Life is Short: Have an Affair Pt. 02

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Double Penetration

The elevator door opens and we walk out into the hallway, hand in hand.

My heart is racing; my free hand is clutching the key card so fiercely I’m afraid it might snap.

We find our room – 417 – and your hand lets go of mine as you rest it on that magic part of my lower back. That part that feels cared for and guided and tingly when your hand is there.

I slide the key card into its slot, the green light goes on, exhale quietly, and we both go in.

I’m just ahead of you, and make it over to where I’m just in front of the bed. I turn around, not even noticing the room around us, and I see you there, in my space, leaning down to kiss me.

Oh my God you are so tall. Warm. Strong.

You smell so good.

You taste so good.

Your hands hold my face, then trace down my arms, to around my waist, which you hold and pull me with force closer in towards you.

You kiss me with force too, but in just the right way. Our lips are locked onto each other and I can feel my body collapsing into yours, being held up by this impossibly close embrace. I can feel your tongue, feeling me out knowingly.

I bite your lower lip, playfully, tugging at it as we kiss. I can tell it delights you. Excites you. Fires you up.

You use your right hand to spin me around by my left hip.

“Turn around,” you say in a low whisper. I obey.

“Is this what you wanted?” It is. I can’t breathe to tell you that though. “yeah,” I manage, through my raspy, barely there breath. “Yeah.”

Your mouth is in my left ear as your face pushes my head so that it tilts right. “You know what I’m going to do to you tonight?”

“Yeah,” I breathe out.

Your tongue is moving in, out, around my ear, down my neck, back to my ear.

“What am I going to do to you tonight?”

I arch my back away from your chest so I can twist and lean my head back closer to your face. I want my mouth on yours; I know it’s not up to me.

“You’re going to fuck me,” I whisper.

Your hands are around my waist, over my tits, down my bare shoulders. Inching towards my hemline. Fingers creeping up towards my increasingly warm and wet pussy.

“I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.”

Just like that, you spin me around again so we Maltepe Escort are looking at each other, and you come at my face. You are kissing me with a passion and intensity so real I can feel myself slipping off into subspace. Your hands are tight on my firm ass, squeezing it and using it to press me closer to the deliciously hard cock I can feel in your pants.

I’m so wet right now I think I’ve soaked through my lacy black thong.

You hold me at half arm’s length from you by my delicate shoulders. You lock your eyes on me; your gaze is intense. With intent. You have a plan for me, for what you want to do to me.

I tilt my head back, parting my lips, silently inviting you back to kiss me more. So much more.

“How is your pussy?” you breathe into my mouth between kisses.

“She’s so wet. So good,” I return. I pull your head down to me to whisper in your ear. “Want to feel?”

“I’d rather taste. Take off your dress.”

I’m putty.

Immediately I unzip my white linen sundress down the side and you tug it off me till it hits the floor. I’m standing in front of you in my black bra and thong, and nude patent heels.

I feel vulnerable. Exposed. And I like it. You smile coyly.

The look in your eyes makes me feel sexy and wanted. I can’t wait to fuck you.

You remove your navy, suede patch sleeve blazer and I watch as you fold it methodically over the chair. I know its so we don’t get blonder hair, red lips, or the scent of Chanel on it.

You really have done this before.

The image of my husband flashes through my head for a brief moment, but is gone soon after. I don’t feel guilty. I can’t believe it, but I don’t. I deserve this. I deserve to feel craved and desired and wanted and fucked.

I deserve to get fucked. Hard.

I have to have you inside me.

You come back for me and I wrap my hands around the back of your neck, gently pulling at the salt and pepper locks there. You fold me into you and kiss me over and over and over.

You make me feel drunk on this passion.

I trace my fingertips across your strong, slim shoulders and down across your firm chest until I find your shirt buttons. This may be the hardest thing in the world right now, because I can Kartal Escort barely concentrate on anything other than your tongue in my mouth, and the idea of your tongue in my pussy.

I manage to unbutton them all, and slip your collared shirt off your tanned, latin shoulders. Your skin feels sunkissed and taut. I want to feel it against me for the rest of the night.

I move my hands down your lean arms, across your tight belly, until I find your belt buckle. This whole time I undress you, your eyes are locked on mine. I look up at you with a slightly open mouth, breathing this raspy breath.

I bite my lower lip as I undo your pants and let them fall to the floor. I take off your boxers and let my hands explore you. I follow that magnificent line that runs down your hips, the one that directs me to your spectacular cock.

I have to break my gaze with you to spend a moment admiring it.

Rock hard. Uncut. Thick. Perfect.

I run my hands down your upper thighs, looking back at you.

“Get on your knees,” you command.

I do, and I take you, all of you in my mouth.

Oh my God.

The feeling of your cock in my mouth is almost too much for either of us. For the first time in this exchange you lose control for a bit. You are moaning, exclaiming, head thrown back at the feeling of my hot wet mouth moving over you, slow, slow, fast.

Slow, slow, fast. Slow, slow, fast.

You love this. I love this.

You take your beautiful cock out of my mouth and tell me to stand up. I do, and you guide me firmly to the bed.

“Get on it,” you instruct. I do.

I wiggle back towards the pillows, and you, in your naked splendour, follow me till you can part my knees with your face, then your hands.

“Girl, your legs are going to shake.”

That’s the last thing you say before you bury your face in my pussy.

I’m on fire. Fuck this feels good. Fuck, you are so good!

Your tongue is moving back and forth, from my clit to my cunt, fast, fast, slow.

Your tongue is darting in and out of my pussy, then back up to my clit. I’m moaning, gasping, pleading that you never stop going down on me.

Your tongue moves all the way front to back, firm and fast, from my clit to Pendik Escort my ass. Jesus. I’m gasping for air.

After a little while, you savouring my pussy and me begging you not to stop, you stop. You come towards my face and demand I kiss you. I am aaallll over your face, making it glisten. My pussy is throbbing and I can see how wet I am by how much girl cum is on you.

“Kiss me. I want you to taste yourself.” I do. It’s delicious. Lemony. Sweet. Light.

“Taste it; this is what you taste like. God, I love this pussy.” With that you move your body back onto your knees, and start slapping my clit with your fucking huge cock.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! That feels so good!” I scream.

“You like that? You like it when I slap your clit with my dick?”

“Oh fuck I love it!”

You dive back down, and I don’t think I’m going to last. Your tongue starts swirling all over my most intimate places and I can feel myself letting go.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Don’t fucking stop!” Your face is buried so deep into me and I can’t hold back. I let go with one big breath and cum, cum, cum for you.

Fuck. I am gasping in my exhaled, shallow breath. Fuck.

You look at me with that fucking sexy, devilish smile. “My turn,” is all you say.

You lift your body up to mine, then whisper in my ear, “wait till I get up inside you and make you cum all over my dick.”

That sets me on fire all over again, as you thrust your perfect self into my wet and aching pussy. You are in and out, firm and slow, like you mean it. I can see that you’ve fully let your guard down now, and you are calling out “fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

My back is arched in pleasure as you ride me like crazy. You stop for a moment, only to tell me turn over.

I waste not a second and flip myself over.

Your hands grab my hips and you slide back up into me and start fucking me all over again.

“Fuck I love watching my dick move in and out of you.” Your thrusting gets faster and harder, delivering your promise to fuck the shit out of me.

I can feel that you’re close and brace myself as you moan “fuuuuuucckk!” and come into me, shaking like thunder over and over as you blow into me with a force I’ve never felt before.

We stay there together, me on my knees, you folded over top of me, catching your breath.

You lay down on the bed and fold me into your side, and we lay there, after the affair. Side by side we regain consciousness, holding warm bodies, sharing soft kisses.

I don’t want this to end.

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