Letters to Nicole 05

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Dear Nicole,

Oh, girlfriend, what a fun night that was! It was such a turn-on, letting our inhibitions go! Felecia and I didn’t leave until maybe 1:00 am and even then, when we got in the car, we sat there for at least fifteen more minutes making out like mad, and playing with each other’s body. God, were we ever hungry for each other! When we finally stopped and got the car moving, the realization of what happened finally hit us. I knew I was going to have to tell my mom, if not my dad, and we both knew that we needed to tell Jessi, Megan and Nikki. They would never forgive us if they found out some other way. I know I was going to tell you about the first time the guys fucked us, but something happened the next day that I have to tell you about first.

That next morning, Nicole, I got the shock of my life! I slept late and when I finally got up and went into the kitchen, my mom was sitting there alone having a late breakfast. She happily got up and made me some french toast and we started chatting. I realized that this was as good a time as any, and so I said to her, “Mom, I need to tell you something.”

“What’s that, dear?” My anxious look made her sit right down.

“I’m not sure you’re going to like it…I…uhh…I” I wasn’t sure how to do this. Should I be blunt…or approach the subject slowly, it really was confusing. But then came the shock!

She said to me, “Is it about you and Felecia?”

“Yes!” I couldn’t believe it! The look on my mom’s face told me she knew already!

“You know something, Mom?”

“Of course, Honey…you’re lovers, aren’t you?” You could have knocked me over with a feather, Nicole! My mom giggled when she saw the incredulous look on my face.

“How did you…who…who told you?”

“No one, Nancy, I could just tell, that’s all. Some of the little things I noticed, they’re what lovers do, not friends.”

“Oh, Mom, like what? What did you notice?”

“Uh…well…like the way you touch your foreheads together when you both laugh. I saw that, and also the way you hold hands. But I have to admit, Nancy, those things only made me suspicious, so I…I…” my mom was blushing here, a very bright red.

“What? What did you do?”

“I…I spied on you, oh Nancy! I’m so sorry!”

Now it was my turn to blush and I didn’t know whether to get mad or not. “You did? When?”

“A couple of weeks ago,” she admitted. “I was sitting with Jessi’s mother, Teri, having coffee one day and we were discussing you girls. I happened to mention how affectionate you all were and she said, ‘Affectionate? I haven’t noticed anything all that different. What do you mean, Lauren?’ I told her what I had seen between you and Felecia. She started smiling, and when I asked her what she was smiling about she said, ‘I don’t know, but it sounds to me like there’s something going on!’ I asked her what she meant and she said, ‘Maybe it’s not my place to say anything!’ Then I realized what she was talking about. That you two were more than friends.”

“Yes, it’s true,” I said, “but you could have asked me at that point, Mom”

“I know, dear, it’s just that when I said to Teri, that I didn’t believe it was true, she said that I should just check it out…so I did!”

“When did you do that?” I asked. This was becoming a very easy conversation. My mother seemed more concerned about the fact that she spied on me than she was that I had slept with Felecia!

“Umm…you remember two weeks ago, when your father and I went to Peter and Rhonda’s for her birthday party?”


“Well, I deliberately left the gift for her home, when we got there I ‘suddenly’ remembered and had to come back home to get it.”

I blushed again, Nicole! I knew where this was going. I remembered that day very clearly. Like I had so been looking forward to it because Felecia and I had not had sex together for over a week. She was there when my foldks left around 6:00. We talked and finished our Big Macs, sitting next to each other on the couch. But we had no sooner finished eating than we started touching and kissing. Oh, my God, Nicole, I just can’t describe what kissing Felecia is like! I wish I could. Her lips are just so soft and clinging; her tongue is so erotically insistent and she just tastes so good! Her hands slipped down the back of my pajamas and tickled the creases between my ass cheeks and thighs. I pulled up her t-shirt. Her breasts make me crazy with lust (I’ve told you that before) and her nipples were harder that night than I ever felt them before! She was whispering how much she loved me and her words heated me beyond belief!

All of a sudden, an urge hit me…I don’t know why…but I said, “Felecia, let’s get into the shower together!”

“Ohhh…yesss…awesome!” she moaned and we quickly scrambled off the couch and I chased her into the bathroom.

When I caught her inside, and before we could even get our pajamas off, we were kissing again against the vanity. This time we both pulled our tops up and our tits mashed together. She was holding my face in both hands poker oyna and I was holding her by the shoulder blades, my nails teasing the skin…pulling goosebumps to the surface. Our throats were making these quick little urgent sounds that only girls can make, you know the kind, “mmm…mmm…mmm…mmm” as our making out got hotter and hotter!

I needed to kiss her boobs then, the feeling just overwhelmed me, and I cupped her left one and sucked as much of the entire tit into my mouth as I could. Felecia groaned deeply and when my tongue flicked out and started working on the nipple, she hissed between her teeth, “Ohhh, my Godddd….Nanceeee! God! Suck it!” My saliva was spreading thickly all over her tit-flesh, and the squishing sound grew louder the more I tried to get her boob in my mouth. My left hand kneaded her other breast and that forefinger circled and flicked at the rock-hard teat! I pushed my knee between her legs and she sat on my thigh, grinding into my leg, frantically trying gain friction on her swollen pussy.

I was going to drop to my knees then and lick her beautiful slit, but she stopped me and said, “Let’s get in the shower, I want to so bad.”

We got naked, giggling while we pulled each other’s pajamas off. I climbed into the shower first and started the water while she played with my tits from behind. The first spray was a shock of cold water…but it quickly warmed up, and Felecia grabbed the shower gel. She squeezed a huge amount into her hands and pulled me into her so that my back was against her chest. I twisted my neck to her so that we could kiss some more and she reached around me and began soaping my front. God, Nicole, I cried out loudly as the first soapy finger slid between my pussy lips and circled my clit! She had one hand soaping my hips and cunt and the other was slipping all over my boobs and nipples with just the right amount of pressure to blow my mind!

After just thirty seconds of it, I was so worked up that I felt an orgasm building. “Oh, Shit…Felecia!” I could barely speak, aroused so much my vocal cords almost froze. “I’m…I’m gonna cum, if…mmmm…if you keep doing that!”

“Good…good! Cum for me, Baby! Cum all over my hand!”

I turned a little more and tore my mouth off of hers with a throaty groan. The orgasm was seconds away. “Oh…Fuck! Fuck yessss! Mmmm…God! Here it comes…I can’t hold it…I can’t…”

“Don’t…” she cried, “Cum, Nancy! Let it go!”

Felecia jammed two fingers into my hole and slid her palm hard across my clit, and I fucking exploded, Nicole, spasming so hard that I fell against her and almost knocked us off balance. As I was cumming, Felecia pulled me into position still working my pussy, and the shower water hit my tummy and washed away the soap. This changed the feel of her fingers and the change pushed me quickly to another orgasm. I came again, doubling over and shuddering violently! Felecia rubbed my back as I slowly began to calm down, but I couldn’t stay calm for long.

When I straightened up again, my hands slid up the back of her thighs. She spread her legs a little and the fingers of my right hand invaded her ass crack and I began to tease her cute little anus. She turned sideways and grabbed onto the towel bar, sighing. She spread her legs a little more and my left hand then found her cunt and I quickly aroused her by playing with both holes at the same time. I was palming her clit and pushing three fingers into her vagina while my middle finger on the other hand pushed steadily into her ass.

Felecia leaned over a little and pushed her right tit up her chest pinching the nipple and moaning my name, “Oh yesss, Nancee…ohhhh…shit! Yes!! Play with my pussy, Baby…FUCK! Oh Nance…Oh NANCE, Ohhhh…Fuckkkk! Do it to my fuckin’ pusseee!”

I began to saw those three fingers into her, deeper, harder, quicker… Felecia’s pussy clamped and clawed at my fingers and the base of my thumb must have been touching her clit just right because her voice kept getting louder and louder, “FUCK YESSS!!! OH, MY GOD!!! YESSSSSS! Ohhhh…Mmmmm!” Then the orgasm hit her, slammed into her is more like it. She screamed one time, “Oh Nance…I’m gonna cum!” and her hips wrenched sideways as the first contraction hit. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tightly as tremor after tremor shook her. Just as they seemed to subside she faced me and kissed me and drove her tongue deep into my mouth, pulling me even closer.

We had such fun then drying each other off and when we were ready to leave the bathroom, she wrapped her towel around me and pulled me into her, wrapping it around both of us! “Nancy,” she said, resting her forehead on mine, “I’m not finished, I want more!” Oh, Nicole, such sweet music to my ears.

“Oh, yes…Baby,” I replied with a tinge of longing and a lot of teasing, “I need to fuck you some more, I know! You need more of my pussy?”

“Mmmmm,” she answered, kissing me gently, one finger circling my left nipple. Let’s go into your room. Wanna get out some toys?”

“It didn’t take us long to get going again. canlı poker oyna Felecia knew just what to do. We knelt against each other for a while and kissed wet and hard, but then she pushed me down on the bed. She grabbed the side of her right tit and fed the nipple into my mouth and let me play with it for several minutes. I’ll never get enough of her boobs; they’re so firm and the skin is so smooth and soft. Often that year we would just sit watching TV and Felecia would let me touch them, even just let me rest my hand on them under her shirt. This time my sucks and licks were feverish and soon she was groaning again with passion.

Before that got too out of hand, she hopped up and reached into her bag for her double-ended dildo. This was our favorite toy! We used it a lot when we had the house to ourselves because it always caused us to scream with pleasure. Both of us were multi-orgasmic with it; we always came multiple times when our clits touched together and that night the feeling was so incredible I was seeing stars. We were pretty loud I know and everything about it was such a turn on! Felecia and I scissored our legs and inserted the dildo and after just a few minutes our pussies were creaming! We came and came hard three or four times before we finally slowed down and stopped grinding our cunts together.

That had to have been the moment when my mom got there so I asked her, “What time was that, Mom?”

“I think it was somewhere between 6:45 and 7:00,” she replied a little nervously. “I crept into the house by the sliding glass door and slipped down the hallway toward your room. I could hear you and Felecia from the living room, and oh, I’m so sorry!”

“Mom, it’s okay…and you even seem to be okay with it…I’m just relieved that you’re not mad! I wasn’t sure how you’d take it.”

“Honey, it’s fine, I love Felecia…she’s wonderful! And I must admit you both sounded like you were having fun!”

“Mom! Goodness…how long were you standing there listening to us?”

“Uummm,” she was caught again! “Maybe fifteen minutes?”

“Mom! Fifteen minutes? What were you doing listening for that long?”

“Well, I…ummm…I was, let’s see…umm…” Nicole, I never, ever, heard my mother so lost for words.

“What did you hear, mom?” I knew that it would be hard for her to tell me, but now I wanted to force it out of her. It was fun to have the upper hand on her behavior for once.

“I heard you…ummm…having fun! I heard a lot of…oh…I can’t say this!” She was really red-faced now!

“Well, just answer me one thing, please,” I said, not wanting to let her off too easily. “Did you like listening to us?”

She smiled, “Very much, Nancy, it was incredibly erotic, I…” She was going to go on, but something stopped her.

“What is it? I said, “tell me… please…I really want to know!”

“Please don’t tell your father, I’ll tell you but don’t let it slip!”

“Ok, What?”

“I stood in the hallway listening, and I got so turned-on that I pulled up my skirt and masturbated, I just couldn’t help it…you girls were so loud, and it sounded like you were having such fun, and when I started touching myself, I just couldn’t stop! This is why I’m so sorry…I feel like I’ve invaded your privacy and embarrassed myself at the same time!”

My mother looked so chagrined, that I just started giggling. I could picture her in the dark hallway, her skirt hiked up and her fingers buried in her slick folds…cumming hard and biting her lip to keep quiet, while Felecia and I were getting it on in my bed.

“Are you laughing at me, young lady!” She sounded like she was annoyed, but I could see that the laugh lines of her eyes were crinkling, which always meant that she was seeing the humor in a situation.

“Nooo…” I giggled, “I’m just thankful, a lot of parents would have a big problem with a daughter’s sexual preferences.”

“Ohh, that, well…” My mom eyes now took on this far away look, which made me pause and wonder.

“Mom, can I ask you a personal question?”

Her attention shifted back to me, “Of course, dear.”

“This is hard to ask, but we’re on the subject; have you..have…ummm…have you ever been with a girl?”

She looked at me and smiled, shocking me again; I could see that she had! “Nancy, I knew when this conversation started that we would get to this question. I really didn’t want to go here but now I guess we can’t avoid it. It’s one of the reasons that I never confronted you about that night. I didn’t want to answer this question!” She hesitated, then continued, “Yes…I have!”

I stared at her for a long thirty seconds. I almost never considered the sexuality of my parents, but now not only did I have to think about it, I had to see my mother in a new sexual light! And what a light, there was no way I could stop now! So I didn’t, “Recently?”

My timid, puzzled look must have really tickled my mom because she grinned and then giggled herself, nodding, “Yes, recently!”

Nicole, you could have knocked me over with a feather, internet casino I was so surprised, “You have! When?!”

She looked at me, and I could tell she was thinking hard, thinking hard about how much to reveal. She began cautiously, “Oh…maybe two weeks ago.”

“Two weeks ago?” I asked excitedly, “Who was it with?”

“See, this is the part I don’t know if I should tell,” she answered. “I’m not sure it’s my place.”

“It’s too late now, mom, I have to know. I promise I won’t breathe it to a soul, not even to Felecia.”

She was thinking hard again, but I could tell by her manner that she was going to tell me. “Ok, but Honey, if this gets out….”

“It won’t, don’t worry…Felecia and I kept our secret, we decided to tell; it didn’t slip out.”

“Allright, but I better start at the beginning, do you mind? Several years ago…when you were small, your father and I had several conversations about our sex life. It was getting a little stale and so we talked about putting a little more life into it. One thing led to another and we eventually started talking about having a third person with us. He brought up the subject and I immediately flashed back to when I was in college. Seven of us, three girls and four guys had gone out one night and brought a lot of alcohol back to Jim’s apartment. Oh, my God, Nancy…I don’t condone it, but we got so drunk that night. But…anyway, the guys ended up talking us into taking our clothes off…God! It was such a turn-on…we were touching ourselves and letting the guys kiss and touch us! Unbelievable!’

‘But, I had to go to the bathroom, and when I returned, Virginia Statler and Debra Barry were on the floor together and I just froze. They were kissing and fingering their pussies, moaning so loud, crying out…they were so aroused. Jim and Eric had talked them into trying this girl/girl thing and they looked so incredible! I wanted so bad to join them, but I was so scared too. It must have showed on my face because Phil Timmons asked me why I didn’t join them, and I couldn’t answer. My hands went down to my pussy and I was so wet…but too scared to try it.’

‘When I told your father about this incident his eyes just glazed over…It turned me on again remembering it and I don’t think his cock had gotten that hard in five years. We had the best sex that night, and we were determined to try and find another woman to come into the bedroom with us. But that’s easier said than done, I sure didn’t know how to go about finding a woman and we didn’t want to use a sleazy personal add for someone we didn’t know. It was a difficult situation.’

‘But, Lo and behold, one day I was talking to Teri, you know how girls are! We always end up talking about sex in some way. Anyway, we’d been friends for a year then that I thought I would share this fantasy with her. When I did, she surprised me so much. She asked me if I had ever been with a woman before, and I told her no…but I had wanted to ever since college.”

Nicole, at this point I was really turned on myself. I was looking at my mother in a whole new light and with a new found respect. It had never occurred to me before that she was this hot, or that she wasn’t too old to get so adventuresome. It was right then that I noticed just how beautiful she really was! She was only 38 and her auburn hair was silky fine. Her green eyes would have been to die for in high school and she still had a figure that would turn a head. I remembered seeing her breasts when we changed clothes on the beach and her nipples were pointy and very suckable. She looked great in a bikini yet…and I could just picture her having this conversation with Teri.

“What did Jessi’s mom say to that?”

“Oh God! Nancy! She said, ‘How do you know you’d like being with a woman? That night you were drunk and horny. It may not be everything you think!’ And I said, ‘You might be right, but I’d like to try it with Craig.’ and she said, ‘Lauren, why don’t you try it first with me?’ Nancy, I thought I would have a heart attack when she said that!”

I tried to sit still, but I was squirming all over the kitchen chair. My pussy was on fire and the thought of my mother doing it with Jessi’s mom was almost more than I could handle. My hand hung below the edge of the table and I began to brush it lightly over my tits. I crossed my legs because I was so wet, but I could swear both of us were heating up the room. “How long ago was this?” I asked.

“Well, you were in kindergarten so it must be twelve years now!”

I blinked hard when she said that! It was hard to believe that my mother and Teri were lovers for that long. “What happened then?”

“I just looked at Teri in shock! We’d been friends for about a year, and I loved her so much. I even was quite attacted to her. Her dark brown hair and deep brown eyes were a so sexy combination and she was stunning in a bikini, you know that! One time when we were with you and Jessi at the beach, I was staring at her body, admiring it and suddenly I felt her eyes on me too. She was smiling, but I never asked what she was thinking. Now she said to me, ‘I’ve wanted to talk to you about this for months, but I just couldn’t see how without risking our friendship! But I’ll be your third, Lauren, if it means I can have you’!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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