Lisa Gets Photographed

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A few years back, I made friends with a bloke who used the same snooker club as me. We got talking one day, about different things and it came out about my photography and that I dabbled in most aspects. He said that his girlfriend was a bit of an exhibitionist, liked to be photographed and wanted to try out a lot of things. I said I’d meet up with her, check out the situation (sometimes, I have to say, blokes are more convinced than their partners that the poor women want to be photographed naked). I’m glad I did because Lisa was fucking rampant and more up for it than anyone I’d ever met at that point in my life. The thing was, I later found out, my new-found friend wasn’t providing the goods at home and they split up a couple of months after our photo-session.

Anyway, I went over to their flat and he – as pre-arranged – buggered off somewhere and I set myself up on the bed. Lisa looked fabulous, in a short yellow skirt, strappy shoes and an orange gypsy top. If possible, she looked hotter than she had the night we’d first met. She told me she wanted to strip and I told her that was fine.

When I film, especially if someone is moving, it’s difficult to figure out when to take pictures to capture the right moment so I tend to take loads. It doesn’t cost anything, you probably won’t miss anything and it’s very easy to sort them all out afterwards.

“You can touch me, if you want,” she said.

I wanted to, fuck did I want to, but I said, “It’s okay, I’m here just to take the pictures. Your boyfriend won’t like it.”

“Fuck him, why do you think he hired you after we met up? Unless you have someone else, you and me are going to have some fun tonight.”

I smiled, my cock throbbing and stuck my thumb up for her to start.

Lisa stood in front of me and I just wanted to touch her, to feel her gorgeous body and throw her onto the bed and fuck her senseless. She started to dance, sinuously and slowly pulled the straps of her top down. Her tits were just right, not massive but not peaches either and they were really perky. She played with them for a while, cupping them and rubbing the nipples with her palms and fingertips. Soon, those rosy buds were hard and ready.

She pulled her top güvenilir bahis over her head and then turned around and bent forward, waving her juicy arse in my face. Her tiny skirt didn’t hide much and she ran her hand from her cunt up to her arse.

“Do you like it?” she said.

“Fucking love it,” I said, “you’re fucking beautiful.”

She pulled her skirt up to her waist and put her hand in her panties, playing with her arse. The gusset was already damp.

“Can I touch?” I wanted to, so badly.

“You’ll get your chance,” she giggled and pushed her skirt down quickly. She stepped out of it and sat on the floor, spreading her legs wide. The gusset of her panties was now see-through. She pushed her hand under the fabric and slid her fingers into her cunt and started to play with herself.

“I love it when I’m wet,” she gasped.

I so wanted to touch her. “You look fucking gorgeous,” I said.

“Pull my panties off,” she ordered.

I got off the bed onto my hands and knees and kissed the inside of her thighs. I wanted to lay on top of her, to suck her tits and lick her belly and slide my fingers into her cunt, but she obviously had a plan for this and I didn’t want to upset it.

Gently, I pulled her panties down and I saw that the gusset was slick now. Her cunt, shaved and pouting, almost seemed to be screaming out for my tongue but then she put her legs together so that I could get her panties over her ankles.

“Roll over,” I said and she did, as I got back onto the bed. I took a couple of pictures and she got into it, rubbing her crotch into the floor and sticking her arse in the air. Her arse looked so inviting, just waiting to be licked and bitten and – perhaps? – fucked senseless.

She reached under herself and slid her fingers into her cunt again. It was really wet by now, the squelching noises proving that even if the rapid movement didn’t. Then she did something that made me realise I was onto a good thing here. She brought her wet fingers out and began to play with her arsehole and then gently, slowly, slid first one and then two fingers into herself.

“Have you ever fucked someone in the arse?” she grunted.

“A couple of times,” I said. I so wanted türkçe bahis those fingers to be mine. I didn’t want to touch her until she was ready, but it was a real struggle not to start having a wank watching all of this.

“Did you like it?”

I had, though I preferred a warm, giving cunt. I also didn’t like to hurt the girls and most anal, I’ve found, does cause quite a bit of discomfort. “Yeah, it’s good.”

“I like it too,” she said and slid another finger in, “but not too much. You can do my arse, if you like.”

“I’m going to have to do it soon,” I said, “or I’ll be coming all over you.”

She got up onto her hands and knees and crawled over to me, between my legs. I stared at her tits and my cock leapt to attention.

“You are pleased to see me, aren’t you, big boy?” she said, undoing my belt and zip.

“Who wouldn’t be, Lisa? You’re fucking beautiful, you really are.”

She pulled my trousers and boxers down and stroked my balls, then slid a damp finger into my arse. I jumped and she giggled. “Oooh, you like that,” she said and leaned forward, sucking the head of my cock into her mouth.

She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and began to wank me, sucking me harder and harder, concentrating on the head. I felt her tongue swirl around my japs eye, watched her hands move – one on my cock, the other slipping down to rub my balls.

“Let me lick your cunt,” I said.

“No,” she said, “fuck me instead.”

She leaned back and grabbed her bag and pulled a condom out of it. In one quick movement, it was out of its wrapper and on my cock. She got onto my lap and eased herself down on me and I took the opportunity to suck her tits. They were as beautiful as I’d thought they would be, the nipples hard but pliant, her tits themselves firm and warm.

She moved well, brushing her tits against my face. I licked them each and every time, delighting in the taste and each time I got a nipple, she let out a little gasp.

After a few moments, she moved around, planting her hands on the floor and her feet on either side of my head. As she fucked me, I watched my cock slide in and out of her, her pussy juices dripping into my pubic hair. Her succulent arse opened up güvenilir bahis siteleri and I played with it, running my fingers down the cleft. Her arsehole winked at me and she puckered the muscles as I slid one finger in and then another, until I quickly had three fingers inside her.

She was gasping now, fucking me faster. “Fuck my arse,” she pleaded, “please fuck my arse.”

“Get on the floor then,” I said and she slid off me and got onto her hands and knees. I hardly gave her time to catch her breath and was behind her in an instant. I spat on her arsehole twice and rubbed it into her hole. My cock didn’t need anything, the condom coated with thick pussy juice.

Slowly, listening to her breathing and ready to stop if she cried out, I penetrated her arse. She was tight and I moved slower, not wanting to come right now. It took a few minutes until I was in nuts deep and she put her head on the floor, which both raised her arse and freed her hands so that she could hold her cheeks open.

That was a fine sight and I made sure I got a picture of that.

She pushed back against me and I thrust into her. She tightened her muscles and it was like getting a powerful handjob, whilst staring at a lovely arse. It was too much.

I pulled out of her and span her around and onto her back and thrust into her. As boring as people might say it is, I love this position. I love to see the woman’s face, her bouncing tits, her belly and her cunt. I love it when they put their feet on my chest so that I can lick their toes, I love to play with their clit with my thumb.

Which was what I did. I thrust in and out of her, rubbing her clit and she came quickly, almost sobbing with pleasure, her chest reddening and her breathing getting very quick.

“Come on me,” she gasped, when I told her I was almost there.

I thrust a few more times, then pulled out and pulled the condom off. She quickly got to her knees and began to wank me, cupping my balls.

It didn’t take long. I thought she wanted me to come over her face – I would have loved to come over her tits – but she opened her mouth and wanked me straight into it, sucking the remainder out when I was done.

She opened her mouth, showing me my cum on her tongue and I took a picture of that.

We never fucked again but, until they split up, her boyfriend kept saying Lisa had said it was the best thing she’d ever done. I wonder if she ever showed him the photographs?

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