for that trip. Come on.”

We continued walking and reached the plane. There was a ladder and we started up it, where we were greeted by who I assumed were the pilot and co-pilot. Laura shook both of their hands before she turned to me.

“David and Tom, this is Michael. His mother works for me and she said that he was wanting to visit his cousin in New York, so I told her he could come with me this morning,” she smiled.

“That’s great, Ms. Parker,” David smiled. “We feel a little weird when the cabin crew outnumbers the passengers.”

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