Losing the Bet Pt. 03

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“First let’s resolve your lack of thick cum.” Her activation word cum caused me to spew out clear liquid from my caged cock. “Open wide, unless you want me to use the gag ring.” Rachel grabbed me by the hair, forcefully thrusting her pink strap-on past my lips.

In between my gagging, as the dildo reached the bottom of my throat, I tried my best to think about what she may have meant. Her treatment made me lose focus on my penis as I felt the chastity cage tighten up even further, shrinking to three inches in length. My fear was the cage continuously pushing back my penis until it literally became a girl’s clit, receding into my body. That would cause my erection to be internal, not able to be seen as a proper dick at that point.

Rachel used her speed magic now that the deals were over, treating my mouth as a second pussy to my ass. The strap-ons lubricant made her speed bearable, “Get ready to swallow, bitch.” Rachel panted, increasing her pace another notch. “Not like you have a choice anyway.” I didn’t know what to expect since my mouth was filled full of her massive dildo.

The moment she stopped at one final thrust, stabbing at the base to my teeth, a warm stream of dense fluid burst forth from the strap-on’s tip. Other than the lubrication, this never happened before. It was like she said, and regardless if I wanted to swallow or not, every drop of the thick jizz like liquid entered directly into my belly. It continued long enough to send me gasping for air, caressing the sides of her hip frantically as a means to tell her to pull it out.

She did so on her own time and with a pop her rubbery dildo had left my throat. There was a lingering stickiness on the walls of my throat, almost like a constant reminder of the jizz slowly finding its way down to my stomach.

“You should be thanking me for supplying you with some essential vitamins. That will help with your pitiful sperm count.” Rachel stroked her strap-on with her gloved hand like she could personally feel it. “There’s also a surprise, you’ll find out about it later on.” She enjoyed keeping me in suspense with her evil schemes. Every time there was something new to learn from her twisted toys.

“What did you do?” I was already accusing her of something bad.

“Cum for me and you’ll find out.” The thirty-second time limit for the deactivation on the buttplug had long ended as her keyword sent me shivering more than usual. Instead of leaking translucent cum like I was running on empty, my caged penis actually managed to spray a heavy line of sperm onto the white bedsheets. “What do you think, cumslut?” The unfamiliar intensity was too much to handle for her to continue the onslaught of her keyword.

I instantly leaned over to dig my face into the blanket, unconcerned with how it looked. “Aww, that’s my good boy. How does your cum taste?” I managed to deactivate the buttplug’s prostate arousal before her next sentence.

It was beginning to set in though, the way she asked her particular question. I had realized too late, knowing full well there was some side effect from eating my altered mess.

“Tell me already!” I hated being kept in suspense and at least wanted to know what I had gotten myself into.

“I made it so your cum eating becomes productive.” Rachel snickered. “Eating the enhanced cum is like taking a form of estrogen. It’ll actually turn you more into my ideal sissy-slut, both mentally and physically.” I didn’t like the sound of that, and I tried to figure out a way to escape the unacceptable fate.

“Don’t worry though, as long as you can hold back from being such a cum eating slut. You won’t run into any changes.” It sounded like there was a possible out, an escape route provided to me. The effects must not be instant and require multiple doses to cause any real damage.

The wide grin on her lips was all too familiar to me, it was her knowing my defeat ahead of time and enjoying the process of my mind crumbling even further into despair. That was the kind of face I came to learn from her.

“How many times does it take to have any visible effect?” I needed to know a concrete number to work with, even if I had to subtract from it, out of distrust of her not telling the whole truth.

“Hmm… probably around twenty-times, within a short enough time frame would be enough to cause sudden changes to take place.” She took her time to think about it, seeming like she really didn’t know. “It may vary depending on the person güvenilir bahis though. If I were you I’d just come to terms with being my slave, mentally that is.” All of the things she had me wrapped around in were worse than a simple slave seal, or at least felt that way.

“I swear, I won’t let you reach such an outcome.” For once she saw true defiance in my eyes and played it off with a simple tease.

“Did you say come?” She smirked as I felt the rubbery material of her glove caress my cheek. “Kind of hard to act threatening when cumming full blast like that from only the word cum.” I couldn’t hold back from her barrage of activations, with the thirty-second timer seeming nonexistent in between phases.

I ended up downing another thick stream of sperm, the bracelet seemed to know exactly the proper amount of cum that I needed to eat, only deactivating the buttplug when its conditions were satisfied.

I believed it was right to half her estimation to ten times, which meant I only had nine left until my safety at maintaining a boy’s body was at risk. I truly meant good on my threat and made sure to have an out, even if I never expected things to turn into such a clusterfuck. I could always rely on my fear ability, it had already saved me once with Ella’s servants and that crazy hypno orgy they were trying to force down my throat.

“It ends here.” I mustered all of my anger about the entire situation and all of the roles each sex toy had, directing it at Rachel. It was an explosion of emotions and I could feel it about to burst forward into a concoction that would have her screaming in a fetal position.

I saw her genuine worry for once as it turned into a god-awful smile with the sound of a beep. The noise came from my bracelet and an onslaught of every toy had activated into punishment mode for attempting to harm the owner.

The chastity cage sent an electric shock stemming from my genitals to the rest of my body in a horrible wave of spasming, even producing drool to leak out of the corner of my mouth. At the same time as the cage visibly shrinking by two extra inches, regardless if I could handle it or not, leaving only a prick the length of an inch to remain.

My suffering didn’t stop there as the buttplug disabled the prostate arousal and expanded to beyond the limits of what my anal cavity was capable of withstanding. It felt like four of her thick dildos were lodged inside of my anus, holding at that level of expansion indefinitely.

Lastly, the slime that made my nipples enlarged, making them sensitive to any minute touch in a good way, altered into an opposite effect. At the start I thought the grape-sized nipples were too much, only to be shown wrong by the swollen golf balls hanging like a new pair of balls. A horrendous stinging and hot sharp pain radiated from my overblown nipples as any pleasure it used to provide turned into a venomous reaction like they were repeatedly stung by every poisonous creature that existed in the world.

The overall consensus of the punishment was to induce as much pain instead of pleasure as possible to the subject. I was screaming in unyielding pain while keeled over on the bed, begging for mercy, for none to be found.

“I knew you had some kind of backup plan, to accept all of my terms without much thought.” Rachel spoke through all of the noise, not a care of whether or not I was able to follow her. “Seems like your last resort has failed you. I hope you come to remember this pain before you do anything stupid again.” I couldn’t follow along with her anymore and started convulsing into a seizure.

“Deactivate.” Her single word turned every single painful punishment off like a switch with my nipples remaining the sorest and my anus not far behind.

The buttplug had returned to its original, still stuffed but manageable size as it ejected its sticky lubrication to mend up any permanent gaping. My nipples turned back into points of pleasure, that outweighed the lingering soreness. The chastity cage on the other hand was no longer electrocuting me but the size it shrunk to of an inch didn’t give way. My penis was forced to remain at one inch of pathetic length with the chance of getting even smaller in the future.

There was visible sweat-drenched all over my body as I continued panting from the experience, trying my best to recuperate. It was safe to say I was at both the lowest and weakest point in my life so far.

“Let me help you out there.” türkçe bahis Rachel’s voice whispered into my ear as she leaned herself closer in. Using her gloved fingers to tenderly massage my nipples at first. “This will help you forget about the pain and might even make you cum.” She intentionally used the keyword to make me explode anyways, as the combining wave of pleasure really was having a soul-mending effect. I was able to think somewhat straighter again, and her use of gloves made even more sense.

They not only allowed for no friction whenever she used her magic, but protected her from the slime’s touch, avoiding the effects that were permanently assaulting my chest. I also considered the thought of it just acting as a barrier between us, not allowed to touch her skin.

“Now don’t think I’m going to let you off for whatever caused the bracelet to activate.” Rachel pinched my nipples, tight as she could. “I’ve got my own punishment to deliver.” It was the fastest titty twister imaginable as her fingers seemed to spiral into an infinite rotation. The pain was matched with pleasure that overwhelmed it in the end, causing me to blow a load even without the buttplug’s stimulus.

I’d lost my breath again and was in no condition to voice any opposition, left to twitch into climax enough times to end up lathering myself in my own sticky mess. “Finished.” She released my tender nipples and laid down for once on the bed, leaving me in my filth.

“I’ll have to figure out something to do with that useless mouth of yours eventually.” Rachel sighed as if pondering a difficult problem. “You might be able to redeem yourself from having any alterations done to it. Come and lick my pussy.” She caught me unable to withstand the buttplug any longer and saw me thirsting to make my cum disappear.

“Hmm, on second thought never mind… I don’t want your filthy cum to get anywhere near my pussy.” It was my one chance at seeing her naked pussy and even returning some of the miserable treatment back at her, only to have it immediately shut down. All because I couldn’t hold back from swallowing another load of my estrogen-laced seed.

“You were never going to let me give you oral in the first place.” I challenged her trickery, wanting nothing more than to pass out for several days worth of sleep.

“Someone’s becoming smarter, maybe it’s all the cum you’re eating.” Luckily the thirty seconds wasn’t up and I could still relax. I couldn’t make a comeback for that as the fear of my hormonal balance changing into that of a slut for her increased.

“Isn’t it becoming easier to swallow your own cum with each load?” She seemed spent too as she stayed laying on her back. “There’s an addictive quality mixed into that concoction you’re happily slurping up, worse than any drug you can find on the streets.” I wanted to call her out on her bluff, that she was only telling me all of this as a means to fuck with my head. Though I knew deep down there was some truth to her words.

“The addiction will become so strong that it will mentally gain control of your impulses. You’ll be doing anything to make yourself cum to get another drop of cum.” It was like she perfectly slowed down finishing her sentence to force another load full to erupt like a firework.

This time I found myself unwilling to pull my eyes away from the scattered mess. There was an internal struggle with her words repeating in my head, her threat of addiction. Before I knew it my mouth was salivating for a taste, imagining it on my tongue and slowly sliding down the inside of my throat.

I gulped and resisted with all my strength all to turn into a crashing mess from her single word, not realizing I had been struggling, trapped for more than thirty seconds inside of my mind. “Cum”

All of my mustered willpower transformed into a wild beast with the sole goal of making sure none of my cum got away, wasted on the bed covers, even going so far as to retrace my lips along all of the previous loads I chose to ignore. I could hear her laughter as it became louder, together with my panting from dragging my face headfirst through the sheets.

Rachel decided to sit up, having rested enough, and observed me like I was some kind of zoo animal, remaining silent and out of the way. She no longer aided my orgasms with the keyword and didn’t have to as my fingers went to my nipples. I learned a way to make myself explode with cum within a matter of seconds from excelling at nipple güvenilir bahis siteleri play like my life was on the line.

I lost track of how many times I had drunk my cum, speeding up the process by aiming my little clit to my mouth. There was an endless pressure from the dildo’s drug and it made shooting high enough a possibility, allowing me to swallow instantly from the source.

I didn’t want to imagine her thoughts of me from the performance I had perfected. I even found it strange that I cared about what Rachel thought of me, enough to pull my mind away from my crazed cum addiction.

Her disgusted eyes reacted from my eye contact, and tears began to cloud my sight. I smeared my tears in shock with the back of my hand. “Don’t look at me!” I didn’t even know what I was saying like someone else possessed my mind.

“It’s okay to cry.” Rachel replaced her disgusted gaze by scooching closer to console me, one arm patting my back. I could feel the rubber of her glove wiping away the tears that I missed. “It means you’re on the way to becoming my sissy-slut. You want to please your mistress, right?” She continued with her gentle caressing.

“Mmm… Thhat’d ma-ake me happ-y-” I managed to sniffle my response across. My answer was rewarded with a wet and loving kiss, that was cut short from receiving any of her tongue. She waited patiently for me to gather my newfound emotions and only then did she move on to the next task at hand.

“You’re so beautiful with those perky breasts, we’ll need to pick you out a pair of lingerie to wear.” She massaged my chest that had turned into A-cup-sized breasts, a plushy lump to call my very own. “Don’t be jealous, they will grow with my help.” She saw me staring at her own cleavage as if comparing their size. Her words made me happy, causing me to blush from anticipation.

“Even the structure of your hips has started to widen.” Rachel pointed out in amazement. “It’ll make fucking you so much more fun with all of that bouncy cushion.” She made me grow a deeper shade of red from the thought of being fucked, even evoking a twitch from my clit.

“Soon you’ll change from a disgusting male into a bonafide woman. My personal girl toy.” She seemed to step on a landmine of emotion and noticed it by following through with endearing words. “I’ll finally let you see me naked and we will even take turns fucking each other with a strap-on.” She knew exactly what I wanted to hear and the build-up of her denying me access to her body in every way possible did well as a reward to strive for.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? To see and touch my pussy and these breasts.” She seductively glided her fingers across the mentioned parts even tossing in a lick of her pink lipgloss.

“Of course, I’d do anything for that, Mistress.” I had gathered myself properly and showed her my resolute desire.

“Then let’s finish turning that useless prick into a pretty clit.” She didn’t have to finish her command as I took the initiative to offer up my ass to her.

She deactivated the buttplug, removing it from my butt and returning to her rough treatment, just the way I loved it.

Her strap-on increased in size with her goal of causing me enough joyful pain to make my dicklet recede even further into the depths of my stomach. She did exactly that with each pounding thrust accompanied by my continuous high-pitched shrieking.

One of the effects of my crazed cum drinking frenzy was the change of my ejaculations from bursts of explosions to a steady stream of pouring jizz like a typical water faucet. One that I couldn’t stop drinking from, always thirsty and salivating for more. Eating my cum became a vicious cycle that I couldn’t help and I thoroughly wanted to at this point.

It looked like a button no longer dangling and I couldn’t even tell it still existed if it weren’t for the hanging line of sticky jizz connected to the pee hole of the chastity cage. It was successfully pulled back into my crotch and a reach around with her hand ended the pegging altogether, my guess satisfied with the results.

“Cum for me” Even though my clit was endlessly leaking, it didn’t compare to the buttplug’s stimulation as thicker ropes of it spurted out. “We just need the effects to become permanent so that we can remove this silly cage.” She tapped against the side of the transparent pink cage, all that remained was a tiny bump and a hole for my urethra.

“But don’t worry I’ll have another kind of chastity device in store for you.” She alluded to the control of my new pussy that would eventually replace my penis. I was too busy doing as she said and acting on my desire and need to have the cum settle into the bottom of my stomach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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