Long Time Coming

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This is my first story so I still have a long way to go to develop in my writing but constructive criticism is welcome (: Thank you and I hope you enjoy.


They met in 2011 through mutual friends via social media and hit it off right away. They became fast friends and stayed up till late talking on the phone. They even sang to each other over the phone at 3AM. He showed so much initiative to meet her. He walked four miles just to see her for a few minutes. The attraction was clear but having just turned 18, too young to fight for each other. So they let each other go and thought that was the end of that.

Travis was 5’5″ with a tight, muscular build – not surprising since he is active in parkour and other physical activities. He had short, brown hair with amazing tan skin and a tattoo on his left shoulder blade. Paula was a petite girl, standing at merely five feet with black shoulder length hair with ivory skin.

Two years later

Paula went to the supermarket to get some things for dinner. Little did she know of how that night would actually unfold. Just as she exited the supermarket, she ran into somebody causing her to drop her bags. The gentleman helped her gather her things and when he was about to hand her the bags, she was staring into the eyes of Travis. Both parties were surprised to see each other but Paula managed to push her surprise back as she let out a “Hi.”

He replied with, “Hey. Um, do you need help with your groceries?” She nodded and led the way to her car.

As they were putting the bags in the trunk of the car, Paula asked, “How have you been?”

Travis answered, “Good, and yourself?”

She smiled and said, “I’ve been okay. I guess I should go now and you should do whatever it is you needed.”

But Travis thought differently. “I just wanted to get out of the house. How about I help you unload at your place?”

Paula didn’t know what to think but decided it was an opportunity to make up for lost time. bursa escort “Sure, the passenger door is open.” He got in and they were on their way to her apartment.

After they unloaded all the groceries, Paula asked if Travis wanted a drink. He nodded and brought him a beer. She got herself a beer and sat on the couch then patted the seat next to her, telling him to sit there. He sat and said, “So it’s been a long time.”

“It certainly has. I was surprised to see you tonight. Thanks though, for helping me.”

He laughed, “You know I’d do anything for you.”

She scoffed, “Haha, yeah right.” She looked at Travis and he seemed offended.

“Yes, right. You can’t deny the chemistry we have is special.”

“Chemistry? We haven’t even been talking again for thirty minutes and you’re bringing up chemistry?!” She got up angrily and walked away. “Yes, we HAD chemistry but two years does a lot. Don’t you agree, Travis?”

He got up and slowly approached her, “And in those two years, did you date anyone else? Feel what you felt for anyone else? Desire anyone else’s company? I didn’t. I couldn’t even look a girl in the eye without thinking of you.” Paula didn’t want to believe him but knew it was the truth. She waited, too. She felt his arms start to wrap around her. Her mind told her to push him away but her body didn’t listen. Soon, they were in a tight embrace.

Paula looked up to Travis and said, “There was no one else for two years. I couldn’t bring myself to see anyone else.” He brought his arms up from her arms to her neck and guided her head closer to his. Their lips touched for the first time and it sparked instant passion. His hands grew tighter around her neck and she brought her hands up from his torso to his arms and squeezed his triceps. She pushed her tongue through and he welcomed it. He took her hands and wrapped them around his neck. Then, he bent his knees and brought her up so she could wrap her legs around his torso. Travis pushed bursa escort bayan her back to the wall for leverage.

In the middle of their make out, Travis asked, “Bedroom?”

Paula shook her head. “No time.”

She then unhooked her legs and started to take Travis’s shirt off. She admired the sight before planting kisses along his collar bone up around his neck and back down his torso. She used her teeth to undo his zipper and brought his pants down. Travis took Paula by the torso and pulled her up to take off her shirt. He’d been wondering what lies underneath. Even in her bra, Paula’s 34D breasts make Travis’s jaw drop. She blushed and kissed him again. He started to stroke her back with light touches to the side of her breasts. In a swift movement, he unclasped her bra and pushed her just far enough so he could take the straps down from her shoulders.

Travis smiled and took his hands and squeezed her boobs together. He brought his mouth down to lick the left nipple, then the right. He sucked and nibbled on the right nipple while twisting and gently pulling on the left. Then he switched. Paula was getting wetter by the second. He let one of his hands wander to take off her shorts. The shorts went straight down after passing her hips. Paula started to rub Travis’s hard on through his boxers and loved the feeling of him grow in her hands. Travis brought his hand to her mound and when he felt how wet she was, he took his mouth off her nipple and stared at her. She was already looking at him. She smiled and said, “Yeah, you do that to me.” And she kissed him again.

But she broke the kiss to go on her knees. She kissed along his torso as she brought his boxers down. She smirked and licked her lips. She took his dick and licked along the shaft and played with his dick head with her tongue. Meanwhile her hands were gently caressing his balls. She started to suck on his dick and was grateful she didn’t have a gag reflex. Travis was big for her petite mouth. escort bursa But she managed to deep throat all seven inches. Travis rolled his eyes in pleasure. She sucked his dick faster but still gently massaged his balls. He softly pushed her away and knelt down. He took off her panties and kissed her and guided her down to the tile floor with his hands. She turned him on his back. On top, she kissed him and he played with her boobs. She put his dick up and down against his stomach. She put her pussy on his dick and went back and forth to spread her wetness. He groaned and raked one hand through her hair, he tightened his grip and brought his lips to hers. They made out like that until Paula took one hand and took Travis’s dick and aligned it with her pussy.

She slowly went down on his dick. They were staring in each other’s eyes, loving the expression on each other’s faces. Travis biting his lower lip and Paula with her mouth agape in astonishment. When she was balls deep, she smiled devilishly at him. Then she rode him. Up and down and circular, she gasped and moaned with pleasure and he did the same. As she rode him, Travis would pump up into her as hard as he could. She could feel her orgasm building and she whimpered to him, “Travis, I’m close.” That only made him want to pump into her harder and he did then

“TRAVISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” she cried his name as her body shook from her intense orgasm. She buried her head in his neck and planted small kisses there. She sighed with content. “Wow.” She smiled. Then Paula got off of Travis and said, “Your turn, I want you to cum.” He smiled and got up to his knees. She figured where this was going and assumed the “face down, ass up” position. Travis lined up his dick to her pussy and slammed into her. She cried out. He didn’t care to tease or prolong his orgasm. He rammed into her until he needed to cum. He groaned at the pleasure as his orgasm swept over him and he was still gently pumping into her. He pulled out and laid down next to Paula. Travis brushed a hair from her face and kissed her softly. She smiled, “Now we can go to the bedroom.” He laughed and they both got up as she led the way.


The End, please feel free to comment on my work.

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