Loss of Inhibition

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I have always been comfortable naked; indoors, outdoors it doesn’t make a difference. Michelle on the other hand is not comfortable unless in bed under the covers. This started to change after hanging with me.

I live in the country and Michelle in the city. We will at times meet at a popular hiking trail when we choose to be outdoors. There are plenty of places to go to be alone.

I introduced Michelle to this wonderful place and it was here that she made love in the great outdoors for the first time. She did enjoy the feel of the sun on her body but was self conscious of being naked in public. We have never been seen but that does not help her feelings.

Our naked days in public (sort of anyway) were both exciting for the wonderful lovemaking and nerve racking for the possibility of getting caught. We would park at the far end of the cul-de-sac that comprises the parking lot for the trail. We would sometimes sit and talk in the vehicles or neck like a couple of teenagers, careful to listen for approaching vehicles and careful to keep enough clothes on to look respectable if some one were to drive to our end of the world. The thrill of getting away with something is fun in my eyes. (I’m not sure Michelle would feel the same way!) Other times we would disappear into the brush with a blanket and finish off our teenage petting with some good ol fashion love making that would be the envy any teenager.

One day when we went to “Our Place” it was cold, kartal escort bayan overcast and windy. This precluded a trip to the underbrush. I expected to spend the time talking to her and touching her. The chance to be naked and making love was slim to none. Boy was I wrong!

Michelle arrived after I did that day. I walked over to her vehicle and she got out. We embraced and went through the normal; How are you? Boy has it been a long time since we have been together. Etc….

We were leaning against her car and embracing. I ran my hands over her back and bottom and listened to the loving moaning sounds that Michelle makes when she is excited. I unhooked her bra and pulled her top and her bra over her breasts while she pulled my shirt out of my jeans and pulled it up also. We leaned into one and other and felt the glorious feeling of naked skin against naked skin. The warmth of our skin against each other has always been a major turn on for us. It was heightened this time by the cold wind blowing around us. The cold on our backs and sides only enhanced the warmth of her breasts against my chest.

We were kissing and grinding fully clothed genitals against each other. This is a guaranteed way for Michelle to cum and today was no different. Michelle is highly capable of multiple orgasms and she will almost always have her first this way. We separated and still felt the cold wind but now cooling hot chests. The cold wind soon was escort maltepe taking its toll and we decided to sit in the car.

My car is a lot bigger then Michelle’s and we usually sit in mine but today we used hers. We climbed into the back seat and continued our conversations and touching session. I expected to bring her to climax manually as were in the parking area and at any time someone could drive up on us.

We kissed and touched each other. We undid each others pants and began to touch over expectant genitals. The feeling was wonderful and I thought that this was to be it for the day. I would bring her to multiple orgasms manually and she would manually stimulate me then finish me off with her incredibly talented mouth. But alas it was not to be!

Our mutual masturbation session had over stimulated Michelle and caused her to go absolutely crazy. My shy little lover began to actually rip her clothing off!

The usual way of removing clothing is orderly and right side out and neatly piled. But not today! Top and bra were pulled off inside out and just thrown down. At the same time each of her feet were pulling her shoes off. She yanked her pants and panties off in a wad and proceeded to pull her socks off. And there she was my shy inhibited lover naked as a jay bird in a public parking area! What a turn on!

I tried to get just as naked but she would have none of that. I had managed to pull my pants down freeing my rock pendik escort hard penis when Michelle grabbed me and pulled me on top of her. She was kind of squished up in the corner of the back seat with her head against the window. She grabbed my penis and expertly guided into her waiting vagina. She was so moist that if I could have seen the moisture had to be running down on the seat.

Our lovemaking takes on differing degrees of intensity but today it was “Damn the torpedoes full steam ahead!” I pumped her as hard and fast as I have ever done so and she moaned and yelled like I have never heard before. What a turn on that is!

There was no thought or care what so ever as to someone driving up on us. We made frantic love as if we were the only two people in the world. And for that time we were!

I am not so sure how many times that Michelle came during that incredible lovemaking but after I shot my load we were both spent. My cum had dripped out and baptized her nice leather seats for the first time.

We lay in each others arms and tried to regain our composure. It was one incredible lovemaking session. The intensity of our lovemaking and the incredible instant loss of inhibition made this a very memorable day.

We found it is easier to get naked in a small car that to dress in one so Michelle had to step into the cold to regain her proper public attire.

Since our lovemaking was quite unplanned Michelle was force to use her panties to clean up her ‘baptized’ car seat.

I do believe that not only was this Michelle’s first time making love in car in a public place but also her first time out in public without any panties under her clothes.

If I can manage it will not be her last!

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