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He woke up that morning and his bed was a mess. It did not take him too long to figure out why. The beautiful night he spent together with her was still alive in his mind, teasing him and taunting him with the memory of the sweet pleasures.

As a matter of fact he could still see himself taking the afternoon off and going to the library to do some research on a subject he was working on. He walked through the aisles looking for the books he needed taking them out of the shelves one at a time piling them on his arm. Finally he had them all and as he walked to the silent room, he noticed her.

Her back was turned to him so he could not see her face, but his eyes spotted her high heels and he felt drawn and attracted by those beautiful sexy feet. Her dark hair held bound in a long braid fell down her back, drawing the eyes to her slender waist. He followed her silently; she too was piling up a few books and walking towards that same silent room he was destined to.

So he waited a few minutes, gave her the time to go in first, then walked in and sat in front of her.

“Hello.” He said in a very soft voice, careful to avoid startling the amazing creature.

She smiled tapped her index on her lips softly whispering: “Cannot talk here,”

“OK, sorry.” he whispered back.

He kept looking at her, could not stop the effect she had on his body. He couldn’t help how she made his blood run hot just by seeing her sitting there, her glasses low on her pert nose

He looked at her again then got up and went to sit by her side.

An empty chair next to her seemed more than convenient. As he sat himself on it again he whispered in her ear. “Hello”

She never answered and kept her soft gray eyes on her books trying not to pay attention güvenilir bahis to him. But he was not going to give up and he continued:

“I saw earlier between the aisles and I followed you here; I wanted to tell you I love your laced shoes and everything else about you. The way you walk, the way you are dressed, this beautiful white miniskirt and black sleeveless shirt are just beautiful.”

She again tried not to pay attention to him; she could feel his presence though, his determination and decisiveness. She looked at him, placed her mouth in his left ear, blew on it, maybe to tease him, and with a very seductive soft voice whispered. “Sir, I am here to work and this is a library, so please stop talking to me”

He smiled his eyes locked in hers placed his mouth on her right ear and with a firm soft voice he whispered back: “I know that but I do find you much too attractive to just let you go. I am determined to have you, take control of you and make you mine.” She could not believe what she was hearing and thought of just getting up and go.

Where does he come from with all this behavior? But somehow she felt nailed to that chair, and she was not afraid of him. As a matter of fact his firmness, his self confidence, was making him attractive and she began to feel drawn to him.

Nevertheless she got up and moved one chair away. As she was doing that her pocket book fell on the floor and opened. Quickly he picked up to give it to her and noticed there was one of those little bullet vibrators in it. He pulled it out of the pocket book and sat next to her.

He gave her back her pocket book and showing her the toy whispered a few taunting words in her ear, letting her know what he had. She wanted it back but he refused to give it to her. Again türkçe bahis she felt his eyes all over her and soon there after his right hand was on her thighs. “Stop that Sir, stop now.” she said.

She wanted to yell and run away but somehow, the courage, the determination the way he looked at her and was doing things, kept her there. He was making her feel wanted, desired, controlled and most of all deep down she knew he would not hurt her.

His hand were firm and seductively moving on her thigh, rotating on her knees then going slowly up to her upper thighs, every now and then making a little pressure in between those wet legs. Again she feels his mouth breathing on her ear lobe his commanding voice asking her to take her underwear off. She turned her face towards him to laugh at him, he caught her lips and kissed her passionately.

“Take them off, now.” He whispered in a sultry, commanding voice.

Luckily they were the only ones in that room, with glass walls. Everywhere else many people sat on couches or desks reading and taking notes, no one paid attention to the small room in the back of the library. For one minute she felt like everyone was looking at them and imagined what was going on. He leaned the toy against her softness, took her hand to his crouch. His determination, his will convinced her to take her underwear off and as soon as it slid down to her ankles, the toy was sliding deep in her. He was moving it in and out, sideways filling her up.

Careful to not draw any attention, he turned it on low. The quiet buzzing was muffled by her skirt and his hand cupping her wet sex, the heat from her body arousing him.

Desperate to keep collected, she tried to keep her moans quiet but the way his skillful hands rocked the vibrator in and güvenilir bahis siteleri out of her, hitting all the right spots, pulled passionate moans from her flushed lips.

His voice whispered in her ear words of passion, desire and his eyes conquering her. She now felt under his total control.

He once more took her hand in his and made her unzip his slacks.

His big erect manhood was throbbing and vibrating; she kept stroking it as per his instructions. Everything had to be done exactly the way he wanted, every movement, just the way he wanted.

Never before had she had such an experience like this.

They were both breathing heavier now and moaning, trying to keep silent and not let anybody behind those glass walls know, hear or even imagine what was going on. They were close to climax.

She was squirming and shaking and he was handling that toy so beautifully, so well, his hard manhood filling up her fist. She imagined having it in her mouth and in herself in lieu of that toy. His eyes deep immersed in hers, exploring her, controlling her. He knew their orgasms were not that far anymore, any moment and they would both explode.

He grabbed her mouth with his and began to kiss her passionately; a

Long, lingering kiss that lasted through the orgasm thus avoiding her from screaming. But it didn’t stop her from melting against him, her senses tingling from the experience.

Pulling away from him and quickly shutting off the vibrator, she shoved it back in her bag and straightened herself up.

Turning to him, she was grateful to notice that he had done the same.

“Hey,” she caught his attention, her voice sleepy and seductive. “Let’s go somewhere, a bit more private.”

“Where we can finish?” he elaborated smoothly.

“Precisely.” Her gray eyes studied him, her mind whirling with wild desires.

“My apartment isn’t too far from here.”

Standing, she took her bag and headed for the door. “Coming?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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