London Buses Pt. 02

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Chapter 4

Amy didn’t tell Georgia and Emily what had happened on the bus. How could she, when she barely believed it herself? It all seemed like a mad dream. Like one of the fantasies she so often had about Dr. Mitchell. But there was no escaping what she had done. Amy spent Saturday wallowing in her hangover and shame. Despite the attempts of her friends to drag her out of bed she simply couldn’t face the outside world: if she stayed in her cocoon of blankets then maybe she wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences.

Amy dreaded Monday. There would be no escaping Dr. Mitchell then as she had a 9am lecture with him. Amy thought of a thousand excuses to miss the class: perhaps she should join the Peace Corps and live out her days digging trenches in the Pacific… but in the back of her mind she knew she had to face him sooner or later. If Amy failed the class the university would cut off her scholarship and she would be screwed.

A mischievous thought kept creeping into her mind: there was a chance, ok a tiny tiny chance, that the professor might want her. Maybe he enjoyed their ride as much as she did…

“Wake up, lazy!” Emily shouted as she burst through the door, “You’ve been in bed playing with yourself all day, we’re going out.” Georgia followed her in with a bottle of prosecco and the pair jumped on to Amy’s bed.

“Oh I don’t think I fancy it…” Amy half-heartedly replied. But Georgia was already pouring the prosecco.

“Rubbish. This is the first weekend we haven’t had work. And it is about time you got a rebound fuck.” Amy couldn’t tell Emily how close she had already come.

Before Amy could prepare any more excuses she was being pulled out of bed and plied with alcohol. Next thing Amy knew they were tottering down the backstreets of Chelsea to their favourite cocktail bar; a quirky little speakeasy. Amy and Emily found a corner booth while Georgia went to the bar to get drinks.

“So, how was your ride on the bus last night?” Emily asked with an impish smile.

Amy blushed. “I still haven’t forgiven you for that!”

“Oh please girl, I did you a favour! Don’t think I couldn’t see your flushed cheeks when we got home, I’m guessing you got more than your money’s worth.”

Amy paused. God, she wanted to talk about it so much. Maybe if she said it out loud it would feel real. Emily could see from Amy’s hesitation that something was on her mind and looked at her curiously. Amy was on the cusp of saying something when Georgia returned with jam jars filled with neon liquid and exotic fruit.

“You won’t fucking believe it, he’s here again!” Georgia blurted.

“Who?” Emily asked, but Amy had already guessed and the colour drained from her face before Georgia had replied.

“Only the hottest professor in London,” Georgia smiled wickedly, “he must have enjoyed his ride last night.”

“Shut up you idiot, he is going to think we are following him! Hide me!” Amy hissed, but part of her was excited.

Fate was not on Amy’s side – at that moment the professor walked by with a tray of drinks. “Hi Dr. Mitchell!” Emily chimed. The professor stopped and greeted the girls. Amy felt like he was staring at her for minutes. Was it all in her head, or did he just smile at her a little more broadly than the others? Amy was so flustered she barely managed to say hello before he was gone.

“See, that wasn’t so bad.” Emily said with a patronizing pat on Amy’s head.

As the night went on the bar filled up. One of the things the girls loved about this bar was the fancy dress boxes that everyone dressed up in, enabling them to disguise themselves and dance with abandon. Soon the dance floor was bustling with people in Venetian masks, fake glasses, and ridiculous hats. But Amy couldn’t get the professor off her mind and kept finding herself staring at him and recalling the sensation of his hard dick rubbing against her clit. Amy fantasized about how it would have felt without her jeans and his trousers between them: the heat of his huge erection engulfed between her lips…it must have been 7 or 8 inches at least.

“Come on, dozy. Let’s dance,” Emily snapped Amy out of her fantasizing with a slap to her bare leg “I’ve just seen Kevin up there and I am taking him home tonight.”

Georgia was distracted by the dress up box at her feet and pulled out three masks with a flourish.

“Ughh do we have to?” Emily groaned.

“Yes we do, get involved! Besides, you’ll still be able to shove your tongue down Kevin’s throat with it on.” Georgia’s mind was set and she passed the masks out. Amy put on a glittering Venetian mask and made her way to the dance floor, keenly aware of the professor’s gaze.

Amy was able to forget about Dr. Mitchell while she danced. The girls swayed and grinded against each other, drawing quite an audience. But soon Emily had cornered her prey and was swishing her pert butt against Kevin’s groin. Then Amy lost Georgia in the dark and crush of people: she thought she could see her making out Kartal Escort with someone but it was hard to tell with the mask. Amy got on her tiptoes to try and get a better view but was knocked from behind and stumbled forward. Amy put her hand out to stop her fall and it landed on a familiar chest.

Amy shuddered; there was no way she would ever forget the tight muscles and coarse hair she had felt on the professor’s chest the previous night. Amy looked up into a masked face, but in the flash of a light she caught only the glimmer of two green eyes beneath.

Amy’s breath faltered and something came over her: a reckless abandon. Her open palm closed around the professor’s shirt and she dragged him closer. As if in a trance Amy began to dance with him. With her arms above her head she swayed her hips. Her full, gorgeous tits brushed against the professor’s chest making her nipples tighten and swell. Amy turned her back to the professor and began to gently rub her butt against the professor in time to the music. To her delight, she felt his hot breath against her neck and then his strong hands on her hips.

Dr. Mitchell’s touch was enough to turn her on: he wanted her! And it felt like he was pulling her in, drawing her butt closer to his groin and the unmistakable swell in his trousers. Amy was so wet she could feel her thighs dampening as her pussy juice trickled down her legs. Her skirt was so short that she briefly worried people would see the glistening liquid, but fuck it, she wanted the professor to know what he did to her.

Amy placed her hands on his and moved them onto her tight stomach, then up, tantalizingly close to her breasts. Her hips thrust against him and his erection pressed between her arse cheeks. As Amy swayed against the professor she could feel it gently rub against her butthole making her weak at the knees. To her delight the professor’s hands followed the curves of her body and finally across her breasts. Amy gasped with pleasure, her pussy desperate for his touch.

Then suddenly his body was gone. Amy spun round as the professor grabbed her hand and pulled her from the crowd. Dr. Mitchell led her out of a door to a quiet smoking area where he pinned her against the wall and ripped her mask off her face.

“We can’t do this, Amy. It’s wrong. I’m your teacher,” Dr. Mitchell blurted, “Its an abuse of power.”

Amy had never seen him so flustered. In front of a hall of hundreds of students he was always calm and collected, relaxed even. But now the professor was agitated and red in the face.

“I…I…I’m sorry…” the confidence had fled Amy.

“No, it is my fault. I shouldn’t have let it go so far. But it has to stop. I’m sorry.” And with that the professor turned and left Amy against the cold brick wall.

Chapter 5

“Amy!” Caitlyn’s toddler Ben threw himself at her as she opened the door and clung to her leg lovingly.

“Hey, Ben. Where’s your mum?” Amy asked.

“She’s in the kitchen, come on.” Ben marched Amy into the kitchen where Caitlyn was finishing up a phone call. Amy admired Caitlyn: she always seemed to be in control of her life, perfect house, great kid, and her husband Alex was a fitty. Not the Caitlyn didn’t deserve him, for a woman in her early forties Caitlyn had an incredible figure, long toned legs, and lush blonde hair.

“Hi Amy,” Caitlyn smiled broadly, “are you ok? You look a little glum. Big night?”

“Man trouble.” Amy sighed as she flopped into Caitlyn’s big sofa and hugged a large fluffy pillow.

Caitlyn sat down next to her with two steaming mugs of tea. “Ben, go play with your Lego, Amy will be up in a bit.” Ben didn’t need telling twice and rushed up the stairs. “What’s up, hun?”

“There’s this guy, a little older than me, but I can tell he likes me. And I really like him. But he says we can’t be together, that he would be abusing his power or something.”

“Have you fucked him?” Caitlyn asked bluntly making Amy snort into her tea.

“Caitlyn!” Amy protested with fake indignation, “Ok, no, but things have been pretty steamy.”

“Look, if you want him you need to turn the tables, don’t let him think he has the power to abuse. You’re hot and any man would be lucky to get in your knickers. Sex is about power. If you take it from him, he will be eating out of your palm. And hopefully your pussy.”

Amy laughed and gave Caitlyn a friendly slap on the leg.

“Take Ben, for instance. I know he will be pounding some little slut on his business trip this weekend.”

Amy really was shocked now and her mouth dropped open.

“It’s fine, hun. Because I let him, so he isn’t slinking around behind my back and resenting me. And it means I get to have my own fun too.”

Caitlyn wandered over to the big bay windows overlooking the garden where a handsome young man with tanned skin was pushing a lawn mower. Caitlyn tapped on the window and beckoned for him to come inside.

“This is David,” Caitlyn brazenly grabbed David’s Kartal Escort penis through his jeans, “I fuck him when I want, where I want. That way David gets a nice tip, and Ben is reminded that I can have whomever I want. Take them off, David.”

David unbuckled his belt and dropped his jeans and pants revealing a rapidly hardening erection. “Caitlyn!” Amy burst out in surprise.

Caitlyn wrapped her hand around his cock and started gently rubbing it. Amy couldn’t believe what she was seeing, but couldn’t tear her eyes away. As his dick got harder Caitlyn rubbed his shining pre-cum around his head, causing David to groan with pleasure. Then she suddenly stopped. “You have to let them know who is the boss, hun.”

Caitlyn pulled David by his erection to the sofa where Amy sat with her legs beneath her, captivated by the show. Caitlyn took a seat next to Amy and continued to gently stroke David’s penis that was now only a foot in front of Amy’s face. Caitlyn spread her legs and with her free hand she began to rub her pussy through her tight yoga pants.

“Take what you want from them, Amy, and they won’t be able to resist.” With that Caitlyn leant forward and took David into her mouth. With long, wet kisses, she licked up and down the throbbing dick in her hand before swirling her tongue around his head.

“Want a taste?” Caitlyn asked, turning David’s dick to face Amy.

“I…” Amy hesitated.

“Take what you want, Amy.”

Amy gradually leant forward, as if on autopilot, unable to take her eyes off the wet cock. It brushed against her lips. Caitlyn leaned closer until their cheeks were touching, her lips next to Amy’s as they puckered into a kiss on David’s penis. Amy closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of the warm, wet dick on her lips. She licked them, tasting his salty pre-cum. As her tongue slowly dragged across her full lips Caitlyn pulled David even closer and his dick came into contact with Amy’s tongue. Amy froze. Tentatively she extended her tongue, tracing a circle around the head of David’s penis.

Caitlyn began to lick David’s head and her tongue bumped against Amy’s. Amy began to lick David’s penis with more enthusiasm, her tongue swirling with Caitlyn’s and their mixed saliva coating it with a gleaming sheen. Amy felt a hand on the back of her head and then Caitlyn was pushing her further onto David’s penis. Amy’s mouth opened and she took him inside. Deeper, deeper, until her nose brushed against his stomach. Amy held her mouth on his penis, realizing Caitlyn’s hand was no longer on her head. Amy started bobbing and groaning as she savored the sensation of his penis slipping into her mouth and down her throat.

Amy felt David swelling in her mouth and knew he was close. He started to buck against her, roughly fucking her mouth. Amy gagged and salvia ran down her face and chin but she continued sucking. As David groaned his oncoming release Amy pulled back and opened her mouth, resting the tip of his penis against her tongue. Rope after rope of cum shot across her tongue and down her throat as Amy groaned with satisfaction.

Giving David one final lick, Amy turned to Caitlyn and kissed her fully. David’s warm cum spread between their lips as the women locked tongues.

Caitlyn pulled back and wiped a streak of cum from Amy’s lips with her finger and then licked it. “Now you’ve got it.” Caitlyn said with a wry smile.

Chapter 6

Amy sat on the edge of the desk looking out at the rows of elevated seats in the lecture theatre. Although the room was empty she knew that within half an hour it would be full of students scribbling notes. Or, more likely, checking Facebook under their desks. All Amy wanted was five minutes. Five minutes would be all she needed to make herself irresistible to Dr. Mitchell.

Amy had her speech planned out. Fuck the rules and fuck what other people think, she knew that he wanted her. He couldn’t deny the attraction. Besides, it wasn’t against any laws; they were both consenting adults.

Amy spent an hour getting ready that morning and she knew she looked hot. The tight black tank top clung to her chest and revealed her deep cleavage, while her skinny jeans accentuated her long legs. Doubt crept in to her mind time and time again: if this went wrong she could be out of a scholarship. And without her scholarship Amy would be screwed. But she pushed that thought from her head and remembered Caitlyn’s words. It wouldn’t go wrong – Amy just had to take control.

A loud squeak that echoed through the empty hall and Amy looked up to see the doors swinging open and Dr. Mitchell stride through. Their eyes met over the empty seats and he froze as the doors clattered shut behind him. Amy could see the initial look of shock on the professors face change. A deep frown furrowed his forehead. Silence filled the room with an oppressive heaviness. Amy’s doubts came flooding back.

The professor strode down the steps of the hall, making straight for Amy where she perched Escort Kartal on his desk. Before Amy knew it he was only inches from her face, his hands slamming down on the desk either side of her and his breath heavy and quick.

“What part of ‘this has to stop’ didn’t you get?” the professor struggled to contain his anger, “Don’t you realize the trouble we could get in? I could be out of a job! Get out!”

With that the professor abruptly walked round his desk and began to unload papers from his leather briefcase. Amy’s head was reeling, the hall seemed to spin.

“Get yourself together, girl,” she thought, “You are stronger than this.” Taking a deep breath Amy walked to the professor and pushed him down onto his seat. Dr. Mitchell’s eyes flared with anger and his mouth opened to protest.

Before Dr. Mitchell could say a word Amy had straddled his lap. “You’ve done enough talking, so shut up and listen.” Amy could hardly believe the words were coming out of her mouth.

“Amy, people will be arriving any minute…”

Amy silenced Dr. Mitchell by kissing him passionately. Amy could feel his reluctance, but he did not protest as her tongue slipped into his mouth. As they kissed her hand snaked down to his trousers and undid the zip. Before the professor could stop her she reached inside and grasped his already stiff erection. Even through his boxer shorts she could feel its heat and the defined veins leading to its swollen head.

“You are going to fuck me. Whenever I want. Which will be often,” Amy whispered seductively into Dr. Mitchell’s ear as he groaned with pleasure, “so you can either agree now or in about one minute 200 students will see you getting a hand-job. Your call.”

“Amy, we can’t…” Dr. Mitchell began to argue when the squeak of the door alerted him to the arriving students. The professor shocked Amy with his strength as he leapt to his feet and sent Amy sprawling to the floor behind his desk.

“Stay there!” he hissed as he bent over his desk, hastily pretending to arrange papers in order to cover the tent in his trousers.

From Amy’s position under the desk she could hear the hall quickly filling with rowdy students discussing their weekends and the clatter of folding seats snapping into place. Dr. Mitchell took his seat.

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to week three of European Literature and our guest star this week is Federico Garcia Lorca, the Spanish poet, playwright, and theatre director.” Amy could hear the strained tone in Dr. Mitchell’s voice as he tried to maintain his composure despite the student hiding beneath his desk. Amy knew this was her best chance; she had felt the professor giving in to her, kissing her back. If Amy didn’t act now, she knew he would find more reasons to spurn her.

“I know you’ve all done your reading this week, so who would like to tell me about the Duende?” the professor began to hit his stride and was sounding increasingly relaxed.

“It’s, like, about death and stuff right, sir?” A voice rang from the middle of the hall.

“Lorca couldn’t have put it better himself, Timpson,” Dr. Mitchell retorted, “but how about a little more?”


Dr. Mitchell clicked on a pointer and an image of a bullfight flashed up on the screen behind him.

“Duende is the bull fight, the risk and the death, the undulation and cries, the absence, the regret,” Dr. Mitchell was in his flow, “its what is not, what was, what might have been! What else?”

The professor stammered over his last word, his lyrical flow coming to a stumbling climax. Amy had grabbed the professors legs and pulled him to the edge of his chair so that her face was just inches from his groin. In one smooth movement Amy reached through the professors open flies and resumed stoking his still semi-erect penis.

To Amy, her body seemed to move without her control. Amy had never been so confident, so bold, in her life and she watched her hand stroking the professor’s penis erect. Before the professor could escape her grasp, Amy pulled the professor’s penis free from his underwear and traced her fingers along his hard, throbbing erection. Amy leaned closer, her lips just inches from his swollen head. Amy could smell his arousal and see a small stream of pre-cum running down his cock. Amy lapped at it without thinking and sighed with satisfaction as the salty taste hit her tongue. As Amy began licking the professor’s shaft she was oblivious to the sounds of the lecture proceeding behind her.

“It comes from nature, sir?” a girl’s voice called out, “like, from the ground, up through the feet?”

“Yes! The professor cried out, “It is Mother Nature, a malevolent nature that scorns reason and intelligence! The howl of the wind tearing down walls and a raging sea!”

Amy opened her mouth wider and took the professor’s head into her mouth, running her tongue around it and sucking on it with long, wet kisses. Slowly, inexorably, Amy took more of the professor into her mouth and down her throat until her nose brushed against his pelvis. His cock was so wide it hurt Amy’s jaw to take him so deep, and she gagged loudly against the intrusion. Saliva and pre-cum ran down her chin and onto her heaving chest, but Amy was determined to pleasure the professor.

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