Live Long and Prosper Together

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Author’s note: Hi! I aimed to make this story a little different. The plot will possible require quite a bit of suspension of disbelief, if you go in expecting two typical (or rather, neurotypical) people.

Note that in line with the personalities of the characters I have opted for more scientific or nerdy terminology in some of the descriptions. While ‘adenosine triphosphate’ is hardly among the most erotic terms in English language, I hope the reader will regardless find the text entertaining. So go, embrace your inner Spock or Spockette, may you have as much fun reading as I had writing!


“And finally, we have Harry and Mei!” the young woman announced. There was a mild cheer from the audience.

Harry and Mei were the two best debaters in the club, and their debates were the highlights of the meetings. They were neck to neck in the annual ranking, with the championship decided that very day, the last meeting of the semester. Eternal glory and gloating rights for the winner. It was a big deal.

She was Asian-American, loved her t-shirts and tight jeans almost as much as her black-rimmed glasses. Her jet black hair reached her shoulders, and she usually kept it tied in a tight ponytail. She was skinny and was deficient in the curvature department, but she had a sweet face and an equally sweet personality to compensate for the lack of raw feminity. She often brought cupcakes to the meeting, and they were sorely needed, since most times they exceeded the planned time and went on for hours and hours. Especially if the finale of the night was her and Harry.

He was Caucasian, and nerdy as hell. He’d picked computer science as a major mainly to finally be able to use strict, unambiguous communication protocols without being labeled as a weirdo. He never backed from a battle of logic, and that made him a fearsome opponent. Whereas he lacked Mei’s superior planning, knowledge, and people-reading skills, nobody questioned the fact that in raw logical processing power, he was slightly ahead of her. He wasn’t very popular with ladies, and he hoped that the championship trophy would give him the boost to finally ask someone out. Chicks dig champions, he had read from an online self-help guide.

“As usual, we will let you guys decide your topic. That has proven very entertaining so far. I’ll toss the coin. Mei, heads or tails?” the announcer continued.


The announcer tossed the coin.

“Tails it is! Harry, you pick the topic. Mei chooses her side on it.”

Shit. Harry was always better at choosing the side. Topic was hard because of a virtually unlimited number of options, branches, argument chains to forward-simulate. Analysis paralysis. Still, he would have to win this. But Mei was really smart. He needed a curveball. And he needed to out-trap her.

“Harry?” the announcer asked after two minutes of absolute silence, him rubbing his chin frantically.

“Ok, ok. I have a topic. My topic is, ‘Mei should fuck Harry’.”

“Mei?” there was no shock in the announcer’s voice. Controversial, personal, and sensitive topics weren’t new with these two. At least this one wasn’t about genocides or the optimum way to murder a person.

“I choose ‘no’ side.” Her face was stone. She was already planning her moves, calculating her angles, setting her traps for Harry.

“Great,” the announcer replied. “Harry, your opening statement.” She went on to sit in the audience.

“Mei, you should fuck me for several reasons. First, sex relieves stress, and I can see you are stressed. This would have a positive impact on your grades, and thus further your career.” He started with an obvious, easy one, to get the discussion going.

“No, I should not fuck you. Sex outside of an established relationship carries more risks than perks, especially for women. First, there is pregnancy. Second, there are diseases. Both of these can have life-long impacts, and while having a baby is not automatically negative, we, in our current situations, would not be able to give them a good childhood.” Her arguments were easy to counter, as planned. Better get him overconfident.

“These issues are trivial. With the vast majority of birth control methods today, unwanted pregnancies are very rare with two smart, sober adults. I have a condom with me,” he said, taking one from his wallet, and putting it on the table. “Although I also know you are a proponent of hormonal birth control from our previous discussions, and thus likely are on the pill.”

She gave a nod.

“Second, diseases would not be a problem, at least for you. I am a virgin, as all of you know, and thus I have not had any opportunities to contract a disease. Ergo, no risk of transmission to you.”

There were several agreeing murmurs in the audience.

“Perhaps I could not bear the idea of transmitting something to you? It would scar me for life, and thus also have a life-long impact,” she replied.

“Have you had unprotected sex?”


“Have you had any sex?”


“With a human partner, Mei.”


“See. bursa escort No risk, then. If you have no other counters…” he said, straightening his back in an attempt to seem taller.

“Of course I do, Harry. Sex comes with indirect, societal impacts as well. First among them are the dynamics in the social group. In a college setting such as ours, whom one has sex with is important for one’s standing. Having sex with you might hurt my status.”

“I don’t disagree. Having sex with an athlete, or an older professor, would likely net you more admiration from your friends, and make you popular.”

“Is that all your full counter?”

“No. What I said is only relevant in the short term. Remember, your final objective in life is not to be popular in college. You want to get a good job, get a smart husband, and make smart babies that will survive in the natural selection of the modern society. Correct?”


“And having sex with a virgin nerd would undoubtedly make you shunned by your friends, who would not want to associate themselves with such a loser. This, in turn, would leave you with more time to study and do extra projects, thus increasing your likelihood of landing a perfect job.”

“In theory, yes. However, that would have a positive effect only if other people knew about it.”

“Agreed. This is why having sex in public would be optimal, ensuring maximum positive impact on your grades.”

He wasn’t actually wrong. Still, she still had her trump card. And another card after that, if necessary. She’d make him fight for it.

“Fine. However, sex has one more effect. It can make people fall in love. This is not good for people like us who will likely move away to pursue optimal careers. It would lead to a long-distance relationship, which would lead to unhappiness, which would lead to a decreased job performance.”

“Having sex does not necessarily make people fall in love.”

“Not necessarily, but for two inexperienced people such as you and I, it is extremely likely. Both of us, but me in particular, would secrete plenty of oxytocin, and it would be unavoidable for me to fall in love with you. It would be even worse if you did not reciprocate, since then I would be hung up on you, unable to focus on anything else.”

“There are ways to mitigate the effect. First, we would not have sex in a bed, and not cuddle afterward. Say, a table such as this is a much less romantic platform,” he said, tapping his desk. “Second, I could ejaculate outside of your vagina to lessen the effect. For example, on your belly, where it would be easy to wipe off. This minimal amount of oxytocin would not lead to anything more than a passing crush, which would be minor in its negative impact compared to all the benefits from being a social outcast.”

“Ha! You fail to realize that I am a very sensitive woman, in several meanings of the word. While I haven’t had a male partner, my orgasms are triggered easily by either clitoral or vaginal stimulation. Having a live penis with all of its warmth, wetness and life inside me would without doubt cause me to achieve several strong orgasms, which would saturate my brain in love hormones.”

Harry hesitated in his reply, so she continued.

“Moreover, we have neglected the fact that I am a virgin. While I could lie about being a virgin even after our encounter, that would cause internal discomfort for me, and that would have a negative effect. Thus, I would have to be honest. This, in turn, would likely be at least a moderate problem for a specific type of men I’m attracted to. These men are usually smart and sensitive, quiet and inexperienced. Because of their own inexperience and often very romantic and idealistic personalities, they might not consider me a feasible long-term mate were I not a virgin. Thus, it is definitely optimal for me to stay as one until I find a man I want to marry.”

She drew breath, and locked her eyes to his.

“Lastly, I am sensitive both physically and emotionally. I know myself, and would surely fall in love with you even with the precautions that you enumerated. I develop feelings easily to people around me, even without necessarily being intimate with them. There is no question that with that level of genital membrane contact I would be absolutely smitten.”

She looked at Harry triumphantly. The announcer started to get up from her seat to announce her victory.

“Wait, not so fast,” Harry pointed his finger at the announcer. “I acknowledge all of the following logic. I also add that were you to orgasm while I was inside, I would likely ejaculate from that, and that would nullify my earlier argument about ejaculating outside of you. This would further strengthen the emotional bond.”

“Exactly. Thus, I should not fuck you, Harry.”

“You still neglect one key aspect of all of this.”

“Enlighten me.”

“That I am the man who you should spend the rest of your life with. Think about it: I’m very smart, I’m not bad-looking, unhealthy or display any bad genes, and cross-ethnicity children bursa escort bayan have statistically better health than single-ethnicity children. Further, I have a high earning potential, allowing for a high standard of living for the family. In fact, you could afford to take maternity leave for each of our children, giving them the best possible start in life.”

He drew breath, and stood up, putting his hands on the desk as a sign of dominance.

“Additionally, I am a skinny nerd, and a stereotypical human female will not find me attractive. Therefore, I would not have opportunities to cheat on you. This would strengthen the marriage, again giving the children a happy home to be successful in. Yet, by copulating with me, you would strengthen the representation of this phenotype of humans in the world, which would lead to a safer future world for our progeny due to less testosterone.”

She opened her mouth, but he went on.

“And so your arguments about oxytocin turn against you. It would undeniably be optimal to form a loving bond with the father of your children already in college, because then you could be guaranteed there is no baggage from previous relationships. In addition, co-habiting from an early age would put us on a trajectory of greater financial security, allowing us to work part-time while your children were young and retire early, leading to less lifelong stress, and a longer, healthier, happier life. Now, I am finished.”

Mei was not often speechless, but that’s exactly what she was at the present time.

“Mei?” the announcer asked from her seat.

“I yi…”

“Wait!” shouted Harry. “Don’t yield yet. That would signal the end of this meeting, and the crowd would disperse. For the best possible outcome, we have to have a large audience.”

“What? You mean right now?”

“I thought you agreed that this would lead to the best possible outcome for your life. Future opportunities might be suboptimal.”

“I see, and I agree. Let us proceed. Is there anything in the rules about a more physically active debate style?” she asked the announcer.

“No. As long as both parties agree to a particular style, the rules are clear that you can proceed and that the meeting will not end until one of you yields.”

“Excellent.” Mei rose from her seat, and walked to Harry’s desk. “We should start by kissing. It will signal our bodies that we are about to have sex, and will let them prepare accordingly.”

Harry nodded, put his hands on her narrow hips, and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around him, closed her eyes, and welcomed him. There was a faint ‘aww’ from the audience as the two superstars of the club were embracing each other.

As Mei and Harry continued their mutual first kiss, their hands started to explore each other. Harry’s went from Mei’s hips to her butt, which was surprisingly round compared to her overall build. He pushed her hips against his groin, letting her feel his biological part of their incoming equation. Mei’s hands were on Harry’s butt, pressing him against her, enjoying the feeling of something stiff between her legs. Her birth canal was becoming moist at a rapid rate.

They separated, and smiled at each other.

“Harry, I can feel myself already developing feelings for you.”

“Correction: stronger feelings. Whether you have known it or not, you have admired me for some time, though you probably have felt confused and conflicted by it. I have found you attractive ever since I saw you the first time, and the sense of fulfillment of finally kissing you, as well as the anticipation of having sex with you, will make those emotions solidify into something more lasting.”

“Yes, you are right. Several things. First, I like when you assert your will and correct me. It shows you are confident, and that you are capable of being the leader in the relationship. Second, professing your crush on me does further accelerate how I feel about you. Third, I find myself enjoying kissing you. It makes me feel loved. It also makes my vagina moist, soon ready to accept your penis. However, before we get to that, I would like that we kiss some more. I really liked it very much.”

She grabbed Harry again, and the two of them got entangled in another kiss. While their lips were sending rejoicing nerve signals to the pleasure centers in their brains, Harry’s hands were starting to enter Mei’s waistband.

“Harry, are you rushing to intercourse?”

“Somewhat, yes. My motivation is as follows: I hope to make love to you for a long time, and if the duration meets my expectations, some people in the audience may have low enough blood sugars that they will consider leaving before we are done.”

“Nobody is going to leave while we have sex. I guarantee it. Most people here are inexperienced enough that this act will be very captivating. Their own desires will suppress most other bodily functions they have until the finale.”

“I see. You are correct. My second reason is that I am getting very aroused by the thought of seeing you naked, and my rational brain is escort bursa losing in voting power to my caveman brain. Thus, I am not in full control of my actions.”

“That is okay. Please do not try to restrain your desires. Please make me feel like I am a woman and you are my man. Take me. Show everyone in the room that you are a champion in more ways than one. Make them spread the word, maximize the social impact.”

Harry didn’t respond. He’d gotten the button of Mei’s jeans open, and in one fluid combination of hand movements he opened her zipper, and pulled her jeans to her mid-thigh. Next, his small muscles producing a surprising amount of force, he lifted her on the desk. A chubby long-haired guy in the audience was already moving his hand in his sweatpants pocket in a strange way, his face reddening as he couldn’t take his eyes off what was happening. Mei pulled her t-shirt off, and threw it on the ground.

Harry kissed her neck, then her collarbone, then the bra-covered small breast.

“Harry, do you think my breasts are capable of producing enough milk?”

He didn’t answer, and started fumbling with the locking mechanism of her bra.

“I suppose they have to, because otherwise evolution would have not given me them, right? Besides, they will likely retain their shape as I grow older, which should have a beneficial effect on our marriage? Harry?”

He didn’t keep his mouth shut, but that’s only because he finally got her bra off, throwing it on the pile of clothes that was growing on the floor. He took Mei’s breast in his mouth, and started sucking her nipple.

“Oh shit, that feels good. I am so ready to accept you,” she moaned more than said. As Harry kept sucking, the wet spot on the front of her white cotton underpants grew larger and darker.

Harry played with the suction and his tongue for a sweet time, then gave the same treatment to her other breast. When he was done, they were red and puffy. Mei was panting and trying to wiggle her underpants off without disturbing the man sucking her titties.

When she finally got them off, the scent of fertile female sex organs captured Harry’s full attention. He pulled her closer to the edge of the desk, and nonchalantly buried his face in Mei’s pussy. Had he been more attentive he would have paid notice to how innocent she looked. Her public hair was trimmed but not shaven. Her lips were cute and unmolested. Her flat belly transitioned to a slim pubic bone and finally to the vulva. None of this he paid any attention to, and none of it was visible to the audience since Harry’s face was in the way. Mei didn’t mind. She was completely preoccupied by his tongue on her clitoris, the sensation far superior to her fingers. The tongue was hot, demanding. His guttural slurps made her feel so wanted. He had not asked for permission, had not said anything cute or courteous. He had been taken by his primal instincts, all because of her. She was a real woman. She was capable of seducing a man. And what a man! Harry was funny, smart, and successful. His hair was messy in a cute way, and his arrogant smirk was so irritatingly arousing. The game had been long, but her plan was finally fully in motion.

Harry’s tongue had been fully in motion for some time as well, and as she had promised, her orgasm was bubbling toward the surface fast. Harry only grunted when she held his hair and forced his tongue harder against her jewel. Lick by lick she approached the summit, her consciousness focusing on the tiny spot housing the key to female pleasure. Her voice had been out of control for a long time, echoing in the small room full of red faces and aroused genitals. Her hips overrode her control and started grinding against Harry’s face. Her legs straightened, her calves pushing her toes out. Her core tensed, deep lines appearing on her low-fat torso.

After the first landfall of the orgasm, her crunch was reversed, with her back arching, pushing her diamond-tipped breasts out for optimum display and her thighs taking Harry’s head in their embrace. He simply pushed them back open, and continued his work on the altar that was the pussy of the woman he so desired. Mei’s orgasm had barely started to recede from the peak when Harry’s tongue went into her cavern of mystery, unspoiled by men up until that moment in time. This new sensation of her hole being pushed wider sent unprecedented shocks through her lithe body. This was it. Something was entering her pussy. So what it wasn’t a dick. It still felt better than anything she’d felt before. It also didn’t hurt that Harry’s nose was on her clitoris, his tip playing with it. It should have been too sensitive, his nose too hard and rough, but completely overcome by her sexuality, the only thing getting through into Mel’s brain was pure pleasure.

Mel’s second orgasm was even stronger than the first. Her muscles were already tired, but one of them was just getting started. Mel’s pussy was strangling Harry’s tongue, trying to push it out as hard as it could. Harry felt the contractions, and something dawned in his dimmed mind. Contractions. Meant for something. What, can’t recall. Nothing to do with tongue. Another part of body, fits into here better. Contractions meant to milk it empty. Get it filled up. Should do that, then. Tongue not so important.

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