Lisa and a Man called Horse Ch. 02

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A few days went by before we got the contracts to sign. We carefully reviewed them and everything that we agreed upon was in the contract.

We called Horse to come over to sign the contract and to have dinner with us.

He arrived around 6:00 p.m. and we went over the contract and told him he would be getting $1 million dollars to make the movie with Lisa.

Horse signed the contract and said that he is going to enjoy making the movie. Lisa laughed and told him that there will be two other women in the movie that he will get to enjoy as well.

I told him that we will be in touch with him when we get the script.

Of course, before he left, Lisa invited him upstairs to our bedroom and told Horse that she wanted to rehearse for the movie.

No sooner than Lisa got her last piece of clothes off, Horse was all over her and got his cock in her cunt and started fucking her.

It didn’t take much time before he shot his load in her cunt.

I just shook my head at Lisa and told her she was insatiable when it came to sex.

Lisa told him that he did a good job and couldn’t wait to make the movie with him.

The next day Lisa called Tiffany and Tammy and told them about the movie. They both agreed to do it and were happy to be getting $500,000 pendik escort each. Lisa told them she would call them when she got the script.

A month went by and finally the script arrived. However, it was more like an outline but it gave us a good idea about the movie.

Robert’s note said for us to review it and let him know about modifications.

That night we went over the outline.

. Outline 1 – Horse & Lisa meet on the internet. After a few weeks, they meet in person. They go out on a date. Lisa invites him to her place for a nightcap & they have sex & Lisa is in her glory with Horse’s huge cock.

. Outline 2 – They decide to take a mini Hedonistic vacation together at an island resort.

. Outline 3 – On the way back, their small plane crashes on an outer island. Lisa, Horse, John & two women survive. They are there for a week before being rescued.

. Outline 4 – Once rescued, the five become very good friends in more ways than one.

. Outline 5 – Lisa and Horse move on with their lives.

We both kind of liked the flow but weren’t sure how each outline would develop, especially the last one.

We spoke to Robert about the outlines and he said that as each one is filmed, he will make changes to the next outline and so forth.

He escort pendik said the first two will really be the foundation for the others.

We told him that it made sense and that we couldn’t wait to start.

Robert said that promos were being developed and set to start airing long before the premier. He also said he would like Lisa and Horse to come in for a photo shoot.

Over the next week, Horse & Lisa did a photo shoot. Most of the pictures were of them nude or semi nude in various positions. Once the photos were ready, the promos started announcing Lisa coming out of retirement for a special movie with her new leading man.

Nude photos of her and Horse were all over the place touting her return with her new leading man.

Finally, the movie was set to start. Robert got all the actors together at his place and went over the movie with them. He told them that they would shoot the first outline in NY, the second one in Jamaica, the third one on a nearby island, the fourth one in the mountains and the fifth outline in NY.

When the meeting ended, Robert invited everyone to use the pool and to enjoy themselves.

We all got up and went to the pool. I undressed and jumped in followed by Lisa and Tiffany and Tammy. Horse looked at everyone and got pendik escort bayan naked and finally jumped in.

The two girls were all over Horse, feeling him up and kissing him. Lisa told them to be careful because when he cums, he packs a wallop as she laughed.

It wasn’t long before Tammy tried to straddle his cock as she tried to ride him. We watched as she rode him the best she could and suddenly she gave out a yell as Horse started cumming in her cunt.

Tammy yelled out, “Lisa, you are right. His cum does really hit you. It feels good though.” When she lifted herself off of him, his cum just poured out of her.

Tiffany then went over to suck his cock and after a few minutes, he came a ton in her mouth as it dribbled out and down her chin and onto her tits.

We all laughed and Lisa told them to expect even more when the movie filming starts.

Just then she told Horse to fuck her ass. Lisa quickly got on all fours and Horse lubed up his cock with his cum and stretched Lisa’s asshole as he pushed his cock deep into her.

She started yelling for him to fuck her ass hard and he did. He then shot his cum and filled her ass until his cum was flowing out of her.

I took some great pictures of the scene which I was going to sell to the media for exposure for the upcoming movie.

After a few hours of having fun, we all got dressed and headed out.

As we were leaving, Robert said the filming starts next week and for everyone to be ready.

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