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I have it all. A beautiful apartment on Park Avenue, a spacious home on 10 acres in Southampton, a winter home in Palm Beach and a delightful getaway villa at the tip of Cap D’Antibes. I have a Ferrari when I want to drive myself and a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce when I don’t want to bother looking for a parking place. I have a family with none of the responsibilities and two lovers at my beck and call.

My name is Libby Crawford and I am 45 years old and I should tell you my story from the beginning. I was born in small coal mining town in West Virginia. My father died in a mine cave in when I was twelve and my two older brothers had to quit school when they each reached sixteen to go to work in the mines. My mother needed all the help she could get. I watched her struggle for survival, until they each could bring home a paycheck. I knew that I would have to escape the poverty that awaited me if I remained there. I was a good student in high school and as I grew out of adolescence I became some what of a beauty. I was a cheer leader and the queen of the senior prom in high school. Then I was able to get a scholarship to West Virginia State University which was not too far from home and it covered my tuition for the whole four years. Because I had to work to cover my other expenses, I got a job as a waitress in one of the better restaurants in town, working weekends and several nights a week. It wasn’t easy keeping my grades up to keep the scholarship but I managed. It also didn’t leave me much time for dating. That didn’t bother me at all because any guy I ever went out with was always trying to get in my pants.

I met two guys there who were to become very important in my future, Dan Gottlieb in my sophomore year and Lance Armbruster in my senior year. Dan was a sweet guy and a good friend. He was working his way through school studying finance and working at the same restaurant where I worked . It was to him that I lost the virginity that I had protected all through high school. We had finished our shift on a Saturday night and it was cold and windy. As we walked out together, I complained that I had a long walk back to my room and that I would be frozen by the time I got there. Dan said,

“I’ll take you home. I have my car here and it not too much out of my way.”

“Thanks, Dan but I wasn’t asking you for a ride.”

“Don’t be silly, what are friends for? I would have given you a ride before this if I knew you didn’t have your own car. I never would have let you walk alone at this time of night.”

So every night after that, he took me home. A few weeks later on another cold and rainy night he took me home in his old faithful VW Beetle when it turned out to be not so faithful. He had dropped me off and walked me to my door and after we said good night he returned to the car to go home. About fifteen minutes later I heard a knock on my door. It was Dan; he looked drowned as he sheepishly asked if he could use my phone to call for help. The car would not start. He called but could get no help from anyone. The auto club was overwhelmed and could not come until tomorrow. I said,

“You can’t walk home in this weather. Stay here, my two room mates went home for the weekend so you can have their room. Take your wet clothes off, you are soaked. I’ll make some hot chocolate.”

I had changed into a pair of old flannel PJ’s that I had almost out grown and they were a bit tight on me. But I was so accustomed to being only with two other girls in the apartment that I never gave any thought of what my appearance would do to Dan. He had taken off his wet jacket but his pants were soaked and he was still shivering.

“Dan take off those wet pants. You will catch pneumonia.”

“Can’t, I only have jockey shorts underneath.”

“Don’t be silly. I have two older bothers and I have seen them hundreds of times in their shorts.”

Reluctantly he took them off and I gave him his hot chocolate and curled up on the sofa next him. We talked and then I noticed his eyes were not on my face, he was looking at my chest. I looked down and saw my nipples standing at attention, very noticeable in my tight PJ top. I looked at Dan’s lap and saw something else at attention. When I looked up at him he said,

“I am sorry, I just can’t help it. You are so beautiful and I have loved you ever since I first met you.”

“Dan, you are so sweet. That is a beautiful compliment.”

I leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek but he turned his head and I landed smack on his lips. I was startled and my hand tipped the hot drink into his lap and as he jumped away he tipped his drink onto my chest. Neither of us was scalded but we were both certainly wet and chocolate covered. After our initial surprise, both of us started to laugh. I stripped off my PJ top and wiped my self with it and he took off his jockeys and cleaned himself with them. He said,

“That chocolate is too good to waste.”

He started licking my chest and then my tits. When he got to my nipples I started to moan.

“Ohhhhhhh Dan you shouldn’t.”

“I know but you taste so good and I have wanted to do this for the longest time.”

“OOOOO güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri yes, suck right there.”

His lips had reached my nipple and I was lost to the sensation. My hand went to his cock and it was till wet.”

“Wait,” I said, “Let me clean you too.”

And I bent to the task licking his thighs and balls and then his cock. The taste of the chocolate was good but the taste of his precum was salty and better. His hand slid down my back and across the curve of my ass and entered my pussy from the back. It was the first time any hand except my own that had ever gone there. It felt wonderful. I knew I wanted his cock in there. I was still a virgin, but I wanted to become a woman that night. I rose up and while straddling him I presented my tits to him.

“Suck.” I commanded and like a good boy he did.

I reached underneath me and guided his cock into me, then settled down onto it. He was like a dog with a bone or a piglet on a teat. He suckled and bit and teased my nipples until they got painful and I loved it. Meanwhile I was in complete control of the sensations in my pussy. I would clamp his cock and then release it, rise up and slide down and then wiggle my butt to titillate him. I could feel my climax beginning.

“OOOOOH, I’m cumming. Do it Dan. Cum with me, now!”

We both exploded. I could feel him cum in me as my contractions overwhelmed my senses. I collapsed against him, my face buried in his shoulder, my tits pressed against his chest.

“Dan that was so good.”

“I love you.” was the reply.

I could feel our combined juices running out of me and I said,

“I think I will have to clean you up again.”

I jumped off of him and licked his thighs and cock clean. Then I knelt on the sofa, presented my ass, and said,

“Now it’s your turn. Clean me up.”

Nothing happened.

“Come on Dan, I did it for you. Return the favor or you will never get this pussy again.”

I was watching the struggle in his mind reflecting on his face and then he knelt and buried his face in my ass and started licking my cunt. It was then that I realized the power of my pussy.

“That’s it baby lick right there. MMMMM11MMMMM Yes. A little further down. Yes, yes right there on the clittie. OOOOOOooh Danny, you are too good, you are going to make me cum again. AGHHHHHHHHHHHH.”

I squirted right on his face. If I had known that sex was so good I would have lost my virginity sooner. He finished licking me clean and I turned to him and licked his face.

“My gawd Danny that was so good. It was the first time for me. I thought it would hurt but it didn’t.”

“It was the first for me too and I meant it when I said I love you.”

“I saw you hesitate when I told you to clean my pussy. If you want it again you are going to have to do what I tell you without hesitation. Is that clear?”

“Yes Libby, I understand. I then knew the power I had over him. I loved it.

I had gotten accustomed to being bossy at home with my mother and brothers. When Dad died my mother just collapsed, so at twelve years old I had to run the household. I told them I wasn’t going to cook and clean for them unless they followed my rules, my mother included and they listened to me. I was pretty much the boss, even to collecting their paychecks and giving them their allowance.

So for the next two years, after Dan replaced one of my room mates, Dan was not only my fuck toy but my chauffeur, my errand boy, my maid and he did my home work too. In my senior year I met Lance and he was every thing a guy named Lance should be. He was blonde, six foot two, broad shoulders narrow hipped and quarterback on the foot ball team. Everywhere he went he had girls hanging on him. I met him at a frat house party I had gone to with Dan. I was coming back from the bathroom, he was waiting for me.

“I was watching you. I like the way you dance,” he said.

“I noticed you too. You are not so bad yourself.”

“I want the next dance with you.”

“That would be lovely but I am here with a date and you will have to ask him for permission to dance with me.”

Now I knew that I could do anything I wanted to do and Dan would say OK. I had him wrapped around my little finger but I also knew if I just went off and danced with Lance, I would be just another piece of meat for him. So I played hard to get even though

I was dying to get to know him. I returned to my table and sat next to Dan, I had my fingers crossed. The next slow number started and Lance came to the table and asked Dan if he could spare his lovely date for a dance. Dan was flustered,

“I I I don’t know.” He looked at me and I nodded, so Dan said,

“O K K Kay, I guess.”

I kissed Dan on the cheek as I got up and said,

“Thank you honey.” and as I turned to Lance, I said,

“Now I am yours for this dance.”

As I moved into his arms Lance said,

“How can you date such a wimp?”

“He is very good to me and takes good care of me. I like him a lot.”

“But you don’t love him?”

“I haven’t yet met a man I could love.”

“Yes güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri you have. Me!”

“Come on Lance, we haven’t even finished our first dance.”

“I want to take you home tonight.”

“Sorry, Dan brought me and he will take me home. If you want to take me home you will have to take me out first.”

“I don’t crawl for anyone.”

“I am not asking you to crawl, just to be a gentleman.”

With that I turned away from him and walked back to Dan and asked him to take me home. I was a psychology major and I was hoping that I had applied the lesson that ‘what you can’t have, you desire more.’

On the way home Dan told me,

“I didn’t like that guy. I didn’t the way he held you when you danced. At least he asked me if you could dance with him.”

I smiled to myself because it was my first step in making Lance do my bidding.

“He is just full of himself because he is so popular and good looking. He wanted to take me home.”

My little nudge to make Dan a bit more insecure.

“But I told him you brought me and you will take me home.”

Dan was beaming when we walked into the apartment and I fucked his brains out that night.

Two nights later Lance called and asked me for a date and after a little bantering between us I accepted. Dan asked,

“Who was that?”

“Lance.” I answered

“Did I hear you accept a date?”

“Yes I did.”

“How could you do that? I thought that we….”

“We WHAT!” I interrupted sharply, we graduate in June and you are going off to New York and I don’t know where I am going. We are not engaged or even promised to one another. Even though you told me you love me I never said I loved you. I like you a lot but I am going out with him. You want me to be happy, don’t you honey?” I wheedled.

Dan pouted, and said,

“How can you accept a date from him when I am sitting in the room with you? It’s humiliating.”

I moved into the chair with him, I saw his cock was already hard. I was stroking it as I said,

“Danny baby, it’s only a date. You are the one who makes love to me, the only one who kisses my tits and pussy or puts his cock on me.”

I knew it wouldn’t be true for much longer. I made Dan help me pick out the clothes I was going to wear on my date and he wasn’t happy about it. I teased him constantly as I put on each article and I could see his erection grow and when I had him roll up my stockings and attach the garter belt I stroked it for him. I made him get naked to put on my bra and panties and I got him off with my foot as he put on my black four inch stilettos. By now Dan was completely submissive. I reveled in the power I had over him.

When Lance arrived to pick me up I had Dan sitting in an arm chair wearing only his bathrobe. I greeted Lance with a kiss on the cheek. I knew it would get to Dan and sure enough I could see his hard cock tenting his robe. He was too embarrassed to move his robe to cover it. I left with,

“Good night Dan, don’t wait up, I’ll probably be late.”

As we walked to the car Lance said,

“How can you live with that guy? He is a wimp, a pussy.”

“He is a nice guy and very sweet. He takes good care of me.”

“You need a real man to take care of you.”

“Do you know any one who could fill that bill?”

“Yeah, Me,” he said.

I laughed. We went on and on like that all evening with him trying to feel me up and get into my pants but I didn’t give a bit. When we got to my door I opened it and turned to him and said,

“I had a wonderful time tonight; I hope we can do it again.”

I had seen Dan, still in his robe, in the chair behind the door. I put my arms around Lance’s neck and gave him a passionate kiss then I broke away from with,

“Good night Lance.” and I closed the door.

Always leave them hungry but with hope was my motto. I heard Dan,

“How could you kiss him like that?”

“Aawwwwww, Danny, don’t be jealous. It’s you I am going to bed with. I can see how much you missed me.”

I grabbed his cock and used it to lead him into the bedroom where I fucked him so good that he was apologizing for being jealous.

I didn’t let Lance get into my pants until our fourth date. By that time I knew that he had signed with Pittsburgh for a very handsome bonus and a huge contract, at least at that time it seemed huge. Anyway, I had him panting for me. We walked into the apartment and Dan was nowhere to be seen. I had told him to make himself scarce and not to come back until morning. I looked at Lance and said,

“Would you like something to eat or drink?” Completely in character he said

“I would like to eat you.”

“I would like that too but I am saving it for the guy I marry.”

“You mean that Dan lives here and you never…….”

“You always said he was a wimp.”

“Damn it I want you.”

“I told you I was saving it.”

“But I love you.”

“Enough to marry me?”

“Yes, enough to marry you!”

“Then ask me nicely.”

“Libby will you marry me?”

“Only if you really mean it.”

“I güvenilir bahis şirketleri do mean it. I really love you.”

“Of course I will marry you. I have been dying for you to ask me. Let me show you how much I love you.”

I knelt in front of him, opened his belt and pants and took him in my mouth. He was bigger than Dan but I could still swallow him. I got him to the point where I thought he would cum when I let him slip out of my mouth.

“Why did you stop? I was almost there.”

“Because I want you inside of me.”

In a flash he had me on my back on the sofa, my panties off and he was fucking me. He came almost before I felt him in me.

“Wow, he said, that was great.”

“Maybe it was for you but I never got off.”

“It’s going to take me a while to get it up again.”

“Nothing doing Buster, I want off now.”

“How am I going to do that?”

“You said you wanted to eat me.”

“I don’t do cream pies.”

“Why not, it’s your jism.? If you can’t get me off, I don’t want to marry you. I don’t want a lousy lover for a husband.”

I lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties and sat on the edge of the sofa.

“Come on baby. Prove you are a man of your word.”

He knelt and put his face in front of my pussy. I could feel his breath on me and then he LICKED.

I let out my breath, I knew I had him. I fondled his head and felt his tongue go to work. I cooed,

“That’s it baby. You are my man, I love you so much. Tongue me deeper. I’m cumming.

Yes. Drink from me. Aaaaaaah.” and I came.

I kissed him and licked his cum covered face. He stayed until morning and I fed him breakfast. After he left, with my promise to move in with him, Dan came home.

“You did it. You fucked him didn’t you?”

“Yes I did Dan and I am going to marry him.”

“You’re a cold hearted bitch leading me on like that.”

“Leading you on? I never told you I loved you and you got plenty of fucking from me. I kept you very happy.” He said,

“I’ll pack and leave.”

“No need,” I said, “I am moving in with Lance. You stay, you paid the rent.”

And with that parting shot I left Dan.

I moved in with Lance and after graduation we moved to Pittsburgh and after his first season we got married. He played backup quarterback for his first season and after that he was the starter. One day, about a year after graduation he asked me if I ever from ‘the faggot’. I said,

“Who is that?”

“You know the guy you were with before we got married.”

“You mean Dan? He is not queer. He never went with another man.”

It was then I noticed that he always called men he didn’t like, faggots. Our sex life was pretty good and after that first time I always got him to clean me afterwards with his tongue. In fact he got to like it so much he went down on me afterwards without me telling him. It was around that time that he really got into ass fucking me and cleaning me there too. I didn’t care where he fucked me; I came well in either place. When he started his second season he became a star and after his second away game he suggested that we have a three some. I replied,

“Nothing doing, I never did it with a woman.”

Actually I had, with one of my room mates, before I met Dan.

“No, no, I want to see another man fuck you.”

“Are you crazy Lance, I don’t want to cheat on you.”

“No honey, it’s not cheating. I’ll be right there with you. I know you have had other men.”

“I only was with Dan before we got married.”

“OK, only the faggot, but I want to see you with another guy now. “

We argued a bit and I finally gave in and he said he would bring home one of his team mates. The next week he brought home Leroy.

Leroy was a ‘blocking back’ and he was black. One of the guys who was supposed to protect Lance from being sacked and because he did such a good job, he and Lance had formed a friendship. I didn’t realize just how good a friendship until later. When Lance introduced us I still hadn’t gotten over my surprise.

“H H Hello Leroy.”

I was looking at 250 ponds of solid muscle. To me, he looked like the ‘Hulk’. He said to Lance,

“Now I believe you man, she is gorgeous,” and with that he leaned forward, put his hand behind my head, and kissed me. I tried to pull back but he held me tight and Lance stepped behind me and pressed me into Leroy. I was the meat in the sandwich. I felt Lance’s cock against my ass and Leroy’s on my belly. Lance deftly unbuttoned my skirt and Leroy stripped my sweater over my head and before I knew it I was standing in just my bra and panties and stockings. Leroy opened my bra and Lance stripped down my panties, I was never naked so fast in my life. They must have been practicing! Lance held me tight against him and said,

“Show her Leroy.”

Leroy dropped his pants and shorts and proudly displayed his cock. I looked and said,

“My gaawwd, it’s huge.”

“Go on honey, touch it.” Lance encouraged

I put one hand on it and I could not reach all the way around. I put the other hand below the first and I could not cover the length of it. I have to admit, I was fascinated. I had seen my brothers and been with Dan and Lance but nothing could compare with this tool. Leroy lifted me like I was a feather and held my pussy against his chest while he sucked my tits. I felt Lances tongue probing my ass and I wondered,

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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