Locked Into the Past, prt4

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I was brooding in my office Tuesday morning, thinking about the evening before. Richard accompanied me home from the office and visited with the family for an hour or so. The thing that concerned me was Pat’s behavior. My wife has always been sweet and friendly, but has never been what one would call a “hugger.” But when we walked in the living room, Pat met me with the usual hug and kiss on the lips, but instead of extending her hand to Richard as she normally would, she let him hug her and kiss her on the cheek. Certainly nothing that does not happen all the time with many casual friends, but totally out of character for Pat. As he stood to leave, she again let hime hug her, and this time she gave him a kiss his cheek.

My confidence was being tested. When Richard told me I was going to help him seduce my wife I was really not too worried. I had no doubt she would rebuff any of his advances regardless of anything short of using a date rape drug or getting her drunk, and I had seen her drink too much only twice in our nearly 20 year relationship and one of those times was her first year in college before we started dating. Even though I knew he had a certain magnetism around women and portrayed a confidence and commanding authority that many found hard to resist, I never believed it would affect Patty. I still felt she would rebuff his advances but now I was not quite as sure as I had been..

Joan buzzed to tell me Richard was on the phone. When I answered, he asked,”So, what did everyone decide about my taking the family out?”

“Well, we don’t know for certain yet, and won’t until the kids get home from school this afternoon and…

“HOLY FUCK!,” he screamed over the phone.

My temper flared. How did he think he could waltz in and take over our whole lives and schedule. I was ready to come back at him, when again he screamed over the phone, “Another plane just flew into the other tower.”

“What in the hell are you talking about,” I demanded.

“Didn’t you know a plane flew into one of the towers of the World Trade Center this morning?,” he asked.

“I heard something in the lobby this morning about a small plane flying into a building but since it was not local, I didn’t pay that much attention,” i said, “What’s the big deal?”

“The big deal is that a passenger jet just crashed into the other tower and I watched it all on television. Two planes in two buildings the same day? Man, that’s no accident. Something bad is happening. See if you can’t get to a TV or at least listen on the radio. I’m hanging up. I will talk to you later.” With that the phone went dead.

The rest of the day was a blur as we learned of the plane that had been crashed into the Pentegon and in the field in Pennsylvania and we all tried to absorb the meaning and eventual outcome of these carefully planned attacks. That evening at home I wanted to hold my family close. I could not imagine losing a one of them. In some ways my family was under attack from Richard and what he was insisting that I do. He had said something about getting a 28 day leave to wind up the estate. If so, that meant he could be here another three weeks.

The next afternoon, Richard showed up about the same time I got back from a quick lunch. Joan announced his arrival and I told her to send him in. “Just wanted to tie up any loose ends. Our reservations are for 7:00?,” he asked. I nodded yes. “Both June and Roy will be there I understand, but I was wondering what time we need to be back home and also have decided that I would like to spend the night with you instead of driving back home. Set that up with Pat. Otherwise I will get a motel room.”

“We need to be home no later than 10:00, because the kids have to go to school tomorrow, but if we are going to do this, I have got to put in a good afternoon here. I didn’t get very much done yesterday after everything happened.”

“No problem,” he said. I didn’t really come by to see you anyway. I am here to see that little Miss Wonderful Jo Anne,” he smiled.

“I assume you mean Joan, my secretary?, I asked.

“Oh, ok, thanks. It does help to use a woman’s right name when you are putting a move on her. I am going to make an urgent call for you from my cell like last time. What name did I use?,” he asked.

“I don’t remember, but I think it was Sinclair,” I said.

“That’s what I was thinking,” he concurred, and dialed my office number. In just a few minutes he was in the outer office and I was left with his cell and an imaginary private phone conversation. I turned back to the figures I had spread across my desk.

As Richard walked back into the outer office, Joan looked up and flashed him a hesitant smile. She could smile all friendly like but at the same time look like she was afraid she had no right to even enter another person’s world with even an act of friendliness. Richard thought it was almost like she needed permission to smile. He had never seen anyone that everything about them seemed to cry out that they knew they were totally deficient and derved to be used and abused. He wondered how far she could be pushed, before she felt she had a right to push back. He was determined to find out before his leave was over.

Joan was definetly on the plain side, but did have a cute little girlish figure. She was wearing a rather low cut blouse. Richard had been sure to apply his pheromone cologne that morning. He didn’t really know if it had the affect on women it was supposed to have or not, but he always had better luck when he wore it. He knew he had more confidence güvenilir bahis and had wondered if that was where the extra edge came from rather than the sex cologne itself.

Richard gave her one of his big smile and confidently walked over to her desk. The contrast between his confident assuredness and her timid uncertainty could not have been more striking. ” is that boss of yours always that busy,” he asked.

“Sometimes,” she said with a smile, as he came unconfomtably close to her. It always rattled her a little when someone invaded her space.

He stood above her, asking questions about what she was doing, all the while obviously staring down her blouse. She anwered with out looking up at him. When she finally looked up to meet his eyes and discovered what he was viewing, she turned red and quickly brought her hand up to hold her blouse to her chest.

Richard flashed her another confident smile as he looked so deeply into her eyes that she didn’t seem to have the power to look away. He took her hand in his and said,”No, don’t do that. Your breasts are so beautiful.” Submissively, she let his hand guide her’s away and the blouse again revealed her treasures to his hungry gaze. Her blushing cheeks deepened a shade or two under his compliment and his commanding eyes that seemed to suck all her will power from her.

“They are too small,” she answered in throaty voice.

He smiled reassuringly, as he spoke very gently to her. “Too small? Not at all. It’s not size that makes a breast beautiful. It is the shape and the proportion. Five pounds of fat isn’t what makes beauty, whereever it may be stored. Learn to appreciate this incredibly sexy body that God has given to you. Let me show you something.” With that he released her hand which fell helplessly in her lap, and he began to unbutton her blouse untill it was fully opened and revealing her bra.

“”But what if someone walks in,” she frantically protesed as he removed her blouse from her sholders.

“Ok, go lock the office door,” he told her.

Obediently, she got out of her chair and locked the door. As she walked back toward him, he told her again how beautiful and sexy she looked. Again, she blushed a deep red as she slowly walked back to Richard, drawn more by his magnatism than by her own will. He did not let her sit down this time. His hand held her by her naked waist. “Take off your bra,” he commanded softly.

She looked up hesitantly but said nothing, surrendering herself to his will that seemed to have taken over control of all her own thought processes. Her arms reached back and easily unhooked the bra and let it fall from her sholders. “Put it with the blouse,” he told her, and she dropped it on top of the desk..

His hands went to her breasts. Gently, he lifted them and let his hands roam over them, awakening the nipples that begain to harden to his touch. “Look at them,” he instructed her. She meekly obeyed.

“Look how elegantly they are shaped. They are so dainty and such a picture of grace. See the beautiful symmetry, each one formed in lovliness. Your nipples are a study in perfection. See how perky they look as they stand at attention in their full glory. Don’t you see their shapely beauty?,” he asked.

She looked into his eyes. She so wanted to see what he described , but for too many years she had looked at her undersized breasts and had seen only inferior nubs where others had real breasts. She had heard the boys make jokes about her smallness, and the girls shamed her over her undeveloped breast. She couldn’t even remember who was the first to say she had twinkies instead of titties, but it stuck, and all through high school, she was known as “Twinky” a name she always hated, but always answered to. Tears welled up in her eyes as she answered this man who had undressed her from the waist up to reveal her shameful lacking, “No, no, I see any thing but beauty,” she whimpered.

“Here, take your hands and feel them. Love them with your fingers, appreciate the fantastic beauty God has shaped on your beautiful chest.” he ordered her, as he released them and stepped out of the way.

Her hands lifted as if in someone else’s control. Her fingers moved to clutch her undersized boobs. She felt dirty to be exploring her own body. Here she was doing nasty things in front of someone she barely knew. Her hands searched for the hidden splendor no one else had ever seen, especially herself. ‘ Just hold them,” the voice said. “Look at them, See the beautiful gentle curves of your breasts? See the sassy little nipples demanding attention? Feel the delicate ridges around your nipples and see the exquisite colors of pink and brown and white. It looks like the work of a magnificent artist. There is not a hint of sagging in your breasts. They are perfection in superb detail. Can’t you see this glory you carry everyday of your life? Say it. Say I have beautiful breasts.”

“I, I, I, have beau…beaut,” she searched out his eyes for assurance, before she could make herself mouth the words: “I have…. have beautiful br..breasts,”
she finally choked out.

“That’s, right,” he assurred her. “Just keep repeating that for me to hear, and let me hold them again,” he told her. Immediately he took one of the dainty nipples into his mouth and begin to such on it. The nipple seemed to double in size. Her breathing deepened as she continued to praise her body with the words he had told her to say.

Richard’s goal was to get his dick in and out of her in less than 30 minutes. He had taken his time up to now, but knew it türkçe bahis was time not wasted. The rest should go pretty fast he knew as his hand moved to the bottom of her skirt and began to move up her inner thighs. She stiffened for a moment in protest but slowly relaxed again as her mind returned to those strange words her lips kept mouthing about her beauty. Soon his hands touched the silky panties. The crouch was almost dripping with her juices. As soon as his fingers touched her there, her whole body shuddered violently. He removed his hand and unzipped her skirt. She felt it fall to her ankles and stepped out of it, leaving her clad only in her wet panties. Richard wanted those to stay on her until the very last moment. He released her breast and kissed her mouth, stopping the mindless words she was obediently repeating. His hands moved to her panties and rolled them down till only the clutchingmouth of her pussy held them in place. Then as one hand roved over her lower body, his other returned to give pleasure to her breasts. He continued to work on her tongue, her titties and her leaking pussy. Finally, he pulled the soggy panties from her cunt and rolled it down her thighs and legs till it too lay at her feet.

He gripped her buttocks lifted her up, leaving her panties behind, and sat her on the edge of her desk. Quickly he burried his face in her well lubricated cunt and started to work on her quivering womanhood. His tongue licked the full length of her slit and when her hit her clitoris she jerked like she had been jolted with a volt of electricity. “Oh what did you do?, she cried out.

Richard was shocked at her words. Had no one ever touched her clit before, he wondered. He busied himself washing down her cuntal walls as he thrust deep inside her. He pulled out and headed again toward her love button. This time he sucked her clit into his mouth and attacked it with his tongue. She went wild as her hips thrust up from the desk and she began to shake involuntarily like she was freezing in the winter cold. He felt her orgasim building. She could have cared less who walked through the doors of her office. She would have surrended herself on stage for the whole world to see at that moment. Nothing mattered but the pleasure that was building in every nerve of her body. He thought a moment about leaving her just short of fulfillment, but then decided this would be a good build up for their next time. He devoted all his talent and skills to making this the mother of all orgasims.
There was no doubt in his mind when the earthquake of her first orgasim exploded in her belly. She moaned and cried out with pleasure. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Her hips bucked furiously from the desk top. Chill bumps covered her whole body as the intensity of those long denied sexual fireworks shot through every fiber of her being leaving her thoroughly spent as she finally collapsed and lay back on the papers neatly placed on the top of her desk. Even as she lay there almost in a comotose state, tingles of pleasure would periodically quiver down the trunk of her body into the deep recessed of her newly awakened womanhood.

Richard glanced at the clock on the wall and realized 21 minutes had passed. He was barely going to make the time limit. He pulled from between he legs and gently coaxed her back from the world of sexual ectasy. He explained to her that he did not have time to make love to her, like he wanted, but he was going to enter her and let her pussy pull him deep inside her. He needed to move her from the desk to the carpet. She offered no protest as he reached under her neck and drew her into an upright position, then holding her tight against him, he laid her on the plush carpet.. Some of the papers had stuck to her sweaty body and scatterred on the floor beside her. He undid his pants and let them fall to his feet as he skinned his jockey shorts down his hips, freleasing his rock hard cock. Kneeling between her parted thighs, he moved his penis to the mouth of her love channel and prepared to hide the salami. He learned quickly that this part of her body had not been well used. Either that prick that she had married didn’t have much equiptment or he didn’t bother using it much, because she was the tightest married woman he had ever had. Slowly he pushed inside her. He could feel her muscles tighten around his unfamiliar visitor, before he was over an inch inside her. He pushed inside another two inches and she began to whimper, “Oh, no, you are so big. I don’t think I can take anymore.”

Richard had other ideas. He knew not only that she could, but that she would take it all before she got off the floor today. He pushed another two inches inside. The streching was shooting pain deep inside her pussy. She had never taken that much meat inside of her. She tried to scoot up to escape this determined invader, but to no avail. He needed to get this done, Richard reasoned, and with one hard determined thrust he was all the way in. His thrust surprised her and she clenched every muscles of her body, which only increased the pain. “Relax,’ Richard whispered as he brushed the hair from her eyes and bent down to kiss her on the forhead. “You’ve taken it all, just let your body accomodate it. After a full minute, he began to move in and out a couple of inches at a time. Her pain had lessened considerably by now. Glancing at the clock he could barely see from the floor, Richard pulled out all the way to the head and then moved all the way back inside. She offered no resistence. Once more he withdrew and slide all the way back inside her. She moaned. güvenilir bahis siteleri He smiled. Then he pulled all the way out and began to pull up his shorts and pants into place.

“That’s all for today baby,” he told her. I am going to spend the night with you tomorrow and then I’m taking you out of town this week-end. Today was great, you little sexy thing you, but these next couple of days are going to be fabulous.” She continued to lay on the floor as if she was no longer aware that someone knock on her office door at any moment. “You better get dressed and get yourself together,” he told her as he bent down and picked up her panties. “The first time I take a woman’s panties off, they belong to me. I will buy you some more if you want and I only take the panties one time but these are memories,” he said as he waved them before her and then slipped them inside his pocket.

Suddenly she seemed to awaken to the real world again. She quickly jumped up and started slipping on her clothes. She caught a glimpse of herself in the reflection of the glass window. “Oh no, I am a mess,” she moaned, and as quickly as she could get everything covered, she unlocked the door and headed for the women’s room.

Richard opened the door to my office and walked in. He had been gone exactly 29 minutes. “Where is Joan?” I asked, surprised he had come back in while the phone was still connected.

“Oh she had to go to the ladies room, so I thought I would come back in,” he answered,
as he walked over and picked up his cell phone. “Close your eyes a minute and see if you can identify something for me,” he told me.

Impatiently, I closed my eyes and said, “Ok, what?” I caught a whiff of something but didn’t know what it was. Suddenly something wet and cold was being wiped on my nose and mouth.”What are your doing, I demanded as I opened my eyes and jerked my head back.

“Don’t you recognize little Miss Wonderful’s scent,” Richard asked with a little laugh, as he held up a small pair of pink panties with a sopping wet crouch.

“No, I don’t. I have never smelled her before,” I said in indignation. “At least not there.”

“Well you have now,” Richard said with a little chuckle.

I was filled with envy. I’ve had sex with two women and two women only in my entire life and Richard seemed to have no problem bedding any women whenever he wanted, even someone whose name he can’t even remember I thought angerly. It was that way all through high school and it is still that way today. It seemed so unfair at the moment that I did not even think of the fact that I had not even seriously thought of having sex with another woman since I had been married to Patty.

Before I could get my head together again, I heard him bark out an order to me: “Get rid of those clothes. I’ve got something saved back just for you.”

I started to protest, but knew it was a waste of time. I shed everything I had on and crawled over to the chair to get him ready for the now expected blow job. I unbuckled his belt, unzipped and unbuttoned his dress pants and slipped pants and short down to his ankles. I took his semi hard cock into my mouth in what was now becoming a familiar ritual again. It quickly became rock hard as I licked my tongue over his shaft and bobbed up and down and sucked on his rod.

“Ok, that’s enough,” he barked. “Get off your knees and bend over the chair.”

I was not ready for that. I never liked it in my anus. Surely he did not mean to do that today before his taking everyone out for his family treat. I looked up at him and realized he was dead serious. “Richard, not today of all days,” I peaded.

“Get over her and bend over,” he commanded. I got in the required position and he came in behind me. “I am going to fuck your ass and then you are going to drink my piss, and if you argue with me in anyway, I’ll make you do it again tonight at the restaurant.

I bend over the arm of the big easy chair. Richard positioned me till he was satisfied and then moved his dick to the small opening in my ass. “Take a deep breath,” he said and let it out slowly. As I obeyed, I felt the head enter my nether region. I felt like he was going to rip me apart. My whole rectum felt like it was on fire. I clenched my ass checks together hard. Richard laughed at my discomfort. He thrust more deeply inside me. I couldn’t remember when anything had hurt me like this. He had gotten so much bigger since he had done this on a fairly regular basis during our school years. Every time I would relax just a bit, he would push hard sinking it deeper and deeper inside. i didn’t think he would ever get it all inside, but I finally felt his balls slapping against my own. At least, he would not be going any deeper.

No sooner had that thought comforted me than he began fucking my ass a violently as he could. He wanted me to feel the pain now and to still be aware of it as I sat with him and my family at his special meal just for us. Now I knew what he meant by special. It would be like none other that I had shared with them.

Finally, he pulled out and ordered me to clean him up with my mouth and wash him with my tongue. When I had finished, he told me to get dressed and he would meet me at my house later. With that, he pulled up his pants, and walked out the door into Joan’s office again. I hurt so bad I could hardly get my clothes back on. It was still early. I tried to get some of my worrk finished. It was hard to organize figures when my mind was on the pain deep inside my bowels and on the evening that was still ahead.

When I call Joan into my office to get some more papers to type, she could not meet my eyes with her’s. I wondered what was now in store for her as well as for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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