Linda’s Life was Traumatic

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This story is about a lovely young woman whose marriage ends in turmoil, events overtake her and she is heading to a dark place. Then her knight appears and saves her.


Linda Barker was in a sort of daze, she couldn’t believe even now that she was on her back, on her own sofa, and having the life fucked out of her by the brazen schoolboy whom lived next door. He was totally inexperienced, she knew that, she had asked him just about five minutes ago if he had a girlfriend.

His bashful reply that, “No I haven’t,” gave his knowledge of the female species away.

Linda had moved into her new home a few short days ago, it was hers completely, even though she hadn’t spent a penny on it. It was a big four bed roomed, two bath roomed private detached house. It had cost a fortune, it was fully furnished to her liking, and there was a new car on her drive, it was hers too. All the bills attached to it would also be paid for over the next ten years as part of the deal for her total silence and confidence.

And how had she attained all this, she had been asked what her price was, she had joked about a big house, all the furnishings, all bills and payments, a new car, and to be left alone. To her amazement it had been agreed out of hand. The man doing the deal wanted rid of her, get her away and out of sight for good. The only proviso he insisted on was that her settlement was to be no closer than 100 miles of where they were sat right now!

Linda had agreed expecting him to laugh and tell her to fuck off, he would see her in court first or even worse, arrange an accident for her. But no, he hadn’t, he had left without another word, his lawyer had drawn up a legally binding document. One that she had read and perused, made a couple of minor alterations and then signed it with an addendum. That she had final say when it became active, ie “after I am satisfied you have kept your side of the bargain,” she had told him.

She had been stunned at the speed of her settlement, but she was under no illusion as to what would happen if she spoke just one word to anyone, ever! The next day she had gone to a city 140 miles away, found the perfect home. Linda contacted the lawyer, it had been bought that day. Then she made contact with an interior designer, told her what she wanted and, and said the house had to be ready to her satisfaction within two weeks, and it was.

She saw a car she liked, a drop down BMW 5, brand new, it was bought in her name that day. A bank debit account had been set up in her name, and all the agreed household bills were to be paid from it. And the 500 a week for out of pocket expenses. As soon as it was all set, she was more or less forcibly seen out of her home town, and told never to return. It was something Linda was more than very happy to do.

The man who had agreed to all this was her ex father in law. He was a fabulously wealthy, a rich and powerful politician. Linda had told him also that if anything did happen to her, then she had left in very safe legal hands, unequivocal evidence as to why she had disappeared or dead.

And the reason all this had happened was because she had been away for a weekend, but had returned home unexpectedly. Only to enter her home, stand there a moment, and hear some noise from upstairs of what was obviously sexual engagement. She had crept upstairs to confront her husband and cause a scene. Linda had peered through the door and seen something that crippled her mind for a moment.

There on her marital bed was her husband of three months, he was on his knees, his head was down, and behind him was another man. And the man, who was swarthy in appearance, was fucking her husband roughly in the ass. She immediately took out her phone, opened the camera, put it to video and held it at the side of the door to capture the scene.

She had no idea whom the man was as he more or less had his back to her but was a little sideways on. And Linda could clearly see his hard cock riding in and out of her groaning husband’s ass! There was also something else to consider, she had had no idea that her husband was a homosexual, he had never ever indicated that he was of this persuasion.

She filmed in silence, as she watched them, she saw the man ejaculate into her husband’s rectum, and the watched in fascinated horror as her husband jacked off as he did. He too ejaculated on to the bed. Then she filmed them falling into a lovers embrace. This nearly made her vomit all over. Linda kept it down, turned the camera off and left.

She called his father, she didn’t know what to do, after a back and forth exchange, Linda finally told him what she had seen and that she had it all on film. He was horrified, he demanded to see the film, so she arranged to meet him right then, she also had the foresight to e mail it to herself, and copied it to the phone sim card too.

At the meeting with her father in law, he sat with murder in his eyes, he knew this would have a devastating effect on him and his family if this got out. escort ataşehir He had always had suspicions about his only son. But this, this was off the scale. So he took the phone and deleted the film. He threw it back at her not knowing it was saved, and told her in no uncertain terms that he would see her in jail if she spoke of this.

Linda went to a hotel, and the next day she called him again, and told him the film was in her hands and if he wanted to see it again she would send it. He exploded down the phone, but Linda held her ground, she told him a divorce was the only way out. That he could state the grounds, but that she wanted paying off.

He had to protect not only his wayward son, but more importantly, himself. The political fallout would kill all of his dreams for the future. And he being the politician that he was immediately saw it. He agreed, they had the meeting, the divorce was granted by a puppet judge, and Linda was free. And her settlement was arranged, she never once saw her husband, now ex.

Linda was blissfully imagining her life for the future, she was a trained paralegal with more than good prospects. She was only 24 years old, and before all this the world had been at her feet, now she believed that with the right handling, keep her head down, don’t cause even a ripple for her ex father in law, she would have a really good life.

Linda was a luscious woman, more cute and angelic than beautiful, her dark hair was of a silky texture, she had a natural golden hue to her skin, deep dark eyes, a pert little nose, high cheek bones, and so kissable inviting lips. She could strike a look that would stop any man. She had also perfected her “little girl lost” look. Her lips would pout, her eyes would smoulder , her head dip a little, causing her hair to shroud her haunting face.

Any man in her vicinity would race to the rescue, offer her all the help she ever wanted. They would, and had indeed offered her more than that, and this was how she had met her future husband. She had tripped, he had dived in to her aid, in the end he asked her for a date and she ended up being his wife. She knew he came from money, he had bragged about it.

She was worldly wise, she had slept with half a dozen men before him. Her body would respond to all kinds of stimulation, especially her wanton nipples. They would drive her crazy under an attack, making her give in, even when she hadn’t wanted to. In an argument with her nipples she was on a 100% loser every time.

She had met the family next door on her second day, they seemed nice enough, on the third day she had chatted with Antonio, the schoolboy, and she knew straight away he was besotted with her. “It happens all the time,” she reminded herself, but still pleased never the less for it. Antonio made the effort to be near her, asking if he could help around the house, do little jobs. There were countless things she needed help with, so Linda happily accepted it.

On the third day he was over, doing this, doing that, anything she suggested he was on it. She liked him a lot, a real lot. He as such a personable young man, ‘boy’ she told herself. He was a super handsome young guy. She had found out that the family history had been Italian which was where his swarthy dark good looks came from, she decided.

Antonio had an older brother but she hadn’t met him as yet. Linda, much to her own chagrin made an effort to look good for him. Her thoughts were, “he likes to be near me, I should make the effort to look like his dream woman,” and she giggled. That night she went out to dinner by herself, leaving a sad and lonely Antonio to himself. He was already jacking off about her wholesale, and blowing wads of potent virgin cum into tissues so his mother wouldn’t know.

The next morning Antonio blew his first load of the day with Linda firmly fixed in his mind, and firmly fixed under him as he made sweet passionate love to her, then went back to sleep. He woke up around ten pm, and looked out of his window, the first thing he saw was Linda’s car, and it had the top down.

“She must have forgotten to put it up last night,” he thought to himself. “I had better go over and let her know” so Antonio had a rapid shower, he didn’t want to smell did he. He donned a pair of loose fitting shorts and top, barefooted, he jumped the fence separating the two properties, and knocked loud on her door.

After several knocks the door opened and the stood Linda. His eyes almost popped out of his head. All she seemed to be wearing was a short white silk dressing robe, it barely covered her wonderful ass. Her wonderful firm cleavage formed a canyon between it.

“Antonio,” she mumbled, clearly still sleepy, “what’s the matter?”

“You left the top down on your car, it could rain,” he told her. There was more chance of it snowing than raining.

Linda smiled inwardly, but totally unaware that she had just lit a fire under Antonio’s ass with the way she was dressed, or in this case, not dressed. “I’ll get you kadıköy escort bayan the keys Antonio,” she said, she handed them to him, he raced of and put the top up and walked into her kitchen to hand them back.

His young mind was raging, and so was his recently emptied young cock and balls. He called out, and Linda replied, “In here Antonio.” Her voice came from her sitting room, he went in and Linda was drinking an orange juice, she put the glass down and took the keys from him.

And that was when she made a serious mistake, she leaned forward and kissed his cheek to thank him. Antonio was immediately propelled into automatic primeval sexual behaviour. He became a predator, a hunter, and his as yet unknown, unintentional but intended victim, was here right in front of him. Her nipples were protruding through her silk robe, it was as if they were sending a silent signal to him.

“Here we are Antonio, come and get the both of us, do it now, we’re waiting!” He stepped forward a little, and took both of her hidden nuggets between thumb and forefingers. Antonio squeezed them, he rotated them, and he gripped them. Linda gave out a huge gasp, her head dropped, her mouth hung open, her shoulders hunched forward, she stepped back from him, he followed.

Linda’s hands flew to his wrists, but that was all they did, her hands held his arms, there was no struggle to remove them. Her mouth flapped open and closed, her eyes were open but her gaze was focussed on Antonio’s chest. He kept twiddling with her now rock hard and super sensitive nipples. Linda was suddenly drowning in a storm tossed sea of arousal. The storm tossed her overboard, there was no life boat, and no life guard to rescue her from the waves of her own passion that was engulfing her and taking her down.

She was stood there on shaking legs, legs that in a moment would be unable to support her. The arousing state within her was filling her mouth with nothing, her breath was suddenly ragged, she couldn’t suck in the oxygen she so desperately needed. Then somehow she was looking at the ceiling. That was because either she, or he, had guided her to her sofa, and now she was on her back. Antonio was above her. Her robe had become wide open, and she saw from afar that Antonio was sucking in a nipple. She heard the cry of sheer unadulterated passion, she knew it had come from her, but it seemed somewhere else.

Antonio knew what he wanted to do, even though as yet he had never done it. He had imagined many times already being in bed with his new neighbour, he had fucked her, and cum hard in her lots of times, Linda had cried his name in utter desire for him. Now he knew he had to get his cock into har as soon as possible. He got his free hand between Linda’s legs, he stroked her heated pussy, rubbed it with his middle finger, and although he never knew it, it was game over. Linda succumbed to her own sexual deviancy, her own passion.

He frantically pushed his shorts down, half jumped, half climbed over Linda and pushed his cock at where he thought she was. He hit first base first time. He sank all the way in and Linda wailed in her arousing need to be fucked. She didn’t care whose cock it was, it was doing what she had been craving for these last few weeks, weeks of nothing but fear and tension. It had driven the passion inside her to the crescendo Antonio was now creating. She had been alone against the world, she yearned for love, to be loved, to be held. Her forced self abstinence, and denial had been summarily released by her schoolboy neighbour son.

The internal volcano in her had had the top blown off, Antonio’s cock was the lava flow that burned the passion deep within the beautiful divorcee now securely captured underneath him. Antonio battered away not really knowing what he was doing, or how he was doing it. But his own desires and passions for Linda gave him all the strength of will, the knowledge, that what she needed right now was being more than ably supplied.

His hips and loins slapped at Linda, her own love juices lubricating them both, he shot his first ever load of his potent young cum into her. The blast drove it all up and deep into her receptive unprotected womb. Linda had always insisted on condoms, none were in use this day. She herself was in total fuck mode, her body had wrapped him up, arms and legs encompassed her attacker, held him in place while nature took its course.

Antonio never broke stride, his cum shot out with every inward thrust and he kept going. He never lost one iota of drive, his strident young cock kept its rigidity, its power. He pumped and pumped, he didn’t know it yet, but he was already fighting himself to cum once more. The electric feel of his ejaculation was more than he could bear. But something inside him drove him toward another one, and in that, he was unknowingly giving Linda the very thing she needed more than life itself, untold gratification.

Linda was almost cumming with his every thudding, and banging inward thrust, into her soaked, escort bostancı now lettuce leaf like pussy. She sought his lips, the internal need to kiss him would complete the act of her debasement. Her release, her inward incontrovertible need for the hammering love her young lover was delivering to her. It would be her way to her joining as one with him. She locked on to his open gasping mouth. He felt the urgent need within himself now to kiss her too, and be kissed by Linda. It was something he had never felt.

His hips continued unabated in their manic pelvis breaking actions, his hard young cock was now doing to Linda what no man had ever done. She had had a few lovers, but none had had this undeniable enthusiastic desperation for her. She came and came again and again, she gloried in it now. She wanted it, she feared it, each orgasm was 10.000 hard shocking volts.

Linda lay slowly retreating from him, she had given to him everything that she was. Antonio had taken it all, and delivered all he had to her. It was a joint exercise of global proportions. Then Antonio came for the second and last time, he jack knifed into her and held station while his balls emptied themselves once more. Once again he filled her up to the top, his cum was locked into every available space within her body, and her body was nature’s way of reproducing, it actively sucked up the cum it needed and required.

Antonio fell on her, then slipped to one side, he had never known anything like this. What had happened was the most powerful cataclysmic event in his young life. Then he did another first, one that earned him another truck load of brownie points, he leaned over Linda and kissed her. This was Linda’s most favourite post love thing, to know that the man (boy) who had just blown a hole through the top of her lovely head. Antonio had her in his thoughts, he hadn’t just fucked her, he had loved her, and he needed her. This was her post coital glow that enveloped her in a cosy nest of after love.

She snuggled up into him, her arm, and leg dropped over him, she raised her lips for the next kiss. Linda was not disappointed, he kissed her with real passion and feeling. This was a world he never knew of, he was falling in love with Linda, only as a boy of his age could. His problem now was, he didn’t know what to do next. Should he move, get up, apologise, leave, stay what?

Linda solved that for him, she could feel his uncertainty, let alone see it. She took a breath, but before she spoke, a feeling of complete satisfaction swept through her. Antonio, unknown to him, had literally brought her back to life. Dragged her up from the doldrums she was in. The feeling inside of her, nowhere to go, being unloved and unwanted was banished.

Now she knew she was the woman she had always been, before all her problems had manifested themselves because of her husband’s homosexual behaviour. She felt alive, vital, exorcised, justified. Now she knew that whichever path she took her life, it would be her path.

“Antonio, I have to tell you honey,” she breathed, “that that was amazing. You have no idea how grateful I am for this most unexpected turn of events. And how grateful I am to you Antonio, I will always be.” It was a kind of gentle brush off that Antonio never heard. All he heard was how “grateful” she was, so that meant she wanted it again, didn’t it?

He swelled with pride and his cock twitched, Linda felt the gentle nudge of it on her upper thigh. She didn’t have to look down to know what it was. “He is a boy isn’t he, he has untold stamina!” she sniggered to herself. And Linda was unable to stop herself from doing what any woman would do, moving in on him, knowing that her actions would surely fire him back up. Her expectations were met unequivocally.

She straightened her luscious body tight up to him, held him close and she felt his wet cock sliding into position against her wet thighs.

“Oh Antonio, Hmmmm,” she whispered. He had no idea what she was talking about, or what her murmurings were. All he knew was she was holding him and saying his name. She wants me again? He told himself, and his cock, well used though it just had been, twitched.

He pushed his hips at her and his cock slid between her thighs where she closed them over it. Antonio thought he was back inside of her and began a back and forth movement. Linda knew what was going on though, and she pulled away, gripped his cock in her soft hand and squeezed, bringing a very submissive gasp from her young lover.

“Antonio, I think we ought to finish this off upstairs honey, it will be better for us both.” Then she slid back and dropped to the floor, but not letting go of the nearly re hardened cock in her hand. Antonio went with her, Linda stood on still wobbly legs, and walked off with him in tow. He followed like a lamb to the slaughter.

Upstairs Linda dropped the gown to the floor and climbed on her bed bringing him on too. She pushed him onto his back and mounted him without any further thought. She dropped like a stone on him, put her hands on his upper chest and rode him off into the sunset. Linda fucked herself, she lifted and dropped in different ways, sideways, further back, further forward, leaning back, leaning forward. She forced orgasms off him and into her.

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