Life with My 2 Girlfriends Pt. 02

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I was having a great sleep, the blow job Megan gave me earlier was so intense that I stirred in my sleep, having a wet dream about it, i wanted to sleep a little more, so I turned to cuddle with Megan again, that’s when I noticed a few things, for one something was stopping me from turning to my side, secondly Megan wasn’t there next to me. That’s when I woke up with a jolt, I wasn’t having a wet dream, Megan was sucking me again!

She saw me awake in a state of shock, my cock popped out of her mouth, and she started stroking it, while she smiled cutely at me.

Megan: That was a ‘LONG’ and ‘DEEP’ nap, sleepy head.

I swear she emphasized on the two words as if she was talking about how my cock felt in her mouth.

Megan: I didn’t intend to wake you up, the smile on your sleeping face was what tempted me and I just couldn’t control my urge to suck you again, it was as if my mouth felt empty without this cock.

I was so turned on by that first sight I saw, when I woke up and was still rubbing my eyes while trying to process her words, by the time I brushed my sleep out of my eyes enough to reply, she was already back to sucking me.

Romeo: Next time you wake me up like this, don’t pull out to talk until I cum or i ask you otherwise, or else I’ll have to punish you. Also, make sure you only wake me up just like this from now on, also place a cup of coffee on the bed side table, I want to enjoy a blow job like that with a cup of hot coffee, everytime you wake me up. That would be best fucking alarm in the world. Is that understood love?

She pulled my cock out..

Megan: Ofcourse, my love. I’ll do whatever you want me to do, I love you.

She couldn’t even complete her statement even the later half of what she said was hard to understand, as i had already forced her head back down on my cock.

Romeo: Didn’t I just tell you, don’t stop until either I cum, or I ask you to. Well be prepared now, your punishment, which will start right after I cum.

This time she didn’t pull me out, and spoke while still sucking which made it all the more hard to understand.

Megan: I am sorry, baby.

She had been sucking me since before I woke up and I was just on the verge, that’s when I just held her head and pulled it my cock came out of her mouth with a popping sound and she started stroking me while looking at me questioningly.

Romeo: I have changed my mind and your punishment starts now and as a part of your punishment, you’ll make me cum all over that pretty face of yours.

Shocked and upset as was it was hard to believe she didn’t stop and kept stroking me inches away from her face. Spurt after spurt I came and it had painted her face all over. I knew she didn’t like the idea of cum facials and was disgusted, but I was determined to test if she actually meant her words when she said she’d do anything also she didn’t protest at all. Once she had licked my cock clean, tears in her eyes she got up from the bed to wash her face, but i held her hand

Romeo: I thought you liked the taste of it.

She looked up at me, then scooped my cum from her güvenilir bahis face on a finger and licked it clean, she repeated the process until her face had no more traces of cum. After which i hugged her, and kissed her passionately. When we broke the kiss, she looked into my eyes deep and I could see anger behind her tears.

Megan: You know already if there is just one thing that I don’t like when it comes to kinky sex, it is a fucking cum facial and you did it on purpose, you know I feel disgusted with it yet you made me do it and instead of letting me wash my face, you humiliated me further by making me clean it with my fingers and eat it, why? Just why in hell would you force me to do that?

Romeo: Baby, I got carried away, when you pulled out my cock the second time, I really thought it was intentional that you were trying to act naughty on purpose, to provoke me to punish you.

Megan: Well yes it was, but I thought you’d spank me or something as a punishment. I don’t know what possessed you, but what ever it was I didn’t like it, you have always been so gentle and considerate.

Romeo: Yes, I was possessed. I have always been gentle and considerate and what did I get in return? You made sure there is no one in my life, I am fucking dependent on you, and I don’t like myself like this.

Megan: Baby, calm down. First of all I don’t know where did this come from, secondly if you are dependent on me, then I am equally dependent on you, if not more! Also, i hate it that all our arguments are always about your past. Please believe me what you did to me and her was totally wrong, and my only intention was to make you a better human being, because of the love I have for you I couldn’t break up, trust me if it was someone else I would have done nothing and just walked away silently, like I had in my past and you know it.

Romeo: Yeah right.

With that I just got into the washroom lit a cigarette, took a shower, dressed up and left out, without even once looking at her.

A few hour and a couple of vintage single malts later, Megan texted me, asking me where I was and to come back to the room. That very moment I knew the fight was over (well for us a fight only lasted till at least one of us puts anger and ego aside, and initiates a conversation, which is always followed by apologising session where we both keep apologising each other and then everything is sorted). Anyway as I got her text I called for the check signed it and asked the attendant to bill to my room and gulped down the rest of my drink in one go, and headed towards our room. As I entered the room, it was so dark I couldn’t see a damn thing, not onky the lights were off, but she had also pulled the curtains and drapes. That’s when I heard her

Megan: Please come near the bed and switch on just the bed lamps.

I fumbled my way to the bed and switched on the bed lamp, there was a sight I still remember clearly, she was bent over the study, her shorts and thongs were around her knees, she turned back and looked at me then looked away

Megan: I know I had been naughty earlier, and deserve this punishment, türkçe bahis please come over here and punish me.

That’s all I could take, first thought I had was this is far better than our usual apology make up. I was standing right behind her my hands caressing her ass in record time, then I leaned in and kissed both her ass cheeks, that’s when I hand landed on her cheek, she screamed with the sudden sting

Megan: One, Thank you baby.

I don’t know where she learnt this from, but I wasn’t complaining, it really turned me on, so I spanked her again and again and again alternatively on both cheeks, and each impact was followed by a scream, count and thanks. By the time she counted 40, I was horny as hell. After the 40th spank, I pulled her burning red cheeks part and leaned in for a closer look, what surprised me was she was dripping wet.

Romeo: I see, someone has been enjoying a punishment. Are punishments meant to be enjoyed?

She didn’t reply, but definitely moaned when my fingers came in contact with her pussy lips, with my other hand I unzipped and aimed my cock at her entrance. I pulled my finger out and simultaneously pushed my cock deep into her. The sudden entry made her moan.

Romeo: You are so wet, that I bottomed with a single stroke. And fuck you feel so tight baby.

She looked back at me, but didn’t say anything instead started to fuck herself on me. It felt amazing.

After a while I was tired with this position, so I pulled out and it didn’t even take her seconds to turn around, get down on her knees and start sucking me, it was so sudden that this time I moaned out of pleasure. I stood there immobilised with such a sudden attack, but calmed myself and then started tipping backwards to the bed, she crawled her way to the bed with me, my cock didn’t leave her mouth once. I sat on the bed, held her head in my hand and pulled her on top of me, as if the could read my thoughts, she sat on my lap, taking my cock back in her pussy fucking and grinding my cock whilst her tits hung right in face, she lifted them with her hands and fed them to me. I sucked on them as if I was hungry baby in need of milk. She kept ridding me. Then without breaking the momentum, i rolled us over in missionary and pushed her higher on the bed, without missing a single stroke, and pounded her into the bed. That’s when she said something ever since I had lay my hands on her butt earlier except for the spank count and thanking me.

Megan: Baby, I am sorry. Is my punishment over, can I please talk dirty to you while you fuck my soul.

I was amused that she had taken that lesson by her heart and that’s when I actually realised she had barely looked into my eyes and spoke so little since I entered the room.

Romeo: Oh baby, I am sorry, your punishment had nothing to do with talking to me, it was more about slipping my cock out when you were sucking me so good. And it was over when I pulled you of my cock to cumon your face.

Megan: I was scared to death now can we please talk about it later, i need you to fuck me hard for now.

I just looked into her eyes and smiled, love güvenilir bahis siteleri pouring out of me, I really hope she saw it. Suddenly her eyes closed and her head hung back.

Megan: Oh yeah, that’s it, just like that. I am going to come soon. I hope you liked spanking and punishing me, I totally deserved it. I am yours baby, fuck me just like that, or anyway you want to.

She had to stop so many times to moan, before she could complete this statement. As her statement ended her orgasm was right behind it and she squirted all over my crotch, abdomen and thighs, with that she collapsed back on the bed, I hugged her and continued with really slow strokes, letting her lay in the after shocks of such an intense orgasm and catching her breath. It took her a couple of minutes to open her eyes and muster the strength enough to speak.

Megan: Baby, that was intense, I’m still out of breath. My lungs feel hollow and my limbs jelly. Also my pussy is sore and I apologise but you really have pull yourself out, let me finish you with a blow job.

Even before completing her statement she had already pushed me on my back, but as she tried to shift downwards on the bed to come over my cock and take it in her mouth, her limbs actually gave up and she crashed on me.

Megan: I guess I can’t even suck you, but i most definitely intend on finishing you, how about I lay down on my back and you straddle my belly and fuck my tits, till you come, honestly this time I wouldn’t mind even if you came all over my face, I promise.

She didn’t had to ask me twice to play with those beautiful puppies, so soft and supple. I started fucking her tits and her words of total submission about letting me come on her face got me so close I was shooting my cum after only a few strokes, but I didn’t came on her face, instead I shot my load all over her tits and belly, she did try to take control and aim her face, though all she could manage was a few drops on her neck, as I didn’t let her do it. I collapsed next to her on my back and she turned towards me, kept her head on my chest.

Megan: Why did you not cum on my face, I swear I am ok with it now.

Romeo: Just because I didn’t wanted to, I know you just didn’t said it, you meant it and you even tried to aim your face.

Megan: Yes! I did try. But you overpowered me and aimed it back on my chest and belly.

Romeo: I am just glad that you’ve accepted it, you know me, I’m a rule breaker, if I’m told not to do something I want to do it even more. Anyway I am famished. It’s been a long day, you little sex hungry monster do you even realise we haven’t ate anything since the morning.

Megan: I am hungry as well, all this sex has actually increased my appetite, and yes I do realise that we have spent hours with you cock either in my mouth or in my pussy also not to forget the spanking and titty fucking, without eating anything all day. I wonder what you’ll do to me after dinner.

She finished her statement with a wink, that ensured more action before the night is over.

Romeo: What do you have in mind?

Megan: You fucker, as of now all I have in mind is to eat something, more than just your penis and cum. I would like to have a light dinner followed by a walk by the see. And after that I might be in a better position to tell you what exactly do I have in my mind.

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