Lila – Book 02

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If you have reads Book One, you’ll know the blonde haired Lila is perfection. She’s also as sexy as hell.

She has a heart of gold. But it’s not her heart that first draws your attention. One look from those blue, come-to-the-bedroom, eyes is enough to make any man hard.

At five foot six, her magnificent 36D’s stand firm and proud on her beautifully toned, body. But then, her daily three-mile run keeps her in wonderful shape.

Her (as of right now) landing strip draws your eyes like a magnet and when she twirls around, the “COWGIRL” on the small of her back stands out, adorned by some barbwire and roses. With her ears, tongue, belly button and clit pierced, this young woman is more than a match for any porn star fantasy.

Believe me!

Dressed in her cowboy boots, low-rise jeans, tight low cut tops, this hot, sexy, cowgirl will harden any man’s cock. But then… you should also see her in a low cut blouse, short skirt, stockings, garter belt and heels…


To get the full picture, you also have to realise Lila can drive semis, weld, work on most things, run equipment, work with cattle, hang with the boys, drink as long as most, go to the clothes line in her undies, and… she can fuck as good as any woman alive.

Oh, Yes!

She’s a moaner and a screamer at times. Any attention to her magnificent boobs drives her wild. Not only does she love getting naughty and wild, she adores being eaten out and fucked like a whore in heat. Even a lil pain sometimes can be a real rush for her.

And… oh yes, I nearly forgot… she loves rim jobs as well.

Yes, you’ve got the picture. This hot, sexy, cowgirl can be a real whore in bed.

This is my attempt at helping her write her second story. With a little imagination, of course!

After she married, Lila promised herself she would adjust her sexual behaviour. Until she went to the concert, that is…

A Backstage Pass

It was simply the best birthday present Lila had ever been given.

Thomas, her young friend and neighbour, hadn’t forgotten it was her birthday despite being away at University. The card was sweet, just what she would have expected from him, but it was the envelope inside the card that made her squeal with delight.

A ticket to the hot Miranda Lambert concert, taking place in nearby Monticello, Iowa.

The concert had been sold out for some time and tickets were now like gold dust. How’d he been able to secure her one? But that wasn’t the half of it. Not only was it a ticket to see her perform, but she’d be meeting the country star both before and after the concert!

A shiver of anticipation ran through the sexy cowgirl. One of those shivers you get when your sexual arousal is so high you can cum after just a single touch.

Miranda Lambert!

The hot cowgirl actually laughed aloud, she’d have to find a way of rewarding the youngster when he came to stay for a week during the University break. Then the laugh grew louder.

The hot blonde knew exactly what Thomas would regard as a suitable reward. But she was married now. She really would have to curb her natural tendencies! She and Jason were free spirits, but she could no longer go around fucking whoever took her eye.

Those days were long gone.

Although… she’d love to get in Miranda Lambert’s panties. Or those of Miranda’s boyfriend, Blake Shelton, for that matter.

Shelton had married his longtime girlfriend Kaynette Williams in 2003 but they’d divorced three years later. The next year he’d begun dating Miranda Lambert and Lila would fuck them both if she got the chance.

The thought got to her and that familiar feeling of horniness began to invade her body. Glancing at the clock, she wondered if she had time? As her hand begun to unbutton her jeans, she decided she didn’t care. The beauty needed relief and she needed it now.

Easing herself on to her bed, she sat with her back to the headboard and closed her eyes. A blonde vision approached her in the darkness. Miranda Lambert of course.

Hi. I’m Miranda, the woman in her mind greeted her. As she spoke, the imaginary country singer’s hand went to the top of her shirt and flicked the first button open, then the second.

Oh, God! Lila’s jeans were now around her bent knees and her hand was inside her lacy thong, tracing down over the dark blonde landing strip to find her erect, little bud.

Miranda’s shirt was completely unbuttoned now and she was slipping it from her shoulders, revealing a lacy, light blue bra. Like what you see, Lila? the delectable image asked, her hands moving to the top button of her blue jeans.

Oh, God… oh, God!

The fingers of Lila’s right hand were working faster now, rubbing little circles around her clit. She was panting hard and the little, throaty growls were a sure indication she was close. How quick was that?

Miranda was stepping out of her jeans. The thong matched the front fastening bra. With a deft flick, the bra came free and the thong went next, the blonde country singer sliding mamak escort it down her shapely legs with a sexy shimmer.

You like? Miranda asked, behind Lila’s eyes.

Oh, God… oh, God… oh, God!

The sexy cowgirl’s fingers danced faster. Her eyes tightened as she began to grunt.

Want me to help? the naked country singer asked, dropping onto all fours and crawling to Lila’s bed. Want me to suck you?

Lila slowed the movement of her fingers and then pulled her hand away. She lifted up her ass, presenting her wet pussy to the hot country singer. The naked, imaginary woman crawled upwards, and behind her eyes the sexy cowgirl could see her as clear as day.

Miranda gave a long, slow, lick along Lila’s pussy. The sexy beauty pushed her ass a little higher. Both hands spread out either side of her, gripping the bed sheets. She didn’t need to touch herself to make herself cum. Miranda was going to do that for her.

The country singer smiled as she looked upwards, holding Lila’s blue eyes with hers. The sexy cowgirl groaned. She was close. Her eyes tightened further as Miranda fingered and licked her as expertly as anyone had ever done.

God, it was too much! Too wonderful!

Miranda’s hands were gripping her thighs. Her fingers were twisting inside her. Her mouth was sucking on her clit. And Lila could almost hear her swallowing noises as she sucked her juices.

Want to cum now, Lila? she asked, her eyes stroking the bucking cowgirl.

The blonde beauty couldn’t hold back! She planted her feet firmly on the bed and lifted her ass almost as high as it would go. This was surrender – surrendering herself to the country singer behind her eyes.

All of a sudden, the fire spread to every part of Lila’s body. She shook. She shivered. She moaned. She came!

And she came… and came… until she collapsed on the bed, listening to her pulse race, her heart pump, her rapid gasps, and — she was sure — Miranda Lambert’s deep sigh of satisfaction.


Today was the day. Tonight, Lila would be at the Miranda Lambert concert. She would actually be meeting the country singer before she performed, and afterwards, too. How on earth had Thomas engineered that? This was just too good to be true.

Climbing out of the bed, her body ached from the way she’d worked during the past two days. Harvesting time was always a particularly busy time of the year and it was necessary to be up and about before four am if she was to get in her regular three mile run before her chores.

But then, hard work was no stranger to Lila. It had been a similar pattern in college and high school and wasn’t likely to change now. Work hard and play hard was the sexy cowgirl’s mantra.

The run this morning had been particularly invigorating, and with her chores completed, she had the rest of the day off to travel to Monticello. This was one occasion when she’d definitely not be arriving late.

She’d met Miranda before, of course. At a fan club party. They’d talked about their love of dogs, and swapped tales of hunting. The singer told her she’d been taught to shoot by her father at an early age and later had become an avid deer hunter.

That wasn’t the only thing they had in common. Despite her more conservative public image, Miranda seemed to enjoy drinking and partying as much as Lila did. And the singer had even complimented her on her hair!

If only she knew how much the cowgirl would have loved to fuck her there and then…


The steaming hot shower had been invigorating. Wrapping a fluffy, cotton towel around her fabulous, sweet-smelling body, Lila padded out of the bathroom and took a long look in the huge, full-length mirror in her bedroom.

With a wicked grin, the hot cowgirl undid the towel and admired her toned body. Her satiny skin gleamed with the fragrant oil and her magnificent 36D’s thrust out as if begging to be sucked. The blonde’s washboard stomach sloped deliciously into her full, rounded hips, drawing her gorgeous blue eyes to the dark blonde landing strip between her thighs.

What she’d give to stand like this in front of Miranda Lambert!

She sexily ran a hand through the long, blonde tresses she’d styled into loose waves. Gripping her hair, she pulled it onto the top of her head before allowing it to drop and cascade around her naked shoulders.

“Hi, my name’s Lila,” the cowgirl playfully grinned, as if talking to the country star. With a quick shake of her head, the soft, tousled strands bounced and then fell back into place. “Want to fuck me?”

“Sure do.”

Lila whirled around and then gave a delicious giggle. It was her husband’s was naked too, except for the Victoria’s Secret Signature Cotton Thong he wore.

“That’s why I came back,” he muttered. “To give my wife a goodbye fuck before she leaves for the concert.”

The sexy cowgirl licked her lips at the sight of his erect cock pushing through the thin material of the thong. “Take those off and sit on the bed,” she breathed.

Jason ofise gelen escort started to speak but she shook her head before a word could come out. “Take those off and sit on the bed!” she repeated.

This time he did as he was told and the beautiful blonde nodded her approval as she took the couple of steps towards him. Putting a hand on the top of his head, she stood over him, her feet on either side of his hips.

With her pussy so close to Jason’s face, he couldn’t help himself. But that was the idea p- she knew he wouldn’t be able to. Leaning forward, his mouth went to her cunt. At the same time as his tongue began to fuck her, a finger caressed her back passage, slowly creating the opportunity for it to slip inside.

“Oh, fuck,” she groaned, responding to the tongue and finger that were co-ordinating their fucking motions from front and back.

Fuck, this man knew how to press her buttons.

Her grip on his hair tightened as he sucked up her juices and suddenly, she dragged his head away. She wanted him inside her. One hand took her husband’s cock and directed him to her wet sex as she lowered herself.

When the head pushed inside, the blonde heard him take a deep breath and she locked her hands around his neck, gently impaling herself until he was halfway in. Her eyes were gleaming down at him as she bit her bottom lip. She waited until he looked up and caught her gaze, then pushed down and forced his cock deep inside.

“Oh, fuck, Jason,” she groaned, allowing her knees to rest on the bed either side of him.

Her kiss was fire and she devoured his mouth, imagining this was Miranda Lambert she was kissing. Then her thoughts bounced to Miranda’s boyfriend and she sucked Jason’s tongue into her mouth and began to suck it like she would Blake’s cock.

“Fuck me, Jason,” she groaned. “Fuck me like a slut…”

Her husband took her at her word, grabbing her waist and lifting her before slamming her back down onto him. He repeated the action again and again, raising the blonde until his cock was almost free, then slamming her back down hard again.

“Want to be fucked, you slut?” he snarled. “I’ll fuck you…”

With that he swung her round so that he was on top, taking but an instant to get back in position. “Like that you dirty fuck slut?” he asked, pushing his wife’s legs up until her knees were pressing against her 36D’s.

“God, yes, Jason,” she cried. “Pound me, baby. Pound your slut…”

He did, thrusting in hard, short strokes, like the piston of a well-oiled engine. He was sweating now, and the way it dripped down onto his wife’s shoulders only added to the sheer rawness of the moment.

“Fuck me, Jason,” she continued. “Fuck your slut…”

His hands slid under Lila’s ass, gripping tight as he pounded her, pumping for all he was worth as his own climax approached.

“Fuck, Jason… I’m going to explode,” she groaned, thrusting her hips upwards to give him a better angle.

He slid inside her a fraction further and it made all the difference, taking them both to the edge and then over…

“Cum with me, okay?” the cowgirl hissed.

“I’m goin’ too, you fucking cum dumpster,” he answered, his body trembling as his sperm prepared to unleash itself from his balls. “Now, whore! Now…”

Lila moaned and whined as she came, the back of her head digging into the pillow as Jason unleashed, staying deep inside his wife and pumping even harder as he began to fire…

It was fucking heaven.


Lila stood with Jerome in front of the largest dressing room. He was one of Miranda’s team, and the dark haired twenty-six year old had given the blonde cowgirl a personal backstage tour.

What a shame he was gay, she was feeling so hot she’d have loved to go down on him there and then.

The large gold star on the door gave a clue to the intended occupant. “Miranda’s going to be in this dressing room tonight,” he explained in that camp way of his, as he checked his watch. “Rehearsals will start shortly. Why don’t you take a seat in the dressing room? Miranda’s always pretty much on time, so she’ll join you shortly. Then the two of you can have a good chat.”

“Thanks, Jerome. I really appreciate you showing me around.”

“No problem, sweetheart,” he smiled, as he swayed away. “See you later!”

Lila hesitantly walked in. This was Miranda Lambert’s dressing room, after all, and it was quite spacious at that. There were a few chairs in front of the vanity table near the back, and a couple of outfits sat around the perimeter of the room, next to the large mirror.

The blonde checked out her reflection. The lace bra and lil thong always made her feel sexy and the tank top was tiny enough to emphasise her considerable assets and also display the silver stud in her navel.

Her jeans were sexy, too, lowrise and tight, displaying an ass that was the envy of all her women friends. Round and curvy.

The holes in the knees were so ‘it’ and they looked so good with those boots. otele gelen escort The brown belt and large buckle set off the outfit perfectly. As she turned one way and the other, she could smell her ‘Very Sexy’ perfume from Victoria’s.

God, she looked and felt hot!

“You the girl with the backstage pass?” came a voice from the door.

The question came from a tall, attractive, full-figured black woman with a bright smile. The yellow silk blouse complemented her warm, black skin, and her cinnamon-coloured hair was styled into beautiful twists.

“Hi, honey, my name’s Earlene. I’m Miranda’s hair stylist.”

Hair stylist? The woman was nothing like Lila would have expected or imagined. But she must be good, Miranda’s hair always looked just perfect.

Earlene’s hair was perfect, too. And the way the thirty-year-old woman’s black cleavage spilt forward between the open folds of her yellow blouse was pretty sexy.

“And this is Ling,” she added, when the nineteen year old followed her through the door, carrying a handful of black garment bags. “She’s Miranda’s make up artist.”

“Hi, pleased meet you” Ling grinned, in her delightful pigeon English accent.

The young, Asian was definitely cute, Lila realised. Her sandy-blonde hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail and she was definitely not wearing a bra under that red t-shirt. The nips on her small breasts were pushing against the material, and the designer jeans were practically glued on to her slim figure.

“Good to meet you both,” she smiled, feeling a little awkward. “I’m Lila. What time does Miranda arrive?”

“Oh, she’ll be here soon, honey,” Earlene answered. “She always gets nervous before a performance, so she spends some time with Blake. Needs some stimulation, if you know what I mean?”

Lila smiled but felt her pussy moisten at the thought of the two country stars fucking. She needed some stimulation herself right now!

“Hey there! I know you!”

Lila turned at the sound of the new voice. It was her! The cowgirl’s heart nearly fluttered out of her chest.

Miranda Lambert stood at the door, sunglasses on top of her blonde tresses and a sunny smile beneath them. Her apple sized breasts pushed deliciously against her checked shirt and her bare, washboard flat stomach peered out from under where it was tied.

“Hi,” Miranda said. “It’s Lila isn’t it? Call me Ran.” Before the cowgirl could reply, the country singer turned to Earlene and Ling. “Hey, give us five minutes would you. I want to talk to my friend. We could do with a couple of orange juices, though.”

She turned to the sexy cowgirl, arching her blonde eyebrows. “Okay?”

Lila nodded. Miranda could have asked whether she wanted to drink her pee and she most likely would have agreed.

Watching the door close, Lila turned back to look at the country singer. “Do you really remember me?”

“Of course,” Miranda replied. “The party. We talked about how much we both loved dogs. And about hunting, too. And I told you I loved your hair.”

Both women laughed.

“Well,” the hot cowgirl smiled. “That’s impressive.”

“Uh-huh,” nodded the country star, flopping down onto one of the chairs and nodding for Lila to do the same. “And we were each thinking the same thing, too.”

It was Lila’s turn to raise an eyebrow. “Really?” she asked, sitting opposite the blonde beauty. “What was that?”

Miranda’s smile was so sexy. “We were each thinking how fuckable the other one was!”

Lila didn’t blush easily. But this was one of those occasions. Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained. “Yes, you’re right with that one, Ran. Or at least that’s what I was thinking…”

“Me, too,” smiled the country singer, her eyes all over the cowgirl. “And looking at you now, I’d forgotten just how fuckable you look…”

The knock on the door interrupted the conversation. Damn!

Earlene walked in with the drinks. “Time for rehearsal, Miranda.” Her tone was warm but authorative.

Miranda pulled a face at Lila. “Earlene keeps me on track,” she told her. “Otherwise I’d be lost.”

“That’s true, honey,” the black woman smiled. She winked at Lila before her next question. “How’s Blake, by the way?”

This time the curl on Miranda’s face was real. “Damn man got called away. He won’t be back until after the show.”

“Poor baby,” Earlene smiled. “All that pent up energy.”

The singer gave a mock look of disgust. “Tell you what, Lila,” she said, turning to the blonde. “Rehearsal’s take an hour. Want to watch?”

The blonde cowgirl could hardly stop her head from nodding vociferously. “You bet!”


The rehearsals were incredible. Getting the opportunity to watch the star that closely, from the very edge of the stage, was a hell of a buzz. As good as sex. Well, not quite.

But the way she sang, changed a little choreography here and there, and occasionally glanced across at where the blonde cowgirl was standing, was arousing in the extreme.

Lila waited in the singer’s dressing room for around twenty minutes afterwards, until Miranda had freshly showered and returned.

“Well, what did you think,” the singer asked, sitting back in the chair and seductively crossing her legs. The way her red robe fell open made the blonde cowgirl’s heart race a little faster. Was she naked beneath it?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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