Los Cinco Hermanos Ch. 10

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Wherein a Night at the Movies becomes a tourist vacation with a slant

Author’s note: this is part 10 of a 12-part story arc which I’ve put under Group Sex (see Chapter 1). Like all my stories, it begins with character development and in this case, over several chapters. The chapters can have the elements of a number of different categories and I will try to give advance warning. This one is primarily Group, Bi/Lesbian and a lot of Nonsexual touristy-type story. And a gentle reminder: this is all Fiction – Willing Suspension of Disbelief recommended…

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

“Sunday Night at the Movies” would never be the same.

Rather than get back into our soirée clothes, Jerry produced plush bathrobes for all of us women and we trooped back into the house and up to the movie theatre. I’m not sure who arranged the seating but the center of the front row was me, Pam, Sandy and Vicki, in that order. Jerry must have been remembering Sandy’s first introduction to the theatre because everybody else was spread out at least two rows behind us.

I will give Pam credit. She made it through my movie without raping anyone.

She was seriously jilling and got off a couple of times, as far as I could tell, and Vicki was gently doing herself, but with a more critical eye towards the movie as a movie, I think. Sandy was the one having the problem, sitting between Pam and Vicki. I don’t think she could make up her mind which one she wanted to go after first – which may actually have saved the day.

When the end credits rolled, Pam took a deep breath and let it out in one long sigh, then turned to me and took my face in her hands, drawing me into a kiss – which was not at all unwelcome. However, she was ramping me up like crazy and I’m sure she was headed toward another cum herself when she realized she needed to back off.

Still holding my face, she backed away until we could look each other in the eye, and then she told me, “That… was… hot.” Actually, she didn’t say it as much as she breathed it – with conviction.

Sandy was squirming and watching us, and I was amazed at the self-control she was exhibiting. I was a bit more surprised when Dr. Pam asked, “where’s my purse?” I guess it was Vicki’s job to keep track of it, because she handed it to Pam, who then proceeded to rummage through it, finally withdrawing a folded sheet of paper.

“Jerry!” she said, holding it up. “Papers and shots!”

I started laughing. “Somebody warned you,” I managed to chuckle.

“That would be Vicki,” Pam told me. “She thought it might be important.”

Jerry came down in front to get the paper from Pam, glanced at it briefly then smiled and handed it back. “Leave it to a porn star and a nurse,” he cracked. “Very thorough.”

“Thank you,” Pam told him. “Want to fuck?”

“Want to be in movies?” he joked back. Except, she wasn’t joking.

“You bet,” she told him flat out. “Wherever that was shot will be just fine.”

“Would you like to see the second film before we adjourn?” Jerry asked. That got Pam indecisive. She ended up turning to me.

“I don’t know… do I?” she asked me.

“It stars Sandy,” I mentioned. “It could be worthwhile… and instructional.”

“Okay…” she drawled. “The second film it is.”

At that point, Sandy got up and walked to the end of the row and sat down.

“What are you doing down there?” Dr. Pam asked, genuinely confused.

“Keeping myself from raping one or both of you. Or all three, if I could reach Beth,” she told us.

Pam got this look on her face that was part confusion, part exasperation and all lust.

“Get back here!” she told Sandy. Vicki was just looking down and smiling, shaking her head slightly.

Sandy tentatively moved back down to her original seat. As soon as she sat down, Pam sprang at her. Or at least, that’s what it looked like from my angle. Pam basically turned into her and took her into a kiss very much like she had done with me, and Sandy was right with her, melting into it. Until Vicki reached inside Sandy’s bathrobe. I was sure Sandy was going to achieve orbit.

“OHMYFUCKINGGOD!!!” she cried through Pam’s kiss. She was writhing around like a fish on a stringer, while Vicki kept doing whatever it was she was doing that was driving Sandy crazy. Then, from the cries and moans, I figured Sandy was getting off – repeatedly.

Jerry must have let them go at it for a good five minutes, maybe more, before he politely called out, “Next one’s up! You might want to watch the screen…” and the lights dimmed. In the glow of the video playing on the screen, Sandy was panting hard and looked like she’d been through a wringer after Pam and Vicki eased up and turned their attention to the screen.

“You bitches,” I heard Sandy mutter. “You lovely, sneaky bitches…”

On the screen, Sandra was becoming Sandy as she was secured to the bench, legs spread and clover clamps applied. Vicki was watching with amusement, but to say that Pam was riveted would be a severe understatement. kartal escort She was glued to the scene, her hand in her crotch, while Jerry inserted first the butt plug and screwed it in to adjust it, and then the inflatable dog cock, after he’d shown it to the me on the screen.

“Oh, Lord…” I heard Pam mutter softly as she watched. And then some serious jilling started as her imagination took over and she watched Jerry using the Magic Wand on Sandy, virtually without mercy, moving up onto her clit until she came and then back down from it, repeatedly.

But when Ron wheeled in the crane-like thing and Jerry attached the Wand to it, Pam went over.

“Oh, my God…” was all she whimpered, but I could see her jerking and spasming from the orgasms. I presume plural because she’d calm down a little and then start jerking again.

I saw Pam stiffen up when Dave placed the dental dams in Sandy’s mouth, as if she were feeling Sandy’s fear, and I saw her relax with a moan when Dave took out the dams and stuck his cock deep into Sandy’s throat. I think I even heard a sigh of pure desire from Pam, until the first stroke of the strap across Sandy’s ass. Then she went over again. And kept on going over as she watched Dave and Jerry work Sandy over from both ends.

When Jerry got out the riding crop, though, Pam moaned “Oh, shit!…” and turned to face Sandy, who was already moving to take Pam into a deep kiss. And Vicki was moving, too. Right down between Dr. Pam’s spread thighs, burying her face in her pussy and apparently hitting pay dirt. I was kind of feeling like a fifth wheel until I realized the good Doctor’s breasts were right out there for the suckling.

I turned in my seat, took one of her ample breasts in my hand and began sucking. And got one hell of a surprise. She had milk. She was lactating. Not fully, like nursing a baby, but I got a definite several squirts of the sweet stuff. And a huge moan from Pam.

Nobody had said anything about her being a mother. Or even about having been pregnant. And definitely nothing about her still producing milk. I was amazed – but not so much as to be distracted from suckling her. I just found it odd that I’d enjoy breast milk so much. Of course, the container was lovely and her nipple stuck way out, and down my throat. I realized I was enjoying the hell out of this.

Up on the screen, first Dave and then Paul were fucking the hell out of Sandy. From mouth, to pussy, to ass, to cumming and making way for the next guy. Pam was occasionally breaking off from making out with Sandy to look up at the action on the screen as Paul gave way to Jerry, then Ron, then Jackson.

When Ginger went and straddled Sandy’s face, though, Pam went through another set of multiple, body-wracking orgasms. And then again with Molly. And then I remembered it was going to be me, next. And I remembered what came after that.

I eased up on the suckling and nudged Vicki.

“Share,” I whispered, and she smiled as she backed up and made room for me to go down on Dr. Pam.

I sucked her swollen clit deep into my mouth and started suckling it like I had her nipples about the same time the guys on the screen turned on the fucking machine and Sandy started to howl.

Pam started doing about the same thing so I slipped in two fingers and stroked away at what I hoped was her G-spot and she virtually exploded in my face. Her hips rose up and up and up as her moan reached the howl stage and then she went into those jaw-breaking spasms. As in, if I wasn’t careful, she was going to slam into my jaw and break it. I took my mouth off her and kept finger-fucking her.

And she came. And squirted. Hard. All over my face and chest. And I was loving it.

“Where’s a camera when you need one?” I heard Jerry’s voice from behind me. Obviously, he was looking over my shoulder at the good Doctor having an orgasmic seizure.

I was loving it, and I kept going at her until the guys on the screen had moved Sandy to the bed and were starting to clean her up. I eased up and let Pam come down as Sandy’s video ran out. Pam just sat there, her legs shaking on either side of me, her arms around Sandy’s neck, her breathing labored and pulse racing as her head sagged against Sandy’s chest.

“Are you still interested in doing a movie, Doctor?” Jerry asked gently.

“You’ll have to give me a minute on that one,” Pam answered weakly. “That was fucking incredible.”

“Take all the time you need,” Jerry told her, smiling. “I’m going to go raid the kitchen – I’m hungry.”

“Oh, no, you’re not!” Molly exclaimed. “My kitchen, my rules! You want simple or fancy? I’ll fix it.”

“Simple,” Jerry told her. “A sandwich, chips, Mountain Dew.”

“You got it, Boss,” Molly smiled and headed for the door of the theater.

“Ditto!” Dave called out.

“Ditto, ditto!” Paul added.

“Ditto, ditto, ditto!” Ron echoed.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…” Molly waved behind her in acknowledgement.

“Rib Eye rare, baked potato, butter, maltepe escort bayan sour cream, steamed veggies and a glass of Pinot Noir!” Jackson called out and everybody laughed as Molly turned and gave him the finger.

“Breakfast nook, fifteen minutes,” she told the rest of the room. “Smartass,” she added to Jackson.

* * * * *

The rest of the night was incredibly intense. We all grabbed a bite to eat and a whole lot of liquid to rehydrate, and then Pam wanted to make her movie. Following basically the same script that Sandy had, which amazed me. It astounded me even more when I found out what Pam could do with not only Los Cinco Hermanos, but with Las Cinco Hermanas as well. Between her love of Sapphic and the combinations available with Ginger, Molly, Vicki, Sandy and me, it was dawn before she finally gave up.

I’m not going into an extensive description of our night together. You’ll have to wait for the 2-disc blockbuster super-pack DVD. But I did get a chance to ask Dr. Pam about the milk as Paul and Ron were getting ready to head back to work, and take Essie with them. Pam and Vicki were going to head home first, before Pam went into work at PAMC, but Pam decided a shower at Jerry’s would expedite things. I caught her as she came out of the shower.

“Not to be too intrusive, but…” I started.

“You want to know about my milk,” she finished for me, obviously anticipating my question.

“Yeah,” I confirmed. “Kind of hard to miss when I was suckling you.”

“My 19-yr-old daughter Shannon is a sophomore at the University of Hawai’i Manoa, majoring in Marine Science,” she smiled at me. “Mine from my first marriage, to Martin. I nursed her until she was almost five and when she was weaned because of school, I didn’t want to lose the wonderful feelings that went with lactating. So I pumped and expressed enough to keep it going. Plus Martin liked nursing.”

“When Martin and I divorced, it hit Shannon pretty hard. She was around nine. Some evenings she’d crawl into bed with me to snuggle, for comfort. I sleep naked and one night when she snuggled in, she quietly asked ‘may I?’ and I thought what the hell, why not? So she went back to occasionally nursing. She got comfort out of it, I got the endorphin rush and we were both happy.”

“We kept doing that until she left for college. I’ve pressed Vicki and some of my other friends into service in the meantime. I hope you don’t find this offensive.”

“Offensive? Hell, no! I find it wonderful. It’s one hell of a turn on. I’ve never had any children… I can only imagine what it must be like. But you… you’ve done it all. Had a fantastically kinky personal life and kept it separate from your professional one. It amazes me you can do that.”

“There are times it hasn’t been easy,” she smiled slightly. “That’s one reason I’m looking at retiring… while I can still get a decent package. And once I’ve left PAMC, there’s no reason not to have a second career as, oh, say… a porn star.”

“What does your current husband think of the idea?” I asked. I was actually very curious.

“He’s okay with anything I want to do,” Pam told me. “We keep each other happy and make room to enjoy ourselves, both with and without each other’s company. Shannon’s grown, his associates would see me more as a trophy than a slut and, fantasies aside, he knows he can’t keep up with my insatiable side and he’d never make it as a porn star.”

“Lately, his travel schedule has been hell on us, and that’s why I’ve been hanging around with Vickie and some other similar-minded friends. I don’t have the free time to jaunt over to Tokyo or Seoul or Hong Kong, and I’m not sure I’d want to if I could. I’ve been, a few times, and being a lone tourist while Auggie is taking care of business just doesn’t do it for me. “

“Well, you could do worse than hook up with Himeros Productions,” I pointed out. “Jerry’s been a damned nice guy to work for, so far, and I don’t see any indications of any problems. Hell, he handled the Sandra/Sandy split like a pro. And I know Los Cinco Hermanos being all together here and now is a stroke of dumb luck. But it’s been a great change for me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“You know,” Pam told me softly, “they say that a rut is just a grave with the ends knocked out. I think we all benefit from being pulled out of our ruts from time to time.”

“I know this,” I told her. “I’m damn glad Sandy decided to jill off in the same restroom as you. It’s been a gas to get to know you as someone other than the Director of Nursing.”

“Me, too,” she agreed. “And I hope no matter where you go from here, you’ll keep in touch, and especially if you’re ever in town again.”

“I’m out here until a week from Wednesday,” I told her. “Then I’m off back home. I don’t have another client presentation right away, but I do have some work updating the course materials and so forth. And I’ll turn the offer around. If you’re ever in my neck of the woods… Chicago area, Aurora specifically… escort pendik feel free to ring me up. I’ve even got a spare bedroom, if you’d want it.”

“That sounds nice,” Dr. Pam smiled. “I haven’t been to Chicago in ages. Last time was for a conference at the U. of I. Medical Center. Getting to spend a day at the Art Institute was wonderful. Maybe I can make it happen.”

I just smiled and held out my arms… and Dr. Pam definitely gives good hug. She and Vicki finished getting ready and I went upstairs to say goodbye to Paul and Ron and Essie, and Pam and Vicki, with reminders to all of them that Sandy and I would be around for the week and were hoping to see them next weekend.

As they headed off into the City, I went and found Dave.

“I still need my beauty rest,” I informed him. “And I rest best with my currently favorite pillow. So come on, Studly Do-right… you’re taking me to bed.”

He just smiled and kissed me, and we headed back to “my room” to crash, until a much more reasonable hour… like, oh, say, the middle of the afternoon.

* * * * *

That week was a lot less sex and a lot more tourist-style fun – a busy but truly relaxing vacation, of the sort I hadn’t let myself have in a long time. So this part of the story is probably going to sound like a travelogue. But for me, it was still incredibly memorable…

The rest of Monday, Sandy and I spent recovering. The rampant hormone levels fell off to more reasonable levels and things around Jerry’s moved back towards normal. Jerry had a number of meetings the first part of the week – some off-site – and Molly went back to managing the household and studying. Jackson spent a lot of time at the stadium where the tryouts were being held, which pretty much left Dave to play escort to Ginger, Sandy and me.

Tuesday the four of us played tourist and visited Griffith Observatory – and it’s a lot more impressive than you might think from the Art Deco exterior. There are a number of areas dealing with different aspects of astronomy and the universe. And we just had to have lunch at The Café at the End of the Universe… an homage to Douglas Adams’ Restaurant at the End of the Universe, from his Hitchhikers’ Guide series of books. We were fairly late getting back and Molly chided us a bit for not letting her know if we’d need dinner. But she came through with an impromptu.

While we were eating, Jerry called and wanted to know if Sandy and I would be available Sunday to do another porn shoot. We both enthusiastically told him, “Of course!” He told us to pencil in “Avalon” for Saturday. I completely forgot his comments earlier about Santa Catalina Island and had no idea what he was talking about and the others wouldn’t tell me. I searched on Google later that night and figured out he had to be talking about the city of Avalon on Santa Catalina.

And I found out that the upcoming Saturday was the Avalon Ball – a throwback to the 1920’s and 30’s and the Big Band era. Tickets were also pricey… $500 for a table for four, $1000 for a table for eight. I started having fantasies about dressing up in a vintage formal gown and dancing the night away as if it were the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Dave and I slept in on Wednesday, and I found out at breakfast that Ginger and Sandy had spent the night together. Both looked well-fucked. We spent most of the day hanging around the pool and spa, but that night we headed into Hollywood to do some serious touristy-type gawking. Ginger told us the Hump Day Club Crawl was a tradition and that mid-week was just as party-down as the weekends, only not quite as densely packed.

We couldn’t make up our minds where to go, so in the end Jerry “fixed” it for us… a chauffeured limo, reservations at a couple dozen places along Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards, rock-your-sox sexy designer-wear for me, Sandy, Ginger, Molly and Dave… and Jerry coming along to pay the tab. So each guy had two dressed-to-kill women on his arms and we just cruised the streets, picking places to sample at random. And turning a bunch of heads while we were doing it.

Jerry introduced me to several film industry people, but I only remember a few. Most were producers or other financial-end types, but I did get to meet some actors and up-and-coming rock stars. And a few over-the-hill ones, too, which was okay because compared to the party crowd out that night, I’m an over-the-hill as well. I don’t do name-dropping and it’s fairly unlikely I’ll ever run into them again, but it was a fun night. That said, when we took a break from the loud-and-lively to have a quiet bite to eat, Jerry introduced me to the unlikeliest couple I could imagine having dinner together – Luc Besson and Hayao Miyazaki. I was literally floored.

I will admit to being in awe of Besson, writer and director of The Fifth Element, among others. But I was… well, terrified would probably be accurate… at meeting the creative genius behind Studio Ghibli and such wonderful full length anime as Laputa: Castle in the Sky and Princess Mononoke, but most especially Spirited Away. I could hardly breathe, I was so flustered, but both Besson and Miyazaki were incredibly gracious, wishing we visitors a pleasant vacation, and were very friendly with Jerry – and very tolerant of our interruption.

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