Linda’s Surprise Ch. 1

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As Linda awoke in the morning, there was a faint sound coming from the room across the hall. Her roommate Casey’s door was closed and she could hear the bedsprings squeaking. It made Linda hot and her pussy started to moisten with excitement. Linda’s roommate Casey was totally hot. She was a small 5’5” but that didn’t matter to Linda because she was only 5’3”.

Casey had a beautiful had of long chestnut hair that flowed over her lightly browned shoulders, and she had a body to die for. Perfectly rounded tits with beautiful nipples and long shapely legs. Linda had always wanted to see Casey’s pussy spread before her, all hers for the taking.

Linda knew that Casey was in her room masturbating, with her long delicate fingers pressing lightly against her hot pink flesh, grinding her hips into the bed until she climaxed. Linda wanted to be in there, smelling the sweet aroma of Casey’s sopping wet pussy. “Well, poker oyna that’s enough dreaming for today,” she thought and she closed the bathroom door and started the shower.

Linda’s beautiful golden hair cascaded onto her back as she released it from the tight bun it was in all nite. She slowly ran her hands down her body past the creamy flesh of her firm breasts. She stepped into the shower and began to soap up her body, smelling the fragrant lather as it slid into the crevices of her body. Finally Linda couldn’t take it anymore, thoughts of Casey were driving her crazy. She turned the water pressure up as high as it would go, and she shimmied her pussy up to the faucet as the water poured out onto her hot, pink, clit.

Linda bucked her hips as the water ran down onto her nubbin, sending electric tingles down her spine and into her core. She was just about to climax when she saw the shower curtain open, and Casey canlı poker oyna stood there, naked. Linda could not believe her eyes. Casey shut off the water, and just crooked her finger towards Linda, motioning for her to follow.

Casey walked seductively out of the bathroom and into Linda’s bedroom. When Linda entered the room, there before her was her dream. Casey was on the bed laying with her legs spread wide, her pussy glistening with her juices. Linda wasted no time at all. She grabbed onto Casey’s thighs and slid them up to her pussy, which was totally hairless, except for a little patch at the very top. Linda spread Casey’s soft pussy lips, and bent her head towards her clit.

Linda flicked her tongue over Casey’s clit and then she licked harder, alternating her burning strokes with sucking that drove Casey to screaming. Linda moved her tongue lower and snaked it into Casey’s hole, tasting the juices that internet casino came pouring out of it. She fucked Casey with her tongue and then jammed three fingers into her tight hole. She returned her tongue to Casey’s red clit, licking faster and faster, and pumping her fingers in and out of Casey’s body. She felt Casey bucking her hips and grinding her pussy against her face, until finally she came in an amazing climax that left them both breathless.

“Now it’s your turn,” Casey said, as she slid her face underneath Linda’s sopping twat. Linda’s pussy was on fire. Casey’s tongue was wide and covered every inch of her clit and pussy with each lap. Casey licked and sucked Linda’s little nubbin and just as Linda was about to cum, Casey stopped and shoved her tongue into Linda’s pussy and jammed it in and out of her hole. Casey took her long finger and played with Linda’s tingling clit while her tongue assaulted Linda’s sopping pussy. Finally it was too much for Linda and she came with a long and powerful moan.

The two got up and looked at each other and Casey said, “Pretty good for a warm up.”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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