Locker Room Speedo Humiliation

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My name is Simon and I’m a senior in college. I’d say I was a pretty good looking dude – cute, short blonde hair, 6′ tall and with a smooth, slim swimmer’s build. I’ve never had any trouble getting girls, but keeping them was often a problem…

Since I don’t like to change in front of the other guys, I’d arrived early at the locker rooms for the first swim team practice of the new semester. But this young looking guy, a freshman from the looks of him, wanders in out of nowhere.

“What are you doing in here kid?” I ask, pissed off.

He’s looking a little lost.

“I’m here for swim team, My name’s Ryan. Is this the right place?” he asks, looking around.

I look skeptical. He’s slightly shorter than me, shaggy light brown hair and boyish looks.

“You’re really on the team? You any good?” I ask, sneering.

“Well, I’m new to the college and just joined the team, also just moved to the area. I was good on my high school team.”

I smirk, “Okay, well we’ll see about that. You’ll need to keep up, Ryan. My name’s Simon. I’m one of the better swimmers here so I’ll be keeping tabs on how you do at practice.”

I dump my bag, annoyed at having to change in front of another dude, but at least he won’t pose much of a threat, I presume.

“Uh, okay, which locker should I take?” he asks.

“Huh? Dammit just choose one dumbass.”

“Damn dude, didn’t know if there was some system.”

He takes a locker a few down from mine, tossing his bag into it before pulling off his shirt.

“Whatever kid,” I reply in a curt, bitchy tone.

I can’t help check out his upper body and immediately I notice that he’s remarkably well defined, better than me and so probably a better swimmer. I wouldn’t tell him, but I’m not nearly the best on the team, I’m usually a reserve, even for the freshmen. I’m only on the team since my dad pulled a few strings with the school board.

I take off my shirt too and stuff it in the locker.

He takes off his jeans and boxer briefs together, letting his thick 6″ uncut softie flop free between his strong, muscular legs.

I try not to look but sneak a quick glance. I gasp slightly, astonished at the sight of this Ryan kid’s huge soft cock, my knees suddenly going weak. My own cut penis is only around two inches soft, a little over four inches hard and not particularly thick either. I’m incredibly self-conscious about it but constantly try to project an image of being tough, the typical ‘big guy on campus’.

I turn to my locker and carefully lower my jeans so I’m just in my boxers. Printed on the front of them is the slogan, ‘Heavy Duty Load Inside’.

“You… you brought a speedo with you, right?” I ask, not even sure why.

“Uh, yeah of course, why wouldn’t I bring a suit for swim team?” He looks at me like I’m a total idiot.

“I… I dunno,” I’m stammering. “Some of the dumb freshmen brings shorts I guess.”

My legs are shaking slightly, he must see that they’re not as muscular as a swimmer’s ought to be, and my upper body isn’t in the same league as his. Looking at his amazing physique, I’m instinctively jealous.

I lift my light blue speedo out my bag. It’s a boys’ speedo from the kids’ department, but in my waist size. You can see it written on the label, ‘Boys’, and tell from how skimpy they look when compared to the adult kind, as well as the smaller sized pouch in front. My mom always buys them for me as I can’t fill out the front of the men’s ones. She even makes me come to the store to try them on and model them for her, ‘Just in case you’ve grown’. Last time was particularly humiliating as it was my 21st birthday: ‘Honestly Simon, you’re supposed to be a man down there by now,’ she’d sighed loudly, examining the embarrassingly small bulge in the front of my new speedo as we stood together in the kids’ section of the department store, ‘but it’s like you’re still a little boy, I just don’t understand. I mean it’s so small.’

Shut up, mom!

Ryan casually grabs his red swim briefs, stepping into them, pulling them up around his firm butt, then over his big swinging cock, and large egg-sized balls.

I look over again and see how his huge soft cock and big balls fill the front pouch to breaking point, the material stretching away from his skin. His body is way more impressive than mine. I’m starting to panic. This kid is barely eighteen and packing a seriously big dick, his body is so toned and athletic…

“Listen Ryan,” I say, swallowing hard, my throat feeling dry. “If I’m not so great at practice today, then it’s because I was up all night fucking my girlfriend, okay?” I tell him, trying to sound tough.

He turns towards me, adjusting his junk to fit a little better.

“Uh, okay Simon,” he replies, giving me a weird look.

“Yeah, we fuck all the time. I’m guessing you’ve never even had sex yet, right kid?”

“Why the fuck do you care, dude?” he asks, giving me a stare. I can’t believe how intimidated I am bostancı escort by this kid.

“I don’t,” I tell him, backing down. “I’m just like, making conversation or whatever, no big deal.”

I turn away from him and lower my boxers, quickly slipping into my boys’ speedo, noting with dismay that the front is still slightly baggy, just a tiny bump where my flaccid boy cock pushes weakly against the loose fabric. I stay angled away from him, looking in the full-length mirror, fussing with my hair, trying to act casual.

Oh god, I think, he can see my tiny bulge in the mirror, I just know it!

“Well, for the record, even though I’m only eighteen, I’ve still banged five girls.” he says, playing it cool.

Maybe he hasn’t noticed my bulge…

“Yeah right, sure,” I sneer. “I bet you were finished in like ten seconds your first time, haha.”

“More like thirty minutes dude. Last girl I fucked, we were going at it for an hour at least, though you kinda lose track of time, right?”

“That’s not bad,” I admit, my voice suddenly sounding hoarse. “A lot of girls would be impressed by that…”

I’m adjusting my little speedo bump in the mirror, pulling at the material of my bright blue swim briefs, desperately trying to make my bulge look bigger before I have to turn around, reluctant to let Ryan to see just how small I am down there.

“Yeah, and I made her squirt four times before I shot.” I can see in the mirror that he’s grinning, casting a curious glance at my crotch as I awkwardly try to fluff myself out a little. Even in this fucking kids’ speedo I hardly make any bulge.

I look up now from fumbling with my speedo, again noticing his huge bulge in the mirror’s reflection, suddenly struck by the fact that, really, I’ve never lasted more than a minute in bed before, and never once made any girl cum. My girlfriends only ever stick with me because my family are rich, and even then they get bored and leave after a few weeks of embarrassingly lousy sex.

“Seriously?” I say, rolling my eyes, then meeting his gaze in the mirror. “I bet she was faking big time!” I try to laugh at my own joke, but it sounds fake, desperate even.

“Nah dude,” he shakes his head, smiling. “She was moaning constantly.”

He starts to grow in his speedo, stretching it even more now.

“Really?” I pause noticing his expanding bulge, “I mean, okay, yeah, my girl does that too before I make her cum. She totally came last night, she loved it.”

Quickly, I turn around and start putting my things back in my locker, horribly aware that Ryan can now see my meagre bulge on full display.

“Yeah?” he says teasingly, pausing for a moment. “You made her cum with that thing? Sure bro.”

I tense up, slowly pushing my bag into the locker. I look down at the tiny bump my dick makes in the light blue speedo – the boy ones only came in ‘friendly’ colors with distinctly narrower waistbands at the sides than the men’s, making them look somehow more effeminate. I’m suddenly noticing that my balls have partially retracted into my body.

“Wha- what are talking about? Of c- course I make her cum. She totally came. We had sex all night.”

I turn to face him, quickly glancing again at the monster in his tight red speedos.

“I bet she can’t even feel you with one that small,” he says, laughing, angling his head and pointing straight at my little, lycra-clad dick.

“Hey!” I shout. “Fuck you dude, my dick’s plenty big!”

I’m actually trembling now, looking ridiculous standing there, getting all angry and upset, my pitiful speedo bump now the centre of attention.

“Dude, that’s like the bulge of an 8 year old!” he says now, laughing, hands on hips.

Dammit his dick looks fucking enormous. How is he only eighteen?

“How old are you anyway, Simon?” he asks now, a confident smirk on his face.

I feel blood rushing to my cheeks.

“I’m twenty one, so what?” I say, a tremor in my voice.

He laughs disbelievingly and shakes his head. “Oh, ouch dude! Twenty one is like fully grown, means you’re stuck with that puny dick for life now! Seriously, I feel bad for your girlfriend bro.”

“Why are you saying that?” I instinctively cover my bulge with one hand. “Besides you don’t even know my girlfriend, she loves it when I fuck her, okay?”

“You sure she’s not just faking it? Cos I can tell you right now dude,” he gestures again at my dick, laughing lightly, “she is so faking it.”

His speedo seems like it’s on the edge of ripping open now.

“No… she’s not faking at all. I pound her tight pussy for hours and she fucking loves it. I’m not some lame ass virgin like you who can’t even make a girl cum. And stop all this ‘small’ stuff okay Ryan, I don’t even have a small dick.” Unfortunately my boxers fall out the locker, the ‘Heavy Duty Load’ print facing upwards.

I whimper and snatch them up, forcefully shoving them back in my locker.

“Okay,” he says, ümraniye escort bayan smirking. “If you’re so sure she loves your dick, take a pic of ours next to each other and send it to her, ask which she likes more.”

“But I’m the only guy she’s had,” I say quickly, staring down at his speedo, the material straining against the heft of his huge package. Then, “I mean, no way, she doesn’t wanna see yours. That’s some gay shit anyway.”

I turn back to my locker and pretend to be looking for something, hoping maybe he’ll just drop this and hit the showers. But he doesn’t.

“You’re just scared she’ll like mine more,” he says.

“C’mon, you’re just a dumb little kid.” I absentmindedly tug at the front of my speedo again, still trying to make the bulge look bigger. “Why’d she like yours more anyhow?”

“Well to start with,” he says slowly, “she’d actually feel it. It’d actually fill her up.” He’s still looking over at me, casting his eyes up and down my body, landing on my crotch.

“I fill her up! I fill her up real good. Like I say, I fucked her for hours last night and she definitely had an orgasm, for sure. She was totally moaning and shit.”

“Yeah, you sound really convincing dude,” grabbing his bulge, suddenly his semi slips out the side, his speedo no longer able to contain its size.

“It’s true!” I squeal, totally unconvincing, even to myself, my voice becoming high and desperate.

I gasp when I notice that his cock has slid out. My own little bump twitches and starts to grow in my speedo.

He smiles broadly, suppressing laughter.

“This big cock impressing you, bitch?” he asks.

“No,” I say, staring at his tool. “I’m not interested in your dick dude… I don’t…” My voice fades as I continue staring at it, amazed at its girth, the length of the shaft, the size of his cockhead. It completely dwarfs my own tiny, boyish penis.

He starts stepping towards me now.

“Umm, so why are you getting hard?”

“I’m not!” I say, my little dick almost totally hard is sticking outwards, making a small tent in my swim briefs. Even though it’s stiff it still doesn’t fill a boys size speedo. “I’m, I’m not… shit, dammit…”

I’m suddenly breathing hard, trying to concentrate on anything other than his huge, rapidly swelling dick sticking out the side of his speedo. Fuck, it’s got to be at least nine inches already!

“Wow,” he says. “You’re already fully hard and it’s still just so pathetic.”

I step back against the locker.

He stands in front of me and puts a hand on my chest, pushing me back into the locker. I flinch noticeably at the touch of his hand on my chest, whimpering, a muscular arm now holding me in place.

“Admit it Simon, you’re jealous of my fat cock,” he says, no longer smiling, serious now.

Me: “Urgh, what?” I moan softly as I involuntarily glance at his massive cock sticking out the side of his speedo. “Ni- no I’m not… uhh…”

He flicks the head of my dick with his other hand causing me to yelp.

“Admit it.”

Some precum has leaked out my stiff little dick and is staining my light blue speedo.

“Cut it out!” I try to push back, free myself, but barely move his hand as I try to squirm away. Damn, he’s strong.

“You’re so pathetic,” he flicks my cock head again.

“Ow, fuck!” I try again to push him away but I’m no match for this kid’s strength, totally outmanned. “I’m twenty one okay, I’m an adult, you’re a kid. You gotta do what I say, now let me go you little asshole!” I’m practically in tears, feeling myself welling up, almost overwhelmed by this humiliation.

My cock is twitching in my speedos, totally hard and begging for release.

“Yeah, sure I do, bitch. If you’re so ‘big’ then why don’t you just push me away?”

“Please…” I plead, begging now. “Ryan, please… stop…”

He moves even closer, pushing that enormous cock of his against my own tiny speedo boner. I look down. The comparison is shocking, his long, thick, girthy erection sliding over my own little boyish boner, rubbing against the shiny material of my speedo. He keeps pushing, thrusting his hips. I can’t help but start to thrust back, feeling the absolute might of his enormous cock as it destroys my own pathetic little penis. Our cocks rubbing together now, separated only by the thin material of my swim brief. It’s too much. My breathing is hard and irregular, and I feel myself going over the edge.

“Uuuh…” I feel my orgasm building from my balls up into the base of my stiff little prick. “Oh god, Ryan please stop… don’t…”

I look up at his face, whimpering, begging with my eyes for him to stop… and then as he pushes his big dick into my bulge once more I finally lose it…

“Oh fuck!” I cry, letting out a long, high and girlish moan as he grinds into me, looking into his eyes as I blow a premature load right in my speedo. I feel the hot cum squirting out my dick into the front of my speedo, kartal escort my body convulsing in momentary pleasure as I blow my load.

“Uhhh! Uuugh! Ooh fuuck, nooo! huuh, huuuhhh… uh…”

He starts laughing, still pressing his massive hard dick into my spent cock as the wet patch seeps cum which begins to dribble onto the cold locker room tiles.

“Dude! You’re cumming already? Wow! You’re even more of a bitch than I thought! You know there’s no way your girl likes this.”

His cock feels like it’s grown even bigger still.

My knees are weak from the premature orgasm, my hips are actually still bucking, thrusting my rapidly shrinking little bulge into his big fat hard cock as the sensation fades.

“She… does like it… I didn’t mean to, I just… oh fuck, ugh.”

Then he slowly but deliberately starts to push me to my knees.

I desperately resist, anything but that!

“No, please! You can have her! I promise, she’ll totally like you!”

He raises an eyebrow.

“Honestly dude, I’ve never once made her cum… Seriously. I swear she can’t even feel me in her, and I cum so fast… you can take her!”

He’s quiet for a moment, his cock still throbbing. I can’t stop staring at it.

“Text her to come here,” he orders.

“Sure, of course,” I get up, scrambling for my phone. I start texting.

I quickly look down at myself, dismayed to see that my speedo bulge has all but disappeared now that I’ve shot my puny load, the tiny wet patch of cum already beginning to dry on the baggy material.

“Good bitch,” he says gruffly, adjusting his stiff cock, finally getting fully hard, sticking out from above his waistband now.

I send the text, then look over at his cock, biting my lip, “Oh fuck… it’s so fucking big. How, how big is it, do you measure it?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve measured, you got something to do it?”

“Umm, well sure,” I look embarrassed. “I mean I use my school ruler when I measure mine,” I look down awkwardly to my pathetic bulge. I reach into my locker and produce a 12 inch ruler from my bag.

“Measure it for me, bitch.”

“Uh, sure. Okay.” I walk over nervously and place the ruler along the top of Ryan’s huge, rock-hard man dick. There are markings on the ruler where I’ve scored my own size into the plastic over the years, the marks ending at a little over four inches. I wince.

“Well, mine’s gone way past yours, huh Si?” he looks at me and grins. “Tell me what it says, bitch.”

I whimper when I see just how much bigger this freshman kid’s cock really is compared to mine.

“Um… looks like you’re ten inches exactly… fuck… You’re only eighteen and you’re more than twice my size!?”

“And I’m still growing.”

“Shit,” I throw the ruler down. “It’s not fucking fair!”

While I’m having my little small-dick tantrum my phone pings with a message. I check the text, my eyes widening.

“Shit, she said she’s not coming. She says last night was the last straw, she’s tired of… um…”

“Of what?” he asks, teasingly.

“Of ‘lying there for all of ten seconds and faking it the whole time’… Fuck!”

He laughs, “I fucking knew it, she couldn’t even feel that tiny excuse for a dick! Ten seconds? That’s priceless dude, you’re so pathetically inadequate.” He shakes his head.

“Fuck, she’s breaking up with me!” I look over, panicked. “She can’t break up with me, doesn’t she know who the fuck I am?”

Ryan’s smirking at me as I stand there in the locker room, a bratty, twenty one year-old college senior wearing skimpy boy-sized speedos which I can’t ever hope to fill, speedos stained with cum from prematurely ejaculating over this boy’s infinitely superior cock and balls. His thick, ten inch cock is throbbing, waiting for my mouth. He walks over, takes the phone out my hand, tosses it on the floor and slowly pushes me down.

“Yeah, she knows exactly who you are,” he says now. “You’re a spoiled, overcompensating little rich boy with a tiny, fast-shooting dick who could never satisfy a girl.”

Face to face with his enormous cock, I feel my own little penis start to get stiff again. I’d always thought myself totally straight, always desperate for pussy, cumming in my pants whenever I saw a girl with nice tits… but now, as he slides his massive meat into my waiting mouth and down my throat, I knew this experience would change everything. As I suck on this superior, god-like cock, listening to Ryan grunting as the fucks my mouth, I feel my own tiny penis get ready to shoot another load in excitement.

I even felt happy, somehow. It was a relief to have a real man taking me, using me for his pleasure. No more having to pretend to be a tough, big-dick guy, a stud to hot girls – no more stuffing a pair of socks in my underwear to fake a bulge in my jeans, or shopping online for extra-small condoms. As he bent me over and slowly slid that monster dick into my eager, willing ass, my little dick blew another load instantly, and I let out a loud, faggy moan of pleasure. I was his now. I was going to be a fucktoy for hung dudes like Ryan. As he deposited his huge load in my tight ass, taking my virginity while filling me up with his cum… Damn, I kind of loved it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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