Linh Loves Big Dicks

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My friend Steve was out one night after work, alone. He walked down a crowded street full of shops and restaurants, looking for a quick place to change a dollar for the meters. He stepped into a clothing store that was near closing and asked the clerk, a young woman, if she could change his dollar.

“Sure,” she said, opening the register and taking his bill. She handed him some quarters and he thanked her, smiling.

“It’s no problem, especially for you,” she told him, smiling back. Steve liked her boldness so he asked her if she wanted to get a drink.

“No…I have to be somewhere pretty soon. But maybe we can arrange something another time?”

They agreed to meet the next day at the store where she worked, right at closing time, again. Her name was Linh. Steve was right on time as he saw her closing the register and locking up the back room. She turned off the lights and opened the door for him, letting him into the abyss.

“Do you want to see our inventory?” She asked, wildly. She took him by the arm and led him into the store’s dressing room area.

“What kind of inventory can be sold in the dark?” He asked her, amused.

“This kind,” she replied, taking off her top, exposing her breasts. They were probably fake, but Steve didn’t mind. He stepped forward and touched one, and then the other. Linh let her shirt fall to the floor and then started to remove Steve’s.

“Do you treat all of your customers so well?” He asked, continuing the charade.

“Only the ones I think have big cocks,” She replied in a hearty voice. Steve loved that. He loved the idea of petite women liking big dicks. It made him hard and Linh noticed. She went for his pants and freed his throbbing prick.

“Is this OK?” He asked, referring to his 10 inch endowment. Linh got on her knees and rubbed it, still topless, against her tits. The hard points of her nipples made Steve almost blow his load right then. He took a step back, instead, and told Linh to stand up.

She stood and removed her skirt and was left in just a thong and heels. She turned around and he saw her thong disappearing between her little ass cheeks, almost asking him to remove it and see what it covered. He stepped forward and pressed his naked body against hers, rubbing his cock into her stomach. She moaned and her hand found his shaft.

She pumped his shaft and he fondled her tits and stomach. She lowered herself and finally took his knob into her pouty mouth. He sighed as she went to work, sucking in his shaft and then cupping his balls. He noticed a bench and told her they should get more comfortable.

Steve sat down on the bench, his cock glistening upward, hard and ready, and she joined him, returning her mouth to his tip, sucking up the first drops of his release. She continued and he started to thrust slowly into her throat. She allowed him to go as far as he wanted, and she kept sucking and humming on his dick. His hands were on her shoulders and in her hair, and he leaned back a little. How lucky he had been to walk into this particular store!

“I’m gonna cum…” He whispered to her as he felt her hot mouth circling his shaft, pulling at him and making his balls tense up. She squeezed a little and he shot a load into her throat. She swallowed it all and his cock slipped from her lips, dripping a little.

She looked up at him pendik escort and he got up. She stood up as well, thinking they’d be going now, but he stopped her.

“We can’t leave until you cum, too,” He told her, motioning for her to sit down on the bench. She did and he approached her, nearly ripping off her thong, exposing her naked slit. She was bare and slick. He pressed his fingers to her and felt her warmth, then let one slip in. She moaned and spread her legs, leaning back. Her tits rose and fell dramatically with her heavy breaths and her long, black hair fell behind her back. Steve let another finger slip into her hole and he rubbed her hard clit with his thumb. She continued to moan softly and his other hand gripped her hip. He bent down and took a taste.

“Ah…” She moaned, louder, as his tongue grazed her wetness. He licked again, this time going deeper between her lips. He continued to lick her and rub her, using his fingers to fill her up. She moaned and started to thrust her pussy into his face. His mouth rocked her and his hands drove her into orgasm. When her moans subsided, he pulled his hand away and looked up, his face still inches away from her dripping hole.

“Screw the drinks, let’s fuck,” She said, panting. Then she got on all fours on the bench and turned her head to look at Steve seductively. That and her ass in the air revealing her open hole made Steve’s dick come back to life. He felt it stirring and knew that he wanted to be inside of Linh. I bet her cunt is tight, he thought, and I bet it’s hot as fuck after what I just did to her.

He knelt behind her on the bench and put his hands on her ass and hips. He rubbed his dick against her ass and between her thighs, moistening it and making her moan. He continued rubbing her from clit to ass with his now fully erect cock.

“So you like big cocks?” He asked her, pushing the fat, swollen tip of his giant member against her dripping opening.

“Yes,” she breathed, “I love a long, fat cock inside of me.” She looked back again, at him and what he was doing. Seeing her face made Steve even harder. He pushed against her and she felt the first inch of his prick slip inside of her. She gasped.

She was very tight so Steve eased into her at first, pushing in inch by inch until he felt her body stop him. His whole cock didn’t even fit all the way into her, but most of it did, and that was enough. The idea that his dick was too big to even go in all the way was so hot to Steve. He started pumping into her, in and out, until he was soaked and he could hear slurping sounds. She squeeled with each of his thrusts, pushing herself back into him and meeting his cock head on. He could see her big tits swaying and he grabbed on, fucking her from behind. She spread her legs a little wider and he got his cock up into her about an inch more, and then started getting really rough.

“Oh fuck,” he grunted, slamming into her cunt.

“Fuck me hard, yes, hard!” She screamed as he obeyed and rammed into her, thrusting like mad. She screamed and moaned while he fucked her and he just grunted and stuck it in as far as he could every time, hitting her back wall.

“I love it when I feel a cock hitting into me as far as it can!” She told him, still moaning and bucking into him as he screwed her on the bench.

He gripped her hips again and held her still escort pendik so he could go even harder. He slammed and slammed until he saw her knees almost giving. Then he thrusted hard one last time and came inside of her as she screamed in orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes!” She screamed, “I feel it, oh it’s so hot! Ah…” And then she clenched down on him, milking every drop from his cock, filling her pussy with his cum. He grunted as he felt himself drain into her and then he pulled out. She remained in position long enough for him to see some of his cum dripping from her. Then she got up.

“That was so good,” He told her, catching his breath.

“Mmm Hmm,” she agreed, still sighing. She stood before him, naked and dripping. He was spent but knew he wanted to fuck Linh again, later.

They went out for drinks and Linh told him that she had a fetish for big cocks and getting fucked in different places, in different positions. She was very open about what she did and what she liked, and she had no interest in anything more than casual sex with Steve. This was fine with him. She seemed to think she had a talent for being able to tell how big a guy’s cock was just by looking at him.

“How can you prove that?” He asked her, smiling.

“Well, if there is anyone you know, who I might be able to look at, then we can see,” she hinted. Steve took the cue and suggested she go home with him and try her talent on his room mate, Tom. She quickly agreed and they left in a hurry.

Tom wasn’t home when they arrived at Steve’s huge beach apartment. Steve called Tom’s cell and learned that he’d gone out for the night, but when Steve explained the situation to him, he said he be there in 10 minutes. While they waited for him, Linh and Steve sipped drinks and fooled around.

Tom got home to see Steve and Linh making out on the couch, his hand down her skirt and her tongue on his nipple.

“Woah!” He exclaimed, seeing the two before him. They pulled away from each other and straightened up.

“Tom, this is Linh. Linh, Tom,” Steve introduced them and Tom sat on the other side of Linh.

“Linh has a talent she’d like to try on you, for my amusement, if you’re willing,” Steve explained to his room mate.

“I am definately willing,” Tom replied, sitting back.

“Well,” Linh started, “I am going to say I think you have a big cock. I am guessing it is just as big as Steve’s. Almost the same!” She sounded confident and Tom looked surprised.

“Did you tell her?” Tom asked of Steve.

“No!” He attested.

“It’s true then?” Linh asked, looking smug.

“It’s true,” Tom said, unzipping his pants.

In a matter of minutes, Linh was sucking Tom’s cock while Steve watched, sipping a beer. She sat beside him on the couch, leaning over so she could deep throat Tom while Steve got a good view of her tits as well, since her shirt was hanging open. He saw them moving as she bobbed up and down on his room mate’s dick. Tom just sat back and enjoyed the blow. He sighed and had his arms behind his head. She used her hand to grip his shaft while she concentrated her tongue on the tip.

Tom didn’t warn her when he was going to splash so she was surprised when he did. She tried to swallow it all but his cock popped out in mid-blow and he sprayed his load across the outside of her mouth. She sat up and grabbed a tissue to pendik escort bayan clean up, laughing.

By then Steve was hard again. He stroked his own cock which he had taken out during the little show. Tom got up and moved to a chair next to the couch, while Steve moved towards Linh and pushed his cock against her mouth. She sucked it in and this time was on all fours, her ass facing Tom. He got back up and, almost zombie-like, pulled down her underwear to reveal her spread cunt. She was licking Steve’s cock and she didn’t mind it when Tom started licking her pussy.

So Steve blew another load down Linh’s throat and Tom sent her into a climax as he drove his tongue into her holes, his thumb firm against her clit. When it was over, she stripped naked before the two men and went back to Tom’s cock, this time, sitting against him and rubbing the semi-erect dick all over herself.

“I want your big dick inside of me,” She told him, while Steve watched, incredulous.

“Fine by me,” Tom replied, smiling and getting harder. She got on the floor and stood up against the couch, bending forward so her ass was on display. Tom got up and plunged his cock into her wet hole. She screamed because he had no grace, he just rammed it up her. When he hit her back wall, he just pushed against it, sending her into immediate bliss. She screamed and gripped the couch with her fingers as he just thrusted, pushed, and continued to fuck her until he heard her scream loudly.

“AH!” She had a mad look in her eye and she just let Tom fuck her harder and harder, until his cock was forced all the way inside, up to his balls, making her stretch to accomodate him. Then he pulled it out and pushed his dick head againat her asshole.

“Yeah, fuck my ass!” She screamed, her cunt dripping. He pushed into her ass unceremoniously, until it gave and allowed half of his cock in, then he shoved the rest up. Her ass let his whole dick slide in and out. He fingered her pussy while he screwed her up the butt and she wailed.

“I love it,” She growled. Steve just watched, incredulous. He knew Tom liked it rough but this was a little crazy, he thought. Linh was loving it, though. She met his thrusts and moaned at his touch. He had all four fingers in her cunt while his dick fucked her little ass. Her pleasure climaxed when he sprayed a load into her, his cock pulsing inside of the tightest of holes. She felt her whole body go numb with pleasure as he let the last drops drip into her before pulling out.

“More!” She screamed. But Tom was spent. He collapsed on the chair behind him and Steve got up to replace him. He didn’t want to disappoint a lady. He pushed his cock into her pussy to lube it up, thrusting in and out a few times, then pulled out. He ran into the next room and emerged with a big dildo, which he promptly shoved into Linh. She moaned on it and he fucked her pussy with it while he pushed his dick into her ass. She was so wet that it slid right in and he could feel the fake cock against his own inside of her. She screamed even louder than before this time, in obvious exctasy. He rhythmically fucked her in both holes until she shook beneath him 3 or 4 times. Then he pulled his cock out and shot a load all over her ass and back. It felt hot against her back and she moaned again as it hit her.

“Oh my god!” She exclaimed, “You guys are the best I’ve ever had. I will have to be visiting you more often!” And noticing both men starting to pass out, she got dressed and left. When Steve woke up, he saw her phone number written on a paper on the coffee table and he smiled.

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